CresWalk2007 Race Times


Category and Race Number


If you are not sure of your Race Number email

giving your first name, last name and category.



7-10 Female (2.5km) (35xx)


7-10 Male (2.5km) (25xx)

11-15 Female (5km) (55xx)

11-15 Male (5km) (45xx)

16-39 Female (5km) (8xxx)

16-39 Male (5km) (7xxx)

40-59 Female (5km) (105xx)

40-59 Male (5km) (9xxx)

60+ Female (2.5km) (125xx)

60+ Male (2.5km) (115xx)

Pram-WheelChair - Female (5km) (145xx)

Pram-WheelChair - Male (5km) (135xx)