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Sunday, 7 November 2010

 .Newsletter 0313



Pakistan Flood Appeal


The Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ), together with a number of Muslim and non-Muslim organizations, staged a fete to raise funds for the victims of the floods in Pakistan last Sunday at the Islamic College of Brisbane.


The 2000 people who attended had a wide range of foods and rides to choose from and helped raise some $40 000 through the stalls and the auctions.


The monies will be distributed through a number of charities including, Dr Rubina Gillani who is heavily involved with several charitable organisations (including the Fred Hollows Foundation) providing aid to those in need in Pakistan, the Imran Khan Foundation, Red Crescent and Rotary and Lions.


Click here for the full CCN Photo Gallery

The CCN Competition Corner


Why is the croissant shaped the way it is?


The first correct answer drawn from the CCN Inbox for the Family Pack valued at $29.95 for Mochachos in Garden City was from Nikat Khan.


Well done Nikat! Your voucher is on its way.


The croissant is shaped as a reference to the crescent on the Turkish Flag and was created by a bakery in Vienna, Austria in 1683 to celebrate defeat of the Turks by the Polish.



The Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) held its 34th AGM at the Colossus Reception Lounge in West End during the week.


The Hon Ms Annastacia Palaszczuk, Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs was the keynote speaker at the function which was attended by a number of government representatives and community leaders.


ECCQ's mission is "that all people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds have equal access to services and can fully participate in all aspects of a cohesive and harmonious Queensland" is achieved through a combination of targeted advocacy, representative and consultative functions, and service development and delivery.

ECCQ's activities encompass: Advocacy; Community Development Programs, such as for New & Emerging Communities; Women's Ethnic Network; HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections program; Sexual Health Network and support groups; Multicultural resource library, Multicultural policy development; Research on multicultural issues
Promotion of member's access to community and government services
Auspicing; Letters of Support for grant and funding applications

The Executive Committee (pictured right) was returned unopposed to serve another term (left to right):


Honorary President: Mr Nick Xynias

Honorary Assistant Secretary: Mr Mustafa Ally

Vice-Chair: Mrs Victoria Zografos

Honorary Secretary: Mrs Chalani Gunasekara

Immediate Past Chair:  Mr Serge Voloschenko

Senior Vice-Chair: Dr Max Brândle

Chair: Ms Agnes M Whiten

Vice-Chair: Mr Michael Yau

Vice-Chair: Ms Gail Ker

Vice-Chair: Mr John Okello-Okanya

Vice-Chair: Mrs Irene Cayas

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Alex Daniloff


Missing from the photo

Vice-Chair: Ms Evelyn Abadines (Youth Chair)
Honorary Assistant Treasurer: Mr Peter Vecsey-Dalos



ECCQ is convening an Ethnic Taxi Advisory Committee (ETAC) to address the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds working in the taxi industry in Queensland.


This meeting will discuss improved networking and information sharing to establish communication channels with CALD taxi industry workers - owners, drivers and interested ethnic community stakeholders. This will enable ECCQ to consult with taxi industry stakeholders, effectively collate and
analyse information and concerns, and then raise these matters through its representation on the Queensland Government’s Ministerial Taxi Industry Advisory Committee.

The meeting will establish the structure of the Advisory Group and the mechanism to:
• identify and communicate ideas, concerns and issues relating to CALD taxi drivers and owners
• act as a conduit between ETAC and the Taxi Industry Advisory Committee through ECCQ’s representation on this Committee.

The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Mustafa Ally, an elected member of ECCQ’s Executive Committee and ECCQ’s representative on the Taxi Industry Advisory Committee.


For more information about ETAC contact Mustafa Ally on mustafa.a.ally@gmail.com or call 0402 026 786.


For details of the meeting, click here.

"Must see play"



"Everything about her performance is open, truthful, fearless and completely disarming, to the point where at the end of the play you feel you've lost an adorable friend" - The Courier-Mail

This is powerful and controversial: a politically provocative night in the theatre presented by Bella Shanley and La Boite Indie. Rachel Corrie (pictured right) was an American college student and activist who was killed while trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from demolishing a house in a Palestinian residential area. The details of the events are disputed.


The Israeli Defence Force claims it was an accident; others claim she was run over deliberately. "A deeply moving personal testimony...In the course of 90 minutes you feel you have not just had a night at the theatre: you have encountered an extraordinary woman." (The Guardian).

This is a case which is still hitting the headlines - and sparking a passionate global debate.


To provide further insight and alternative perspectives to the issue a  panel discussion took place at the theatre last week. Bella Shanle, the play's producer, told CCN, "It was an incredibly informative and passionate evening of discussion amongst the panel members."


The panel comprised:

David Forde President, Amnesty International Qld
David Costello Foreign Affairs Editor, Courier Mail
David Berthold, Artistic Director, La Boite Theatre Company.
Halim Rane, Deputy Director, Griffith Islamic Research Unit
Jess Dowdell, Youth Activist, Amnesty International Member and Student



I saw “My Name is Rachel Corrie” last Friday night and urge everyone to see it if possible, and especially to take along anyone they know who’s interested in but not sure about the issue. I actually wondered beforehand if it might be earnest and well-meaning but fall flat. But nothing of the sort. Won’t say any more but do try to catch it at La Boite, Roundhouse Theatre, Musk Ave Kelvin Grove, where it’s on until 14/11 but bear in mind the space is small – maybe 100 seats per session, so best to book ASAP.


Visit http://www.laboite.com.au/ for online booking details.

Rap artist leaves bad boy hip hop lifestyle


The fear of Islam: SBS Insight Programme


"Anti-Islamic sentiment is on the rise across Europe and the United States. In the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Britain and Germany debate is raging about immigration and the compatibility of Islam with Western values - the latest foiled terror plot originating in Yemen has done nothing to quell people's fears. In the United States anti-Islamic sentiment is higher now than after the September 11 terror attacks. Recent polls show nearly half of Americans hold unfavourable views of Islam. So, what is driving this increased hostility?"



Watch the full discussion




Amongst the speakers were Reza Aslan (pictured left) author, scholar of religions and contributing editor to The Daily Beast. His best-selling book No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam has been translated into thirteen languages and he is also the author of Beyond Fundamentalism: Confronting Religious Extremism in a Globalized Age. He says anti-Muslim sentiment is becoming mainstream and believes the same kind of Islamophobia that has made much of Europe inhospitable to its Muslim citizens is now threatening to seize the U.S.


The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (PARTS 1-4)


Shown recently on SBS, this visually stunning program traces the history and message of Islam by following the journeys of six young pilgrims from across the Muslim world to Mecca. It explores their lives and beliefs as well as the beautiful and historic mosques where they worship. They leave their homes and families, travel to Saudi Arabia, and share their responses to the culmination of their journey of a lifetime - the pilgrimage to Mecca, where the prophet Muhammad was born.


Within decades of the death of Muhammed, Islam spread fast and its history can be traced through the flowering of exquisite Muslim architecture. Over the next few hundred years, fabulous mosques from Spain to Iran, and from Turkey to Mali formed a focus of Muslim life, as they continue to do today. The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World starts its journey at six of these locations and completes it at the mosque towards which all practicing Muslims turn when they pray.


CCN brings you the first four 10-minute parts of this series with the rest to follow next week.












Volcano refugees need your help


The name Merapi could be translated as “Mountain of Fire”. Presently, the name suites the disastrous situation literally. Smoke can be seen billowing from the mountain at least 300 days in a year, and several eruptions have caused serious fatalities in recent times.

In November 1994, hot gas from a large explosion killed at least 27 people, mostly in the town of Muntilan, west of the volcano. Another large eruption occurred in 2006, shortly before the Yogyakarta earthquake to which the Al-Imdaad Foundation responded with the necessary relief aid.

On 25 October 2010, the Indonesian authorities raised the alert for Mount Merapi to its highest level and urged all villagers and dwellers in vulnerable areas to move to safer ground. People living within a 10 km radius were instructed to evacuate. This caused a displacement of some 85 000 people.


Experts foresee the number of refugees to rise to 150 000. Authorities stated that about 500 volcanic earthquakes had been recorded on the mountain over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th October 2010. This had caused the magma to rise about a kilometer below the surface. On the afternoon of the 25th October 2010, Mount Merapi erupted with lava bellowing from its southern and southeastern slopes.

This eruption was followed by a second and last night (5th November 2010), for the third time in less than a week, Mount Merapi produced its strongest eruption yet. This “high-intensity” eruption has led to the exclusion zone being widened from 10 km to 20 km around the volcano with displaced persons now exceeding 90,000.

Ms Fenti Forsyth of Brisbane will fly to Indonesia on November 15th to take along some Qurbani and money (sadaqa) to Yogyakarta and distribute the aid direct to the refugees camps.


If you doing Qurban this year and would like to have it sent to these few refugees camps, Fenti will be happy to accept the Amanah to distribute it.


With the Indonesian rupiah today 1 lamb equals $125. She will buy the stock from the locals where lots of Islamic boarding schools are self funded by farming the goats and sheep. Also, she will distribute primary foods such as rice, sugar, tea, eggs, etc to the camps. These Fenti will purchase directly from the local traditional market which still operate even after the volcanic eruption. "Let's keep the local economic strong," Fenti told CCN.

On the ground Fenti plans to work together with many of my former high school classmates, as well as her senior class. They are doing volunteer work as Rescuers and Emergency Services. From them she hopes to get fisrt hand knowledge of which camps will need help the most.

To organize the collections Fenti will be helped by Rahayu Rahayu, an Indonesian PhD student at Griffith University, leaving her to concentrate on getting to together the necessary supplies

The bank account details are:

Name: Rahayu Rahayu
BSB#: 014289
ACC#: 551112391


You can contact Me Forsyth on 0407 632 492

Think you are not good enough to enter politics? Think again!


Labor Minister, Jason Wood's maiden speech

Islam Questions and Answers 20/20, PART 5




The Inbox


Assalamu Alaikum

Through CCN I would like to place on record my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to those wonderful individuals and well-wishers for remembering me in their duas during my illness and subsequently my operation.


Alhamdu lillah I am recovering very well and it is times like this, that you realize that you are not alone and that there are hundreds of people out there who you may not have contact with on a daily basis, who care about you.


I sincerely thank these unselfish friends and family for the support they have shown me in the weeks that have past and I pray that Allah keep them safe from all calamities an illnesses and may Allah grant them all good they desire and may he also bless the Ummah with eternal peace (ameen).

May Allah also grant you success in all your endeavours.

Jazakallah and Salaamz and duas to everyone out there.

Your brother in islam
Omar Khan

Around the Muslim World with CCN


Woman sentenced for attacking Muslim veil-wearer

Paris: A French court Thursday slapped a one-month suspended jail sentence on a retired female teacher who attacked a woman in a shop for wearing a face-covering Islamic veil.

The Paris court heard that the defendant, who had worked in several Arab countries, set upon a 26-year-old Emirati woman in a shop, first trying to tug off her niqab veil and then slapping, scratching and biting her on the hand.

"I knew that I was going to crack one day. This burqa business was beginning to annoy me," the defendant told police, saying she was fighting for women's rights, according to evidence heard in court.

France last month passed a law to ban the wearing of the niqab and other face-coverings in public places, a controversial move in a country with Europe's biggest Muslim population, estimated at nearly six million.

The court ruled Thursday the defendant's "violent behaviour reveals an intolerance of others that defies explanation and denies cohabitation and dialogue between people who have different ways of life or opposing beliefs."



Mecca Train Ticket Prices & Services Announced for its First Hajj Season

It was announced during the week that Muslims wishing to use Mecca's first metro when they converge on the holy city next month for their annual pilgrimage will have to pay SR250 for a ticket that will serve them for seven days.

Three different types of tickets will cover all holy sites in Mecca and will allow the pilgrims to take the train into the city to perform their rites before returning to their residence inside or outside the city, Ajel online newspaper said, quoting Habib Zain Alabidin, Undersecretary at the Saudi Ministry of Municipal affairs.

"The ticket's price is set at SR250 (US$ 67) that will cover a full trip into and out of Mecca for seven days.another ticket is priced at SR100 (US$ 27) for four days," he said.

Officials said last week the train has a capacity to transport 170,000 passengers in its first stage and two million when the third and final phase is completed.

Saudi Arabia has allocated nearly SR6.7 billion (US$ 1.8 billion) for the metro, which begins continuous service next month for the first time in Mecca's history. Officials expect the project to largely contribute to easing road congestions caused by the accumulation of thousands of cars near Makkah.

Habib Zain Alabidin says the railway would operate throughout the year.

Dubbed the “Holy Rituals Train”, the project is part of a costly programme by Saudi Arabia to tackle massive traffic congestions in and around the city and facilitate access to all sacred sites in Mecca.

The train project, initiated three years ago, followed a series of incidents that have killed thousands of pilgrims in stampedes, building collapses and other accidents during the few days of the Haj season.

More than two million Muslims from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Co-operation Council countries and other nations descend on Mecca every year to perform the pilgrimage.

China Railway Construction Corp, part of a Saudi-French-Chinese consortium which won the contract, is carrying out the project, involving nearly 5,000 workers. The train is the Gulf's second metro system after the Dubai Metro.




Two South Africans pedal their way to Haj....

Two young South Africans have pedaled their way to Saudi Arabia to perform this year’s Haj. Nathim Cairncross, 28, (right in picture) and Imtiyaz Ahmad Haron, 25, (left in picture) both from Cape Town, said on arrival at the Saudi border before reaching Tabuk that they felt happy they were fulfilling their dream of performing Haj.


“Pedaling our way to the Kingdom from Cape Town was a grueling experience. We wanted to travel this way so that we are prepared to experience the rigors of performing the pilgrimage,” Cairncross, a town planner by profession, told Arab News over the telephone on Monday night.

Both set out on their journey for the annual pilgrimage on Feb. 7 on their bicycles. They pedaled through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Turkey, Syria and Jordan before reaching the Saudi border. “This is our first Haj. We could have come for Haj by plane, but it was our cherished desire to travel differently, so we chose to use our bicycles, as cycling is what we both love the most,” Cairncross said.

Arab News.com



Salaam Soweto







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New on ISLAM TV this week






New Tafsir Series by Muft Zeeyad
Surah Al Baqarah - Tafsir Lessons 1 & 2
How To Get The Love Of Allah
Sheikh Aslam Abu Ismaeel

Years 10, 11 & 12

What Does It Mean To Be Righteous?
Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh

The Duniya & How Allah Protects Us From It
Sheikh Aslam Abu Ismaeel
Plus past videos now being uploaded in higher resolution and smoother playback.
Napoleon – My Way To Islam

Family Matter Conference 2010



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This week CCN recommends


 Not Quite White



 Anne Monsour


Not Quite White focuses on early Lebanese immigration to Australia, a group of immigrants and their
descendants, who, with a few exceptions, have been largely ignored in the recording of Australian history.

While this book considers the experience of one immigrant group within the context of a particular
locality and time, it is also about Australia as a ‘new’ nation seeking to privilege a white, Christian majority.

The Lebanese Australian story contributes a new understanding of the implementation of the White
Australia Policy because although Lebanese do not feature predominately in historical studies of the White Australia Policy, in fact, when it came to its administration, they presented a significant challenge.

Anne Monsour has a PhD in history from the University of Queensland and is currently an Honorary Research Advisor in the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics. She is a board member of the Australian Lebanese Historical Society and the convener of its Queensland branch. For almost two decades, Anne has been researching, speaking and writing about the history of Lebanese settlement in Australia. Born in Biggenden, Queensland where her father was a general storekeeper, Anne is the daughter of Lebanese immigrants from Rass Baalbec.


The CCN Book Quote

To explain their predilection for self-employed trading the immigrants often pointed to their Phoenician ancestry:

Well, you know we are Lebanese, direct descendants of the Phoenicians. Business is in the blood.


You have to give credit to the Lebanese; there's something in their blood that they are definitely traders.


...they were the direct descendents of the great Phoenicians who taught the world how to trade.

Edward Wakin characterized Syrians and Lebanese as traders "by nature, circumstance and inclination.


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KB's Culinary Corner


Sweet Corn Casserole


KB SAYS: I've been busy planning someone's birthday these past few weeks and had a go at some interesting recipes. But I'll hold off on posting them here until I hear what the guests have thought of them. In the mean time here is an old family favourite.......




4 potatoes
½ cup grated cheese
2 cups frozen corn or 1 tin corn kernels
½ cup fresh cream
1 tsp ground green chillies
salt and pepper to taste
1 onion sliced
1 tsp jeeru (cummin seeds)
1 tab ghee (clarified butter)

Cube and sauté potatoes, until done
Add, corn, fresh cream, green chillies, salt and pepper
Sauté the slice onion and jeeru in the ghee and add to the above.
Set in a casserole dish and sprinkle a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella cheese on the top.
Bake at 180 degrees for approx 15 minutes.
Serve warm.
Ideal to serve at barbeques or as a side dish with meat. 


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Kareema's Q&A Keep Fit Column


Q: Dear Kareema, I have heard that there are exercise classes using the swimming pool. What are the advantages of exercising in water?


A: In addition to the usual benefits of any exercise, the use of water in water aerobics supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury. This places less stress on the joints when stretching, and allows a greater range of motion. It's also very safe for the elderly. Sakina Naeem is running classes in Brisbane (see her flyer in the advertising section in CCN) and she is getting a fantastic response from the community.







My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786


Need an answer to a fitness related matter? Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.

The CCN Chuckle


Mula Nasruddin and a group of friends were sitting around in their local kebab shop engaged in some earnest discussion over a question that the good man had posed to them: "What is the fastest thing you know of?"

Abbasbhai was arguing the following, "A thought. It just pops into your head. There's no warning that it's on the way; it's just there. A THOUGHT is the fastest thing I know of."

"No, No, brother!” said Kamruddin. “A blink! It comes and goes and you don't know that it ever happened. A BLINK is the fastest thing I know of."

Rashid was contemplating his reply. "Well, out at my dad's farm, you step out of the house and on the wall there's a light switch. When you flip that switch and way out across the pasture the light in the barn comes on in a flash. TURNING ON A LIGHT is the fastest thing I can think of.”

“Yes,” said Mula Nasruddin, "It's hard to beat the speed of light.”

But Jalalludin was not in agreement. “It's obvious to me that the fastest thing known is DIARRHEA."

"What!?" said Mula Nasruddin, stunned by the response.

"Oh I can explain." said Jalalludin.

"You see the other day I wasn't feeling so good and I ran for the bathroom. But, before I could THINK, BLINK, or TURN ON THE LIGHT, I had already messed my pants!"

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