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Sunday, 10 July 2011

 Newsletter 0348



The roadshow headed south


An exuberant and enthusiastic crowd of men, women and children participated in The Voter's Challenge Democracy Roadshow at the Gold Coast Mosque on Friday night (8 July).


It was a night of politicians and pizzas as hastily made up teams took on the names of electoral divisions and pitted themselves against each other to test their knowledge of electoral and parliamentary terms for the many prizes on offer.


The Bowman electoral division made up of Hussin Goss, Imam Imraan Husain, Habib Jamal, Abdul Latief Gundru, Ahmed Gundru and Yunie Omar walked off with the main prize of the night.


The Crescents of Brisbane/AMARAH/ICQ facilitators, Mustafa Ally, Nora Amath and Mohammed Yusuf wish to thank the Islamic Society of Gold Coast for their hospitality and assistance in allowing them to host the workshop in their community hall.


"We also want to offer our sincere thanks to our project coordinator Riffat Gurderzi, Australian Electoral Commission representatives, Derek O'Beirne and Caroline D'Allura, Omar Issadeen, Zuleikha Goss and our young barista Abdullah Zahid," quizmaster, Mustafa Ally told CCN.


If any community or organization would like The Voter's Challenge Democracy Roadshow to be held in their area call 0424 829 126 to check availability.

The CCN Young Muslim Writers Award (YMWA)


The complete kit for the CCN YMWA can now be downloaded from here.


The kit contains details about the awards, the terms and conditions, entry form and some exemplars to inspire and motivate our budding authors and poets.

For more information or queries email ccn@crescentsofbrisbane.org or call 0402 026 786.


Entries close on 31 August.

"Dearest Grandma"


Young Ameer Omar of Brisbane wrote a poem and produced a video on the recent loss of his grandmother in South Africa.


He was willing to share with CCN readers a very personal reflection of the high esteem in which he held his Ma and the immense impact she had on shaping his thoughts and actions as a young man.




The CCN Wedding Scene







The nikah of Riyaad, youngest son of Mustafa Ally and Nazima Hansa, and Aakifah, daughter of Fayyaz and Khadija Suleman was performed at the Kuraby Mosque by Imam Yusuf Peer last week on Friday (1 July) after Jumma.


The reception was held at the Runcorn Function Centre on Friday night and the walimah on Sunday (3 July) at the Riverside Reception Centre.


The couple are presently honeymooning in Malaysia and on their return will begin their lives together in Sydney.


b         Everything you wanted to know about the Gold Coast Mosque.....







Imam Imraan Husain has compiled a potted history of the Gold Coast Mosque and its activities.


Abdelsalam and the Ambassadors at APCS


The 2011 Asia Pacific Cities Summit was held in Brisbane over the week and IWAQ's Ms Galila Abdelsalam was at the gala dinner seated alongside Brisbane's Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, His Excellency Mr Ali Nasser Alnuaimi. UAE Ambassador (left of photo) and His Excellency Mr Jeffrey L Blech US Ambassador (right of photo).


Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City were the keynote speakers at the conference.


The theme of the Summit was ‘The Business of Cities’, and over the three days, world-renowned speakers talked about sustainability, connectivity and managing rapid growth in their cities over the coming decade.

Call for assistance


The Queensland Muslim Welfare Association's Welfare Shop has a request for furniture from a sister with two young sons to help her set up house after her recent family breakup.

The items she requires are: a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, dining room table with four chairs, TV stand, book case, futon and a lounge.

The sister in question has only been in Australia for three years, is a new Muslim and does not have family in Australia.

Contact Janeth Deen on 0435 086 796 if you can assist in any way.

Imams Trip to Christmas Island


Imam Akram (Imam of Kuraby Mosque) and Imam Ikraam (Imam of Daara Mosque) were invited to Christmas Island (in the vicinity of the orange circle on map on right) to attend the 50 year anniversary celebrations of Musjid Taqwa.


The Imams spent five days in Christmas Island and delivered lectures and workshops on the subjects of youth and social conduct.


"The Christmas Island community was very appreciative of our efforts," Imam Akran told CCN.


The Imams also took the opportunity of leading the Jumma prayers at the detention center and talking with the refugees.


Muslims Australia (AFIC) president, Ikebal Patel also joined the celebrations on the Island.

Qld cops won't seek powers to remove veils


QUEENSLAND won't seek NSW-style police powers to force Muslim women to remove face veils during routine car stops.

The NSW powers are aimed at ensuring police can properly identify motorists and others suspected of committing crimes.

They can now order people to remove any kind of head covering, including garments such as burkas and niqabs, during routine stops.

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson (pictured left) is content with existing police powers in the state, and believes they're adequate to deal with identity issues.

"I don't believe personally we need to go down this path in Queensland," he told ABC Radio today.

"Our legislation is more than adequate, but we will watch with great interest what they do in NSW.

"I have no intention to ask the Queensland government to do something similar here."


The change in NSW follows the case of Sydney woman Carnita Matthews, who in November 2010 was sentenced to six months' jail for falsely accusing a police officer of forcibly trying to remove her burqa.

Ms Matthews claimed the incident occurred when she was pulled over in June 2010.

But the sentence was quashed on appeal last week.

NSW District Court judge Clive Jeffreys ruled there was no evidence to confirm Ms Matthews filed a criminal complaint against the officer, because the person who did so was wearing a veil and wasn't positively identified.

Mr Atkinson said Queensland police had the power to search a person, and had the right to pursue the identity of a person provided they believed an offence had been committed.

"The situation here is police do have the power to search a person if they think an offence has been committed or the belief the person may have a weapon or drugs," he said.

"Our policy says we should respect religious customs of the individual as well.

"Under the traffic legislation that we have here, the police officer has the right to try and get evidence of the correctness of a person's name and address."


Courier Mail

On the road again.......


Adventurer Yusuf Omar is once again deep in the heart of Africa.


Accompanied by good friend and University of Queensland vet student Max Barot they have begun their 8000km expedition around Southern Africa in their 1979 VW beach buggy nicknamed 'tshabala sand master' by locals.


Working in his capacity as a reporter for the Sunday Tribune in Durban, Yusuf plans to document the Namibian seal cull which sees 90,000 baby cubs clubbed every July.


On Friday he said they were camping on the banks of the Okavango river bordering Botswana battling sub zero temperatures and their car catching fire in the Namibian desert.


The boys have also made acquaintances with a host of Afrikaner mechanics who have proven to be as smart and kind as they are brave.

They aim to be back in South Africa by the 18th of July

An All Star Night in Brisbane


The Strangers' Tour features comedian, Baba Ali, poet, Boona Mohammed and scholar, Navaid Aziz.

Tuesday 12th July, 2011, 6:30pm
Cost: $30*
Venue: Bldg 23 Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, Room 23, St Lucia Campus, University of Queensland

Contact: info@AMYNweb.com

Visit: www.AMYNweb.com and Events page on facebook.com/AMYNweb



The Strangers Tour Trailer - Brisbane



The Inbox


Dear CresCafé Team,

A great big thank you once again from Runcorn Heights State School students, their families and staff.

CresCafé always provides us with tea, coffee and delicious cupcakes for our Harmony Festival.

The Festival showcases our schools 55 different cultures through food, activities and performances.

It was great to see the Crescents team getting involved this year in the day’s cultural activities. Some wonderful drumming, Crescents team!

This year’s festival was again a big success, raising over $8500.00 for our Harmony House Project. Insha’Allah we hope to start the construction of this Multi faith/Community Building at the school very soon.

If anyone is interested in helping with this project, please contact Aisha Dennis on 0402 438 077. We are in need of money donations and contractors to help with the construction.

Thank you

Aisha Dennis
Community Liaison
Runcorn Heights State School

Around the Muslim World with CCN


Crown Point's Avicenna Academy develops space shuttle experiment

Avicenna Academy students Jenna Rifai, from left, Amalia Hosken, Ayesha Zubair, Heba Abuzer and Ameer Rifai

CROWN POINT USA: When Atlantis takes off on the last U.S. space shuttle mission Friday, there will be a few local paramecium on board, thanks to students at tiny Avicenna Academy.

"It's a wonderful experience," Principal Amanda Arceo said as she headed to Kennedy Space Center in Florida to witness the launch along with four students who developed the experiment for the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program.

Heading to a reserved viewing area for the scheduled 10:26 a.m. launch along with Arceo are Heba Abuzer, Amalia Hosken, Ayesha Zubair and Sarah Suleiman.

Abuzer and Jenna Rifai, who recently completed sixth grade, were the primary principal investigators, while Hosken, Zubair, Maria Khan and Sabriya Umrani served as co-investigators as fifth-graders, and Suleiman and Ameer Rifai were fourth-grade assistants.



Crown Point Community



Muslim women can decide what to wear on the soccer field


The Iranian national women's soccer team was banned from an Olympic qualifier because of its Islamic dress. (June 3, 2011)

CANADA: Just over a kilometre from where a monument stands honouring Canada’s “Famous Five” — activists from the 1920s who succeeded in getting women recognized as legal persons — a soccer game is scheduled to symbolize a similar struggle.

To onlookers, the women gathering at Major’s Hill Park Thursday afternoon will appear to be playing a casual game. But what these women will be doing is showing their solidarity with the Iranian women’s soccer team recently banned from taking part in a qualifying match for the 2012 Olympics on account of their hijab.

“There’s a whole generation of women who are becoming marginalized,” asserts Farrah S. Khan, an artist and activist from Toronto, and the co-founder of AQSAzine. She is speaking at this week’s Women’s Worlds conference in Ottawa, where buzz about the soccer game is growing. Khan, who has posted an online video against the ban, argues that freedom of choice is paramount in the struggle for gender equality.

“We can find our agency from within our own faith, but can the West find the ability to support our rights from within itself?” she asks.

It’s a question that pits a common Western (often Orientalist) view that Muslim women are in need of saving, against the emerging consensus from conferences like this one that Muslim women are perfectly capable of making their own choices and have in fact been doing so for centuries.

Selma Djukic, a Toronto businesswoman and board director at the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute, turns to Islamic history to find that women have not always been considered “the muted half of the community,” as is often portrayed from both within and beyond the community itself.

Once again, women’s bodies are being used as battlegrounds — in this case as cultural battlegrounds where one form of dress is being seen as superior to the other.

“Muslim women have been intensely engaged in society, not just in the home but beyond as well,” Djukic says to a group of women, and a handful of men, who have come to hear her speak at the conference.


She points out that throughout history, Muslim women have struggled against Islamophobia and sexism in order to contribute to society, armed with the conviction that their religion afforded them agency.

It’s this message which is most relevant to both extremists in the Muslim community who have co-opted the history to argue that women should not be seen or heard, as well as to those who believe Muslim women have no framework for empowerment in a religion they believe to be fundamentally misogynistic.

Ironically, these two extremes would both agree that Muslim women in hijab have no place on the soccer pitch — and therein is the underlying dynamic at play.


The Star



Mufti makes historic visit


Did It is a dream many people may have, but one very few will ever realise.

The experience of physically entering the Ka'bah and performing Salaah within the House of Allah that is beloved to billions of Muslims, is one that does not come easily.

But this Saturday, it was a dream come true for a South African scholar whose educational discourses are well known among millions of listeners worldwide.Mufti Abdool Kader (AK) Hoosen, resident Mufti at Channel Islam International (Cii), was blessed with this historic opportunity over the weekend when the Ka'bah was opened for its bi-annual washing. The ceremony, which is presided over by the Emir of Makkah, is attended by invited dignitaries and scholars from around the Muslim world.


Mufti AK said he was completely absorbed by the experience and took full liberty of the 25 minutes he spent in the Ka'bah to perform 4 Rak'aat of Salaah and pour his heart out to the Almighty. "On entering the Ka'bah, one observes 3 pillars with a green veil above them," he said. "I performed 2 Rak'aat facing one wall and two facing another wall.



Cii International

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A series of videos designed to increase confidence in young Muslimah's in the face of modern challenges of the West.












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KB's Culinary Corner




KB SAYS:  Calzone is a folded Italian pizza and its a whole lot easier to handle than a normal pizza. You can also fill your calzone with leftover veggies, or with things that need using up, mixed with tomatoes and some melting cheese. It's really tasty whether you serve it hot or cold.



3 cups flour
2 Tab sugar
1 tsp salt
2tsp yeast (10g)
¼ cup oil
1 egg
½ cup milk and ½ cup water

1. Sift the flour and the salt, then add all other dry ingredients.
2. Beat the egg and oil and very gently rub into the dry ingredients.
3. Mix the milk and water and add to the flour mixture and knead to form a soft dough.
4. Cover the dough and leave to rise until almost double in size


Filling Ingredients
3 cups of chicken fillet cubed
1 tsp ground cumin (jeeru)
1 tsp salt
¼ cup lemon juice
1 tsp ground green chillies
1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp garlic
2 tab olive oil

Heat the olive oil and add all the above and cook the chicken until tender and then make a mixture of 1 ¼ cup cold milk and 2 tab corn flour and add to the chicken and let it simmer for a few minutes and then allow it to cool.

To make the calzone:
Punch the dough down and then using half the dough at a time, roll it out, using an 8cm cutter, cut out circles, brush with beaten egg, place the filling in the one half and then fold over, Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with cheese and cubed tomatoes and green peppers and bake at 180 degrees until light brown.


Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to me at kbcooks@crescentsofbrisbane.org and be my "guest chef" for the week.


Kareema's Keep Fit Column


Q: Dear Kareema, I’ve been working out consistently now for about 6 months but I’m struggling to get the results I’m hoping for. Please help!

A: Good on you for committing to a regular routine. You may have hit a plateau (which means you won’t see much change / results from your workouts).


What you need to do now is change what you do or the way you work out, eg. you need to lift heavier weights, or go for longer walks/runs, eliminate some exercises you’re used to doing and
incorporate new ones. Even something as simple as changing the times or days of your workout can make a difference.

If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results, so it’s time you change things up a bit and set some unfamiliar challenges for your body/muscles. Try using your own body weight as much as possible too (by doing push-ups, sit-ups, tricep-dips, etc.) for an even greater challenge.

Keep up the great work and be sure to have fun with every workout!






My Health and Fitness

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All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.

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"I see you have put 'ASAP' down for the date you are available to start, meaning as soon as possible, of course. However, I see you've put 'AMAP' down for required salary. I don't believe I've ever seen that before, what does it mean?"

Jallaludin replied, "As Much as Possible!"

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He looks forward to continuing care for those patients who have loyally supported him these past 30 years. New patients are most welcome.


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