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A pregnant woman who was allegedly assaulted in Parramatta on Wednesday has spoken out.

Rana Elasmar, 31, was sitting in a cafe on Church Street with friends when Stipe Lozina, 43, allegedly attacked her after a tirade of insults.

"I have experienced occurrences of verbal abuse and hate ... but I have never thought that physical abuse of this nature could happen to me," she wrote on her Facebook page.

"This man verbalised his hatred of Muslims prior to hitting me. I do not want this attack to happen to anyone ever again."

Ms Elasmar, who is 38 weeks pregnant, said she wants to see a world where people defend one another against cowardly acts like this and band together to protect the victims. "We cannot allow behaviour like this to become the norm and sit silent."

She made specific mention of her two friends, who immediately stepped to her defence.

"You are more like sisters to me and I am so grateful for what you both did. You have allowed me to step away from this and go home to my family," she said.

NSW Police Inspector Luke Sywenkyj echoed those sentiments.

"If it were not for the brave actions of these members of the community in stopping the assault, the victim may well have sustained much more serious injuries," he said.

Mr Lozina was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray. On Thursday, he made an unsuccessful application for bail.

Ms Elasmar said the support she had received has been "overwhelming" and that this incident was something many could relate to.

"We are mothers, wives, daughters ... and we deserve to feel safe wherever we go. We deserve a night out to unwind without being fearful of an attack like this happening again. I fear for the world our children will grow up in, if this issue is not addressed," she said.



The victim (Rana Haidar) posted on her Facebook page:

First and foremost I would like to start by thanking all the people who came to see me, those who have offered kind words and comfort through messages and calls, as well as those who have messaged their support through various Facebook posts. I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you, it truly means a lot. I have always been a very private person and don't normally take to social media to post or comment on anything, however, I felt like this time, it was important to address a few issues and raise awareness.


I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I am a Muslim. I have experienced occurrences of verbal abuse and hate from other Australians in the past but I have never thought that physical abuse of this nature could happen to me.


For me, the verbal abuse was already too much and I know the Islamic community feels the same. It is NOT ok. How somebody feels like they have the right to abuse another human being baffles me. It shows a lack of humanity. It shows weakness. It shows that you do not possess basic human empathy and kindness and those are the kinds of people who do not deserve to be part of our Australian community.


This man verbalised his hatred of Muslims prior to hitting me. He decided that he was going to take it in his power to act upon his hatred and he neither knows me, nor my religion. I do not want this attack to happen to anyone ever again. I want to see a world where people defend one another against cowardly acts like this and band together to protect the victims.


We cannot allow behaviour like this to become the norm and sit silent. I thank the people who stepped in that night in my defence. And to my friends who did not hesitate to step in for me, you are more like sisters to me and I am so grateful for what you both did. You have allowed me to step away from this and go home to my family. The overwhelming support I have received is a reflection that this was a story that many can relate to.


We are mothers, wives, daughters... and we deserve to feel safe wherever we go. We deserve a night out to unwind without being fearful of an attack like this happening again. I fear for the world our children will grow up in, if this issue is not addressed. I call all Australians, Muslim or non-muslims, of all faiths and cultures to come together, as you have already done for me, and voice your solidarity in protecting innocent people from any future racial/religious attacks.


I hope the justice system lives up to it's name.. and I also hope a proactive approach is taken against any potential future offenders.

I thank Allah (swt) - As salaam, Al aleem, Alhakim.


Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan said, “Islamophobic abuse is unacceptable and no person should suffer hatred because of their race, religion or culture.
“Australian society has a responsibility to ensure the safety of its Muslim communities, and we must be united in condemning Islamophobia and all forms of racial hatred,” Mr Tan said.  
Mr Tan will be speaking on November 21 at Charles Sturt University’s Centre for Islamic Studies to help launch the report.






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Government condemns 'appalling' cases of Islamophobia detailed in new report

The 2019 Islamophobia in Australia report shows perpetrators aren't put off by the prospect of being seen by other people or security guards.

Immigration Minister David Coleman has said he is "appalled" by the examples of Islamophobia in Australia detailed in a new report which found women and girls in hijabs were most likely to be targeted.

The analysis of nearly 350 incidents reported to the Islamophobia Register Australia in 2016 and 2017 also showed perpetrators were becoming more brazen, with a 30 per cent increase in attacks in places guarded by security officers.

The 2019 Islamophobia in Australia report, released on Monday, found 60 per cent of attacks occurred in public in 2016 and 2017.

That was double the proportion of recorded incidents in the previous 15 months.

We are proud to be releasing our 2nd #Islamophobia in Australia Report today

— IslamophobiaRegister (@IslamophobiaReg) November 17, 2019

The report, produced by Charles Sturt University’s Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, found more than 70 per cent of the victims were Muslim women and girls.

Among dozens of examples included in the report were three cases involving a fake gun.

One mother said she was travelling with a school choir from Melbourne to Adelaide when a man with an imaginary gun pretended to shoot at the bus filled with children when they stopped at traffic lights opposite a pub.

"Our bus had several covered women in hijabs, one of them being myself... One of the patrons was sitting looking out onto the road. He began spraying our bus with his imaginary machine gun."

Mr Coleman said the government has no tolerance for racial or cultural prejudice.

"The instances of discrimination against Australians of Islamic faith which are documented in the report are completely unacceptable," he said in a statement.

Soaliha Iqbal said she was left “humiliated and outraged” after being told she could not enter a Sydney pub unless she took off her hijab.

Other reported incidents include a mother and daughter being rammed by a car while crossing a road and women having their head scarves ripped off.

Labor's immigration spokesperson Andrew Giles said Islamophobia must be condemned.

"Racism and abuse are completely unacceptable. It's time for all Australians to stand together in hope and reject hate," Mr Giles said.

Insults focus on appearance
Excluding online abuse, in at least half of the 202 offline cases, victims noted that people who were passing by did not offer to help.

They were subjected to verbal abuse, profanities, physical intimidation and death threats in public places, most often while shopping.

Anglo-Celtic males were the perpetrators in three-quarters of cases.

Many of the insults focused on Muslims' appearance and religion with 96 per cent of women respondents wearing a hijab at the time.

While the period examined by researchers is well before the Christchurch mosques attack in March, they note the alarming intensity of hate rhetoric in those years that may have groomed the suspected terrorist, including a high number of death threats.

“Online and offline, people have detailed how they would like to murder all Muslims and yet there appeared to be no investigation or prosecution, raising serious questions about the fitness of existing laws,” the report states.

Lead author Dr Derya Iner said the real number of incidents is likely to be much higher than the 349 recorded due to the ongoing problem of under-reporting.

“This is especially the case where continuous anti-Muslim sentiment in political and media discourse becomes normalised, desensitising the public,” Dr Iner said.

“With Christchurch in our minds, we cannot afford to be complacent.

"Social cohesion is something that must be nurtured and repaired by all of us for the well-being and security of Australia.”

The Islamophobia Register Australia has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support its next report that will examine the period leading up to and immediately following the Christchurch tragedy.





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After 10 months of construction Thursday 21 November 2019 was a significant day for the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) marking a historic milestone as they officially unveiled the completed Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Building (STEM).


STEM Institute will be an integral part at AIIC, giving students the opportunity to be well equipped with the necessary skills of tomorrow.

On behalf of the Honourable Founder Imam Abdul Quddoos Azhari, Aziz Khan Board Chairman, Taher Sukkarieh AIIC Board Member, AIIC staff and students we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Senator Paul Scarr, MP Jess Pugh, MP Milton Dick, Cr Kim Marx, Cr Angela Owen, Haji Hussin Goss, Haji Habib Jamal, Dr Mustafa Ally, Keysar Trad and to all the members of the community who attended this successful achievement.

STEM institute comprises of a wet lab, dry lab, graphics/engineering room, STEM resource room. The STEM institute will focus on the STEM curriculum.



Science students, from left, Hana Abdirahman, Fatima Salah, Asha Hersi and Abeer Alzmi with Imam Quddoos

Imam Quddoos with Federal MP for Oxley, Milton Dick, Senator Paul Scarr and science students





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IWAA attended the Not Now Not Ever Together Breakfast hosted by Queensland Government to raise awareness about the prevention of domestic and family violence.


On Friday 22 November the Queensland Government hosted the 2019 Not Now, Not Ever. Together Breakfast to showcase the future direction of domestic and family violence prevention reforms, including a focus on corporate and community partnerships leading positive change.

Attended by more than 800 people, the breakfast featured a Corporates and Community in Conversation panel led by ABC journalist Matt Wordsworth, which focused on the experience and achievements of corporate and community organisations in responding to domestic and family violence.




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Miladun Nabi Jalsa







The Islamic Society of Queensland (ISQ) held its annual Miladun Nabi Jalsa program on Saturday 9 Nov at Rochedale Mosque, where the keynote lecture was delivered by Imam Mohammed Nawaaz Ashrafi, the Pesh Imam of Algester Mosque.




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By Mohamed Bah, Project Manager with ICQ   




Following the highly successful women's mental health workshop recently, ICQ hosted a men's mental health workshop at Slacks Creek Mosque on Saturday 23 November 2019.


The event was attended by men from all ages and walks of life. Three presenters shared their professional viewpoints and advice and this was bolstered by a panel of Imams.

All members participated actively and all unanimously agree on the stigma associated with mental health within our communities.

With the understanding of the parameters of mental health and the need to develop a new culture on how Muslim men should view and deal with mental health issues, all attendees left the venue with more knowledge on the subject. All members are keen to meet again to unpack specific issues, root causes and coping strategies.

We also discussed the first point of call for anyone needing support in this area. ICQ is very pleased with the outcome of the event and people's positive feedback, and all are looking forward to attending future events.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr Rehman of Zone Medical Centre, Sister Sharon Orapeleng for her expert presentation, Br aissa Negussie for his excellent presentation, and Imams Akram Buksh and Ahmad Naffaa for their religious and spiritual guidance.




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Friends of a Brisbane father, who was killed when an allegedly stolen 4WD collided with his car, held a silent rally outside court this morning. It comes as delays impact the Crown case against the man charged over the double fatal.


PROSECUTORS preparing the Crown case against a man charged with the manslaughter of two men killed in a crash last month are still awaiting autopsy reports.

Brisbane father Shahid Islam, 36, of Windsor, was killed when an allegedly stolen 4WD collided with his car on Gympie Rd at Bald Hills in October.

Mr Islam, a married IT expert, his wife and son, 4, were about to move into their newly-built home at Griffin when his car was hit and he was fatally injured.

Jordan Cubby, 28, was charged with his manslaughter at a bedside hearing at Princess Alexandra Hospital while he was being treated for his injuries.

Cubby was also charged with the manslaughter of John Weatherall, 32, who was a front seat passenger in the 4WD.

Friends of Mr Islam gathered outside Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning before the first mention of Cubby’s court case.

They silently held up photos of Mr Islam.

Police allege the vehicle driven by Cubby was stolen in Toowoomba on October 14 and sighted by police on Lutwyche Road in Windsor at 11.50pm.

Officers attempted to intercept the vehicle, but it allegedly evaded police and fled at speed.

The vehicle then allegedly travelled in the wrong lane on Gympie Road and smashed into the car driven by Mr Islam, who died at the scene.
Mr Weatherall also died at the scene while another passenger, a female, was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Brisbane Magistrate Anthony Gett today was told two autopsy reports were expected to take another three months to complete.

The Guardian



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Prof. Shahjahan Khan (pictured in foreground) spoke on Contributions and Challenges of Muslims in Multicultural Australia in a day long Colloquium on Freedom of Religion organised by the School of Law at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba. The event included expert speakers from Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, Indonesia etc.

Prof. Khan highlighted the significant contributions of Muslim international trades and professionals, especially in health care, higher education, engineering and the halal industry.

"The high level of Islamophobia and recent attacks on Muslims and places of worship related to anti-Islam political leaders and far right radicalization," he said.

The misunderstanding on Islamic Sharia was also explained.



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The nikaah (wedding) of Haji Sultan Deen's granddaughter, Hafsah Deen to Mahomed Mahomedy took place on 16 November, 2019.


Hafsah is the only daughter of Hafeez and Hameeda Deen and Mahomed is the only son of Saeed and Bilqis Mahomedy. 



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Four men (pictured) travelled from Lakemba in western Sydney to Willawarrin Hotel to host a free barbecue for bushfire affected residents


'This is what Australia should look like': Muslim group is praised for driving six hours from Sydney's west to cook up a free BBQ for bushfire victims

A group of Muslim men have been praised for hosting a free barbecue for bushfire victims on the NSW mid north coast.

The unnamed men travelled six hours from their homes in Lakemba, western Sydney, to the Willawarrin Hotel, inland of Port Macquarie, to help boost locals' spirits.

The four men cooked meat and sausages and, with the help of a local bakery which donated fresh bread, handed out a free lunch to locals doing it tough after the fires.

The small rural town lost one of their own in the blaze last week after 58-year-old Barry Parsons' body was found in burnt-out bushland.

He became the fourth victim of the fires so far this season.

Locals said the act of kindness wouldn't go unnoticed in their community.

'Appreciation post from us all at Willa. Thank you for driving from Sydney to cater lunch for everyone,' one woman wrote alongside a photograph of the men.

'These guys brought all the food with them as well. Muchly appreciated.'

The Facebook post attracted hundreds of comments from other Australians praising the men for their community spirit.

'This is the actual face of Australia and what Australia should look like,' one man wrote on the post, as others commended those involved and said they made them 'proud to be an Aussie'.

Another woman who attended the free event told the men to pay no mind to a few 'rude comments with no appreciation for the kindness in everyone's hearts.'

'Please take note of the majority. Our community appreciate the time you have taken to cook for and spend time with us. No matter what source of sustenance. Community is all we have in these times,' she said.

One man who claims to know the group said they are often looking for ways to contribute to good causes.

'They see it as nothing. [It is] just a part of their life and faith to help when they can and are able to,' the man wrote on the original post.

The men were joined by Orange Sky Laundry - a not-for-profit organisation that washes homeless people's clothes for them.

Volunteers from the organisation set up a post at the Willawarrin Hotel to wash the clothes of bushfire affected residents in the region.




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Everyone of you now know that Queensland and NSW have been experiencing catastrophic bushfire burning thousands of hectors of land, crops, animals, properties and houses of Australians.

Many houses, farms, and human lives have already been lost and many are under serious threat to be destroyed.

Our farmers are our lifeline. We must stand beside them during this most difficult time and help them any possible ways.

As always, many Muslim groups and organization in Queensland have been supporting our famers for the past several weeks, including supply of drinking water, as the farmers have been passing through sever draught.

Islamic Society of Toowoomba (IST) joins many other Islamic groups, and community and charity organisations in Australia to raise fund to support our brothers and sisters in the bush.

We will receive donations on Friday after Jumma prayers at the Garden City Mosque, Toowoomba. If we stand for the people in distress and those who lost their livelihood, Allah will stand with us when we need Him Inshaa Allah.

Interested people may also donate via the CBA account of IST BSB# 06 4459, A/C# 1000 3579. In reference please write BUSHFIRE SUPPORT.

May Allah immediately stop the devastating bushfire, send us blessings of beneficial rain, protect His creation from all natural calamities, and help rebuild the life of those who are victims of the bushfire.

Best wishes,












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Internship vacancy







For more information click here.



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Real chat with Rita




Opinion by Rita Markwell



What we need to fight for


Australian Muslims are a diverse lot, with many different cultures, political and social views. Most of us have lived here more than a generation, some 5 generations long. We work in a number of professional fields and just want a normal, peaceful life. There is no one Australian Muslim image, no one narrative, except the poisonous racist one, that is running like a runaway train online.
Muslim Australians are being targeted by brazen and intense public hatred because its a great recruiting tool for racist extremists and there appears to be no legal, commercial or political consequence for it.

Being told to ‘f*** off, you’re not wanted here’ or being cornered with someone yelling that they wished you died in Christchurch, are harrowing experiences that feel like violence, but are not treated as such under law.

Therefore speech that encourages more of this abuse to occur by normalising it online, is not necessarily inciting violence as per the law – but inciting acts of hatred. Incitement to violence laws set the threshold too high.

If someone says a ‘good Muslim is a dead Muslim’ or refers to “Jewish poison” or “Hitler was right”, they are promoting the idea of violence, and making whole communities of people easier to target by removing their humanity. Our laws need to find a way to deter this behaviour.

A littany of online pages call for the exclusion of all Muslims from Australia because we are somehow a ‘violent threat’. Or because as the Christchurch terrorist argued, we are ‘breeding’ lots of children as part of a ‘covert religious war’. These ideas are now becoming mainstream – we hear them in shopping centre abuse, like that recorded recently on 7 news where a ladyreferred to a family’s children as ‘rats’.

The Charles Sturt University study found the vulnerability of victims to be no deterrent. The chief investigator, Dr Derya Iner, drew links between the Christchurch Terrorist’s reference to being triggered by big Muslim families in shopping centres in his manifesto with his ultimate crime of mass murder.

And yet as Muslims, we have no form of civil recourse to bring the party behind that online page to conciliation – unlike our Jewish brothers and sisters, who at least have s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. That is why Australian Muslims have argued for a new proposed anti-incitement provision in the Religious Discrimination Bill – set at a higher threshold than s18C – to target speech that endangers religious people while allowing for religious criticism.

A civil remedy needs to be considered, along with a strict liability offence for incitement of hatred or animosity, like the Western Australian criminal standard. Laws are supposed to act upstream and prevent harm from happening. After Christchurch, we thought that would be enough evidence – but our fears are not being heard.





Sister Rita Jabri Markwell is an advocate with the Australian Muslim Advocacy Network, a specialist political advocacy and policy development body now working at the national level. She can be reached at





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The brand new podcast series with Professor Saeed Khan - the millennial Muslim’s guide to what the “hell” happened in Islamic history. 1400 OMG is your guide to what the heck happened in Muslim History. Muslim lands are currently wrought with war. The Caliphate formally ended. Sectarianism rampant. Terror in the name of Islam. Barely any theological progress. This series will reflect on the last 1400 years in the Muslim world and dig deep into some of the root causes of the situation many Muslims find themselves in today. The series is inquisitive and reflective.




S1E7: The Siege of Mecca – 1400 OMG Podcast






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The 2020 Muslim 500








“The sons of the Iraqi people demand a political system based on direct elections and a constitution that realizes justice and equality for everyone.”

49 thousand – students supported annually
3 hundred – theological centres funded annually


Sayyid Ali Hussein Sistani

Marja of the Hawza, Najaf, Iraq


Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hussein Sistani is the prime marja, or spiritual reference for Ithna’Ashari‘a (Twelver) Shia Muslims. He is the leading sheikh of the Hawza Seminary in Najaf, Iraq and the preem- inent Shia cleric globally. Sistani is one of the most respected of the marjaiyya—the highest position of authority in the Usuli school of Twelver Shia fiqh.

Preeminent Shia Cleric and Marja Taqlid: Sistani’s influence in the Twelver Shia sect stems from his scholarly lineage and education, which have enabled him to reach the status of marja taqlid—the highest status in the Usuli branch of Twelver Shia Islam. Marja taqlid means literally one who is worthy of being imitated—placing Sistani in a position of great authority over Twelver Shia Muslims. Sistani is descended from a family of religious scholars, and was educated in the leading institutions in Iran. He later went to Najaf, Iraq to study under the Grand Ayatollah Abu Al-Qasim Al-Khoei. On Khoei’s death in 1992, Sistani took over as grand ayatollah, inheriting Khoei’s following. He soon rose to become the leading cleric in Iraq. With the opening of Iraqi shrines to Iranian tourists, Sistani is gaining a following outside of Iraq.

Financial Influence: Sistani also has very significant financial clout As a marja his followers give him a religious tax (khums, Arabic for one-fifth). The redistribution of this tax for the common good is one of the key roles of a marja. Much of this remittance is redistributed through the Al-Khoei Foundation— the largest Twelver Shia development organization in the world that maintains a network of educational and humanitarian establishments for both Shia and non-Shia Muslims.

Quietist Influence: Significantly, Sistani is against the idea of Velayat-e Faqih, suggesting Shia clerics should not get involved in politics. Paradoxically this approach has afforded him very strong influence as a religious leader unsullied by politics. Ali Sistani has used his position of quietist authority to wield influence also as a peacemaker in turbulent, post-invasion Iraq. At a time when Sistani was losing support to Sheikh Muqtada Al-Sadr, he showed his sway by arranging a lasting deal between Sadr and US forces at the Imam Ali Shrine in Najaf in 2005—a deal that secured the Shrine and pushed for an American retreat.

Sistani was vocal about encouraging Iraqis to participate in the 2010 parliamentary elections. He strongly condemned the Baghdad church attack in October 2010 and also advised Iraqi security forces to take more responsibility for the protection of Iraqi citizens. He has identified eliminating political corruption and improvement of public services as the main issues of the day outside. He has also issued strong statements against da’ish, calling on Iraqis to unite against the militants. Sistani rarely meets officials but made an exception for Iran’s President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif in March 2019.




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Continued from last week's CCN.....

‘The truth is hard to establish’

The Australian Government has said there are some women within the group who would pose a “significant security threat to our country”.

“These are not innocent women who have taken their children into the theatre of war,” according to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Former NSW Police deputy commissioner Nick Kaldas has spent a career investigating terrorism.

He said the truth about the women’s stories was hard to establish.

“I do understand there are a number of people who probably have a legitimate case of saying they weren’t really aware of what they were getting into,” Mr Kaldas said.

“But I think there’s also quite a large number who did know exactly what they were walking into and they were happy to do it. They went there willingly.”

Nesrine said she was not a threat and had risked her own safety by revealing her identity.

“I understand [the Australian Government] have their laws and I’ll abide by them. Come and ask me all the questions you want. I’ll give all the answers you want. I have nothing to hide,” she said.

Mariam said the conditions in the camp were horrendous.

“My daughter uses a plastic bag to go to the toilet,” she said.

“I want to give my kids nurture. You tell me I’m a threat. Look, I’m trying to get away from the threat. I’ve had enough.”




Australian Maysa Assad helps collect water from a tank in al-Hawl.

Children of Australian women in al-Hawl.

There are children from many different countries stuck in al-Hawl.


What happens next?
Mr Dutton recently announced a plan to strip citizenship from dual nationals found to have engaged in terrorism.

Some of the Australian women in al-Hawl are dual nationals.

In July, the Government also passed a new law creating Temporary Exclusion Orders that may delay the return of women and children for years.

That leaves nine-year-old Maysa, born in Australia but forced to live under Islamic State for almost five years, stranded.

“I want to go back home to Australia where my brothers and sisters are. I want to go to school,” she tells Four Corners outside the dusty, filthy tent she calls home.









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Salih Yucel and Abu Bakr Sirajuddin Cook, editors Australian Journal of Islamic Studies




Editors' Introduction (Vol 3 No 3 2018): The history of Islam within Australia is an important, yet often overlooked, part of Australian history. Muslim presence in Australia has helped shape multicultural experience facilitating intercultural dialogue as well as contributing significantly to the development of the Australian nation. However, to date, it has received minimal scholarly attention. There have been significant studies on the engagements of the Maccasans, Muslim fishermen from Indonesia, with the Indigenous peoples of northern Australia. These studies have detailed the cultural interactions and trade between them and the lasting impacts of the inclusion of language foreign to Australian soil. There is also an increasing awareness of Australia's cameleers, many of whom were Muslims, and the contribution they made to maintaining trade routes and assisting early Australian explorers. Despite the growing interest in the field, the history of Islam in Australia remains an understudied area of research. This rich history dates back further than we thought and has possibly had a greater impact than what is recognised. Given the current political and social climate surrounding Islam globally, it is timely that this volume of the Australian Journal of Islamic Studies is published. This volume brings to light the depth and richness of Australia's Islamic heritage, challenging some of the prevalent assumptions on the topic, and calls for further studies in this field. Australia has proclaimed itself as being a successful example of a multicultural society. It is a society that has been shaped, and continues to be shaped, by a diverse range of cultural inputs. With this being the case, it is justifiable to ask how and why the contributions of Muslims to Australia have been largely overlooked.

Over the weeks, CCN highlights extracts from the Australian Journal of Islamic Studies which is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarly study of Islam.






ANZAC Muslims: An Untold Story

By Dzavid Haveric, Charles Sturt University



Abstract: When the Commonwealth of Australia became immersed in two World Wars, Australian Muslims accepted the national call -they shed their blood and gave their lives for Australia's freedom and democracy. With their Australian brothers-in-arms and allies they fought courageously with honour against their common enemies in different battlefields -but this is an almost forgotten history. Muslims in Australia were challenged by Britain's imperial might and by their status as British subjects and 'aliens' to take part in ANZAC showing their commitment to their adopted country.


The virtue of justice, sense of responsibility and loyalty are peculiar qualities that find their full justification in the organised welfare of Australian society. This pioneering article, based on ongoing research on ANZAC Muslims, makes known their unique contribution. It reveals historic facts about ANZAC Muslims who were members of what has come to be known as the Heroic Generation. Although their names have not appeared in history books, they achieved the glory of victory for a better future for new generations to come. Their contribution is part of Australian National Heritage -Lest we forget.



....continued from last week's CCN.....


Australian-born Arab Salah al-Samman served with the 2/1 Infantry Battalion AIF throughout World War II. He first went to Egypt in 1940 with the AIF, fought in the Western Desert battles, was transferred to New Guinea and finally discharged in Australia in 1946. He spent the following three years touring the Middle East. His family had emigrated from Damascus, Syria, to Sydney around 1860. His father married a Christian. While Al-Samman’s brothers and sisters took up their mother’s religion, he was brought up alongside his father’s Islamic faith.


When the war was over, Al-Samman taught English for a living. He also wrote articles for various publications and edited the Standard of Islam. He visited al-Azhar University in Cairo. He intended to publish a book of facts about Muslim communities, followed by a series of pocket books explaining the Muslim religion. In his view, Muslim communities knew little or nothing about each other and the understanding of Islam by the rest of the world could be strengthened by better acquaintance of people with Muslims. When he returned home to Australia, his religious mission was to establish better intra-Muslim relations and promote interfaith understanding.


In his post-war life, he promoted local and international understanding through the similarities in outlook of the adherents of the different religions. He set young friends of the three religions —Christian, Jewish and Muslim —to find out in how many respects their religions agreed, instead of trying to identify where the other was wrong. Al-Samman pointed out, in continuity of the Golden Rule, Islam teaches:

No one is a true believer until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself. The most beloved unto God is the person who does the most good to God’s family ... Any man or woman who refutes a Commandment is refuting his or her God. Any believer who does not love his neighbour as himself is not a believer. Individuals differed, and he believed that the secret of unity lay in this diversity.

Through invitations, Al-Samman spoke to Christians of various denominations in Australia on international racial and religious goodwill. Al-Samman was a guest speaker at Apex Clubs, the Methodist Hall convened by the Taree Ministers’ Association and at the Taree Rotary Club. Other Arabs also fought in the Australian Defence Forces in both wars. These were Druze from Mt. Lebanon who were also doctors in the Australian Army, while Druze women sewed and knitted garments for the soldiers.









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Lowy Institute paper reveals the true traits of Australian Islamic State fighters and jihadis




The Australians who joined ISIS and al Qaeda are frighteningly ordinary: typically young men from the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, from stable homes, married and with good jobs and no criminal record.

Key points:

  • The majority of Australian jihadis are not refugees but second generation Australians, says a paper from the Lowy Institute

  • Ninety per cent of the jihadis are from suburbs on the outskirts of Sydney or Melbourne

  • In the assessment of judges in 40 trials, only 10 per cent of jihadis have displayed genuine remorse

And if they're caught, few show genuine contrition about their actions.

A new paper from the Lowy Institute gives us the most thorough analysis yet about the 173 Australians it classes as 'jihadis': those who joined radical Islamist terrorist organisations or who've been charged with terror offences. It gives crucial background on 105 who left Australia to fight, or to live in ISIS's caliphate.

The study "Typology of Terror" provides hard evidence against misconceptions such as a link between refugees and terrorism: just six per cent of Australia's jihadis are refugees or the children of refugees. The majority are second generation Australians.

And the report gives us the background of the extremists: 90 per cent are from the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, and they're concentrated in relatively small areas within those cities: Sydney's western suburbs and north Melbourne.

Who is a typical Australian jihadi?
Although there is no such thing as an 'average' Australian jihadi, if we were to construct one from the aggregated data, they would likely have many of the following characteristics:

  • Male

  • Mid 20s

  • Lives in Sydney

  • Is or has been married

  • Born in Australia to overseas-born parents who are still married (with one or both from Lebanon)

  • No prior criminal record

  • Completed high school at a government school

  • Employed in a blue-collar job

  • No mental health issues

  • Not contrite and judged to have relatively poor prospects of rehabilitation




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Athens: The City With No Mosques



Athens is known as the birthplace of democracy, but Muslims both in and around the city say they don’t have religious freedom. Here’s why.










Faisal Mohamed makes Partner at Adrians



Faisal Mohamed was recently appointed as a Partner, Business Advisory at Brisbane-based Adrians Chartered Accountants. He discusses the driving force behind his decision to go to Adrians to work everyday.  









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To know the future just look to the past




The Senegalese Sufi saint who inspired a banking system based on generosity


Pilgrims line up to enter the tomb of Cheikh Amadou Bamba, founder of the Mouride brotherhood, in Touba.


The best leaders seek no followers, no power, and no titles. Yet they attract people anyway, precisely because they reject conventions and have a unique message. That’s true of Amadou Bamba Mbacke, a Senegalese Sufi poet, mystic, and peaceful resistor who lived from 1853 to 1927, and is now celebrated every July 28 in New York.

Bamba, as he’s affectionately known in Senegal and beyond, is a mystic of mythic proportions. The lore about the peaceful warrior who preached hard work is grounded in history and steeped in magic, yet he continues to have a very practical effect on the millions of followers of his Sufi sect, the Mourides. They do business internationally—from New York to Paris to Tokyo—and are known as “Islam’s mystical entrepreneurs.”

Portrait of the poet as a young man
Bamba wrote poems, legal treatise, and mystical texts—it is said that he composed seven tons of writings (pdf). The Sufi was already a notable scholar at 13. And for the rest of his life, he remained ahead of his time, peerless.
Long before the rest of the world admitted that racism profoundly stains a society, Bamba called out inequality. As a young man studying Islam in Sudan, he recognized that teachers who treated him as inferior to Arab Muslims because he was black were themselves deficient, and he quit his studies. Back in Senegal, he declined the offer to take his deceased father’s title as counsel to a Wolof king, despite tradition, saying, “God suffices and I restrict myself to him. Why put destiny in the hands of those incapable to adjust fate?” In Bamba’s view, no human was above any other and no mere mortal ruler could grant true power.

According to the lore, Bamba was so pure of spirit that he glowed, and though he sought no followers, people flocked to him. Word of his wisdom spread throughout Senegal. So much so that when the Wolof king Lat Dior was trying to decide whether to keep fighting French colonizers—an effort he was losing—he sought Bamba’s advice. The mystic wrote to the king, “To control the world, turn your back on it. Devote yourself to studies. Depose your arms. Liberate your soldiers and horses. In return you will find something greater—inner peace and tranquillity.”

When the king died, he was buried with a strip of white cloth Bamba had sent him. News of this reached the French Office of Muslim Affairs, which sent for the Sufi to inquire as to his intentions. Bamba admitted that he was forming a brotherhood in the city of Touba, a mystical movement called the Mourides that would emphasize peace, devotion to God, and hard work. His motto was, “Pray to God but plow your fields.”




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Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 22 November 2019

TOPIC: "Hasten to Do Good!"
IMAM: Ahmed Naffa











Friday lecture (sermon)

 DATE: 22 November 2019

TOPIC: "Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)" Part 2

IMAM: Uzair Akbar   











Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 22 November 2019

TOPIC: "Establishing Justice"

IMAMS: Akram Buksh










Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 22 November 2019

TOPIC: "The bush fires and our responsibility"

IMAM: Junaid Akbar



Lecture Recording









Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 22 November 2019

TOPIC: "Life lessons we can learn from our Prophet (pbuh)"

IMAM: Mufti Naeem Ali










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CAIR-NJ, Coalition Partners to Host Muslim Day of Advocacy at the New Jersey State Capitol    


US: Muslims from around New Jersey will take part in our second annual "Muslim Day of Advocacy" at the State House in Trenton. Some 100 Muslims from across the state have already signed up to take part in the lobbying event.

Muslim Day of Advocacy delegates will focus their lobbying efforts on legislation pertaining to freedom of speech, child adoption, anti-bullying, and discrimination-based on immigration status.

SPONSORS: The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) is co-sponsoring Muslim Day of Advocacy with New Jersey Muslim Voice for Progress (NJMVP) and a coalition of Muslim organizations from around the state.

Throughout the day, New Jersey Muslims will meet with individual legislators.



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Jewish family hail 'totally amazing' Muslim nanny as she shares story of overcoming prejudice


Leyla Ridha, 23, grew up being taught to be suspicious of Jewish people and wants to help combat stereotypes


Nanny and student Leyla Ridha with Marley, five, in the garden after school


UK A Muslim student who overcame prejudice working as a nanny for a London-based Jewish family is sharing her story to inspire others “at a time when there is a lot of bad stuff in the news”.

Student Leyla Ridha, 23, moved to London from the Middle East aged 16, having been taught as a child to be suspicious of Jewish people.

Her family settled in Barnet, and last September the Birkbeck University journalism student took a part-time nannying job for a family in the area.

The Grossman family and their three young children, who live in Cricklewood, are Jewish and ended up changing the student’s perspective “overnight” as they forged a special relationship.

Today, Ms Ridha is a familiar face picking up Marley, five, and Bela, three, from after-school Judaism classes (Cheder) and Friday is “even more special as I pray at noon in the mosque, and pray Shabbat in the evening with the children at dinner”.

Ms Ridha has even inspired Marley to want to learn about Islam and try on her nanny's headscarf.

She told the Standard: “I realised I was literally brainwashed to fear them [Jewish people], and literally misunderstood who they are.

“I thought my experiences need to be out there, someone needs to hear this stuff.

“In my culture it is a taboo to go and be a nanny in another man’s home, and also they were Jewish, it was a big thing.

“I love the family. They don’t treat me like ‘hey you work for us’, sometimes I'm just sitting downstairs with the baby watching Spongebob. We have a great time together."

City lawyer Tara Grossman, 35, said she thinks the student is “totally amazing”.

She said: “Just reading it [the blog post] I feel really proud, really proud of her. She’s just totally amazing, she really is. It was just lucky that we found each other. It wasn’t until I read it though that I thought how unusual the whole relationship really is.

“When we met Leyla, as a person she came across as so capable and so friendly, and we just offered her the job straight away.

“My daughter Marley and Leyla talk about religion, and they learn so much. We have Friday night dinner and do the bread and the candles, and she’ll come and sit with us, and I just find it so touching because there’s so much hatred out there.

“Last Chanukah, Leyla got presents for each day of Chanukah for the kids, even though we do Christmas presents for them. I was pregnant at the time and it just blew me away.

“It’s just so nice that we can have a relationship and be friends and family, and I think it’s really special. I would love her message to get out.”

This week Ms Ridha wrote a blog post for London-based platform The Muslim Vibe, stating: “If someone had told me just a few years ago that I, a Muslim student from Kuwait, would end up working for a Jewish family as their nanny, I’d never have believed them.

"Working with a Jewish family has allowed me to grow as a person, and I also believe I’ve helped the family grow too by looking at Islam from a new perspective. My understanding of the Jewish faith is something I now see as a privilege – a privilege many in the Middle East don’t have. It’s funny to think that it is accepting that job as a nanny that gave me all of this.”

A spokesperson for site said: “We hoped that by sharing one woman's beautiful journey of multi-culturalism, we could help foster a commitment from the wider community to tackle racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism."

Ms Ridha found the nanny role through Koru Kids, a platform matching working parents with flexible, part-time nannies for after-school hours, whose staff encouraged the student to share her story.

Founder and CEO Rachel Carrell, said: “I loved this story because it’s just such a great example of the way two cultures can be bridged... People are so desperate for good news at the moment and so that’s why I think it’s struck a chord.”


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British Muslims Can Swing the U.K. Election, But Only If They Get Out and Vote


UK: In December’s U.K. election, British Muslims represent a swing vote that few are paying attention to. The 2 million eligible Muslim voters in the U.K. have the ability to swing the result, one way or the other. As an imam, I’m encouraging my congregation to get out and vote, and not let Muslims be excluded from the British political conversation any longer.

In previous elections, the Muslim turnout has been relatively low. A parliamentary report last month found that voter registration amongst BAME communities was only half that of the general population. It may be even lower amongst some Muslim communities.

Yet if Muslims do get out to vote, their impact could be transformative in many parts of the U.K. Research just released by the Muslim Council of Britain, a non-partisan umbrella body, shows that both the major parties – the ruling Conservatives and the opposition Labour party – as well as niche parties like the pro-Scottish independence SNP could lose or gain seats through the Muslim vote.

There are 31 marginal seats where the Muslim electorate outnumbers the sitting member of parliament’s (MP’s) majority. In Conservative-held Hendon, for example, the ruling party’s majority is just 1,072. This is in a constituency with an estimated 8,395 eligible Muslim voters. On the other side of the political divide, Labour holds Glasgow North East by just 242 votes. If just a quarter of the 1010 eligible Muslim voters were to swing to the SNP, the Scottish Nationalists would have another seat in Westminster.

But this depends on Muslims registering to vote, something that is not a given in all communities. On Nov.22, organisations like the Muslim Council of Britain are staging the U.K.’s first ever National Muslim Voter Registration Day to encourage members of our community to exercise their democratic rights.

Many Muslims still feel excluded from the political process, which is hardly a surprise as the major parties have all but ignored the Muslim vote at the national level. This is systemic, but most notable with regards to the Conservative Party and its ongoing Islamophobia scandal. The Tories are accused of turning a blind eye to anti-Muslim hatred within the party’s ranks, and are refusing to hold an independent enquiry into it.


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CCN Readers' Book Club: You are what you read!









Exit West


Mohsin Hamid





In a country teetering on the brink of civil war, two young people meet—sensual, fiercely independent Nadia and gentle, restrained Saeed. They embark on a furtive love affair and are soon cloistered in a premature intimacy by the unrest roiling their city. When it explodes, turning familiar streets into a patchwork of checkpoints and bomb blasts, they begin to hear whispers about doors—doors that can whisk people far away, if perilously and for a price. As the violence escalates, Nadia and Saeed decide that they no longer have a choice. Leaving their homeland and their old lives behind, they find a door and step through.

Exit West follows these characters as they emerge into an alien and uncertain future, struggling to hold on to each other, to their past, to the very sense of who they are. Profoundly intimate and powerfully inventive, it tells an unforgettable story of love, loyalty, and courage that is both completely of our time and for all time.



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Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate
No Friend But the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison
The Baghdad Clock
Saïd the Fisherman
Through The Peacock Gate
English Translation of the Qur'an
Home Fire
The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State
The Cambridge Companion to Religion and Terrorism
Refuting ISIS: A Rebuttal Of Its Religious And Ideological Foundations
Islam in Europe
Understanding Sharia: Islamic Law in a Globalised World
From My Sisters' Lips
A Long Jihad: My Quest for the Middle Way
Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up
Step Up: Embrace the Leader Within
The Lebs
British Mosques
From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life
I, Migrant: A comedian's journey from Karachi to the outback

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KB's Culinary Corner





KB says: Looking to indulge in a chocolate cake without the guilt of consuming sugar and carbs, well this recipe is the answer..  


Healthy One Min Cake for One







1 egg
½ tab melted butter
1/5 cup almond flour
½ tsp baking powder
1-tab cocoa (or less)
1 full tab xylitol or 1-tab honey (according to taste).
A drop of vanilla essence

  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

  2. Place mixture in a greased ramekin container.

  3. Microwave for 1 min

  4. If the cake is not done, try another 30 seconds.

  5. When cool top with melted dark chocolate or fresh cream, or a combination of both.



Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?


Send in your favourite recipe to me at and be my "guest chef" for the week.






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Self-Care and Clarity of Mind...a weekly column by Princess Lakshman (Sister Iqra )





Princess Lakshman


Writer, Clarity Coach, Founder and Facilitator of Healing Words Therapy - Writing for Wellbeing




















Welcome to my weekly column on Self-Care and Clarity of Mind. If you’re taking time out to read this, pat yourself on the back because you have shown commitment to taking care of your mind and body.

Today, In Shaa ALLAH, we will explore the topic
“Respecting Psychological Personal Space”.

Self-Reflection is only possible when we spend moments in silence and create a personal space for ourselves whereby we are in complete immersion within our own being, in order to look back and learn from all that happened in the past several months.

Personal Space exists in two forms - physically and psychologically - when a person feels comfortable in a region surrounding them which they regard as their own. That region could exist within physical boundaries or within the mind. When this personal space is encroached upon, the person feels anger, frustration, discomfort or anxiety. Alhumdolillah, our Deen reminds us of this space with examples of our Prophet’s (SAW) retreats to the mountain caves and his regular practice of I’tikaf.

The fundamental thing to remember is that everyone has a right to personal space and no one has the right to encroach upon another’s personal space. Respecting one’s own personal space and that of others is vital if one wishes to live a joyful, peaceful and harmonious life.

Psychological Personal Space In Your Home

Often people may feel that the mosque is a preferred choice to practise self-reflection and connection with ALLAH. However, every Muslim’s home can be perceived as a sanctuary to practise self-reflection. Every member of your family is entitled to this space and must have respect when spending time in silence - bearing in mind that silence can also be practised while being in a room full of people. Respecting that psychological personal space is vital.

How to Respect Psychological Personal Space

As Muslims, we have a wonderful advantage in that we have been reminded countless times that a harmonious family unit is a compulsory prerequisite to having a harmonious Ummah. The question is, are we actually practising this? Look at the state of our Ummah and understand that it is a direct reflection of the state of your own family unit, your dealings with extended family members and the rest of the community.

Below are ways to be mindful and respectful of your own psychological personal space and that of others.

• Dedicate a time daily to be in your personal space. This is aside from Salah times.
• Let people around you know that you are retreating for some quiet time and you wish not to be disturbed.
• Whilst in quiet time, leave gadgets in a different room so that you are not disturbed by notification tones, texts or phone calls.
• Discuss the benefits of personal space as a family,
• If a family member practises being in their personal space whilst in a room full of other family members, DO NOT ask them why they are quiet. Let them be.
• During this practice, acknowledge and become aware of every part of your being and give thanks to ALLAH for this precious time of reflection.
• Minimise loud noises and distractions in the home so that people who are in practice of this time can feel more at peace.
• Go into the practice with an intention to know ALLAH better and find answers to questions that are on your mind.
• Encourage and support your family members to experience Psychological Personal Space daily.

A daily practice of psychological personal space will not only transform you as a person but also inspire people in your family and community to imbibe this practice. In a world where the terms ‘communication’ and ‘connection’ are reduced to defining the latest electronic gadgets, we are sadly the most disconnected Muslims to have dwelled on this earth.

Disconnect from the outside and connect within so that you may connect better with ALLAH.   

Download the above article

If you wish to know about a specific topic with regards to Self-Care and Clarity of Mind, please text or email me. If you wish to have a FREE one hour Finding Clarity telephone session, contact me on 0451977786




If you wish to know about a specific topic with regards to Self-Care and Clarity of Mind, please text or email me or visit If you wish to have a FREE one hour Finding Clarity telephone session, contact me on 0451977786.





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Keeping Fit with Kareema










My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786






Dear Kareema, thought to ask if you could just throw some general exercise advice out there?


• Set yourself some goals / objectives so you know which fitness route to take
• Set a strong foundation to build from
• Remember that goals can always be modified
• Stay committed, stay focused
• Always engage your core, especially while working out
• Personalise your workout style to suit you
• Take regular rest days
• Make exercise a habit
• Stay hydrated
• Get enough sleep
• Always have fun while working out, no matter how tough the workout routine is
• Surround yourself with like-minded people
• Reap the rewards!


Need an answer to a fitness related matter?

Send your question to Kareema at

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.




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The CCN Chuckle





Jallalludin's salary was $2000.


One month he received $2200 and he kept quiet.


The following month he received $1,800 and he went straight off to the HR Manager to complain.

The HR manager asked why he had not complained the previous month.

Jallalludin replied: "l normally forgive the first mistake but when you make a second mistake l do not tolerate."

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An Ayaat-a-Week






The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto [in degree]: but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah: for [Allah] does not love those who do wrong.


~ Surah Ash-Shura 42:40


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"I have lived a thousand lives

and loved a thousand loves.

I've walked on distant worlds

and seen the end of time,

because I read "



~ George R.R. Martin




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I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.


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Kuraby Masjid Needs YOU!

As part of the Masjid's vision to create an active, robust and thriving Muslim community, we are setting up various working groups.


These groups include (but are not limited to): Dawah, Technology & Social Media, Youth, Open Days/School Visits, Sisterhood, New Muslim Support.

Please go to the following website to register your interest:

If you would like to assist the Masjid in any other capacity, please contact us as per the details on our website.

































































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(07) 3272 8071 OR 0401 971 471



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Chicken supplied by ABD Poultry

No pork or alcohol on premises





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Donations & Appeals








Holland Park Mosque Safety Fundraising Drive 








This historic 111 years old mosque was unfortunately targeted today with threatening graffiti, symbols of hatred and reference to the Christchurch terrorist. Sadly, in recent times these hate crimes have become common and many of our patrons have been victims of abuse, threats and even bottles thrown at them.

We are an open and welcoming mosque. We want peace and wish to keep the community safe. After the repeated attacks we are looking to upgrade the security of the mosque to include more cameras, security locks and gates.

The Australian community has always shown great support, for which we are very thankful for and proud to call Australia our home.

We welcome people from all communities to join us and stop hatred and spread the message of peace and love!

Please help us collect these much needed funds and show the offenders that peace and love will always win!









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"If it's not here's not happening!"l)

To claim your date for your event email






(Click on link)






23 March 2020





(Ascension night)

27th Rajab 1441



10 April 2020(tentative)




(Lailatul Bahrat)

15th Sha'baan 1441



25 April 2020(tentative)




(Start of the month of fasting)

1st Ramadaan 1441



21 May 2020(tentative)




(Night of Power)

27th Ramadaan 1441



25 May 2020(tentative)




(End of the month of fasting)

1st Shawal 1441



31 July 2020(tentative)




(Day of Arafah)

9th Zil-Hijjah 1441



1 August 2020(tentative)




10th Zil-Hijja 1441



21 August 2020(tentative)




(Islamic New Year)

1st Muharram 1442



30 August 2020 (tentative)




10th Muharram 1442



30 October 2020





(Birth of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1442





1. All Islamic Event dates given above are supplied by the Council of Imams QLD (CIQ) and are provided as a guide and are tentative and subject to the sighting of the moon.


2. The Islamic date changes to the next day starting in the evenings after maghrib. Therefore, except for Lailatul Mehraj, Lailatul Bhahraat and Lailatul Qadr - these dates refer to the commencement of the event starting in the evening of the corresponding day.



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Bald Hills, Brisbane




Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane 

39 Bushmills Court, Hillcrest Qld 4118


Download the programme here.










Masjid As Sunnah



Every Sunday Quran Tafsir or Islamic Lesson or Arabic Class.
After Magrib
Conducting by Imam Yahia Baej

Children Arabic/Quran Class every Tue-Wed-Thursday after Magrib




Nuria Khataam
Date: Every last Wednesday of the month
Time: After Esha Salaat
Venue: Algester Mosque
Contact: Yahya
Ph: 0403338040















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Karratha Muslims (Muslims in Western Australia)

Islam TV Recording of lectures and events in and around Queensland

Muslim Directory Australia

Carers Queensland Free service for multicultural clients who are carers, elderly and people with disabilities

Brisbane Muslim Burial Society (BMBS)

Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF) Coordinated collection & distribution of: Zakaah, Lillah, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Unwanted interest

Islamic Medical Association of Queensland (IMAQ)

Network of Muslim healthcare professionals

Al-Imdaad Foundation (Australia)

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 Funeral Directors & Funeral Fund Managers for the Brisbane and Gold Coast communities

Islamic Society of Bald Hills (ISBH) : Masjid Taqwa

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Muslim Community & Qld floods

How the community helped out during the 2010 QLD floods

The CCN Young Muslim Writers Award (Facebook)

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Peak body representing a network of Muslim women's organisations and individuals throughout Australia

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