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AIS hosts Esposito
MP Perrett's parliamentary speech
Senator Jason Clare on Sky News
National Security Legislation
A Muslim student is asked to draw Prophet Muhammad…
Why I converted to Islam

Dr Peer - Medicross Medical


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The official opening of the Slacks Creek Mosque (Australian Unity Centre) took place yesterday (Saturday) with local politicians, community representatives, religious leaders and senior QPS officers in attendance.


The programme commenced with a flawless rendition of the Australian National Anthem by the children of the Centre's Madressah.


As Master of Ceremonies, Mr Abdul Samim Khan very competently steered proceedings through the list of speakers who delivered short, thought provoking and conciliatory messages.


Dr Akram Hossain (Chairperson of the Slacks Creek Mosque); Imam Akram Buksh (Imam of the Mosque); Imam Yusuf Peer (Council of Imams Queensland president); politicians Cameron Dick MP, Jim Chalmers MP, Peter Russo MP, Cr. Russel Lytton; Asst. Police Commissioner Matthew Vanderbyl; Pastor David Williams (Gospel Light House Church Slacks Creek), David Forde, Hussin Goss, and Galila Abdelsalam.

The central and abiding theme of the addresses was the celebration of diversity in Queensland and the commitment of the community to a harmonious Australian society. The Australian Unity Centre would stand to symbolize these ambitions in both its vision and mission.


Photographs courtesy of Saifullah Akram


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Sunny Ray stops by the Gold Coast Mosque to see how preparation for the 2015 International Food Festival is tracking. See Sunny Ray and the GC SUNS crew there on Sunday the 18th October from 9-5pm for plenty of fun, food and prizes.




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Register for the Crescents of Brisbane’s 12th Annual CresWalk2015 Fun Run and Walk, and help local refugees in the process.

Enjoy a delightfully fresh October morning out along the Brisbane River on Sunday 25 October and, on your return, savour the famous CresWalk Signature Burger Meal as you relax back at the Park with family and friends.

We're fast running out of t-shirts so get in now.

Click here to get started and then look forward to another memorable CresWalk, insha’Allah.


See CCN's resident keep-fit expert, Kareema's tips on getting ready for next week.


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Excerpt from Q&A


Some of the questions asked

Alice Deng asked: What is it about the Islamic religion or people that makes them susceptible to radicalisation and what can be done to mitigate this?

Hilal Tawakal asked: There are black sheep in every community. I feel it is unfair to target one religion. So far as the Muslim religion is concerned it does not teach terrorism, it teaches only peace. What will the government do about this situation?

Jack Degan asked: How do we expect the new Muslim immigrants and or refugees to assimilate when their Muslim leader at Parramatta who has been here for 18 years and does not speak English?
Surely if he was interested in assimilating into the Australian community he would make an effort to speak English, and the fact that he doesn't, this must impact his flock.

Don Collins asked: Sheikh Wesam Charkawi, it seems to me that on a daily basis over a long period of time Muslims, in one form or another, are in the news, and not for very good reasons. Do you think Christians and Muslims can live together?
And on assimilation from a religious point of view, do you think you would allow your child to marry a Christian and have a dual denomination wedding? If not, why not.

James Fry asked: Young, confused and alienated from mainstream society, I was looking to make sense of what I found to be an incredibly confusing world.
I thought I had found the answers I was looking for, as a young teen, in the form of a neo-Nazi group. Had it been today, I am sure I could have just as easily been persuaded by Islamic fundamentalist.
History shows us that though extremist ideologies may come and go; those who carry out terror in their name tend to always be the same - young, marginalised men.
So why does our government’s so called counter terrorism strategy continue to focus on the failed approach of sending military to fight counterproductive foreign conflicts, when money invested here in our education and mental health services could reduce the available pool of young men susceptible to radicalisation?



Full Q&A Programme


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Nominations are now open for the Moreton Australia Day Awards to recognise individuals who do outstanding work in the local community.

Federal Member for Moreton, Graham Perrett said that the Moreton Australia Day Awards provide an excellent opportunity to recognise the wonderful contributions that local volunteers make to the Southside community.

Mr Perrett will preside over the presentation of his Annual Moreton Australia Day Awards at Yeronga Park State High School, Yeronga on Australia Day 2016.

“All award recipients generously invest their time with local organisations on the Southside to ensure that needy services can be provided to Moreton residents,” said Mr Perrett.

“Australia Day is the perfect opportunity to take the time to honour the positive contributions that our wonderful volunteers make to our local community.

“I encourage all residents to nominate people they know by calling 3344 2622 or emailing'


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The Islamic College of Brisbane (ICB) is seeking expressions of interest for up to 3 suitably qualified candidates to join its board of directors. Applicants will be required to contribute to corporate governance, the oversight of management and provide strategic direction in partnership with other board members.

This is a volunteer opportunity and the applicants will be expected to contribute between 5 to 10 hours of effort per week towards this role. A commitment to a minimum of 5 hours will be mandatory.

ICB is looking for people with skills in a wide range of areas including but not limited to: educational practice and policy, commerce, strategy, public relations, marketing and media, risk management and community development.

ICB seeks to achieve a balanced and broad skill matrix of competencies across Board members, and is seeking applicants with the following attributes:

• Ability to communicate and consult effectively at all levels
• Experience in and exposure to the education sector at school and/or tertiary levels
• Commitment to the aims and objectives of ICB and support of its vision
• Ability to contribute to the strategic direction of ICB
• A genuine interest in the education sector
• Ability to devote time and effort (minimum commitment of 5 hours per week) to help ICB achieve its strategic objectives

These positions will suit those individuals, who are appropriately experienced and qualified, and/or are seeking an opportunity to work closely with Board colleagues, under guidance of a Chairperson.


These positions would be suitable for those with fresh thinking, energy and a passion for helping others.

Interested applicants are requested to provide a CV and a cover letter addressing the skills and attributes set out in this advert to ICB’s Chairperson, Mr Ismail Cajee, at by 5pm on Friday the 30th of October.

About ICB
The Islamic College of Brisbane was established in January 1995. It offers high quality education at both primary and secondary levels. ICB is located at 45 Acacia Road, Karawatha, QLD. Further information can be found on ICB’s website at



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The Business Excellence Award 2015 of Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce in the Best New Business category was won by Adnun Abdullah Khan and Abdullah Albab Khan for their new business Cioccolato Australia chocolate restaurant at the city centre of Toowoomba.


They were also presented with the Business Excellence Award in the hospitality category.


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Continue CresWalk by joining the Walk Together across 22 cities.

For further information visit or contact Brisbane Walk Together Convener, Fahim Khondaker at


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Clare O'Neil MP and Joanne Ryan MP


Tanya Plibersek listening to Muslim women talk about racism

It shouldn’t be the norm, but it is.

Women who are active on social media are used to some level of online abuse. We even expect it.

But when Tanya Plibersek tweeted earlier this week about a meeting we hosted with Muslim women, we were shocked at the reaction.

Minutes later, tweets emerged in our feeds spouting racism, sexism and vitriol..

These women were in Canberra to talk about how bringing community voices into the national security discussion will both make us more safe, and build more social cohesion. Incidents like the shooting of Curtis Cheng are tragic, awful and we must do everything we can to ensure that they do not happen again. And that means – amongst many other things – better engagement with Muslim Australians.

Earlier this year, we met for dinner in Melbourne with a group of Muslim women leaders. The stories they told about how the tone of the national security conversation is affecting their everyday lives stuck with us.



Clare O’Neil MP meeting with Muslim women leaders.

Most of these women were born in Australia and have lived their whole lives here without being subject to serious racism. One friend, Tasneem, talks about her childhood bush dancing and catching yabbies in Bendigo. She was treated as a bit of an oddity, but otherwise like any other Aussie. In recent years, that has changed.

The racism that is currently being experienced by Australian Muslims is shocking and it is real: acts of violence, sneering, snide remarks, and rampant social media trolling.

As mothers, as women, as Members of Parliament, what we found most disturbing is the impact this has on children. To hear about kids who won’t tell their classmates what religion they are for fear they won’t play with them, and who have to learn what racism is from the age of six or seven, was heartbreaking. We believe that if more Australians understood the effect of this kind of behaviour, they would pull back.


Author Joanne Ryan MP

These women are not victims – no way. They are strong, articulate community leaders – lawyers, policewomen, psychologists, cultural consultants. A small group came to Canberra this week to discuss community-based approaches to dealing with young people at risk. If parents are to be the front line of extremism, they need to be a part of the conversation. And so far, that’s not been the case.

While we’re pleased to see a change in the national security language since Malcolm Turnbull has become PM, government actions need to reflect the PM’s tone.

A critical point, too, is how our national leaders respond to racist extremism. Multiculturalism is the cornerstone of our national identity, yet today in Australia, we have racist political parties holding rallies, which one Coalition Member of Parliament has attended, and spoken at.

We want Australian Muslims to know that racist extremists do not speak for us, they do not speak for the Federal Parliament, and they do not speak for the vast majority of Australians, who deeply value the people in this community as neighbours, citizens and friends.

Source: Mamamia


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"Uniting or Dividing? Christians and Muslims in a Globalised World"

Hosted by Australian Catholic University, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Australian Intercultural Society

4 December, 6:30-8:30pm (venue details TBC closer to date)

Speaker: World renowned Professor John Esposito, Professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University.
Registration required:
Contact: Tanya 03 9867 2248


ABOUT THE AIS: The Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) is a not for profit organisation promoting social cohesion in Victoria. We’re bridge builders, working to bring people together from different professional, cultural, religious or other diverse backgrounds through various events. We have worked with or engaged with many people from federal and state government and police, as well as NGOs, schools and universities with the aid of experienced thought leaders on our Advisory Board ( .


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It is a frightening thing to feel different to everybody else. We have all experienced it at some time in our lives, even if it is just a fleeting moment. My parents separated when I was in grade 1, and at the time it felt like we were the only family in our small town where we had separated parents.

People in class can feel they do not know what the answer is to a teacher's question, or you might be the only teenager whose parents insist you must be home by 10 pm or midnight, or the only one who turns up at a fancy dress party—or what you thought was a fancy dress party—wearing fancy dress.


Being that odd one out can be brief or it can be a lasting feeling. We all know what it feels like, so imagine if you felt a highly magnified version of that feeling every day—if you felt like your nation treated you like you did not belong. That is how some sections of our community feel every day, including some people in my electorate of Moreton, particularly the Muslim community. So we as Australians need to think more carefully about our actions towards others and the effects our actions might have.

There have been some very troubling events in South-East Queensland in recent weeks. A man verbally abused a 35-year-old Muslim woman at a shopping centre just down the road from my electorate. Within a few days of that attack, some anti-Islamic graffiti appeared on rubbish bins in Sunnybank right outside my electorate office.

The hateful message was stencilled in black paint on rubbish bins by cowards in the middle of the night. I would ask people to stop and think how that 35-year-old woman would feel after being attacked just because of her faith and how the Sunnybank residents who are of the Islamic faith would feel walking past that graffiti. I do commend the Brisbane City Council for getting rid of that graffiti quickly.



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By Sarah Price


Australian journalist Sarah Price explains why she made the life-changing decision to embrace Islam

Islamist. Jihadist. ISIS. Terrorist. Women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. Burqa. 9/11... For a word that means 'peaceful submission to God', Islam is a religion that is connected to some pretty negative connotations and often seen in the media for all the wrong reasons. So, why would an educated, independent and well-travelled young Australian woman decide to convert to a religion widely considered 'backwards'?

I get confused looks at my fair skin and light eyes. Some Australians ask what country I'm from, and get shocked to hear I’m Australian. Australian AND Muslim? The combination is unthinkable to some.

Converting to Islam hasn’t been easy. I’ve been called names, been scrutinized, rejected and fired from jobs, lost friends and had a really difficult time with my family accepting the changes in my life. Despite the harsh and rude comments about my change in faith (including how some assume I converted for a man), I’ve also had people come up to me and ask me why. It’s a question I’m happy to answer. My conversion to Islam was down to three main factors. This is my story and the story of the journey that led me over the course of two years to where I am now.


Traveling to Malaysia was definitely the foundation for my conversion to Islam. I went there after deciding on a whim to go on student exchange, not imagining what a crazy adventure I had set myself up for. It got me out of my comfort zone and exposed to things I had never seen as a small town Australian girl from Gippsland.

Before Malaysia, I knew nothing about Islam. I had never met a Muslim (to my knowledge) and I always thought of Muslims as wearing heavy black garments somewhere in the Middle East, far, far away from ‘civilisation’. I thought Muslim women were oppressed. That they couldn’t go anywhere without their husbands, that they couldn’t have careers, and had to wear black all the time.

My image of Islam was shattered when I went to Malaysia. I found myself becoming curious about the pretty South-East Asian Muslim girls with their colourful hijabs and clothes. I made many Muslim friends who went to university and had jobs. Some wore veils and others didn’t. They all seemed quite content and loved their religion and Islam quickly became a religion I wanted to learn more about.

My eyes and mind were opened, when, as a journalism student, I did an article about Muslim women’s rights. That was the beginning of everything. My mind was suddenly bursting with knowledge about Islam and the fact that women had many rights in Islam! Muslim women were legally given rights (including divorce, land rights, monetary rights, the right to choose who to marry, etc) in the Qur’an and Hadiths hundreds of years before Western women won the same rights.

The first time I stepped into a mosque in Malaysia, I felt an immediate sense of calm and peace. The strong yet humble cry of the call to prayer invoked feelings in me I never felt before. When I first bowed my head toward the Ka’ba, I felt home in my heart. I didn’t convert to Islam in Malaysia – I did that over a year later – but it introduced me in a beautiful way to Islam and to the Oneness of God.


Yahoo! News


Sarah Price is a Master of Journalism student at Monash University Australia. She has interned in Malaysia and Melbourne.


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Tutoring by a pre-service teacher available for Primary School Students

Specialising in Maths

Other subjects available on request.

Blue card holder.

Discounted rates for CCN readers.


Please contact Tas on 0433556488 via text





An electric, adjustable hospital bed with side rails available for loan.
Please contact (07) 3219 7086 or 0434 556 935 for more information

Hyundai i45 - 2010 ELITE. Only 60,600km's. Great condition, automatic, keyless entry, push button start, leather seats, good fuel economy and drives really well. Good value at $17,000.


Only selling as we have bought a 7 seater car.


Please call Asrar on 0435 232 596.



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Principals urged to report extremist behaviour to NSW Government hotline


NSW: Public school principals are being urged to call a dedicated hotline if they suspect extremist behaviour, following the announcement of a state-wide audit of student prayer groups.

Sydney Morning Herald

Leaders launch national unity day


THERE were handshakes and smiles as political and faith leaders gathered to recognise Australia's diversity and launch the national day of unity.
PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Greens leader Richard Di Natale met with the grand mufti of Australia and other community representatives at Parliament House on Tuesday.

"We are the most successful multicultural society in the world ... nobody else has done it as well as this," Mr Turnbull told the congregation of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu representatives and MPs.

Courier Mail

Muslim parents becoming more strict with their children isn't the solution to radicalisation

In this current climate of fear and violence, many concerned Muslim parents may well find an excuse, or feel compelled, to be even more strict and conservative with their children. This could lead to more closed doors, more policing, more scrutiny, more monitoring, more authority. We risk pathologising everything about young Muslim lives. Schools, homes, their whereabouts, their friends - they all become watched. This is unlikely to lead to the desired results.

The Age



The belief system of the Islamophobes

The modern discourse over Muslims today resembles the manner in which Jews were talked about then. In both cases, a religious minority is seen as a dangerous underclass destroying society from below with their alien values, as well as a hidden force secretly controlling the world from above, through their infiltration of centres of power. American Jews were eventually able to overcome the worst anti-Semitism of the 20th century and establish security and equality in the US. Will Muslims be able to do the same?

Al Jazeera

Meet “the kindest school principal in the world”
Six out of every 10 students at Sydney’s Holroyd High School is a refugee or asylum seeker and their principal, Dorothy Hoddinott, is one of Australia’s most passionate and articulate advocates for their rights

Women in the World



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Friday khutbah (sermon)

DATE: 16 October 2015

TOPIC: “The Khulafa Rashadeens love for Allah”

IMAM: Mufti Junaid Akbar










Friday khutbah (sermon)


DATE: 16 October 2015

TOPIC: "The month of Muharram and Umar"

IMAM: Muhammad Uzair Akbar


Play the recording  






Friday khutbah (sermon)

DATE: 16 October 2015

TOPIC: "Working for the Deen and various other thoughts"

IMAM: Ziyaad Ravat









Friday khutbah (sermon)

DATE: 16 October 2015

TOPIC: "Forgiveness"

IMAM: Dr. Mohamad Abdalla






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A Muslim Message to Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper


Meet The First Muslim Woman To Go Into Space

 Now Guess What She’s Doing!


US: Going to space was Anousheh’s life-long dream, along with becoming an astrophysicist. Growing up in her homeland, Iran, she would lie in her balcony and get lost in the night skies, dreaming she would one day be among the stars. “I was fascinated by the sheer mystery of space, what’s out there, what’s it like, and how I could get there,” she says.

The stars looked pretty far away in 1984, five years after the Iranian revolution, when she and her family left the country for a better life in the United States. There she studied electrical engineering and computer science. After meeting her husband, Hamid Ansari, she went into the telecommunications business. Together, they founded telecommunications company Telecom Technologies in 1993.

To put that into context, 1993 was the year when Marc Andreessen and his team released Mosaic, the first web browser.

Telecom Technologies developed a method for enabling voice communications over the internet. In 2001, it merged with IP-based voice infrastructure products company Sonus Networks, in a US$750 million deal. It was the middle of the US dotcom crash.

I Am Digital News


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Muslim woman ends anti-Islam protest by giving a protester a hug  .



Cynthia DeBoutinkhar embraces an anti-Islam protester outside the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio.

US: An anti-Islam protest being staged by a lone woman outside a mosque in the United States ended after members of the community came to engage her in a discussion about her views, and one Muslim woman walked over to give her a hug and invite her inside.

Photos of the hug have gone viral around the world this week, a stark demonstration of the power of open communication and friendship.

On Saturday morning, as a group of counter-protesters waited for a face-off, and police stood nearby, a lone demonstrator arrived. She brought signs protesting Islam, as well as a defiant contempt for anything associated with the religion.

"If you're Muslim, we can't be friends," she told counter-protester Micah David Naziri, who was captured on video approaching the woman to start a conversation. "My Bible says that."

Her name was Annie, he would later learn. Naziri, a PhD candidate with a focus on near east religions at Antioch University, was there to welcome her. Although he strongly disagreed with her, he immediately admired her courage and decided to engage.


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Sikhs and Hindus help Muslims repair mosque in Indian Punjab


LUDHIANA (Web Desk) – The sharp lines drawn between Hindus and Muslims since the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri get blurred in a village near Ludhiana.

Everyone in Nathowal village knows that temperatures have reached boiling point over beef eating across the country. But that has not stopped Sikh and Hindu community members from helping Muslims repair an old mosque and even have a second storey constructed. In fact, the non-Muslims are bearing more than 65% of the expenses.


Nathowal has a population of around 7, 000 of which around 500 are Muslims. Around 50 members are those of Hindus.

Mansa Khan, a contractor and president of Jamia Masjid at Nathowal says, “All three communities lived in peace here even before Partition. During Partition, 10 to 12 families migrated to Pakistan but 50 families stayed back as our Sikh brothers didn’t allow them to leave. Today, our relations are only stronger.”

Daily Pakistan


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Last chance training tips to prepare for Creswalk :

• This week you want to really challenge yourself, and then ease off for the last few days before race day
• Healthy meals daily
• Add another 15 mins to your walking routine AND change to a faster pace
• Make sure you keep your liquids up
• Do a few spin classes if possible to amp up your cardio training
• Try including 2 weight training sessions as part of this week’s regime
• Towards the end of the week you should be taking it easy with yoga or some sort of relaxation / stretch sessions
• Make sure to have a good breakfast on race day to fuel your body during the race
• Pace yourself throughout the race so you can finish strong
• HAVE FUN with the race (while challenging yourself of course) and enjoy the post race activities!!




My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786


Need an answer to a fitness related matter?

Send your question to Kareema at

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


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CCN Readers' Book Club: You are what you read!


The CCN Read of the Week

Would you like to see the cover of your favourite book on our book shelves below?

Then simply email the title and author to


Double click a book cover to find out what others think of the book

CCN has set up an online Book Club at Shelfari to connect with CCN book readers at:

Using the book club you can see what books fellow CCN readers have on their shelves, what they are reading and even what they, and others, think of them.

The CCN Readers' Book Club



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KB says: I have made this for many functions over many summers and it always goes down well even with the kids. I prepare it and put in the esky and serve through the day. It's always better to chill all the ingredients beforehand.

Tropical Punch


1 litre tropical juice
½ red apple grated
1 kiwi (chopped)
½ can granadilla pulp
Grenadine cordial
250ml Sparkling water or soda
Mint leaves





Add juice to each glass until its ½ full.
Add sparkling water, apple, kiwi & granadilla pulp (divide between 6 glasses)
Stir and add 2 cubes of ice to each glass
Slowly pour the grenadine cordial until you see a multi-color effect.
Garnish with mint leaves


Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?

Send in your favourite recipe to me at and be my "guest chef" for the week.

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Jallaludin enters a supermarket to buy himself orange juice and sugar.

He paid for the juice and walked out with the sugar under his arm, unpaid.

He was arrested and locked up.


During the court hearing, the judge asked Jallaludin why he had only paid for the juice and stole the sugar.

Jallaludin replied “Your honour, I do not steal. At the back of the juice bottle it is clearly marked: SUGAR FREE!. I am not a stupid man."


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O you who believe! Fear Allah, and (always) say a word directed to the Right: that He may make your conduct whole and sound and forgive you your sins...

~ Surah Al-Ahzab 33:70-71


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“I look at my life, and even though I’ve always thought about going to space, I had to consider other options and build a career in something completely different. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll forget what you want to do, even if you have to take a detour. I know women sometimes start believing they’re not meant to do something, especially when there are cultural or family restrictions where they live, so they put that limitation on themselves. Even if the opportunity comes, they don’t see it, they’ve forgotten about it. So it’s important not to forget, to always be prepared."  

~ Anousheh Ansari (first Muslim woman to go in space)


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Notice Board


Click on thumbnail to enlarge


"If it's not here's not happening!"l)

To claim your date for your event email





(Click on link)





18 October


International Food Festival

Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc

Gold Coast Mosque

0416 212 541

9am onwards

17 October


Slacks Creek Mosque OFFICIAL OPENING

Slacks Creek Mosque

Slacks Creek Mosque

0422 191 675

from 10am

25 October



Crescents of Brisbane

Orleigh Park, WEST END

0402 026 786

8am -12pm

29 October


Meditations on Sufism

Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue

Nathan Campus, Griffith University

3735 7052


31 October


AIIC Gold Coast Campus Annual Fete

AIIC Gold Coast

19 Chilsholm Rd, GOLD COAST

07 5596 6565

12pm to 6.30pm

31 October


Dawah Centre Fund Raiser Dinner

Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc

Islamic College of Brisbane, KARAWATHA

0416 212 541


7 November


Annual Family Eat and Treat Night

Slacks Creek Mosque

Islamic College of Brisbane, KARAWATHA

0413 669 987

After Maghrib

13 November



Fundraiser Dinner Rohingya Muslims

Islamic Relief Australia

Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains

0401 959 295


15 November


Syrian Winter Appeal High Tea

Islamic Relief Australia

Hilton, Brisbane

0468 363 786

1pm to 5pm

20 & 21 November


Sat & Sun

Course: The 99 Names of Allah with Sh Musleh Khan

Al Kauthar Brisbane


0438 698 328

All days



1. All Islamic Event dates given above are tentative and subject to the sighting of the moon.

2. The Islamic date changes to the next day starting in the evenings after maghrib. Therefore, except for Lailatul Mehraj, Lailatul Bhahraat and Lailatul Qadr – these dates refer to the commencement of the event starting in the evening of the corresponding day.


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Sisters Services Monthly Program


Sisters Wednesday Coffee Club

Weekly from 9.30 – 11.30am Kuraby House

Muslim Sisters can meet & share a cuppa with a conversation in a safe comfortable environment. Contact: Aliyah for more details Phone: 0438840467


Beauty of a Muslimah Youth Group

Fridays 6 – 9pm (1st & 3rd week of the month)

All school age girls are welcome to come & share in crafts & activities.

Please contact A’isha for location & details.

Ph: 0409875137


Islamic Classes Saturdays

10am – 12pm ( 1st & 3rd of the month)

Lectures & Guest speakers

Work shops & Socialisation

Please contact A’isha for more details

Ph: 0409875137


 Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane 

39 Bushmills Court, Hillcrest Qld 4118

Zikr - every Thursday 7pm, families welcome
Hifz & Quran Reading Classes (for brothers and sisters) - Tuesday 5:00 - 7:00pm & Thursday 5:30 - 7:00pm
Madressa (for children) - Wednesday & Friday 4:30 - 6:30pm
Salawat Majlis - first Saturday of every month.  Starting at Mughrib, families welcome
Islamic Studies (for sisters) - one year course.  Saturday 10:30 - 2:30pm. Enrolments for 2016 now available
Ilm-e-Deen Degree Courses (for brothers) - Three full-time and part-time nationally accredited courses.  Enrolments now available for 2016.
For further information please phone 07) 3809 4600 or email 



Quran Reading Class For Ladies (Beginners or Advanced)

Every Saturday 2 - 4pm
Lady Teacher


Algester Mosque


Zikrullah program every Thursday night after Esha


For more details, contact: Maulana Nawaaz: 0401576084



On Going Activities


1. Daily Hadeeth reading From Riyadusaliheen, After Fajar and after esha .
2. After school Madrassah for children Mon-Thu 5pm to 7pm

3. Adult Quran classes (Males) Monday and Tuesday after esha for an hour.
4. Community engagement program every second Saturday of the Month, interstate and overseas speakers, starts after margib, Dinner served after esha, First program begins on the 15 August.

5. Monthly Qiyamulail program every 1st Friday of the month starts after esha.
6. Fortnight Sunday Breakfast program. After Fajar, short Tafseer followed by breakfast.
7. Weekly Tafseer by Imam Uzair after esha followed by dinner. Starts from 26 August.


For all activities, besides Adult Quran, classes sisters and children are welcome.

For further info call the Secretary on 0413669987






Lutwyche Mosque

Weekly classes with Imam Yahya


Monday: Junior Class

Tuesday: Junior Arabic

Friday: Adult Quran Class


For more information call 0470 671 109

Holland Park Mosque


All programs are conducted by Imam Uzair Akbar





Tafseer Program

Basics of Islam

Tafseer Program





after Maghrib Salat


Brisbane Northside Muslimahs Support Group

To help sisters on the northside of Brisbane to connect with their local sisters.

We will endeavour to have regular meetings, either for a lesson/discussion on

Islam, or for social events.

Please contact :

Ayesha on 0409 875 137 or at


Facebook :



Weekly program at Masjid Taqwa, Bald Hills


Monday Tafseer – Juz Amma*
Tuesday Arabic Grammer/Tafseer Quran (URDU)
Wednesday Reading & Reciting Quran (Adult class)
Thursday Tafseer Quran (URDU)
Friday Tafseer Quran (URDU)

All the above programs are after Isha salah
All are welcome! See you at the Masjid – The place to be!

Please note that the Tafseer gets recorded and uploaded on to our website as an mp3 file, so that you can download and listen at anytime.
Visit our website at:


Queensland Police Service/Muslim Community Consultative Group


Meeting Dates & Times

Time: 7.00pm sharp

Date: TBA

Venue: Islamic College of Brisbane - 45 Acacia Road Karawatha


Light refreshments will be available.




For more information and RSVP:

Sergeant Jim Bellos at



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Sunnah Inspirations

Providing information about Islam - its beliefs, culture, practices, dispelling misconceptions

Kuraby Mosque

Holland Park Mosque


Provide young Muslim women in Queensland with support and opportunities to express themselves

MUSLIMS AUSTRALIA / Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) Islamic Schools, Halal Services and a whole lot more...

AFIC Schools (Malek Fahd Islamic School, Sydney, NSW) (Islamic College of Brisbane, QLD) (Islamic College of South Australia, SA) (Langford Islamic College, Perth, WA) (Islamic College of Canberra, ACT)

Karratha Muslims (Muslims in Western Australia)

Islam TV

Recording of lectures and events in and around Queensland

Muslim Directory Australia

Carers Queensland

Free service for multicultural clients who are carers, elderly and people with disabilities

Brisbane Muslim Burial Society (BMBS)

Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF)

Coordinated collection & distribution of: Zakaah, Lillah, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Unwanted interest

Islamic Medical Association of Queensland (IMAQ)

Network of Muslim healthcare professionals

Al-Imdaad Foundation (Australia)

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)

Find out about the latest events, outings, fun-days, soccer tournaments, BBQs organised by AMYN. Network with other young Muslims on the AMYN Forum

Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)  

Umbrella body representing various Mosques and Societies in Queensland

Current list of businesses certified halal by ICQ  7 August 2011

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia

Blog of the Association's activities

United Muslims of Brisbane

Crescents of Brisbane's CRESCAFE (Facebook)

Muslim Women's eNewsletter

Sultana’s Dream is a not-for-profit e-magazine that aims to provide a forum for the opinions of Australian Muslim women

Islamic Solutions

Articles and Audio recordings

IQRA Academy Institute of Islamic Studies

Online streaming of Islamic lectures

Islamic Relief Australia

National Zakat Foundation (NZF)


Islamic Finance  & Investments

Gold Coast Mosque

 Incorporating Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc.

South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

Muslim Womens' Convert Support Group (MWCSG)

Network of Muslim women converts from the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas of Queensland.

Australian International Islamic College (Durack)

Kotku Mosque - Dubbo NSW

Islamic Society of Algester

Jamiatul Ulama Western Australia

Body of Muslim Theologians (Ulama, Religious Scholars)

Islamic Women's Association of Queensland (IWAQ)

Community based, not-for-profit organisation providing Settlement, Aged Care, disability, social activities and employment opportunities.

Federation of Australian Muslim Students & Youth (FAMSY)

Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

GIRU – Griffith Islamic Research Unit

          Qld Stories link or YouTube link

Gold Coast Halal Certification Services (GCHCS)

Muslim Aid Australia

Serving Humanity

Human Appeal International Australia  Always with you on the road to goodness

Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane  

Preserving the Past, Educating the Present to Create the Future

Islamic Society of Darra

Qld Muslims Volunteers

Islamic Shia Council of Queensland

Muslim Reverts Network

Supporting new Muslims

Muslim Funeral Services (MFS)

 Funeral Directors & Funeral Fund Managers for the Brisbane and Gold Coast communities

Islamic Society of Bald Hills (ISBH) : Masjid Taqwa

Tafseers and Jumma Khubahs uploaded every week.

Muslim Community & Qld floods

How the community helped out during the 2010 QLD floods

The CCN Young Muslim Writers Award (Facebook)

The Queensland Muslim Historical Society  (Facebook)

Muslim Women's National Network of Australia, Inc (MWNNA)

Peak body representing a network of Muslim women's organisations and individuals throughout Australia

Sultana's Dream

Online magazine

Lockyer Valley Islamic Association


Celebrating Muslim cultures

AYIA Foundation


Slackscreek Mosque

Mosque and Community Centre

If you would like a link to your website email


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