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Sunday, 10 October 2010

 .Newsletter 0309



A great night out for a worthy cause



The fund raising dinner held on Wednesday night at the Islamic College of Brisbane (Karawatha) for the victims of the recent Pakistan floods was a resounding success (see the CCN Inbox below) thanks to the sterling work of Zaffar Khan and the teachers and parents of the school.


The main meal of chicken tikka, lamb and vegetable curries and saffron rice was prepared by Mr India Halal Restaurant in Underwood, and for those who had to wait their turn patiently it was certainly worth the wait.


A bountiful spread of gourmet desserts, prepared by the parents of the school children, topped off an enjoyable night.


Well done to all those involved!


Photo Gallery



Research participants required


As part of his PhD candidature, Abdi Hersi is conducting research titled “Understanding the meanings of Integration: Perspectives of Muslims, members of the wider Public and the State.

He is inviting CCN readers to participate in one of four focus groups at the 06th, 13th and 20th of November, 2010 to be held at Kuraby Community Hall. Each focus group will run for about 90 minutes.

Members of the focus group will be asked to discuss the following issues:

In the context of how Muslims need to fit into the wider Australian society, what is integration?

How do you know when a person integrates and how much?

Are Muslims in Australia Integrating? Why and why not?

Should you be interested in participating in a focus group, contact Abdi Hersi via email: a.hersi@griffith.edu.au for further details.

Should Americans Fear Islam




Mosque protests 'hurting tourism'


Middle Eastern visitors generated $80 million last year

THE tourism industry is worried protests about Islamic developments could hurt international tourism from the Middle East on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter said protests over the Islamic school at Carrara in late 2008 and the current resistance to the Islamic Worship Centre at Worongary had the potential to damage the Middle Eastern tourism market.

Middle Eastern tourists inject millions of dollars into the Gold Coast which help tourism operators stay afloat in the quieter months.

Mr Winter said the Middle East was worth about $80 million to the Coast last year and was expected to grow in the coming years.

"Being a friendly and welcoming city has always been part of the Gold Coast's attraction as Australia's most popular holiday destination making visitors feel welcome should be part of our culture," he said.

It comes as Tourism Queensland launched its global tourism campaign 'Queensland, Where Australia Shines'.

Deputy director of Griffith University's Islamic research unit, Dr Halim Rane, said protests against Islamic developments could be avoided by more open interaction between the Islamic community and the wider community.

"There is the potential for images of protests Middle Eastern visitors generated $80 million last year. to send the message that
Islam and Muslims aren't welcome," he said.

Dr Rane said understanding and education would help lessen negativity towards Muslims.

Leader of the action against the Worongary mosque Sean Mann said the main concerns were traffic issues and possible
property devaluation.

"If it was a McDonald's we'd be doing the exact same thing," said Mr Mann.


Source: Gold Coast Sun Wednesday 6/10/2010

The CCN Quote of the Week


"How else could Pastor Jones, who used Mel Gibson’s movie “Braveheart” as an inspiration to preach his anti-Islamic mumbo jumbo—in between roaming the Dove World Outreach Centre compound in Gainesville, Florida porting a pistol on his hip—get anyone to listen to a single word of his inglorious claptrap? I don’t think it’s going too far to say that if God spent a moment listening to anything this meandering clown had to say, he himself would probably come to doubt Intelligent Design."


Cliff Schecter, President of Libertas, LLC

Report from the ground...


Imam Ziyaad Ravat of Brisbane, who is currently in Pakistan overseeing flood relief activities on behalf of Queensland's Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF), sent in a video clip of his experiences there:



From the desk of the Welfare Shop........

 By Janeth Deen

We thank all the donors for goods brought into the shop over the Ramadan period and hope you all had a happy Eid. The shop was so full of donations, we had to close the doors for a whole month, which was not good for paying the rent, but the goods had to be processed. However, the goods have not gone to waste, as the Welfare Shop is now assisting authorities who are in charge of caring for asylum seekers with clothing, prayer mats, Qurans, hijabs, skull caps and whatever is needed. We have been alerted to the fact that a great proportion of these asylum seekers are Muslims and up to now have not had their needs met in regards to Muslim clothing.

Janeth Deen on behalf of the Queensland Muslim Welfare Association Inc has assured the authorities that we can supply whatever is needed for these asylum seekers to follow their religious needs and make life a little more bearable in the detention centres. The goods are collected by the authorities in charge on a weekly basis, usually on a Wednesday from the shop in Woodridge. We are not in contact with any of the asylum seekers as they have not yet been processed by the government. We want to act within the limits of the law, to assist, not to hinder those in need.

We are short of prayer mats and Qurans in Arabic and other languages, skull caps, and men's prayer clothes. We have ample women's modest clothing and children's clothing.

Religious books, especially to teach Islam to children are also needed as we have detention centres all around Australia. We are catering for all the centres around Australia from our shop. Christmas Island has the greatest proportion of asylum seekers as is common knowledge.

We are aware that toys are not permitted into the complexes as they could pose a risk in one way or another. The use of toys are closely monitored.

The Welfare shop has continued to help those who come to ask for help from the local community. We have assisted with furniture, household goods, linen, clothing and even white goods - all donated from the local Muslim community. We can assure you, the work is continuing and the Welfare shop is playing the role it was set up to play. Remember, if you know of anyone in need, the Welfare shop is the first organisation that should come to mind.

Australian electorates





Ever wondered what percentage of Muslims there are in some of our electorates?


Wonder no more!

Multicultural Festival



Come to the 2010 Queensland Multicultural Festival!

Sunday 17 October
Roma Street Parkland
10 am – 5 pm

Enjoy a day of spectacular sights and sounds as you experience
more than 85 cultural dance and music performances from more
than 65 cultures.

Treat your tastebuds to a diverse array of delicacies from more
than 50 international food stalls.

Bring the family and try your hand at cultural art, craft and sporting

Discover something new at the craft markets and information stalls.

Get to know the world without leaving Brisbane!

Entry is free.

Visit www.multiculturalfestival.qld.gov.au for more information.



Look out for great food from


Crescents of Brisbane

Islamic Society of Queensland

Fijian Islamic Society

Indonesian Society


The 2010 Women’s Only Eid Ul Adha Ball

By Fa’izah Batchelor

Time is running out to buy your early bird tickets for the Faith and Cultural Exchanges Inc. (FACE) 2010 Women’s Only Eid Ul Adha Ball.


Early bird specials close on the 1st of November and can save participants up to $50 per ticket.


The event organiser invites Islamic organisations to inform guests about the services and activities they have for women within the community.

Juanita Taylor the event organiser states “I want an event that promotes unity, catering for all Muslim women, that’s fun and fresh but that remembers Allah and joins women together and informs them of how much there is going on out there for us.”

“The whole event has been planned using shura, we have asked the women to vote on every aspect of the ball, from the location, to the theme and we have used this information when making the decisions, this way the women get what they want. It’s great.”

“This year the theme is circus. The women of course will wear ball gowns, but the decorating and the entertainment will have a circus theme. We are going to have a full buffet and I am particularly looking forward to the entertainment.”

“This year we are holding the event in a hotel on the Gold Coast. We have hired the entire floor and river front balcony ensuring privacy for the women. The event is duff only I believe this caters for all Muslim women, those that want to get up and dance can in a way that is comfortable for everyone.”

Tickets can be purchased by going to http://eidball.wordpress.com  and the developments of the ball can be followed on Facebook. If you run an organisation that has events and activities for women the organiser would also love to hear from you.

Muslims call for peace


THE Gold Coast's Islamic community extended an olive branch to the city's Christians as anger rages over a new mosque planned for the region.

The Coast's only Islamic College last week hosted the city's first Interfaith Symposium in a move to bring Muslims and Christians together.

It comes after tension over a mosque planned for the hinterland suburb of Worongary.

Two week's ago more than 300 protesters signed a petition against the worship centre, proposed for Alkira Way in Worongary, a quiet semi-rural suburb near Mudgeeraba.

There were several angry rallies against the Islamic College last year, with Oz rock anthems blaring from stereos and placards bearing signs such as "Go home".

The Gold Coast has several thousand practising Muslims, most of whom worship at a single mosque at Arundel.

The college, which opened this year, has about 30 students. Those protesting against the Worongary mosque say they are not religious bigots, but are more concerned with noise and traffic problems.

Last night's symposium featured addresses from Brisbane Archbishop the Reverend John Bathersby, Islamic Sheik Dr Fedaa Majzoub and the Anglican Church's Reverend Jonathan Holland.

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad said the symposium was a chance to dispel fears about Muslims.

"We have our dreams and our fears and our insecurities, and we probably share a lot of common interests," he said.

He blamed "uninformed comments" by some politicians for inciting some of the negative feelings towards Muslims.

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke said the city was proudly multicultural and blamed the "issues" on a small minority.

"People are people and they come in all shapes, sizes and religions and they are all equally welcome in our city," he said.


Adapted from Courier Mail Saturday 2/10/2010

On the road again.... Durban to Damascus


Not unlike the intrepid 14th century Muslim traveller, Ibn Battuta, Yusuf Omar, who lived in Brisbane for a few years before returning to South Africa to study journalism at Rhodes University in Grahamstown in Eastern Cape Province is planning to hitchhike from Durban to Damascus starting sometime in November this year.


Follow his adventures through his blog at www.omargosh.com.

Islam Questions and Answers 20/20, PART 1




Next week Part 2

Weekly webcast from Sydney re-scheduled


The Webcast link to the Al-Ghazzali Centre in Sydney scheduled to be beamed live on Friday nights has been cancelled due to lack of demand.


The link was to a study series, presented by Imam Afroz Ali, focusing on the twenty-first book of Imam Al-Ghazali's Ihya Ulum al-Din, 'The Marvels of the Heart'.


Instead expressions of interest are called for a delayed repeat broadcast to be shown on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm.


Time: 2pm to 4pm every Sunday for 10 weeks

Cost: $5 / person/ class.

Venue: Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane, 39 Bushmills St, Hillcrest.


Contact Javed Iqbal on 0403 295 127 or email: javed@hotmail.com.au to register.

The Inbox


Assalaamu Alaikum

On behalf of the Islamic College of Brisbane and Brother Mohammed Yousaf Chairman of the Board, first of all I would like to say thank you because Crescents of brisbane was the first organization to give a cheque towards this noble cause. Through CCN I would like to say thank you to all of the individuals and organizations, who assisted us a lot in sponsoring, selling tickets for the dinner and assisted in all other ways, including giving us donations.

It was a great and successful night for all of us and I am proud to say with the help of our communities (Muslim and non Muslim), and with the help of my dedicated team, we were able to achieve around $60,000 and attendees were over 750, and I am still getting wonderful responses, which will give benefits to the next charity functions, inshallah.

Can I ask each and every one of our community member, their family and friends to deposit directly into the following account, and add the message “Pakistan Flood Victims”, so the money can go directly to the people who are affected by flood.

The Bank of Queensland
BSB: 124-155
Account Number: 2089 7395

Winter is getting very close in Pakistan and we need to give them Quilts. They are not asking heaters, they just need Quilts, as you know one quilt is for $10. At the time of depositing funds into MCF account they can mention the word QUILT.

Once again thank you very much CCN and your team.

All the best

Zaffar Khan

In the Crescent Newsletter of 03/10/10 you have an article on Muslims being Blamed for Squat Pans.  Below is an article that throws a different light about Squat Pans. For anyone interested in reading the full article please go to the following website:


Thank you




Around the Muslim World with CCN


30-day test run for Makkah metro


JEDDAH: The newly established Mashair Railway, which links the holy sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa with Makkah, will have a 30-day test run before opening to transport domestic and GCC pilgrims during the upcoming Haj season.

Municipal and Rural Affairs Minister Prince Mansour bin Miteb will inspect the railway (also known as the Makkah Metro) on Tuesday to make sure the facility is ready to transport the guests of God. The railway will bring about a dramatic change in pilgrim transportation between the holy sites.

Established at a cost of SR6.5 billion, the new railway will have a capacity to transport 72,000 pilgrims in an hour. Nine stations have been constructed in Arafat, Mina and Muzdalifa, each having three stations. This is the second largest project implemented by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs after the SR4.5 billion high-tech Jamrat Bridge project in Mina.

Habib Zain Al-Abidine, deputy minister of municipal and rural affairs, said the railway will have 10 trains in the first phase, each with a length of 300 meters. “Each train will carry 3,000 passengers.”

He said Saudi authorities have not yet fixed the fare. “The matter is in the hands of Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif, chairman of the Supreme Haj Committee. Once the prince gives his directives, we’ll announce the fare,” he said.

The time for transporting pilgrims from Arafat to Muzdalifa will be reduced to five minutes on the 9th of Dul Hijjah when the faithful will move together from the plain of Arafat to Muzdalifa. And another five minutes will take them from Muzdalifa to Mina on the 10th.

Zain Al-Abidine said the railway would operate throughout the year.

The second phase of the project will link Mashair Railway with the Grand Mosque in Makkah with a station on Umm Al-Qura Road. It will also be linked with the Haramain Railway that connects Makkah with Madinah and Jeddah.

The trains will have a test run covering 6,000 km each before starting regular operations. The first test run took place last Thursday. The railway will have 20 trains in the next stage, each with 12 carriages and each carriage holding 250 passengers. About 20 percent of passengers will be seated while 80 percent will be standing. Trains will have a speed of 80 to 120 km/hour.

Gulf News



Medal of Honor swaps 'Taliban' for 'OPFOR'


THE makers of the latest installment of the popular video game Medal of Honor have caved in to public pressure and removed the option for players to call themselves members of the Taliban.

Electronic Arts dropped the Taliban label from the game - due for release on October 12 - after families of troops complained it was offensive.

Military bases across the US had banned the sale of Medal of Honor in reaction to those family protests.

"We are making this change for the men and women serving in the military and for the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice," wrote Greg Goodrich, the game's executive producer, in a blog post on the game's website.

"This franchise will never willfully disrespect, intentionally or otherwise, your memory and service," he said.



Courier Mail



Mehdi Hasan interviews Baroness Sayeeda Warsi in the New Statesman


UK: Mehdi Hasan’s interview with Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (pictured left), which was published in the New Statesman last week, offered some very interesting views and points of consideration for the Muslim community.


Among other things, she talks of the role of each generation in laying the ground work for engagement; of the anti-Islam sentiment of the British press; of the need for confidence in the British Muslim community.


“Each generation has to play a role. Yes, they are not of my political ilk, but had people like Khalid Mahmood not done what they did, had people like Lord Ahmed not done what they did, then people like me and Sadiq Khan, Rushanara Ali and Yasmin Qureshi could not have done what we did. And we will play our role and then we will have a new generation of BME [black and minority ethnic] politicians."




"The worst thing that could happen to the British Muslim community is if it retreats into victimhood, because there is no coming back from that. I think the British Muslim community has to be broad-shouldered and have to say that, yes, there are challenges, but with challenges come huge opportunities."





English Defence League (EDL) protests against Blackburn’s KFC serving halal chicken


Lancashire News reports that police have obtained an order against extremist right-wing group, the English Defence League (EDL), over their protests against Blackburn’s KFC serving halal chicken.

The EDL extremists have picked up on the campaign over the last few weeks, instigated by the Mail on Sunday, against halal meat. The report by the Mail on Sunday sparked a torrent of coverage by the usual right-wing suspect tabloids, attempting to manufacture outrage at the fact that businesses were serving halal meat to their customers.







Sadiq Khan appointed as Shadow Lord Chancellor


UK: THE former Shadow Transport Secretary, Sadiq Khan, was promoted to Shadow Lord Chancellor and Secretary of Justice in Ed Miliband’s first front-bench team.

“The appointment shows how far Muslims have advanced in mainstream politics in recent years with Baroness Warsi also being a member of Prime Minister, David Cameron’s Cabinet,” said Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi.

“It puts paid to much negative news about the community and to detractors claiming Muslims are not committed to playing prominent and dynamic roles for the betterment of British society,” Versi said.

Khan, who successfully ran Miliband’s leadership campaign, became the first ethnic-minority MP to be elected to Labour’s shadow cabinet after winning the vote of 128 of his colleagues.

At the age of 40, he is also the youngest member elected by Labour’s 258 MPs. Last year, he also became the first Muslim member to attend Cabinet meetings when Labour was in Government.

His post shadows that of Kenneth Clark, who as Lord Chancellor is responsible in law for the efficient functioning and independence of the courts.

In his role as shadow justice secretary, Khan, a human rights lawyer, has also been given responsibility for Political and Constitutional Reform, which Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg includes in his portfolio.


Muslim News

New on ISLAM TV this week










By Sheikh Saad Nomani - International Guest

Also on IslamTV

By Sheikh Uzair - Holland Park Mosque


The Treaty Of Hudaybiyah
By Sheikh Aslam Abu Ismaeel - Amyn Centre

By Maulana Mohammed Nawaaz Ashrafi - Algester Mosque

Qadr - Belief In Allah's Decree
By Sheikh Mohammed Shameen - United Muslims Of Brisbane (UMB)



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KB's Culinary Corner


Mini Flop-Proof Pizza


KB SAYS: This recipe was borrowed from Suraya Lockhat. I've made dozens of different types of doughs in the past but this one is quick and easy to make and practically fool and flop proof. Add your own toppings to give it your personal touch. I made a batch last week for a Mehndi and they went down well with the ladies.




1 egg
¼ cup oil
½ cup warm milk
½ cup warm water
3 ½ cups of flour
2 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp sugar
¼ tsp salt

1. Sift all the dry ingredients.
2. Beat the egg and oil and add the warm milk and water.
3. Combine the above to form a soft dough.
4. Cover and leave to rise in a warm place for approx 1 hour.
5. Once risen, punch down.
6. Spread onto 3 greased pizza pans or roll out and using a small cutter cutting out several mini rounds.
7. Spread tomato chutney, sprinkle with a combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheese and a topping of your choice e.g. cubed green and red peppers, cooked chicken or steak, or jalapeños and bake in a moderate oven until the cheese is melted. 


Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?

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Kareema's Q&A Keep Fit Column from Los Angeles, California




We have so many good places to go hiking in this beautiful country of ours...and it's not even a world away! Why not take advantage of it.

Along with being a good way to clear the mind, enjoy the warmer weather and taking in some fresh air, hiking is great for the heart. It will help reduce blood pressure, and, if done at a more rapid pace every few minutes, you'll get a great aerobic workout too.


Pack up the family and go for a wander - you'll tone your lower body as you follow the trails and discover your 'own backyard'!


You can Google the Internet for trails in your neck of the woods like the track maps provided by the Brisbane City Council.









My Health and Fitness

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Need an answer to a fitness related matter? Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.

The CCN Chuckle


The King of a Middle Eastern fiefdom is invited to tea with Barack Obama.

He asks Obama: “As a well known and well liked leader in your country what is your leadership philosophy?”

Obama’s response was that he always surrounded himself with intelligent people.

The King asks how he knew if they were intelligent.

"I do so by asking them the right questions," says Obama. "Allow me to demonstrate."

The King watches as Obama phones his friend Nelson Mandela and says,

"Mr. President, please answer this question: Your mother has a child, and your father has a child, and this child is not your brother or sister. Who is it?"

Nelson Mandela immediately responds, "It's me, Barack!"

"Correct. Thank you and good-bye" says Obama. He hangs up and says," Did you get that, sir?"

The King nods: "Yes Mr. Obama. Thanks a lot.

I'll definitely be using that!"

The King, upon returning to his country, decides he'd better put his political advisor Mula Nasruddin to the test.

He summons Mula Nasruddin to his palace and says,

"Nasruddin, I wonder if you can answer a question for me."

"Why, of course, sir. What's on your mind?"

The King poses the question: "Uhh, your mother has a child, and your father has a child, and this child is not your brother or your sister. Who is it?"

Mula Nasruddin was puzzled and finally asks, "Can I think about it and get back to you?"


The King agrees, and Mula Nasruddin leaves.

Mula Nasruddin immediately calls a meeting of senior religious advisors, and they puzzle over the question for several hours, but nobody can come up with an answer.


Finally, in desperation, Nasruddin calls his Mufti and explains the problem.

"Mufti, your mother has a child, and your father has a child, and this child is not your brother or your sister.. Who is it?"

The Mufti answers immediately, "It's me, of course."

Much relieved, Mula Nasruddin rushes back to the Palace, gets an audience with the King, and exclaims, "I know the answer, sir! I know who it is!

It's our Mufti!"

And the King replies in disgust, "Wrong, it's Nelson Mandela!"

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Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY)

Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

GIRU – Griffith Islamic Research Unit

          Qld Stories link or YouTube link

Gold Coast Halal Certification Services (GCHCS)

Muslim Aid Australia

Serving Humanity

Human Appeal International Australia  

Always with you on the road to goodness

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)
Find out about the latest events, outings, fun-days, soccer tournaments, BBQs organised by AMYN. Network with other young Muslims on the AMYN Forum

Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane  

Preserving the Past, Educating the Present to Create the Future

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