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Sunday, 2 January 2011

 .Newsletter 0321





On behalf of the Brisbane community CCN wishes to offer our heartfelt condolences on the passing away of Imam Quddoos' wife, Sister Saleema,  and his relatives in India on Sunday under tragic circumstances and to support the sentiments expressed in the open letter below:


There are unconfirmed reports that Imam Quddoos also lost two sisters-in-law and two nieces in the boating accident.



Letter of Condolence from Council of Imams Queensland (CIQ)



27 December 2010

Dear Respected Imam Abdul Quddoos Saheb,

Asalamu ‘alikum Wa-rahmatulahi Wa-barakatuh

The Imams of the Council of Imams QLD (CIQ) are all grieved to hear of the loss of your wife and life partner.

We belong to Allah and we shall all return to him. May Allah’s abundant forgiveness and mercy be upon her soul.

May the love of Allah enfold you and your family during your difficult times and may He help you all heal with the passage of time.

Your respected life partner has entered into the Rahmah of Allah and insha-Allah has earned the position of a Shaheedah, as promised by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - the highest status aspired by all. She brought up two sons who memorised the Quran, acquired Islamic education; a third son who is on his way to memorise Quran; and daughters following on the same path of knowledge. Your esteemed wife offered you long term support that led to many community benefits including the establishment of Islamic schools, which continue to help so many Muslim children in Australia.

May Allah Ta’ala accept her sacrifices, gift her with the status of a martyr, and make her enter his grace and Jannah without reckoning. Ameen!

We wish to express our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

We are thinking of you during this difficult time and will make a special Dua for the Marhooma this Jum’a at the Masaajid of Queensland.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal; our thoughts and prayers are with you.

On behalf of CIQ
Imraan Husain


A prayer service will be held for Imam Quddoos' immediate family and those who lost their lives at the Australian International Islamic College (Blunder Road, Durack) today (Sunday) from 11am to 2pm. There will be Qu'ran reading and dua and lunch will be served after Zuhr prayers. All are welcome.



The tragedy received widespread coverage in the Indian media:


The Times of India

Hindustan Times

Washington Bangla Radio USA



Sify News

Khawaja carries hopes of a nation


Australia awoke during the week to the news that their Test team will have its first Muslim cricketer. It is a big deal.

Usman Khawaja was born in Islamabad 24 years ago and is widely seen as heralding a new era.

Apart from anything else he will bat in the blue riband number three batting position vacated by Ricky Ponting, who is missing the match because of a broken little finger on his left hand. But it is his religion and his background that appears to have exercised most of the attention.

It is generally accepted that Australia have been slow to assimilate racial and religious minorities in its cricket teams. Aborigines have been few and far between, though the first Australian touring side to England in 1868 consisted entirely of Aborginal cricketers and they surprised all by winning as many matches as they lost.

The products of European immigrants have long been part of the team, taking to a game that was not part of the culture whence they came. In the 1930s Hans Ebeling played against England, Lenny Pascoe, born Durtanovich, was a muscular quick bowler in the late 1970s, and of more recent vintage men with names like Kasprowicz, Hilfenhaus and Hauritz have been regulars.

But this is a sea change and probably not before time. Khawaja may not realise it yet but he is representing Asian immigrants here as much as he is representing Australia. Succeed – and all of the sounder judges say he has the tools to do so – and he may encourage others to follow him into trying to make a career out of cricket.

Khawaja, a mischievous soul who has also passed his pilot's course, has himself said: "Maybe they don't think they can go all the way. Also studies are very important in sub-continental societies."

He is merely one of the boys in Australian changing rooms and Brad Haddin, his New South Wales team-mate and the national side's newly elevated vice-captain, said yesterday: "He is a pretty relaxed guy but I am sure next week there will be a few sweaty palms and it will be a very exciting time for him. He has been on stand-by for a couple of Tests and he richly deserves this opportunity. He is one guy who has really worked hard at his first-class cricket."

Khawaja will almost certainly be one of two debutants in the match, with left-arm spinner Michael Beer, left out on the morning of the third and fourth Tests, now firmly in the reckoning. Australia are trying to regroup after losing the Ashes and clinging to the hope they can draw the series by winning the fifth Test starting on Monday.

The Independent


The way he looks at it, he is the first Usman Khawaja to wear the "baggy green". He just happens to be Muslim, not the other way around. While respectful of his faith, he'd prefer to make light of the matter.

"That's what I tell the boys. That's what cricket does. You spend so much time with each other. All you can do is take the p--- out of each other."

In truth, the best part of his story does not lie with his faith. It doesn't really lie with his cricket either. It lies in the Fender Stratocaster often found in his hands; the one he dragged into the Australian team hotel at Circular Quay on Friday as he joined the Test squad.

He started a year ago during a NSW game when he picked up the guitar of Cricket NSW video analyst Ben Romalis.

"I nicked out early the day before and the next day the boys batted the whole day," Khawaja said. "So I picked up the guitar in the morning and didn't let it go for six hours. I learnt all my opening chords and from there I was addicted.

"I'm half decent now. I can play a few tunes."

Specifically, he loves Guns N' Roses and went with Australian opener Shane Watson, who has been playing the guitar for five years, to watch Slash play at the Horden Pavilion in August.

Recently he discovered the legendary Led Zeppelin.

When he was on standby for Ricky Ponting for the Boxing Day Test, batting coach Justin Langer was horrified to hear Kashmir playing in the rooms.

"It sounds like I'm going to a funeral," he said. "How about something good, like Pink?"

Khawaja found the response hilarious, as he does with most things in the team environment. For years now, he has been the life of the NSW side.

"To me, that's actually a good thing. It means nobody treats me differently and I don't feel like an outsider.

"The only one who makes me feel like an outsider is myself, because I'm always taking the p--- out of myself."

Courier Mail



Usman Khawaja on Islam and Pakistan.




Usman Khawaja - Australia's answer to South Africa's Hashim Amla?


TARIQ Khawaja does not want you to look at his son and see a Muslim, although he acknowledges the untold good that will come should Usman Khawaja become the first of that faith to wear a baggy green.


"As far as we're concerned, it's irrelevant," Khawaja Sr said. "We never look at it in those terms. We never discuss religion. It is in the background, because he is an Australian."

His cricket rise has readily been viewed through the prism of his religion, whether he is fasting for Ramadan or praying at a mosque before a day's play.

The only aspect of his life that has drawn attention away from it is the fact he studied aviation at university and has a commercial pilot's licence.

His teammates over the years are more likely to playfully sledge him about that, although a coach used to call him "Used Car Yard" as a play on his surname.

Khawaja thought it hilarious. He is somehow seen as different, when in reality he is not.

"I'm with the boys all the time and never once do I feel like I'm different," he said when selected in the Australian squad that played Pakistan in England in July.

Nevertheless, there's something undeniably important in his ascension. Deep divides still exist. Cricket's appeal can cool racial tension, as Shane Warne proved this year after an Indian student was stabbed to death in Melbourne.

Khawaja Sr said his son could have a similar influence.

"We know it would be a very good thing (for Muslims and non-Muslims)," he said. "He can be a role model and show that if you put in the hard work, you can achieve. And it can also show that Australia is an open country."


Whereas others dazzled their way forwards, Khawaja has earned his spot the old-fashioned way, by scoring a stack of runs, including a double century in the first Shield match of this campaign. No harsh words are said about him. It's not because he is brown or Muslim, but because he is liked and respected.

Tariq Khawaja and his wife, Fozia Tariq, will be in the stands.

They will be there to watch their son, who just so happens to be a Muslim.


The CCN Wedding Scene















The nikah of Basheera, the youngest daughter of Yusuf and Sabera Khatree to Humza, youngest son of Jamiel and Zaiboonnisha Pradhan of Perth, took place yesterday (Saturday) at the Kuraby Mosque. The ceremony was performed by Imam Imraan Husain of the Gold Coast Mosque.


The reception was held last night (Saturday) at the Riverside Receptions, New Farm and was attended by some 400 guests many from inter-state and overseas.


Basheera is an accountant by profession and Humza is a metallurgist working on Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane.



Nadiya Rizwana


Nadir Saleh

















Hafeez and Zabida Alikhan of Forest Lake are the proud parents of their only daughter Nadiya Rizwana who recently married Nadir Saleh son of Mrs Najiba Anne Barham of Rockhampton.


This special Walima occasion was attended by their family and friends locally and abroad on the 19th of December 2010, in Mt Gravatt.


Western Australian effort for flood victims


During last Ramadan the Pakistan Australian Cultural and Welfare Association of Western Australia asked the Islamic Council of WA to lodge appeal for the flood victims of Pakistan.


Just over $50 000 was collected through donations, Fitra and Zakat.


A report on how the monies was distributed in Pakistan is available here.


Further donations can be sent for ongoing relief work to:


Pakistan Australia Cultural and Welfare Association,
P.O.Box 305, Burswood WA 6100
PACWA-- A/C No. 066128 1028 0742 Commonwealth Bank

Joe still on the go!


The intrepid Omar headed off on a 24-hour train journey from Mbeya to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (enlarge map on right) having arrived in the country from Mozambique by hitch hiking for some 600km.


Yusuf (pictured left with 15th Century merchant trader and explorer Lourenço Marques) is exercising his journalistic skills working for a week at the Guardian Newspaper in the Tanzanian capital city from whence he muses:


Oh Zanzibar!


Seldom do I write an unadulterated stream of consciousness straight onto my blog. Rarely is Yusuf Omar lost for words. But never have I seen anything quite like Zanzibar.

“Subhan’Allah! (Praise be to Allah).


I’m not a very pious man, but that was the only words that came to my mouth as I stepped of the ferry and into Stone Town. I wish I was a skilled enough wordsmith to convey just how spectacular this city is, or why tears ran down my cheeks for the first time in my travels. Whitewashed walls, shops, night bazaars, ancient mosques, vibrant courtyards and squares.

I urge anyone to book their next holiday destination here. But please, don’t come alone; this city is far too romantic for the solo traveler Then again I spend my days getting lost on arcades of book stores, with periodicals that are as old at the building itself. Don’t even get me started on the food, for breakfast I had Chapatti and Mussel curry. There are bus loads of tourists or Mazungus (white people in Swahili) this time of the year, you can’t deny it.


But there is a reason why people flock here from all over the world. It is by far the most amazing city I have ever visited, and I haven’t even visited the fine, white-sand beaches.Tomorrow I rent a motorbike and intend to venture around the perimeter of the island for a few days.  Somebody is going to have to fly here and drag me home, because I have no intensions of leaving this place in a hurry. I have to go now; I can hear the Azaan (call to prayer) echoing through the narrow streets.


It’s Friday and the internet café is closing for Jummah (Friday prayers).


Yusuf's blog

Be adventurous and make a difference this summer

By Umar Batchelor


All communities and societies need leaders to help achieve their goals and objectives.


History has shown that a lack of effective leadership can lead to failure and eventual destruction of societies.


The Brisbane Muslim community is no exception.

In light of this, FAMSY and Alnisa Youth Group are organising a 3-day Exceed Leadership Camp to specifically target young Muslims males and females aged between 17 and 30.


The camp will be held between Friday, 4 to Sunday 6 March 2010 at Koonjeware Springbrook campsite.


Both individuals and organisations can be part of this community project.

For young Muslims, this camp is unique as it does not only excite you with jungle rope challenges, water activities and jungle walks but you will aspire to make a difference to the Australian society.


The camp has been structured to increase the your awareness about the pivotal role you play in your community’s and country’s growth and equip you with various tools and resources to develop your leadership abilities.


You will also be designing projects to tackle real-life community issues which we hope are implemented post-camp. So sign-up and make a difference.

For organisations, you can make a difference by enlisting one of their young members with potentials.


For businesses, you may also make a difference by sponsoring this unique community project.

For more information, please call 0431 800 414.


You can download an overview of the project here.

Dr Karl stands up for sitting down


Dr. Karl explains why he sits down and wees in Episode 8 of the Sleek Geeks (slide the bar three-quarters of the way if you don't want to watch the rest of this most informative and entertaining of programs on the subject of urination).

Book launch on 150 years of being Indian in South Africa







Many Lives – 150 years of being Indian in South Africa, by Goolam Vahed,  Thembisa Waetjen and Ashwin Desai (pictured left to to right), was launched on Friday in South Africa.


THE glossy hard cover 366-page pictorial and summary draws attention to the diversity and complexity of experiences that being Indian in South Africa has generated over a century and half of dramatic historical change.







CCN readers from around the globe



The Inbox


Dear Editor

Thanks for sending CCN regularly. It is an excellent publication serving the Muslim Community.


A positive approach to issues between Muslim and Non-Muslim majority is commendable.


May Allah bless CCN and people working for it.

Thanks once again.

Rahim Ghauri
(Islamic Council of Western Australia)

Around the Muslim World with CCN


The Hajj and the Apartheid Train: Where Is the Muslim Outrage?
Ziyad Motala

Law professor, Howard University School of Law

A pivotal theme in current Islamic political discourse is a demand for justice, a key tenet of the Quran. A popular complaint in Islamic political argument is discrimination against Muslims in the west such as the ban of the veil in European countries, minarets in Switzerland or racial profiling in many western countries. Unfortunately, there is a conspicuous lack of looking inwards to practices within Muslim countries. Muslims from all over the world have just completed the annual pilgrimage, the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The Hajj represents a critical pillar of Islam and is supposed to represent a universal gathering of Muslims, which transcends race, ethnicity, color or any other distinction. Muslims are supposed to meet in the sacred precincts surrounding the holy city of Mecca as equals wearing the same simple clothing meant to symbolize perfect brotherhood, where individuals or groups do not see themselves as separate entities and differences of lineage, tribe or race have no bearing.

The experiences of the Hajj are very different depending on which part of the world you originate from. If you hail from Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states, you will perform the hajj in relative luxury and privilege, which is denied to Muslims from the sub-continent, Africa or the rest of the world. Those from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have a different Hajj based on luxurious accommodations, and preferential treatment in performing the rituals. The latest egregious practice is the high-speed rail service, which transports the pilgrims from Mecca to the sacred sites where the rituals of the Hajj are performed. The train is reserved only for Saudis and citizens from the Gulf countries. Citizens from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries can be transported to the holy sites within a few minutes. For others, they will have to take the bus or walk which could take many hours each day. I cannot think of any other place in the world today that practices such crass racism. Imagine a train in the United States that states no Arabs -- just people from the west -- can ride in. The real tragedy is the lack of outrage from Muslims.



The Huffington Post



Mosque milestone for Alaska Muslims


As the Muslim community in Alaska grows over 3,000, donations help start state's first mosque.

Work has begun on the first mosque in the US state of Alaska.

For years, the Muslim community of America's largest state simply did not have the cash to build one.

But with a rise in the number of refugees in Alaska, religious leaders are hoping more donations will make it a reality.

Al Jazeera's Adam Raney reports from Anchorage.






[Editor] ....and the $64K question is.......will a certain Ms Palin do the honours at the opening ceremony?



WordPress.com Deletes Blog That Advocated Killing Muslims

An Internet blog containing posts that advocated burning mosques, making false bomb threats implicating Muslims, desecrating Muslim graves, and that recommended the “proper way to shoot a muslim [sic]” has been deleted by its hosting company.

Visitors to “Bootislam's Blog,” hosted by WordPress.com, now see the message: "bootislam.wordpress.com is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service."

Earlier the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called on American Muslims and other people of conscience to contact WordPress.com to ask that the Internet hosting company drop the blog for violating its Terms of Service, which prohibit blogs that "contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities."

Posts on the blog had headlines such as:

* Burning Mosques – A lovely idea
* Training in desecrating muslim [sic] graves
* The proper way to shoot a muslim [sic]



New on ISLAM TV this week


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KB's Culinary Corner


Easy Choc Cupcakes


KB SAYS: This has been quiet a hectic holiday organizing lunches and dinners with friends and family for Christmas Day, Jumma and New Year's eve. At one of the many get togethers I was taken aback by the gorgeous looking and delicious chocolate cupcakes that Sameera Surtie brought along. I am so thrilled that she was willing to share her recipe with CCN readers and the big bonus, Sameera tells me, is that it's one of the easiest and tastiest cupcakes to make.




150g soft butter

150g castor sugar

175g self raising flour

3 eggs

vanilla essence

4 Tb cocoa powder


1. Combine all ingredients and beat for 30seconds.

2. Place a tablespoon of the mixture into the paper cup casings .

3. Bake at 170 deg until done.


For plain cupcakes omit cocoa .


Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?

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Kareema's Keep Fit Column


How to work out your workout for this year


Step 1: Decide how long you have to train for the day / week.
The longer you train the better your results, although any workout is better than none.

Step 2: Decide on the exercises for your training session.
Try a few different combos every week. Don't just do the ones you find easy. Always challenge your body.

Step 3: Modify exercises so you can manage.
If you find certain exercises too hard, there are always easier options for beginners, eg. push-ups can be done on your knees instead of your toes to start off with.

Step 4: Go prepared.
When you've completed a whole circuit of exercises, grab a quick sip of water and start again. Don't get caught without your water bottle / towel / cap... whatever you think you may need for your session.

Step 5: Aim high.
Try to do as many sets as possible in your time limit. Reduce your rest periods in-between exercises. NEVER rush the exercise itself or compromise your posture!

Step 6: Notice how you feel after exercise every day.
Be sure to take note of how you feel after particular exercises (your energy levels, etc.), and work out ways to improve next time.

Step 7: Mix things up.
Whenever possible, choose to do something different, or workout for a different time period.

Step 8: Step things up.
Try to do more advanced exercises as soon as you can. Never tell yourself that you are not ready. The harder you work now, the easier it becomes - sooner!


It's not the minutes spent at the table that put on weight, it's the seconds.







My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786


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The CCN Chuckle





The Madressa teacher asks little Jalalludin if he's scared of meeting shaytan (the devil)?

Jalalludin says "You are the one that should be scared; I'm not the one that talks bad things about him everyday!".

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Assalamu Alaikum.Jazak-allah khair. I would like to thank FLIGHT STAR & THE STAFF & MANAGEMENT for selling me an excellent package for Hajj 2010. It was a trip of my life time. I  would pray to Almighty to reward each and everyone for there effort in making our trip more enjoyable. Special thanks to QARI UMAR, MAULANA NURUL-AL HASSAN and BROTHER YASEEN. May Allah reward them all. Zahid

Just a short note to say thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you, Fatima, Uncle Omar and the team at Flight Star Travel put in to ensure what I would describe as a most beautiful Hajj experience. From my initial enquiry, to obtaining visas, issuing of tickets as well as the farewell I must say a very big thank you of which we are most grateful and appreciative of. Jazaakallah. Salaams and Duas. Mohammed and Abdul Rashid Osman

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