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The Iraqi Community Fun Day was held yesterday (Saturday 10 January) at Svoboda Park.


There were rides, activities, fun and games for the whole family.


Six members of the Iraqi national football team turned up and were mobbed by excited fans.


"Iraqi Community Fun Day is an opportunity for community groups to come together and celebrate all the blessing of this great nation," event organizer and AFC Asian Cup Community Ambassador, Ali Gafoor told CCN.


Photos by CCN and Duraid Fatouhi.


For more photos go to http://www.duraidphotography.com/.


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Update by Mufti Zeeyad Ravat


Alhamdulillah our brothers and sisters in Brisbane and Gold Coast helped us prepare a container of blankets and winter wear for the orphan refugees of Syria.


Alhumdullilah with the help of Allah Taala this container has successfully reached.


Shiekh Burhaan of Al Imdaad Foundation has been distributing the contents of this container directly to the refugees in the Zatari camp for the last week.


The updates I received is that the children were over delighted to receive the blankets and simple clothes to keep warm this winter. They made a lot of dua for our community.


A second container with summer clothes has already been packed and ready to be dispatched soon inshallah.


May Allah taala accept all our efforts inshallah.


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Why the CBC will not broadcast Charlie Hebdo cartoons


The CBC's David Studer explains the CBC's decision not to broadcast the controversial cartoons, a decision that many viewers have criticized in the wake of the shooting deaths at Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.


By Imam Imraan Husain

The Qur’an says to the Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, “It is a mercy from your Lord that you are so gentle toward them. If you had been harsh and hard-hearted, people would have fled from your presence” (3:159).

The murder of innocent people in Charlie Hebdo, France, is barbaric, criminal, sinful, inhumane, disgusting and contravenes the teachings of Islam as agreed upon by Muslim scholars.

This criminality and barbarism does not represent Muslims or Islam.

Such evil behaviour is nothing short of crimes against innocent people by some overzealous Muslims who are bereft of mercy.

There is no disagreement among Muslims scholars and jurists, past and present, regarding the prohibition of the killing of innocent people. This is not an opinion that is subject to disagreement and anyone who contravenes this law has committed a grave sin and broken the sacred and secular laws.

This criminal conduct is based upon some misguided adherence to the teachings of Islam, and the Gold Coast Islamic Society condemns it in the strongest possible terms.

We must also take cognisance that provoking people by disrespecting and insulting peoples' beliefs and values is blasphemy. And even for those who believe that the penalty for blasphemy should be death: by unanimous consensus of ALL the scholars of Islam, this must take place after a legitimate trial, by a qualified judge, appointed by a legitimate Islamic state. Under NO circumstances does Islam allow vigilante justice, for to open this door leads to chaos, confusion and bloodshed.

We offer our sincerest condolences to the families of the victims and pray for them.

Muslims Around The World Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack

Muslims in France and around the world banded together on Wednesday to strongly condemn the deadliest terror attack the country has seen in the past two decades.

Three masked gunmen stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine that has become notorious for its caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. One of the men reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar” as they unleashed a barrage of bullets that left at least twelve dead.

Muslim leaders and activists immediately denounced the terrorists actions, reiterating the verse in the Quran that tells Muslims when one kills just one innocent person, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.

The Grand Mosque of Paris, one of the largest in France, issued a statement on its website shortly after the attacks, saying its community was "shocked" and "horrified" by the violence.

We strongly condemn these kind of acts and we expect the authorities to take the most appropriate measures. Our community is stunned by what just happened. It’s a whole section of our democracy that is seriously affected. This is a deafening declaration of war. Times have changed, and we are now entering a new era of confrontation.

The Union of Islamic Organizations of France also responded on its website, writing:

KEEP READING : Huffington Post

#JeSuisAhmed Reminds Us That A French Muslim Died To Protect Free Speech


On the heels of #JeSuisCharlie, another Twitter hashtag is becoming a rallying point on social media for those mourning the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack -- #JeSuisAhmed.

The hashtag memorializes Ahmed Merabet, the 42-year-old police officer who was shot point blank on a Parisian street by masked gunmen outside Charlie Hebdo’s offices. He was among 12 people who lost their lives in what is being called the deadliest terror attack on French soil in more than 50 years.

French authorities have yet to assign an official motive to the group but many say the attack was an extremist reaction to the magazine’s lampooning of the Prophet Muhammad and other religious figures.

In the aftermath, hundreds around the globe began tweeting out with the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie to stand in solidarity with the magazine.

KEEP READING : Huffington Post

This is a war on all of us, Muslims included

Attacks like the one in Paris are a matter of great sorrow for Muslims - first because the radicals use a barbaric appropriation of their faith, and then because of the alienation they feel in the West, writes Mohammed El-leissy.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world and overwhelmingly they feel a sense of deep reverence for the Prophet Muhammad. He's a messenger from God who brought order and justice to a world in chaos; a light and teacher worthy of our undying honour and respect.

However, despite the attacks and mockery of his image across a number of media - most notably on social media and by prominent politicians - few Muslims would feel that the events in France are cause for any celebration or victory.

This is party because most Muslims feel the response by the gunmen is an assault on Muhammad and what he stood for. After all, Muhammad told his followers, "He who does not show mercy to our young and honour our elderly is not from amongst us" and proclaimed, "I was sent to complete the goodness of character".

The gunmen represent a barbaric political appropriation of this, and of a faith that is a source of spirituality and goodness for more than a billion people around the world. They are the greatest destroyers of Muhammad's message and the Islamic religion, in many cases causing Muslims to turn away from their faith.

Following the siege in Sydney, I was approached by a young Muslim woman who was beginning to question the existence of God, disheartened at just how extreme these fringe elements of her faith had become. Thanks to Haron Monis, she now felt disconnected from any positive role Islam had played in her life. The terrorists had soured Islam for her and the value of religion for millions more.

In addition, few Muslims would share any sympathy for the radicals, such as those who launched the attack on Charlie Hebdo, because they often commit far worse and more frequent violence against other Muslims.

Less than 24 hours before the attack in France, Islamist suicide bombers killed 38 Muslims outside a police academy in Yemen. In the Islamic world, hardline Islamist violence is seen as a criminal issue and terrorists are hunted down and often killed by police. Civilians that join the police force are frequently labelled as traitors and sell-outs to the Jihad by the extremists and police recruiting centres are a common target for suicide bombings.

Because Muslims worldwide are rejecting attempts by IS, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda to hijack Islam, these groups have turned their guns on fellow Muslims substantially more than on the West. From Pakistan to Nigeria, it's Muslim souls that the extremists are targeting.

However in the West, commentary in the media continues to accuse the world's Muslims of not condemning or doing enough to stop the terror and thus being complicit in violent jihad. This misinformed worldview simplistically pits this as Islam v the West, ignoring the despotic nature of this enemy and the fact that these extremists first and foremost wish to tyrannise and control their fellow Muslims.

For many Muslims, the Western media treats Muslim lives as somewhat less significant. The attacks in France received rolling coverage, but the attack in Yemen that killed many Muslim would-be policemen was relegated to the "World News" section. The Muslim victims are rarely given a face.

Similarly, the participation of Muslim majority nations in the coalition fighting Islamic State doesn't receive as much coverage as the efforts of the West. It's hard for the media to frame that war as a fight between "good and evil" when both sides are Muslim.

When non-Muslims are killed by radical Islamists, we talk about a clash of civilisations and ask "are Islam and the West compatible?" When Muslims are killed, we rationalise it as just stereotypical violence taking place in the third world.

This is not a war between Islamic and Western values - it's a war against a puritanical worldview that enforces itself with violence on the rest of us.

And Muslims have been fighting Islamic State with the pen as well as the sword - on the level of language, satire and ideas.

Many Muslims refuse to honour the terrorists with either the word "Islamic" or "state" and use instead a derogatory acronym, "DAESH". State of Superstition is an Iraqi TV sitcom that has the group firmly in its sights. And in Jordan the Orwellian sounding "Office of Mosque Surveillance" has outreach workers engaging with clergy to defeat IS with words and theology rather than bullets.

The majority of peaceful Muslims are caught in a tight wedge - the radicals know their actions will inflame anti-Muslim tensions and isolate many Muslims living in the West and hopefully push a few to their side. But as the West becomes more nuanced in its response and Muslims are finding their voice against Islamic State, there's a real hope that together we can deprive them of the blood bath they so desperately crave.



Mohammed El-leissy is a Melbourne-based community worker, comedian, and former youth worker at the Islamic Council of Victoria. View his full profile here.

Joe Sacco: On Satire – a response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

Source: The Guardian


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The bullying of Australian business


A small but noisy group of anti-Muslim campaigners are targeting Aussie businesses in their obsessively stupid warfare against Australian Muslims.

Despite labelling themselves as hateriots “patriots”, their latest strategic move as they rattle and bob across the media landscape is the undermining and trashing of Australian small business – specifically those businesses which want to cater both to Australian customers and to potential markets in our region.

No matter that Australia, without the trading opportunities available in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, will travel on the road to becoming an isolated, dull, backward, intolerant, inward-looking enclave of the suspicious, the xenophobic and the down-right crackbrained.

Much like this run-down white supremacist enclave in South Africa.

To those pig ignorant droogs who shut down a South Australian business because it had halal certified yoghurt selling to Emirates (Airlines)—what stupid, stupid people! If they really think this money goes to terrorists, they should stop buying petrol                                 – Malcolm Farr Political Editor News.com.au

Now here’s ABC 7:30’s report from November last year: Why are some Australians campaigning against Halal?



Read the full transcript of the report here.


 Source: The Anti Bogan


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My name is Widaad and I am a prospective Graduate Accountant. I am searching for an accounting related job that will help me to develop and enhance my skills, while also contributing to the success of the company.

I have graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and am currently undergoing Bachelor of Laws and the Chartered Tax Advisory program.

I wish to pursue further studies in the future.

I have some accounting experience already in relation to bank reconciliations, MYOB, accounts payable, accounts receivable and GST.

I also have skills in administration, data-entry and customer service.

It would be preferable for me to get a full-time or part-time job but I am happy to take even volunteering opportunities.
Please contact me if you have or know of any job prospects. My email address is widaad-m@live.com.


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In this episode of '100 Muslims, 1 Question' American Muslims from all walks of life were asked: "What is your favourite thing about being an American (or any other nationality)?"


These are their responses



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Saudi blogger Badawi 'flogged for Islam insult'


Mr Badawi will reportedly be flogged weekly until he has received 1,000 lashes

SAUDI ARABIA: A Saudi Arabian blogger has been publicly flogged after being convicted of cybercrime and insulting Islam, reports say.

Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail, was flogged 50 times. The flogging will be carried out weekly, campaigners say.

Mr Badawi, the co-founder of a now banned website called the Liberal Saudi Network, was arrested in 2012.

Rights groups condemned his conviction and the US appealed for clemency.

On Thursday state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki urged the Saudi authorities to "cancel this brutal punishment" and to review his case.

In addition to his sentence, Mr Badawi was ordered to pay a fine of 1 million riyals ($266,000; £175,000).

In 2013 he was cleared of apostasy, which could have carried a death sentence.

Last year Mr Badawi's lawyer was sentenced to 15 years in prison after being found guilty of a range of offences in an anti-terrorism court, the Associated Press news agency reported.

'Act of cruelty'

The flogging took place outside a mosque in the Red Sea city of Jeddah after Friday prayers, witnesses said.

AFP news agency, quoting people at the scene, said Mr Badawi arrived at the mosque in a police car and had the charges read out to him in front of a crowd.

He was then made to stand with his back to onlookers and whipped, though he remained silent, the witnesses said.

The sentence was widely condemned by human rights groups.

"The flogging of Raif Badawi is a vicious act of cruelty which is prohibited under international law," said Said Boumedouha of Amnesty International.

"By ignoring international calls to cancel the flogging Saudi Arabia's authorities have demonstrated an abhorrent disregard for the most basic human rights principles."

Saudi Arabia enforces a strict version of Islamic law and does not tolerate political dissent. It has some of the highest social media usage rates in the region, and has cracked down on domestic online criticism, imposing harsh punishments.

Source: BBC

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Swedish Mosque 'Lovebombed' In The Wake Of Arson Attacks 


Boys read messages put up on the entrance to a mosque in Uppsala by neighbors pledging their support on January 2, 2015. The mosque suffered a firebomb attack on January 1, one of three arson attacks targeting the muslim community in Sweden since Christmas Day 

SWEDEN: This is what it looks like when hate is replaced with love.

A Swedish mosque was “lovebombed” this week, after residents learned that it had become a target for Islamaphobes.

The front door of a mosque in Uppsala in eastern Sweden was covered in colorful paper hearts Friday as Swedes across the country rallied to show solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters.
On Thursday, that same Uppsala mosque was hit by a Molotov cocktail. A racist message was also scrawled on its walls. No one was injured, according to The Local. Police are still searching for suspects.

The incident marked the third time such an attack against a mosque took place between Christmas and New Year’s. The Christmas Day attack in Eskilstuna left five people injured.

Omar Mustafa, chairman of the Islamic Association in Sweden, told the Swedish news agency TT that Uppsala’s mosque isn’t the only one to get "lovebombed" in the wake of the attacks.

"Each time there has been an attack, the same mosque has then received a kind of 'love bomb' where people have shown their support and sympathy,” Mustafa said in a translation provided by Radio Sweden. “A large part of the population is strongly against this type of attacks and tomorrow we will gather these good forces.”

Thousands of Swedes took part in solidarity marches in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö on Friday to protest the desecration of the sacred spaces, according to Al Jazeera.

They joined together under the slogan “Don’t Touch My Mosque.”




Ardalan Shekarabi, Sweden's minister for public administration, said that the country needed this kind of outreach.

“We’re seeing a wave of Islamophobic propaganda. It’s obvious that we have to take a stand against Islamophobia and for the equal value of every person. All people, no matter what their faith, should feel safe in Sweden,” the politician told Radio Sweden.

Source: Huffington Post


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Australian adults are not moving enough.


According to the National Physical Activity Alliance, at least 60% of us don’t get enough exercise to gain a health benefit.

Given physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for mortality and physical activity is the second most important factor in disease prevention, it is vital that we encourage each other to become more active.

For optimum health advantages, it is recommended that healthy adults do at least 2 and a half hours of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous cardiovascular exercise per week.


Not only will you feel better, you’ll score a whole lot of health benefits too.




My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786


Need an answer to a fitness related matter?

Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


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CCN Readers' Book Club: You are what you read!


Would you like to see the cover of your favourite book on our book shelves below?

Then simply email the title and author to thebookclub@crescentsofbrisbane.org


Double click a book cover to find out what others think of the book

CCN has set up an online Book Club at Shelfari to connect with CCN book readers at:


Using the book club you can see what books fellow CCN readers have on their shelves, what they are reading and even what they, and others, think of them.

The CCN Readers' Book Club


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KB says: Here's a recipe that is a delicious addition to school lunches.

Pecan Muffins with Nutella Filling and Cinnamon Sugar Topping




1½ cups flour
½ cup castor sugar
½ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
¼ cup chopped pecans
2 teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
¾ cup milk
¼ cup sunflower oil
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 teaspoons Nutella

¼ cup castor sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter, melted


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Line a 12-cup standard muffin tin with paper liners; set aside.

  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder, pecan nuts and salt.
    In another bowl, whisk together milk, vegetable oil, egg and vanilla.

  3. Pour mixture over dry ingredients and stir using a rubber spatula just until moist.

  4. Scoop a spoonful of batter evenly into the muffin tray.

  5. Drop 1 teaspoon Nutella into the centre of each cup.

  6. Top with remaining batter to completely cover the filling .

  7. Place into oven, reduce the temperature to 180degrees and bake for 13-15 minutes, or until a tester inserted in the centre comes out clean.

  8. To make the cinnamon sugar, combine the cinnamon and sugar.

  9. When the muffins are done, cool for 10 minutes and dip the muffin crown into the melted butter and then into the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

  10. Allow to cool on a wire rack.

Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to me at kbcooks@crescentsofbrisbane.org and be my "guest chef" for the week.


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Mrs Mula Nasruddin: If I had known you were this poor I wouldn't have married you!


Mula Nasruddin: When I was telling you that you are the only thing I have in this world, what were you thinking?

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It is He Who creates from the very beginning, and He can restore (life). And He is the Oft-Forgiving, full of loving-kindness, Lord of the Throne of Glory, Doer (without let) of all that He intends.

Surah Al-Buruj 85:13-16


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To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness. 

~ Confucius


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Brisbane Northside Muslimah Monthly Meeting

2pm Sunday 18 January
Location to be advised when contacted
Topic for January : Riba: what is it, what is the punishment, how to avoid it in a western society
Please contact Ayesha on 0409 875 137 or ayesha_lea@yahoo.com.au




Lutwyche Mosque

Weekly classes with Imam Yahya


Monday: Junior Class
Tuesday: Junior Arabic
Friday: Adult Quran Class


For more information call 0470 671 109

Holland Park Mosque


All programs are conducted by Imam Uzair Akbar





Tafseer Program

Basics of Islam

Tafseer Program





after Maghrib Salat


Taleem Programe at Kuraby Mosque


Every Thursdays  10.30-11.30am


Bald Hills Mosque Weekly Tafseer







after Isha


Dars Nizame (Urdu)

after Isha



after Isha


Dars Nizame (Urdu)

after Isha



after Isha



after Maghrib



after Isha


The Tafseer gets recorded and uploaded on to our website end of each week, please visit our website to download these recordings at www.masjidtaqwa.org.au.

The Tuesday and Thursdays Dars Nizame program is in Urdu, these sessions too are recorded as well as webcasted live. For webcast details please contact us via our website “contact us” page. The recordings are sent via a download link, if you are interested please again contact us via our website “contact us” page.

Queensland Police Service/Muslim Community Consultative Group


Meeting Dates & Times

Time: 7.00pm sharp
Date: Tuesday 2 December 2014
Venue: Islamic College of Brisbane - 45 Acacia Road Karawatha

Light refreshments will be available.




For more information and RSVP:

Sergeant Jim Bellos at Bellos.Dimitrios@police.qld.gov.au


Tafsir & Islamic History Classes

VENUE: Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane, 39 Bushmills Court, Hillcrest

Every Monday & Wednesday
7pm - 8:15pm

All Brothers & Sisters are welcome.

For further information please contact Moulana Noor 0432 712 546.


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Sunnah Inspirations

Providing information about Islam - its beliefs, culture, practices, dispelling misconceptions

Kuraby Mosque

Holland Park Mosque


Provide young Muslim women in Queensland with support and opportunities to express themselves

MUSLIMS AUSTRALIA / Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) Islamic Schools, Halal Services and a whole lot more...

AFIC Schools

      www.mfis.com.au (Malek Fahd Islamic School, Sydney, NSW)
      www.icb.qld.edu.au (Islamic College of Brisbane, QLD)
      www.icosa.sa.edu.au (Islamic College of South Australia, SA)
      www.afic-lic.com.au (Langford Islamic College, Perth, WA)
      www.islamicschoolofcanberra.act.edu.au (Islamic College of Canberra, ACT)

Karratha Muslims (Muslims in Western Australia)

Islam TV

Recording of lectures and events in and around Queensland

Muslim Directory Australia

Carers Queensland

Free service for multicultural clients who are carers, elderly and people with disabilities

Brisbane Muslim Burial Society (BMBS)

Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF)

Coordinated collection & distribution of: Zakaah, Lillah, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Unwanted interest

Islamic Medical Association of Queensland (IMAQ)

Network of Muslim healthcare professionals

Al-Imdaad Foundation (Australia)

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)
Find out about the latest events, outings, fun-days, soccer tournaments, BBQs organised by AMYN. Network with other young Muslims on the AMYN Forum

Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)  

Umbrella body representing various Mosques and Societies in Queensland

Current list of businesses certified halal by ICQ  7 August 2011

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia

Blog of the Association's activities

United Muslims of Brisbane

Crescents of Brisbane's CRESCAFE (Facebook)

Muslim Women's eNewsletter

Sultana’s Dream is a not-for-profit e-magazine that aims to provide a forum for the opinions of Australian Muslim women

Islamic Solutions

Articles and Audio recordings

IQRA Academy Institute of Islamic Studies

Online streaming of Islamic lectures

Islamic Relief Australia

National Zakat Foundation (NZF)

Gold Coast Mosque

 Incorporating Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc.

South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

Muslim Womens' Convert Support Group (MWCSG)

Network of Muslim women converts from the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas of Queensland.

Australian International Islamic College (Durack)

Kotku Mosque - Dubbo NSW

Islamic Society of Algester

Jamiatul Ulama Western Australia

Body of Muslim Theologians (Ulama, Religious Scholars)

Islamic Women's Association of Queensland (IWAQ)

Community based, not-for-profit organisation providing Settlement, Aged Care, disability, social activities and employment opportunities.

Federation of Australian Muslim Students & Youth (FAMSY)

Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

GIRU – Griffith Islamic Research Unit

          Qld Stories link or YouTube link

Gold Coast Halal Certification Services (GCHCS)

Muslim Aid Australia

Serving Humanity

Human Appeal International Australia  Always with you on the road to goodness

Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane  

Preserving the Past, Educating the Present to Create the Future

Islamic Society of Darra

Qld Muslims Volunteers

Islamic Shia Council of Queensland

Muslim Reverts Network

Supporting new Muslims

Muslim Funeral Services (MFS)

 Funeral Directors & Funeral Fund Managers for the Brisbane and Gold Coast communities

Islamic Society of Bald Hills (ISBH) : Masjid Taqwa

Tafseers and Jumma Khubahs uploaded every week.

Muslim Community & Qld floods

How the community helped out during the 2010 QLD floods

The CCN Young Muslim Writers Award (Facebook)

The Queensland Muslim Historical Society  (Facebook)

Muslim Women's National Network of Australia, Inc (MWNNA)

Peak body representing a network of Muslim women's organisations and individuals throughout Australia

Sultana's Dream

Online magazine subscribe@sultanasdream.com.au

Lockyer Valley Islamic Association


Celebrating Muslim cultures

AYIA Foundation


If you would like a link to your website email ccn@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


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