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By Fadilla Abdullah


Last week, As- Salaam Institute held their inaugural Jalsa End of Year Celebration. The event was held at Rochedale Mosque, with kids activities and jumping castles extending to the fields behind the mosque. The ceremony began at 1.30pm, and featured performances and Quran recitations. Hosted by two brilliant students, the event ran smoothly with many well- deserved trophy and certificate achievers. The parents in the audience were both surprised and happy, with their facial expressions matching those of the recipients’. The teachers too felt surprised and happy as students handed them present bags.

The echoes of laughter floated down the stairs as the crowds moved toward food. There was so much variety to choose from, with many stations of food- sausages, savouries, cupcakes, cake pops, a huge cake, and a lolly buffet. The grandest treat of all, though, was the free- flowing 7 flavoured gelato van. While the adults were busy snacking, the kids were running around the field, choosing between two jumping castles. Other activities included henna, colouring in contest and face painting.

This Jalsa could not have been possible without the sponsorship of the Australian Halal Food Services and the help of our generous volunteers. Our selfless volunteers, from the tireless mothers and fathers who contributed their time and efforts, to the various students involved in the planning; ensured a fantastic celebration. Thank you to all involved and we look forward to a fun-filled and productive year, in shaa Allah.

Leader of the Institute, Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh, posted the following message on his Facebook page:

A special thank you goes out to the wonderful team of volunteering parents who worked very hard to make the day special; to Sister Nora and her husband Effendi, sister Dr. Shahana Abed-Akbar, sister Fatima Omar, sister Zeenat Suleman , sister Shehnaz Girach, sister Fadilla Abdullah, sister Hanan Omar, Hafiz Hamza Girach, Brother Asif Meman, Dr. Muhammad Akbar, Brother Mansur Omar and his son Aadil.


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Here Come The Habibs!, starring Sam Alhaje as Toufic and Rob Shehadie as Jahesh,

HAVING all but abandoned the sitcom genre some 20 years ago, the Nine Network is audaciously leaping back into television comedy with a new half-hour series which is “bound to ruffle some feathers.”

The comedy series entitled Here Come The Habibs, is the story of a Muslim family who move into one of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs, Vaucluse.

It's a second migration for the Habib family, first it was Lebanon to Australia, now Lakemba to Woolwich. Not everyone is happy to see them and the Habibs find themselves in conflict with their new next door neighbours.


The O'Neills are Woolwich royalty - old money and proud of it. They're extremely uncomfortable with goats and chickens, shisha pipes and people of Middle Eastern appearance, but the Habibs can't understand what all the fuss is about. One family want to stay, the other family want them gone.


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The Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) has released its inaugural community report.


In the newsletter, president of ICQ, Mr. Ismail Cajee, writes:

The Islamic Council of Queensland has had a very busy year and adopted a collaborative approach in establishing itself as a value adding peak body for the Queensland Muslim community. Our focus has been on engaging and building a stronger relationship with all of ICQ’s Member Societies, other Muslim and Non-Muslim community based organisations, regulatory authorities and the various levels of government.

We are all living at a time which presents us with a great opportunity to lead the way in the promotion of positive messages that will, Insha-Allah, enhance social cohesion. ICQ's vision is to serve the very diverse Muslim community in a way which facilitates a future that is filled with strong bonds of friendship, both within our community and with the wider Australian community.

We are bound to have made many mistakes along the way, and we will surely continue to do so as we learn how to serve you better every day. Please accept our sincerest apologies if our actions have in any way offended or hurt you - for this was never our intent. We request that you provide us with any constructive feedback on how we can improve and we are always more than willing to receive any help you may wish to offer.


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 Response to anti-halal FB troll



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Eagles of Death Metal perform on stage in Paris with U2 (Bruno Fraioli)

U2’s Bono this week told the crowd at their concert in Paris: “Tonight we are all Parisians.” Many had tears in their eyes as he lamented the loss of 130 lives in coordinated attacks in Paris on November 13 claimed by Isil.

“We stand with the families of the terrorists whose lives have been torn apart by an ideology that is a perversion of the beautiful religion of Islam,” Bono said. "Islam, as I understand it, means to surrender - to surrender to God."


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Mike Holt's Restore Australia is unashamedly anti-Islam.

A prospective new political party in Australia would make it illegal for people to practise their Muslim faith.

Restore Australia, headed by one-time One Nation candidate Mike Holt, wants to field Senate candidates at the federal election, running on an anti-Islam, protectionist platform.

It is the latest in a string of anti-Islam micro parties to announce its political intentions, following the United Patriots Front and Kim Vuga, a one-time participant on the SBS program Go Back to Where You Came From who went on to form the political party Love Australia or Leave.
The United Patriots Front has more than 30,000 supporters on Facebook and has lent its support to the failed campaign against the Bendigo mosque. Its leader Blair Cottrell has previously stated that every school in Australia should hang a picture of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and every student have a copy of his manifesto Mein Kampf.

Despite their similar preoccupations with Islam, Mr Holt said his party bore little similarity to the UPF: "They're a bunch of right-wing Nazis, to be honest with you," he said.

Like the ultra-nationalist, far-right Australia First Party, Restore Australia advocates the introduction of "citizen-initiated referendums", which would allow any Australian to submit legislation to parliament, so long as they had the support of at least one per cent of the population, or about 240,000 people.

But Mr Holt insisted that unlike Australia First, which also campaigns against "Muslim migration", his group was "middle of the road" and did not identify as left-wing or right-wing.

"We seem to be bedfellows, but we're not. We're not racists," he said.

Mr Holt's party will campaign on re-introducing tariffs on imports, compulsory military service for able-bodied men and women and combating "the threat within".

But it will be Restore Australia's militantly anti-Islam focus that is expected to attract most attention.

"We believe that Islam is not compatible with Australian society, and under our Constitution it is actually illegal for anyone to be a supporter of Islam," he said.

"They have a choice. They can either leave Islam and become full-on Australian or go to another country where they can practise their Islamic faith. [As Muslims] they can't be loyal Australians first. They are always loyal to Islam first."

Should it attract the 500 members required to register a political party, Restore Australia will funnel preferences to other "patriot" groups at the election.


Source: The Age


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In the modern-era, Scandinavian countries have become known for their sometimes awkward embrace of migrants from the Arab and Muslim world. But the history behind that relationship goes back far further than you might expect.

Consider the case of a ring discovered in a Viking grave in Birka, a historic trading center in what is now Sweden. The woman in the grave died in the 9th century and was discovered around a thousand years later by the famous Swedish archaeologist Hjalmar Stolpe, who spent years excavating the grave sites around Birka.

The ring is unique. Made of silver alloy, it contained a stone with an inscription written in the Kufic Arabic script widely used between the 8th and 10th centuries. "For/to Allah," the inscription read. It was the only known Viking Age ring with an Arabic inscription to be found in the entire of Scandinavia. Exactly how the woman got the ring wasn't clear – she was found wearing typical Scandinavian dress, so presumably the ring arrived through trade.

Now, new research from biophysicist Sebastian Wärmländer of Stockholm University and his colleagues has confirmed exactly how unique the ring was. In the journal Scanning, the researchers recount how they used a scanning electron microscope to investigate the origins of the ring. Notably, they discovered that the stone in the ring is actually colored glass – at the time an exotic material for the Vikings, though it had been made for thousands of years in the Middle East and North Africa.

Even more notably, the ring displayed a remarkable lack of wear, leading the authors to speculate that it had few – if any – owners in-between its creator and its Viking owner. Instead, Wärmländer and his colleagues suggest, it appears to show direct contact between Viking society and the Abbasid Caliphate that dominated much of the Middle East and North Africa. The authors write, "it is not impossible that the woman herself, or someone close to her, might have visited — or even originate from — the Caliphate or its surrounding regions."

While physical evidence of it is unusual, there have been plenty of accounts of Scandinavians from this period crossing paths with the early Muslim world. By the 11th century Vikings had become known for their lengthy sea voyages, journeying as far west as the Americas and likely reaching Constantinople and even Baghdad when they traveled the other way. And while contemporary accounts of Vikings from Western Europe suggests terrifying invaders, most accounts suggest the Vikings, likely fearful of the more sophisticated warriors in the region, instead looked for trade when they went east.

Washington Post


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Mandy Patinkin's passionate rant on Colbert last Friday focused on recent North American reaction to Muslims


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Nouman Ali Khan, well known Islamic scholar and teacher was in Kuwait for the first time to present a lecture at the Masjid Al Kabir organized by the Indian Muslim Association. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan as he is referred to is renowned for his strong command of Arabic, deep understanding of the Holy Quran and engaging lectures. He is also the CEO and founder of Bayyinah Institute in the US.

Nita Bhatkar Chogle caught up with Ustadh Noman during his whirlwind visit to the Middle East, especially for The Times Kuwait, to find out more about the man, his mission and his unique method of outreach through modern media.

I must say I was a bit apprehensive meeting Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan in person. Having watched his lectures, read his interviews and blogs and having felt the general buzz about him made him seem quite larger than life. I was secretly prepared to meet an intimidating, overbearing individual who would probably not even be open to answering all my questions. However, meeting him in person, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was Ustadh Nouman extremely warm, friendly and good natured, he was also just as eloquent in personal conversation as in his speeches and equally humorous. It was indeed a pleasure and an honor to have this short and insightful exchange with him.

Ustadh Nouman has often been referred to as a youth icon so it was only natural for our opening conversation to be around this. How does it make him feel to receive such adulation? “One of the central things I would like to promote is how dignifying Islam is and how you don’t have to be famous, well known or wealthy to be dignified. Every human being is dignified. I see myself as just another Muslim among other Muslims.”

Continuing on the topic of widespread adulation he says, “For someone who knows little about me to be impressed by me means very little. What means a lot more for me is that my children are impressed; my wife is impressed, my parents are impressed, my siblings and my best friends are impressed. They are the true mirrors of who I am. Just as the mirror doesn’t lie to you, the criticism and the praise of true friends and family is genuine.” explains Ustadh Nouman.

While he appreciates people watching his YouTube videos and loving them, that praise doesn’t affect him. Simply because appreciating what he says is not the same as appreciating him. They are two different things.

“I am trying to do research and present in the best way I can the most beautiful book in human history so if people appreciate it that’s not a surprise.” he explains and goes on to summarize “The bottom line to me is that Allah gives certain advantages to people not because they are preferred in the sight of Allah but because rather to see how they will use these advantages to their full potential to do good. Fame is a means not an end. Knowledge itself is a means not an end.”




Source: THE TIMES Kuwait


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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Iran
This mosque in Isfahan, a city said by travel writer Robert Byron to rival Athens and Rome, would be known around the world were it in most other countries. Because it is in Iran, however, it has been explored (and Instagrammed) by very few western tourists. Built in the early 17th century under Shah Abbas I, it does not have a courtyard or minaret, making it architecturally unusual. Stories that the mosque was built for use by members of the Shah’s harem are not backed up by reliable sources.



Source: Australasian Muslim Times


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Opinion by Haroon Moghul, Senior Correspondent, Religion Dispatches


No turning back now

We have failed you.

While jihadist movements continue to expand their reach, anti-Muslim bigotry is becoming more and more mainstream. Both narratives mean to deny the possibility of meaningful coexistence. Which is the identity and the reality of thirty million of us.

Thirty million Western Muslims, spread out across Europe (excluding Russia), the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But though we had every reason to speak out, we have barely begun to come together.

When we are talked about, it’s either as a problem (terrorism) to be solved, or as the solution (counter-terrorism) to the problem we’re held responsible for. We have little to no relevance outside national security.

And because we do not seem to matter, we might begin to feel as if we do not exist.

I will not excuse myself by saying that we could not have known how bad it would have gotten, or that the forces arrayed against our narratives were too entrenched. I will not soften the blow, either, by hoping it is always darkest before dawn. Because it may get darker.

God does not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. I ask myself how we have gotten to this juncture. I reflect on what I could have done differently. If my life’s experiences can be of any benefit, even as a cautionary tale, then I offer them.

What follows is neither exhaustive nor conclusive, but an outline for what you can do, and what I think you must do, to reverse this state of affairs, to help build the kinds of communities our history and heritage promises we can.

Part I covers our relations to the wider world; Part II concerns our own communities and identities.

Part I: All allies, foreign and domestic

1. First and foremost

People will ask you, “Are you Muslim or are you American?” (Or some other such question.) You will answer, “Yes.”

People will also ask you, “Do you condemn terrorism?” And you must not say “Islam is a religion of peace.”

You will do more than condemn, too. You will show that you are actively involved in building narratives that compete with the dangerous ones. I know you won’t do this because powerful people are asking the questions, but because you, like me, want better for your communities. Long before ISIL became the watchword on everyone’s lips, before Islamophobia had become the platform of too many Western political parties, I attended a gathering of Muslim leaders in the Middle East. The reason I recall this to you is because the point of this gathering was to bring top minds together to discuss our common challenges.

Very quickly, however, we became split.

Not out of hostility or apathy, but because our experiences and our priorities were so different that our conversations proved frustratingly unproductive when held in unison. Whether we were Pakistani Britons, Crimean Tatars or African Americans, it was clear Western Muslims had more in common than with each other than Muslims from the so-called Muslim world.

It is not just impossible, but unreasonable to expect so many different people to think along the same lines, to have the same priorities. Unity shouldn’t mean unanimity: Down that road lies dictatorship and extremism. Unity should mean a desire for ongoing and accelerating cooperation in ways that are tangible, realistic, and productive.

NEXT WEEK IN CCN:  Hope and range

Source: QUARTZ


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2. "Take Me Home," Brother Ali (2007)


This is one of those songs you listen to and realize everything is going to be okay.

Brother Ali is one of a kind. He converted to Islam when he was 15 years old growing up in Minneapolis. He speaks often about the role his faith plays in his music:

“Islam made me believe that all human beings are created with an intrinsic goodness and desire to connect with greater world," he said in a recent interview with The Islamic Monthly. "When you start there, the possibilities are endless. If the core of who I am is rooted in the same divine reality as everyone else’s basic reality, then the more I am able to penetrate and express my innermost feelings, the more that I’ll be able to connect with everyone else.”

"Take Me Home," which came out in 2007, is definitely one of his older and softer songs. Recently, he's been much more political, grappling with racial and economic inequality.


NEXT WEEK: 3. "I Wanna Go," Yuna (2013)

Source: PRI


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Donald Trump wants Muslims banned from entering the US – but without them the country would be a much poorer place

Donald Trump with legendary boxer and Muslim, Muhammad Ali.

What have Muslims ever done for America? If your sole source of information were Donald Trump, you’d think that the answer was not much – apart from murdering its citizens and trying to destroy its values. The Republican presidential hopeful has called for a halt to Muslims entering the US until American authorities “can figure out” Muslim attitudes to the US in the wake of last week’s killings in San Bernardino. If only, you might well think, Scotland had had the same thought about Trump before he was allowed in to blight Aberdeenshire with another of his golf resorts.

What Trump doesn’t seem to grasp is his own country’s history, and how many American achievements worth celebrating are the work of the kind of people – Muslims – he wants to keep out.

Here, then, is a guide to some of the things Muslims have done for the US. It’s not an exhaustive list – but it’s still more impressive than what Trump has done for his homeland.

Helping Hillary to the White House

Abedin's father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was Indian, and her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is Pakistani.

Huma Abedin may be America’s most powerful Muslim woman.


The 39-year-old Kalamazoo-born political staffer is a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton and was her deputy chief of staff at the State Department.


She currently serves as vice chairwoman of Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president. But can she be trusted?


In 2012 five Republican Congress members wrote to the State Department inspector general and claimed that she had “immediate family connections to foreign extremist organisations”.


The claims were refuted and the allegations dismissed by the Washington Post as “paranoid”, a “baseless attack” and a “smear”. Republicans baselessly smearing Muslims?


At least Donald Trump is around in 2015 to stand up against that kind of thing.




NEXT WEEK: Treating the sick

Source: The Guardian


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4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (main ensuite), 2 parking garage,

Multiple living areas,

Available mid January, $545 per week



Flat in Underwood/Rochedale South
2 bedroom; 1 bathroom; $315 per week
Available mid January


Contact 0412013392



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Sonny Bill Williams tweets graphic images of dead children after visiting Syrian refugee camps 


Star athlete Sonny Bill Williams has caused a twitter storm by posting online graphic images of dead children following his visit to Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The photos depict two children lying dead with horrific injuries.

“What did these children do to deserve this?” the caption reads. “This summer share a thought for the innocent lives lost everyday in war.”

The high-profile All Black travelled to camps in the Bekaa Valley earlier this month as a Unicef ambassador.

Williams has also spoken about his visit to the camps on YouTube. “It hurts my heart,” he says in a UNICEF NZ video. “Especially being Muslim.” 

Sydney Morning Herald




'There's nothing Islamic about a state' : Mehdi Hasan explains why there could never be a true Islamic state

Like my fellow Muslims, I strenuously object to the lazy conjugation of the words Islamic and terrorism, for the rather obvious reason that there is nothing Islamic about the murder of innocent civilians. Unlike so many of them, however, I also take issue with the term “Islamic state”, and for the very same reason: there is nothing Islamic about a state. The two concepts have nothing in common.

Let’s take the word Islamic. The casual and careless application of this adjective to religious and cultural phenomena alike has blurred the all-important distinction between Islam, the divinely revealed, perfect and infallible faith, and Muslims, the rather flawed, imperfect and very human practitioners of that faith.

As the historian Marshall Hodgson pointed out: “One can speak of ‘Islamic literature’, of ‘Islamic architecture’, of ‘Islamic philosophy’, even of ‘Islamic despotism’, but in such a sequence one is speaking less and less of something that expresses Islam as a faith.”

To his list, I would add “Islamic state”, because, contrary to popular Muslim opinion, there is not a shred of theological, historical or empirical evidence to support the

The NewStateman



Muslim prayer hall damaged, copies of Koran burnt in overnight rampage in Corsica

CORSICA: An angry mob retaliating over attacks on firefighters and police has ransacked a Muslim prayer house in the French island of Corsica. The crowd set books, including several copies of the Koran on fire.

Tensions mounted in Ajaccio, Corsica's largest city of some 65,000 residents, after a night of violence in Jardins de L'Empereur. Two firefighters and a police officers were injured in what the authorities described as ambushes by “several hooded youths” in the low-income neighbourhood.

On Friday afternoon, some 150 demonstrators gathered in front of the police HQ in a show of support, AFP reported citing officials. But part of that crowd broke off and joined an estimated 600 people, who marched towards the housing estate where violence had occurred the night before. The crowd was shouting slogans in Corsican, such as: "Arabs get out!" and "This is our home!"

The angry demonstrators ransacked a nearby Muslim prayer house, smashing glass and partially burning some 50 books, including copies of the Koran.


William Dalrymple: Christianity and Islam are not as far apart as Bin Laden and the neocons would like us to believe

In the year that Islamist terrorism finally reached London, when the Christian west and Islamic east are engaged in another major confrontation, there has never been a greater need for both sides to realise what they have in common.

There is a 16th-century manuscript in the British Museum which contains a painting of what - at first - looks like a traditional Nativity scene. In the middle is Mary holding the Christ child, whose arms are wrapped lovingly around his mother's neck. In the foreground, hovering nervously, are the Three Wise Men, ready to offer their gifts. So far, so conventional.

But look a little closer and you begin to notice just how strange the picture is. For the wise men are dressed as Jesuits, Mary is leaning back against the bolster of a musnud, a low Indian throne, and she is attended by Mughal serving girls wearing saris and dupattas. Moreover, the Christ child and his mother are sitting under a tree outside a wooden garden pavilion - all strictly in keeping with the convention of Islamic lore, which maintains that Jesus was born not in a stable, but in an oasis beneath a palm tree, whose branches bent down so that the Virgin could pluck fruit during her labour.

In this Koranic version of the Nativity, the Christ child, still in his swaddling clothes, sits up and addresses Mary's family with the words: "I am the servant of God. He has given me the Gospel and ordained me a prophet. His blessing is upon me


The NewStatesman

This Muslim Woman Asks You Not to Undermine Hijab

Last week, the Washington Post published an article by Asra Nomani and Hala Arafa (see CCN581), in which they asked women not to wear headscarves in the name of interfaith solidarity. Their reason being that because the term hijab, commonly used to refer to the headscarf, does not appear in the Qur'an. Therefore, the argument goes, wearing of headscarves by Muslim women is in fact not part of Islam, but rather a cultural accretion and byproduct of ultra conservative innovation pioneered by the likes of the Saudi government and the Islamic State.

Before highlighting the major academic flaws in the article, I must express my disappointment that such a piece was published by two women who claim to champion women's choice. The majority of Muslim women choose to wear a head-covering as a spiritual act, and it is high time that they receive the support to freely wear what they want without judgment or reprisal.

The Linguistic Red Herring

Muslim women who wear hijab out of devotion to God do so based on the following sources in the Qur'an:




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Friday khutbah (sermon)

DATE: 1 January 2016

TOPIC: “Four advices of the Prophet to Jabir bin Sulaam"

IMAM: Mufti Junaid Akbar







Friday khutbah (sermon)

 DATE:  1 January 2016

TOPIC: "The Invisible Guest"

IMAM: Muhammad Uzair Akbar


Play the recording  



Friday khutbah (sermon)

DATE: 1 January 2016

TOPIC"Benefits of Surah Ikhlas"

IMAM: Akram Buksh 







Friday khutbah (sermon)

DATE: 1 January 2016

TOPIC"Halal Sustenance and Spending"

IMAM: Maulana Riyaaz Seedat





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Screaming in agony, a young woman caned in front of a cheering crowd


ӿ Young woman accused of getting too close to a fellow university student
ӿ As the pair are unmarried, she had committed an offence under Sharia law
ӿ She was caned in front of a crowd in the Indonesian province of Aceh


ACEH, INDONESIA: Amid the pitiless heat and humidity of the afternoon, a slight young woman screams in agony as she is thrashed repeatedly with a cane.

Her face becomes a mask of pain and humiliation until she collapses forward on to the ground, clutching pitiably at her shoulder.

Her ‘crime’ was to have been found in the company of a fellow undergraduate who was a man but was not a relation.

This barbaric scene, which took place on Monday, is the latest example of Sharia law as enforced in the Indonesian province of Aceh; a remote jurisdiction where this year’s Christmas and New Year celebrations have also been banned by the strict Muslim authorities.

The woman’s name is Nur Elita and she is 20 years old. It was alleged that she had committed khalwat (affectionate contact by an unmarried couple) with another university student.

Dressed in modest Muslim costume, she was escorted by members of Aceh’s Sharia police into the front yard of the Baiturrahim Mosque in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh - the area famously devastated by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.



The Daily Mail UK


Muslims Helping With UK Flood Response But Britain First And EDL Nowhere To Be Seen


President Uhuru Kenyatta


UK: Groups such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) have been active in areas affected by the flooding in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria.


The AMYA's Farooq Aftab said: "The youth have emphasised the importance of unity within communities in testing times such as these. Moreover they have felt that the importance of such works is promoted in Islamic teachings such as 'Charity is a part of one's faith' and by the fact that the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pubs) was referred to as 'Mercy for Mankind'.

"As Muslims Islam teaches us to serve humanity irrespective of faith, colour, race or no faith. Serving our own local community is at the forefront of our minds. This is what true Islam is about." 


Huffington Post


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Halal Holiday Inn



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Halal burger chain Meat and Shake finds recipe for niche success in UK


One of the Meat and Shake restaurants in suburban London. The executive chef, Christian Stoner, left, with the co-owner of the chain, Faraz Ahmad.


UK: With Lafayette wings and spicy sausages among the starters, and burgers and steaks to follow, Meat and Shake restaurants offer classic smokehouse menus promising the flavours of the American south in suburban London.

But there is a striking difference that sets the growing chain apart in western catering.

All food and drink is served according to halal principles, so there is no wine list and the only beer on sale is non-alcoholic. And the “hot link” sausages are of beef and lamb, not pork.

It hardly seems surprising that the chain’s two founders, entrepreneurs of Pakistani origin, should now be seriously considering expansion into the UAE and other Muslim countries where such an approach would be entirely natural.

Yet there are already strong signs that Meat and Shake has also found a recipe for niche success in a British market dominated by restaurants with liquor licences. “We do have some walkouts from people who realise only after entering that we do not serve alcoholic drinks,” says Faraz Ahmad, who launched the business with a friend, Osman Ahmed, in 2010.

“A few react quite angrily, saying we have no right to operate the policy or that they won’t return because of it. There were even a tiny number of emails from people who somehow equated halal with terrorism.

“But we calculate the customer ratio at the restaurants at about 70 per cent non-Muslim so, for a lot of people, it is obviously not a problem. Families, in particular, seem quite comfortable knowing their enjoyment is not going to be spoiled by groups of loud, maybe drunken lads.”


The National


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Sudan's midwives take on Female Genital Mutilation


How a school for midwives in eastern Sudan is empowering and educating women and girls about FGM

SUDAN: In eastern Sudan's Gaderif city there is a school with a special mission. It is educating the country's future midwives to play a role in eradicating Female Genital Mutilation or FGM.

These midwives are known as 'Qabilat', which means receivers, in acknowledgement of the fact that it is they who will receive newborns as they enter the world

But their roles are much bigger than that even, explains Ekhlass Hassan Ali Khaleel, the director of the Gadaref School of Midwives. They are, she says, community leaders.

At the gated entrance to the school's premises, women in flowing white cotton gowns come and go, their outfits a striking contrast to the turquoise blue walls of the school. They smile as they pass by. Most are aged between 19 and 40.

‘Our midwives are our ambassadors’

"We are not just educating 'Qabelat' midwives," she says. "We are creating society's role models, [those who] will educate society and diminish the cultural myth of FGM."

"Our midwives are our ambassadors," she explains, before adding: "The midwives who graduate from this school never practice FGM; they took the Midwives Oath that prohibits them from doing so."

‘We are not just educating 'Qabelat' midwives, we are creating society's role models, [those who] will educate society and diminish the cultural myth of FGM’


In fact, if the school finds out that one of their midwives have performed FGM, they will have their license revoked. They will then have to return to the school and go through a period of retraining until the school's authorities are convinced that they will never again practice FGM.

The school has an agreement with local schools and the police where they report anyone that performs FGM.

"If one of our midwives performs FGM they will be punished and shamed," says Zakaria. "They will have to come back to school where they will need to go through their education again."

In a community where people work are encouraged to work together to end the practice, children are also taught to inform their teachers if their families intend to perform FGM on them or anyone else or have if they have already had it done to them.

‘If one of our midwives performs FGM they will be punished and shamed’


Since the school was opened in 1973, the number of incidents of FGM have dropped. Out of the 12 counties in Gadaref state, only one now officially allows FGM.

Khaleel believes that FGM has now almost been abolished in the area, and that the school she directs has played a large role in this.

‘Zenab for Women in Development [ZWD] can come in. The women's rights organisation is named after Zenab Mohamad Nour, the first woman to be educated in Gadaref state back in the 1930s.’


Al Jazeera


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Pakistani student breaks SAT record in USA


US: 17-year-old Waleed Khan who managed a perfect score on his Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

SATs are a source of nightmares for students who apply for universities in Pakistan and the US. There are some who only wish to pass the test and then there are those who pass the test with flying colors. Then there is that less-than-one percent quota of students from around 1.6 million SAT aspirants each year who ace the exam with a perfect 2,400 score. Waleed is one such student.

Waleed is a student at California Modesto High School. He hails from Aboha, Swat. His family shifted to California in 1996 after his father Dr Gohar Raza graduated from the Aga Khan University in Karachi. His father is a renowned cardiologist in California now. His mother practises internal medicine. He has four brothers and a sister.


The Daily Times


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G25: ‘We’re not seeking to reform Islam’


Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin speaks to Malay Mail Online in an interview at Kuala Lumpur on December 23, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 26 — G25, which has been accused of being deviant over its criticism of khalwat laws, says it is not aiming to “reform Islam”, but only to review Shariah legislation that is unconstitutional and which violate Islamic legal principles.


Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin, a former Sessions Court judge who represents the group of Malay retired senior civil servants, points out that fatwa (religious edicts), for example, are gazetted into binding rules in Malaysia, even though they are merely a voluntary and optional concept in Islam.


In an exclusive interview with Malay Mail Online here, Noor Farida talks about the support of the royalty for G25’s work, her fears for Malaysia amid extremism, and how she is weathering the storm of attacks.


1. What do people say to you in their attacks?


“Mampus lah; murtad; you’re almost six feet underground, should not be making noise; repent” — I would advise them the same. In Islam, although they want to call us ‘murtad’, only God, that is ‘urusan Allah’; only God can do that. Unless a person himself renounces Islam, nobody else can call you an apostate.


It’s really shown me the ugly face of Muslims in the country. I am just shocked.


In my naivete, I never thought a simple call for reform of a law, which is a man-made law, which exists in no other Muslim country because they respect the Quranic injunction to respect people’s privacy and not to expose concealed wrongdoing...We’re the only country.


And my God, the storm it’s created, the abuses we’ve been subjected to, the filthy language used, the false allegations, it’s just — my God — mind-boggling.


If I’m not a strong woman, I would have collapsed under all this weight. But as I said, God is my protector because we believe in what we’re doing.


We’re trying to create a better Malaysia. We’re trying to salvage the image of our religion as good Muslims, which is being hijacked, tarnished by all these people claiming to be the champions of Islam.



MalayMail Online


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Christmas in Brunei, a reader’s account



The St Andrews Church in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Christians in the oil-rich state celebrated Christmas today amid restrictions on Muslims from celebrating it.


BRUNEI: It was reported that Christmas celebrations were banned in Brunei (see CCN581).


So I went to the biggest church in Brunei, about 15 minutes from my place, to see how the ban affected the minority Christians in this tiny oil-rich country. For the record, Muslims form 67% of the population, 13% are Buddhist, and another 10% Christian.

The remaining 10% subscribe to various religions, including indigenous religions. I began my journey to the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of Brunei. It is the biggest church in Brunei, in front of which there is another church painted in blue, St Andrews Church. When I reached there about 8.30am, the place was packed. Cars were parked at both sides of the road.


There were a few stalls along the road near the entrance of the church selling clothes, drinks and foods.

Outside the church, I asked a woman if Christmas celebrations in Brunei were banned. She told me the ban was only for Muslims and in public spaces, but in churches and in private properties, they could celebrate as usual. Well, that explains a lot why I did not see Christmas trees in shopping complexes.


I walked curiously to the church compound. It was the first time I got inside a church. Before the entrance to the hall, there were rows of seats for people who could not manage to enter the main hall. On the right, there was a giant Christmas tree decoration, although it did not look like a tree.


The Malaysian Insider

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Muslims In America: More Latinos Converting To Islam As US Population Grows, Report Claims


Members of the Palestinian community pray during a demonstration in front of the Puerto Rican capitol building in San Juan, in April 2002.


US: By most official measures, Latinos in the U.S. are considered to be the fastest-growing demographic. They are also the fastest-growing group of Muslims in America, according to organizations that cater to Hispanics converting to Islam. Although the statistics haven’t been widely tracked, there are an estimated 150,000 Islam converts among the Latino community in the U.S., reported the Press-Enterprise, a California newspaper.

The trend of Hispanic converts to Islam has been tracked by the Islamic Society of North America, which in 2006 estimated there were roughly 40,000 Latino Muslims in the U.S., according to a report by National Public Radio. Some community leaders said the recent growth of the demographic has its roots in a shared experience of immigration and the negative political rhetoric that advocates have deemed as anti-Muslim.

Mark Gonzales, a Muslim poet and artist in California, told the Orange County Register that immigration officials' targeting of Mexicans and Muslims after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks helped the two demographics find common ground. “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and Latinos are converting to Islam at a rate higher than any other [ethnicity],” said Gonzalez, who is of Mexican-American and French-American heritage and converted to Islam 12 years ago.

Most Latino Americans belong to the Roman Catholic Church, according to religion data tracked by the Pew Research Centre. But the Catholic share of the Latino population has declined, while the number of Latinos who are Protestant or report no religious affiliation has risen.

Jihad Turk, president of Bayan Claremont, an Islamic graduate school in California, told the Press-Enterprise that Islam is most similar to Catholic beliefs. Muslims believe in many stories contained in the Christian Bible, including the prophets, he said.


International Business Times


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Bigot is captured on camera wrapping bacon over door handles of Masjid in Las Vegas


US: Surveillance video shows a man meticulously putting raw bacon over the door handles of a mosque in Las Vegas, and now a Muslim civil rights group is demanding the incident be investigated as a hate crime by federal authorities.

In the video, the man is seen carefully wrapping the raw bacon over the door handles of Masjid-e-Tawheed in the 6100 block of W. Viking Road. At one point, he puts a strip of bacon in his mouth as he opens the package.

A Muslim worshipper discovered the bacon on Sunday morning and removed it with a napkin. All pork products are considered unclean in the Islamic tradition, and Muslims are forbidden from eating or touching it.

Las Vegas police are searching for the man and are calling the incident a possible hate crime. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called for “a state and federal hate crime investigation of the desecration” of the Nevada mosque.

“This type of attempted desecration must be investigated as an act of intimidation and hate, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.


Cii Broadcasting


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Make sure to keep track of your health and wellbeing.


We all get caught up in our busy lifestyles and tend to forget the most important person we need to take care of – YOU!

o Install some apps or set alarms to alert you when you have not worked out
o Set an activity planner
o Plan your meals
o Whatever your health focus – stick to your plan
o Stress less
o Sleep well
o Set small achievable goals
o Get active and get moving
o Shake up your workout routine every so often
o Don’t quit – keep challenging yourself




My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786


Need an answer to a fitness related matter?

Send your question to Kareema at

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


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Fitria Sari

Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist

To book appointments -
Ph: 3341 2333 (Underwood)
Ph: 3299 5596 (Springwood)
M: 0406 279 591

Fad Diet Trends to Avoid in 2016

As we begin a new year, most of us set a resolution to lose weight, be more fit or achieve a better body. However, there are bucket loads of marketing out there for new diets, products, cleanses, detoxes and all sorts of things aimed to "help" us reach our goal. But, how do you tell what diets or products are actually good for you and which ones are just marketing gimmicks to cash in on your money?

Here are 6 tell-tale signs of a fad diet:

1. Promises quick weight loss with very minimal efforts. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
2. Requires you to be dependent on a product. E.g. you need to have shakes/bars/powders every single day or regularly for it to "work".
3. Substitutes intake of real food e.g. meal replacements or juices.
4. Completely cuts out a food group. E.g. no bread, no gluten, no meats or dairy (not recommended unless you have allergies or health reasons).
5. Requires you to fast/not eat for more than 1 day at a time. E.g. juice cleanses or detoxes where you don't eat food for a few days or up to a week, and only rely on drinks/juices. This is very unhealthy as it messes with your nutrient intake, metabolism, and it can be very dangerous for your body.
6. Contains laxatives to help flush out "toxins". It basically works to make your bowels move food down a lot faster and you're going to be running to the toilet, a lot. e.g. Teatoxes, slimming teas, etc.

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me an email.
Remember, there is no short cut to being healthy. If being healthy and losing weight was easy, everyone would have lost weight, kept it off and that would be the end of the story. However, being healthy requires consistency and effort. Start by setting small goals and then build from there! Your dedication is the key to achieving good health.


Need an answer to a nutrition related matter?

Send your question to Fitria at

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


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Knowledge of One Another, Not Ignorance, Is the Best Way to Heal Our Fractured World


Religion in recent times is being seen as almost irrelevant in many European countries, but the religion of Islam has become a hot topic for various reasons. Religious literacy, particularly of Islam, even in our highly educated country is indeed poor. Lazy journalism, or in some cases cheap populism, may be partially responsible for this.

Knowledge about one’s own background is essential, but knowing others is no less important in our modern globalised world. The truth is the more our children know traditions other than their own, the more they become confident and mature; they grow up with tolerance and respect for others which is vital in a pluralist society.

With the so-called Trojan Horse ‘Islamist takeover’ issue creating a huge misunderstanding in our education sector, the debate on teaching GCSE Religious Studies in our schools keeps on going. The Department for Education proposed that, from September 2016, pupils who take a religious studies GCSE will have to study at least two different faiths (from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism) for the first time “to better prepare them for life in modern Britain”.

This was agreed by all major faith groups. But the Roman Catholic Church surprisingly ordered their schools to teach only Christianity and Judaism, ruling out teaching Islam and other faiths in GCSE religious studies. This obviously drew criticism from Muslims. However, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis proved to be different; he recommended that Jewish school should teach Islam as a second faith, saying that “teaching Islam will give children the opportunity to learn about a poorly understood religion”. This is a bold decision in the current political climate.

In spite of common perception about the hostility between Muslims and the Jews, mainly due to the Palestine-Israel conflict in our time, the two religious communities have been together in their good times and difficult periods in history. It was in Muslim Spain where Jewish culture flourished along with the Muslim one during the age of religious pluralism. Maimonides, a preeminent Sephardic Jewish philosopher, physician and astronomer from Cordoba was an intellectual giant in the 12th century. When both Muslims and Jews were subjected to unparalleled persecution by an intolerant Church, many of them left Spain and were warmly welcomed in Muslim countries, some in the Ottoman Empire.

History must repeat itself if we want to overcome the depth of ignorance and fear from our midst. When people are equipped with the power of knowledge about themselves as well as others the fear factor plummets; their collective humanity outshines their weaknesses. When ignorance about one another is allowed to prevail the outcome is the ugliness of intolerance and often outright hatred amongst people.

Not all powerful nations on earth were able to produce civilisations in the past. The Mongols created the largest contiguous land empire, stretching from Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan in the 13th and 14th centuries; but they left a legacy of butchering scholars and burning books that created havoc in the land of Islam. On the contrary, when their descendants accepted Islam they created art, architecture and a rich culture in India during the Mughal Empire.

Knowledge was synonymous with Muslims in their better days. Within one hundred years of Islam’s arrival, a sophisticated and highly integrated book industry emerged in the Muslim world. Knowledge gradually became the mass property of all. Cities like Baghdad, Cordoba, Damascus, Ghazni and Delhi used to have libraries in most of their streets. Muslims became the ardent lovers of books.

A strong reading habit is one indicator of success for any nation and a hallmark of civilisation. Reading empowers an ordinary person, enriches a scholar and gives confidence to all. Reading stimulates our brain by giving it food for thought. It empowers us internally to take on the challenges of life and take us to a higher level. Reading gives us humility, inner strength, the pride and confidence to move ahead. It enhances critical thinking and bestows us with the gift of understanding and wisdom. A balanced diet keeps us physically active, so good reading keeps us mentally agile. 

British Muslims would be far better off if only they invest in knowledge and turn much of their energy into reading, learning, thinking, reflecting and reasoning. Revisiting the history of a pluralist Spain would be useful, as that would help them in comparing their better past with the thorny present.

Britain’s education system is one of the best in the world and its universities are globally acclaimed in terms of preparing young adults with life skills. It is promising that the educational achievements of Muslim children have significantly improved over the past few decades from a lower position but it is more vital than ever that this is reflected in their higher aspiration and ambition in all areas of public life.

Let us all fall in love with books and heal our fractured world.

Source: Head2Heart


"A man who does not read is no better than a man who cannot read."

Would you like to see the cover of your favourite book on our book shelves below?

Then simply email the title and author to


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CCN has set up an online Book Club at Shelfari to connect with CCN book readers at:

Using the book club you can see what books fellow CCN readers have on their shelves, what they are reading and even what they, and others, think of them.

The CCN Readers' Book Club



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KB says: This is the season for mangoes which are plentiful here in Brisbane, so I am sharing my favourite mango ice cream recipe which has always been very popular.

Mango Ice Cream



2 cups long life milk
4 eggs
250 ml Cream
1 can condense milk (395g)
Flesh of 2 ripe mangoes



  1. Beat milk and eggs.

  2. Heat the mixture but do not allow mixture to reach boiling point.

  3. Add fresh cream.

  4. Add liquidised mangoes leaving some for the topping.

  5. Add enough condense milk to sweeten.

  6. Place in an ice cream machine or alternatively pour mixture into a mould and freeze.

  7. Before serving, drizzle with the mango puree and top with chopped macadamia nuts

Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?


Send in your favourite recipe to me at and be my "guest chef" for the week.

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Journalist: Mula Nasruddin, Sir, as a very successful entrepreneur, what advice would you give to our young men and women who want to succeed in business?"


Mula Nasruddin: "Two words."


Journalist: "And, what are they?"


Mula Nasruddin: "Right decisions."


Journalist: "But how do you make right decisions?"


Mula Nasruddin: "One word."


Journalist: "And, what is that?"


Mula Nasruddin: "Experience."


Journalist: "And how do you get experience?"


Mula Nasruddin: "Two words."


Journalist: "And, what is that?"


Mula Nasruddin: "Wrong decisions."


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An Ayaat-a-Week






Say: "If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed each other with help and support."
~ Surah Al-Israa 17:88


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If you want to fly,

give up everything

that weighs you down. 

~ Unknown


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I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.

Notice Board



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"If it's not here's not happening!"l)

To claim your date for your event email





(Click on link)





9 January


Eid-E-Milaadun Nabi (SAW) Night

Islamic Society of QLD

Rochedale Mosque, 2674 Logan Rd

0403 541 012

5pm until 8.30pm

16 January



Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane


2 Wineglass Drive, Hillcrest

3809 4600

3pm until Maghrib

30 January


Islamic Trivia Night

Islamic Society of Algester

Springwood Community Centre (53-57 Cinderella Drive, Springwood)

0421 593 785


19 & 20 March

Sat & Sun

The Spiritual Zone
Sh Abdul Wahab Saleem

Al Kauthar Brisbane

Griffith University NATHAN

0438 698 328

All day

3 May


Lailatul Mehraj (27th Rajab 1437)

15 May



Crescents of Brisbane

Orleigh Park, WEST END

0402 026 786


14 & 15 May

Sat & Sun

The Forgotten Jewels
Sh Daood Butt

Al Kauthar Brisbane

Griffith University NATHAN

0438 698 328

All day

27 May


Nisf Sha'ban 1437 / Laylat al-Bara'at (15th Sha'ban 1437)

6 June


1st Ramadan 1437

1 July


Laylat al-Qadr - Night of Power 1436 (27th Ramadan 1437)

6 July


Eid al-Fitr 1437 (1st Shawwal 1437)

20 & 21 August

Sat & Sun

The Divine Light
Sh Wasim Kempson

Al Kauthar Brisbane

Griffith University NATHAN

0438 698 328

All day

12 September


Eid al-Adha 1437 (10th Zilhijja 1437)

3 October


Muharram 1438 – Islamic New Year 1438

(1st Muharram 1438)



1. All Islamic Event dates given above are tentative and subject to the sighting of the moon.

2. The Islamic date changes to the next day starting in the evenings after maghrib. Therefore, except for Lailatul Mehraj, Lailatul Bhahraat and Lailatul Qadr – these dates refer to the commencement of the event starting in the evening of the corresponding day.


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 Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane 

39 Bushmills Court, Hillcrest Qld 4118

Zikr - every Thursday 7pm, families welcome
Hifz & Quran Reading Classes (for brothers and sisters) - Tuesday 5:00 - 7:00pm & Thursday 5:30 - 7:00pm
Madressa (for children) - Wednesday & Friday 4:30 - 6:30pm
Salawat Majlis - first Saturday of every month.  Starting at Mughrib, families welcome
Islamic Studies (for sisters) - one year course.  Saturday 10:30 - 2:30pm. Enrolments for 2016 now available
Ilm-e-Deen Degree Courses (for brothers) - Three full-time and part-time nationally accredited courses.  Enrolments now available for 2016.
For further information please phone 07) 3809 4600 or email 



Quran Reading Class For Ladies (Beginners or Advanced)

Every Saturday 2 - 4pm
Lady Teacher


Algester Mosque


Zikrullah program every Thursday night after Esha


For more details, contact: Maulana Nawaaz: 0401576084



On Going Activities


1. Daily Hadeeth reading From Riyadusaliheen, After Fajar and after esha .
2. After school Madrassah for children Mon-Thu 5pm to 7pm

3. Adult Quran classes (Males) Monday and Tuesday after esha for an hour.
4. Community engagement program every second Saturday of the Month, interstate and overseas speakers, starts after margib, Dinner served after esha, First program begins on the 15 August.

5. Monthly Qiyamulail program every 1st Friday of the month starts after esha.
6. Fortnight Sunday Breakfast program. After Fajar, short Tafseer followed by breakfast.
7. Weekly Tafseer by Imam Uzair after esha followed by dinner. Starts from 26 August.


For all activities, besides Adult Quran, classes sisters and children are welcome.

For further info call the Secretary on 0413669987






Lutwyche Mosque

Weekly classes with Imam Yahya


Monday: Junior Class

Tuesday: Junior Arabic

Friday: Adult Quran Class


For more information call 0470 671 109

Holland Park Mosque


All programs are conducted by Imam Uzair Akbar





Tafseer Program

Basics of Islam

Tafseer Program





after Maghrib Salat


Queensland Police Service/Muslim Community Consultative Group


Meeting Dates & Times

Time: 7.00pm sharp

Date: TBA

Venue: Islamic College of Brisbane - 45 Acacia Road Karawatha


Light refreshments will be available.




For more information and RSVP:

Sergeant Jim Bellos at



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Sunnah Inspirations

Providing information about Islam - its beliefs, culture, practices, dispelling misconceptions

Kuraby Mosque

Holland Park Mosque


Provide young Muslim women in Queensland with support and opportunities to express themselves

MUSLIMS AUSTRALIA / Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) Islamic Schools, Halal Services and a whole lot more...

AFIC Schools (Malek Fahd Islamic School, Sydney, NSW) (Islamic College of Brisbane, QLD) (Islamic College of South Australia, SA) (Langford Islamic College, Perth, WA) (Islamic College of Canberra, ACT)

Karratha Muslims (Muslims in Western Australia)

Islam TV

Recording of lectures and events in and around Queensland

Muslim Directory Australia

Carers Queensland

Free service for multicultural clients who are carers, elderly and people with disabilities

Brisbane Muslim Burial Society (BMBS)

Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF)

Coordinated collection & distribution of: Zakaah, Lillah, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Unwanted interest

Islamic Medical Association of Queensland (IMAQ)

Network of Muslim healthcare professionals

Al-Imdaad Foundation (Australia)

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)

Find out about the latest events, outings, fun-days, soccer tournaments, BBQs organised by AMYN. Network with other young Muslims on the AMYN Forum

Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)  

Umbrella body representing various Mosques and Societies in Queensland

Current list of businesses certified halal by ICQ  7 August 2011

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia

Blog of the Association's activities

United Muslims of Brisbane

Crescents of Brisbane's CRESCAFE (Facebook)

Muslim Women's eNewsletter

Sultana’s Dream is a not-for-profit e-magazine that aims to provide a forum for the opinions of Australian Muslim women

Islamic Solutions

Articles and Audio recordings

IQRA Academy Institute of Islamic Studies

Online streaming of Islamic lectures

Islamic Relief Australia

National Zakat Foundation (NZF)


Islamic Finance  & Investments

Gold Coast Mosque

 Incorporating Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc.

South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

Muslim Womens' Convert Support Group (MWCSG)

Network of Muslim women converts from the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas of Queensland.

Australian International Islamic College (Durack)

Kotku Mosque - Dubbo NSW

Islamic Society of Algester

Jamiatul Ulama Western Australia

Body of Muslim Theologians (Ulama, Religious Scholars)

Islamic Women's Association of Queensland (IWAQ)

Community based, not-for-profit organisation providing Settlement, Aged Care, disability, social activities and employment opportunities.

Federation of Australian Muslim Students & Youth (FAMSY)

Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

GIRU – Griffith Islamic Research Unit

          Qld Stories link or YouTube link

Gold Coast Halal Certification Services (GCHCS)

Muslim Aid Australia

Serving Humanity

Human Appeal International Australia  Always with you on the road to goodness

Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane  

Preserving the Past, Educating the Present to Create the Future

Islamic Society of Darra

Qld Muslims Volunteers

Islamic Shia Council of Queensland

Muslim Reverts Network

Supporting new Muslims

Muslim Funeral Services (MFS)

 Funeral Directors & Funeral Fund Managers for the Brisbane and Gold Coast communities

Islamic Society of Bald Hills (ISBH) : Masjid Taqwa

Tafseers and Jumma Khubahs uploaded every week.

Muslim Community & Qld floods

How the community helped out during the 2010 QLD floods

The CCN Young Muslim Writers Award (Facebook)

The Queensland Muslim Historical Society  (Facebook)

Muslim Women's National Network of Australia, Inc (MWNNA)

Peak body representing a network of Muslim women's organisations and individuals throughout Australia

Sultana's Dream

Online magazine

Lockyer Valley Islamic Association


Celebrating Muslim cultures

AYIA Foundation


Slackscreek Mosque

Mosque and Community Centre

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