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The Brisbane aspiring leaders selected for the tour: Uzair Shuaib, Faruk Bilgen, Ayman Ali, Hamza Djogic, and Luqman Akbar



Human Appeal International have taken young man on a tour of four  cities Makkah, Medina, Amman and Turkey. They will be travelling from 4th to 21st February 2020.


The initiative, started in 2015, is aimed at creating a group of "remarkable leaders who would have a positive impact on the world and change it for the better."




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In a symbolic gesture Principal Christine Harman of the Australian International Islamic College encouraged female staff and students to get involved in World Hijab Day, requesting a gold coin donation from students who wished to wear their favourite and vibrant hijab away from the standard white uniform hijab.

The hijab is a headscarf commonly worn by Muslim women and signifies modesty which is a core component in the Islamic faith for both genders. World Hijab Day at AIIC was a day to stand in solidarity with Muslim women all around the world.

AIIC renowned hijab stylist Sofia Ali managed to take great care of our non-Muslim staff members by demonstrating an impromptu hijab tutorial on the day.

World Hijab Day is an annual event occurring every 1st day of February, founded by Nazima Khan back in 2013. It’s a day to encourage and empower women from all different faiths and backgrounds to unite against being vilified and discriminated.

Collectively, AIIC raised $200 and all proceeds will go towards the bushfire appeal.





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ICV vice president and AMAN Board Member, Adel Salman interviewed by Virginia Trioli on ABC Mebourne



The Islamic Council of Victoria is calling on the Federal Government to bolster laws around vilification as part of the proposed religious discrimination bill.

Their comments come after Liberal backbencher Concetta Fierravanti-Wells said the bill was flawed and should be scrapped.

"Our biggest issue is around a clear absence in the bill, and that is around the issue of vilification," the council’s vice president Adel Salman told Virigina Trioli.

In December last year Attorney-General Christian Porter redrafted the bill because of criticism from religious groups.

Mr Porter says the bill will be put before Parliament after another round of consultation.


The Guardian



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Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) opened one of its flagship sustainable projects - the MAA International Primary School (MIPS), in partnership with Fathi The Opening, in the Republic of Vanuatu.

"MAA continues it's commitment to provide humanitarian aid in this oft-neglected part of the world, where on average, a child walks at least 4km a day to attend school," MAA's Riyaad Ally told CCN.

'Fathi The Opening' is a charity initiative, begun by family members in memory of their young brother Fathi Karra-Hassan, who passed away in Sydney in early 2017.

MIPS will not only provide free education to the locals, but also focus on long-term sustainability by being a site for sustainable agriculture and vocational training. It will also address the healthcare and water and sanitation issues that the community faces.

Vanuatu - located west of Fiji, is famous for gorgeous islands, active volcanoes and a very-intact Melanesian culture, especially on the remote volcanic island of Tanna.






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Academy Alive on Air







Every Monday at 8 pm IMAMS CORNER
With Sheikh Uzair Akbar starting Monday 17 February. Available on both SoundCloud and YouTube. Like and follow Imams Corner on Facebook to stay up to date!


Academy Alive returned to the air with an insightful PODCAST with Galila Abdelsalam, CEO and Founder of IWAA. Discussing early life in Australia, the drive and passion behind, building an organisation which assists the most vulnerable within our community.


Galila Abdelsalam OAM | An initiative that grew with the community





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ISQ monthly Mawlid






The Islamic Society of Queensland Inc. again held its monthly Mawlid program at the Rochedale masjid on Logan Rd Eight Mile Plain on Saturday 8th February from magrib to esha.

The program was hosted by a long time member of the Society, Dr.Aktar (Kuraby Dentist) and his family who dedicated the dua to their family members who had passed away. Dr.Aktar's 10 year old son, recited the Surah Yaseen during the program and masha allah, he did a great job.

Imam Jaffar was the chief guest who delivered the key note address during the program focusing his talk on the beneficial knowledge in Islam. He reminded all present the significance of passing on this beneficial Islamic knowledge to the younger generation and how important it is for all Muslims to keep attaining this knowledge daily every day of their lives, Insha Allah.

Despite a very wet and rainy afternoon, the turnout at the Rochedale masjid was better than was expected as more than 150 people turned up and enjoyed a delicious dinner after esha and socialised after the program.

Members and all attendees are encouraged to join the Society by paying their membership to the Committee members or by downloading the membership registration form from the website.

The Society continues to host these monthly Mawlid programs every second Saturday of the month, during which a learned Imam or Moulana is invited to present a key note lecture on the important topic.


The Society invites members or any Muslim brother or sister in the area who would like to host the program, as a dua for their family, to contact any of the Committee members and book their spot for the calendar year.


Reported by Raj Raaz (0402651045)
Secretary ISQ Inc.




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The right-wing anti-Islam organisation Q Society of Australia has announced it will deregister itself because religious freedom legislation will make it "an easy target for hostile litigation" and put its board members at risk of being sued.

A letter to "members and supporters" sent out this week by Q Society president Debbie Robinson says the group decided at its last AGM to voluntarily deregister its incorporated organisation by the end of the financial year.

Q Society, which has been criticised as Islamophobic, is registered in Victoria as a non-profit.

Ms Robinson’s letter says Q Society has lost so much financial support it can barely cover the costs of insurance, statutory compliance and office administration.

But it also cites the risks of "federal legislation concerning religious 'tolerance' ... likely to change this year".
"As a consequence, the incorporated association will become an easy target for hostile litigation.

"The risk for board members being sued for criticising Islam becomes unsustainable."

Attorney-General Christian Porter is reviewing submissions on the second exposure drafts of the Religious Freedom Bills, released just before Christmas. The proposed legislation, a response to the religious freedoms review of 2018, is controversial among many faith-based groups, and the LGBTI lobby.

While intended to protect religious people from discrimination, some argue the legislation does not go far enough to grant positive rights to people of faith, while others argue it will allow religious groups to discriminate against people, notably LGBTI Australians.

Q Society made headlines in 2017 when it hosted a fundraiser with singer Angry Anderson, cartoonist Larry Pickering and former federal MP Ross Cameron.

Pickering told the gathering he couldn’t "stand Muslims" and said he started shaking "if they are in the same street as me".

He then joked that "they are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings" – an apparent reference to the treatment of gay men under ISIS.

A cartoon by Pickering, depicting the rape of a niqab-covered woman by her son-in-law, was auctioned at the dinner, which was to raise funds for the defence of a defamation action brought by Halal certifier Mohamed Al-Mouelhy.

But Q Society has always rejected charges of Islamophobia. Its website says it was "formed in response to growing concerns about the discrimination, violence and other anti-democratic practices linked to Islam".

Federal MP George Christensen attended a Q Society fundraiser in 2017, saying he was there to push back against the "erosion of free speech" by the left.

The newsletter from Ms Robinson says Q Society will continue to operate via Facebook, a newsletter, and a US-based website. Q Society did not respond to requests for comment.





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She's the AFLW star breaking down barriers.


GWS midfielder Haneen Zreika was the first, and to date only, player of a Muslim background to contest the league.




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The federal government has announced funding for two initiatives aimed at promoting diversity.

Two-time AFL premiership player Bachar Houli's goal to encourage Islamic youth leaders has earned an $850,000 federal grant for a new home.

The devout Muslim and Richmond defender will lead youth programs at the Australian Islamic Centre's new interfaith centre.

It will have eight classrooms, education programs, a library and gym.

"We are very, very passionate about making a difference in society," he said while accepting the federal money for the centre on Friday.

"(It is) being that role model for all kids, not just Muslim kids, growing up in Australia."

The cash adds to the $1 million already raised by the Muslim community for the centre.

On Friday the Federal Government also announced $3 million for the Anti-Defamation Commission to roll out the "Click Against Hate" education program to 500 schools nationally.

This social media program, already in 150 schools, teaches primary and secondary students how to tackle racism, hatred and defamation.

"We know that the incidence of Islamophobia and anti-semitism have risen dramatically across the community," Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said.

"That is why these programs are so important."




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The CCN Classifieds








Muslim Funeral Services Ltd provides funeral director services to the Muslim community across South East Queensland.

We have a position available for a male assistant to work on a part-time, on-call basis, with our team to facilitate with the funeral arrangements.

Duties will include driving for all transfers, assist with the preparation of the grave, assist with the Ghusl and liaise with the family of the deceased.

No specific experience is necessary but the ability to work with a team, be available on-call, be empathetic and have a driver’s licence are essential.

For further details, including remuneration please contact Yusuf Chothia on 0404 834 786 or via email










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Topic: 'Rewards & Benefits of Quran'”

In this show Imam Mohamed Ali (Imam of the Gold Coast Mosque and graduate from the renowned Al Azhar university in Egypt) will address questions that you wish answered.

Send your questions to



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Real chat with Rita




Opinion by Rita Markwell, Policy Advisor of Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN)



Apology anniversary special:

The real issue with Closing the Gap


from a former Rudd Government adviser




When I was 24 years old, I was volunteering at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Redfern, and told my mother on the phone, that I was sick of ‘putting on bandaids’ when the damage was far deeper. My mother had been a community development worker (masquerading as an adult literacy teacher because community development workers were rarely funded) with Aboriginal women on the Tweed, opening up my heart to a shared experience that would impassion me towards social justice.

But when I saw the advertisement for an ‘Indigenous affairs adviser’ to the Labor spokesperson at the time, who also happened to be Labor Leader in the Senate, Chris Evans, I simultaneously gravitated to what I saw as a ‘dream job’ and recoiled at the idea of being another non-Indigenous person being a rescuer and taking a job that should be taken by an Indigenous candidate.

I wrestled with this dilemma at the time, before a non-Indigenous friend who gave her heart and soul to being a solicitor and prisoner liaison, Keppie Waters, told me, ‘If you don’t go for it, some other white person just trying to advance their career will…. You have the heart. Go for it.’

This was the same friend who practically rewrote my job application because I was so emotionally affected by injustice. I also had a law degree but it would take a while for me to realise that I had to apply for jobs like a dispassionate lawyer.

Alhamdulillah, that same friend met up with me before the interview with the Senator, to give me a final boost, as I walked up that Sydney CBD hill in my crumpled suit that I’d bought from the Salvation Army shop the day before.

When I received the phone call to say I had been successful, I again mentioned my fear of taking the job from an Indigenous person, and the warm hearted Chief of Staff remarked they did have a superior candidate to me who also happened to be Indigenous, but she had since taken a better job. Did I want the post or not?

I thought back to the encouragement I received in the past from Aunty Joyce, an Indigenous elder whom to this day still lives and gives so much to the Tweed community. She had joked that someday I would be Prime Minister… oh dear, if only she knew the fire I was about to throw myself into.

However there is a refinement, growth, that comes from being in an intense fire. It sharpens all your tools. It wasn’t good for my health or my spirit, but I learnt a lot. Probably not as much as I would have liked at the time, but over the years, I’ve been able to reflect more as the heart ache has subdued…


With my friend Keppie Waters on the Day of the Apology


I started working on building relationships and learning as much as I could from the ‘stakeholders’ and the ‘sector’. That was 2005. By 2007, Kevin Rudd had slided into power. The first act of his parliament was to apologise. One day I will write about the process of creating the Apology and the event as I experienced it first hand in the chamber, and moving about the Parliament Grounds where there were crowds and crowds of Australians, together in tears.

But this piece today is about the Closing the Gap targets which I helped to bring to the table through my engagement with the ATSI Social justice commissioner and other stakeholders at the time – people who first formulated the idea of making governments fiercely accountable.

After being in opposition, I had seen the incredible arrogance and lack of care that comes about when there is no consequence for poor policy decision making.

That was the impetus for those targets. Now more than ten years on, with only two of the targets on track (early childhood enrolment and high school completion), there is more navel gazing once a year, about why ‘things aren’t working’.

The knowledge I gained in those 5 years of working so closely with Indigenous leaders, was that the protective factors of culture, healing from trauma, spirituality, community connectivity, women’s business, men’s business – all done in ways that local groups want and need to do it, needed major support.

The national narrative also needed changing. Constitutional recognition, treaty.

The problem with the Closing the Gap targets is that a system of accountability and evaluation became the guiding policy framework. At its heart, it is a deficit framework. The guiding policy framework needs to play to strengths and be guided by Indigenous knowledge.

The good thing is that now there is a Indigenous, Indigenous Australians Minister, the Hon. Ken Wyatt MP. He might actually value evidence-based projects focused on cultural renewal, even if it doesn’t fit a government box. But relying on one person is never enough. The whole system needs to pivot, and an Indigenous voice, as captured in the Uluru Statement, has to be enlivened.




Sister Rita Jabri-Markwell is an advocate, community supporter and connecter. She is allergic to cats, but has a cute human family. she can be reached at





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The 2020 Muslim 500








“Seeing to the welfare of people is more effective than the use of force. It has been said that the crown of a leader is his integrity, his stronghold is his impartiality and his wealth is the welfare of his people.”


“Every Nigerian ought to promote unity in their communities regardless of their religious differences.”


1804 CE – is the year the Sokoto Caliphate was founded

70 million – Muslims look to His Royal Eminence as their spiritual leader.

Muhammadu Sa’adu Abubakar III

Sultan of Sokoto

Amirul Mu’minin Sheikh as Sultan Muhammadu Sa’adu Abubakar III is the 20th Sultan of Sokoto. As Sultan of Sokoto, he is considered the spiritual leader of Nigeria’s 85.5 million Muslims, who account for roughly 50 percent of the nation’s population. Al- though the position of Sultan of Sokoto has become largely ceremonial, the holder is still a central figure for Nigerian Muslims.

Lineage Back to Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio: The Sultan of Sokoto is the spiritual leader of Nigeria’s enormous Muslim community. He gains this position by lineage. Abubakar is the 20th heir to the two-century-old throne founded by his ancestor, Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio. Dan Fodio (1754-1817 CE) was a scholar, leader of the Maliki school of Islam and the Qadiri branch of Sufism, and Islamic reformer of the nineteenth century. Dan Fodio believed that Islam should have a more central role in the life of the people of West Africa and led an uprising to institute the changes he sought. His figure and his writings are a very important chapter in the history of Islam in West Africa, and Abubakar, by lineage, holds a key place in West African Islam, and particularly for the Fulani and Hausa people who followed Dan Fodio.

An Illustrious Family: The position currently does carry with it some weight—though largely ceremonial since British colonial rule diminished its political significance. Much of this clout is derived from the respect that was earned by Siddiq Abu Bakar Dan Usman—17th Sultan and father of Abubakar— who held the Sultanate for over fifty years. The rule of Abubakar’s father from 1938 to 1988 earned the position significant social capital and popularity with ordinary Muslims.

Administrative Power: Abubakar holds important administrative influence in Nigerian religious life. Abubakar is the titular ruler of Sokoto in northern Nigeria and is also the head of the Nigerian National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs. Leadership of this council means that the Sultan of Sokoto remains the only figure that can legitimately claim to speak on behalf of all Nigerian Muslims. This role has become increasingly influential over the years with a rise in interreligious tensions between Nigeria’s Muslim majority north and Christian-majority south.

Current Issues: The Sultan has started many initiatives to counter and reduce the influence of Boko Haram. He has also worked to strengthen Muslim-Christian ties by inviting an international joint Muslim Christian Delegation to visit Nigeria.




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by Salih Yucel


Abstract: İbrahim Dellal (1932-2018) was a community activist and played a pioneering role in establishing religious and educational institutions after his arrival in Melbourne in early 1950.


As the grandson of a late Ottoman mufti, being educated at the American Academy, a Baptist missionary school in Cyprus, clashed at times with his traditional upbringing based on Islam, service and Ottoman patriotism. İbrahim’s parents, especially his mother, raised their son to be Osmanli Efendisi, an Ottoman gentleman.


He was raised to be loyal to his faith and dedicated to his community. I met him in the late 80s in Sydney and discovered he was an important community leader, a ‘living history’, perhaps the most important figure in the Australian Muslim community

since the mid-20th century.


He was also one of the founders of Carlton and Preston mosques, which were the first places of worship in Victoria. I wrote his biography and published it in 2010. However, later I found he had more stories related to Australian Muslim heritage.


First, this article will analyse İbrahim’s untold stories from his unrevealed archives that I collected. Second, İbrahim’s traditional upbringing, which was a combination of Western education and Ottoman Efendisi, will be critically evaluated. He successfully amalgamated Eurocentric education and Islamic way of life. Finally, his poetry, which reflects his thoughts, will be discussed.



Over the weeks, CCN highlights extracts from the Australian Journal of Islamic Studies which is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarly study of Islam




....continued from last week's CCN




In 1984, İbrahim visited his maternal aunt, Cemaliye, in Mersin, a city in the southern part of Turkey. His grandfather owned property in Mersin and Iskenderun, both coastal towns in southern Anatolia. İbrahim’s aunt and uncle had moved to Anatolia to manage the family’s properties and conduct business.

When Ibrahim visited his aunt, he felt as though he had been reunited with his mother. The elderly aunt spoke at length about what had occurred during her lifetime. İbrahim called her ‘a living history’ and watched her cry over the stories she told. She was like a mother to İbrahim.

He stayed with his aunt for a day and described his life in Australia. İbrahim explained the opportunities awaiting the settlers were a blessing as was the natural beauty of Australia.

However, what he loved most about Australia was the opportunity to serve the community. He stated,

I was helpful to the first migrant Turks and other ethnic migrants such as the Greeks. I would help in translation, finding them homes, jobs, organising the community and religious events, building mosques. This is my satisfaction and a part of my life that I love. If I do not make these a part of my life, I feel greatly bothered.

Cemaliye revealed a secret of Dellal’s family. She said, “my darling do you know why you love to serve your religion, the community and humanity?” İbrahim was silent for a while and felt his aunt wanted to say an important thing. She continued, “It is the primordial nature of descendants of the Prophet to serve the religion and humanity. I have a secret about our family which I would like to share with you. We are Sayyids, the descendants of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).”

This was the last time İbrahim saw his aunt. Her death in 1985 caused İbrahim great sadness.

However, his belief in the Hereafter remained strong. He knew that life in this world is temporary and no one will live forever. He also knew only the deeds of that person would remain on this planet after the soul has departed.

İbrahim kept their Sayyidhood secret even from his family. During my interviews in 2008, I noticed all his uncles were named with the common names of Sayyids. I already knew his family had some connection with Arabs. When I asked him if his grandfather had any relation with the descendants of the Prophet. He said “yes,” but did not want me to include this in his biography. I think he did not want this revealed because of his humble character.


Last September, he was sick and during a conversion with a group of visitors, he unintentionally revealed his family had biological connections with the Prophet. Sayyid, as a title, is used often for Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and his descendants. The Prophet first used the title Sayyid for himself  and then gave it directly to his grandson Hasan.


In Islamic literature, it is an honorific title denoting male accepted as descendants of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Contemporary Islamic scholar Said Nursi (d.1960) considers the Prophet’s descendants the centre for the spiritual, moral progress of the ‘World of Islam’ and the source and guardians of the Prophet’s practices. Also, they are charged with complying with the Prophet sunnah in every respect.

Most of the Sayyids do not want to be identified as İbrahim. He even did not tell his children until the age of 86 when he was very sick and had had two surgeries. He felt a moral responsibility to reveal his family genealogy.









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Op-Eds; Commentaries & Blogs





S2E2: Palestine Pt 2 – 1400 OMG

By Prof Saeed Khan





Over the next few episodes, in Season 2, we will dive deep into the events that led to the formation of the State of Israel. Together, we will understand the roots of the Palestine-Israel Conflict, and understand the history of this important region of the Muslim world.




The British needed allies in the Ottoman Empire to divide/fracture it. They found their ally in Sharif Husayn. Sharif Husayn is the appointed custodian of Mecca/Medina, or governor of Hijaz.

Despite being appointed by the Ottoman Empire, Husayn does not see eye to eye with them. Husayn, along with Faisal of Iraq, is convinced of the importance of unity among Arab speaking regions of the Ottoman Empire.

This nationalist sentiment is augmented by anti-Turkic movements in Arab provinces, aided by the public reaction to Jamal Pasha’s hanging of 15 intellectuals and poets in Damascus, and another 21 in Beirut. Husayn has support in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and among nationalists in Egypt….. 





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 First Turkish - American police chief,


Ibrahim “Mike” Baycora, takes office,


swearing on Quran










 She was the FIRST Muslim Nurse


The Muslim Lady

OnePath Network



Long before Florence Nightingale founded modern day nursing, a virtuous woman from Madinah emerged as an expert practicing nurse. Her name was Rufaida Al-Aslamiyah.

She was the FIRST Muslim Nurse in history. This is her story.








 How Americans view Islam










It is the usual policy of CCN to include notices of events, video links and articles that some readers may find interesting or relevant. Such notices are often posted as received. Including such messages/links or providing the details of such events does not necessarily imply endorsement or agreement by CCN of the contents therein.


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To know the future just look to the past





Australia's Afghan cameleers' forgotten history revived by their living relatives


Cameleers, Aboriginals, and Europeans in Coolgardie between 1892 and 1900. (Supplied: State Library of Western Australia)


....continued from last week's CCN


Children at risk

Mr Rind's great grandmother Marian tragically died giving birth to her fourth child, leaving Goolam alone to raise them.

Indigenous children of mixed heritage were taken into missions and were often never allowed to see their families again, so Mr Rind said his great grandfather took drastic action to keep his young family safe.


Afghan cameleers in traditional attire playing music at a feast in Coolgardie in 1898. (Supplied: National Library of Australia)

"He called his brother and sent them back to India where they grew up, got married, and had kids," he said.

Goolam stayed in WA until 1935 when he went back to India to be with his children.

In the early 1970s, the Rind family proved their Aboriginality and were allowed to come back to Australia.

Mr Rind said he was proud of his mixed heritage and wanted to see the stories like his ancestors preserved and remembered.

An ancestor of an Indian cameleer has done just that.






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Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 14 February 2020

TOPIC: "Transforming the “Ritual” into the “Spiritual”"

IMAM: Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh









Listen live with the TuneIn app at


Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 14 February 2020

TOPIC: "Traps of Shatan"
IMAM: Ahmad Naffa












Friday lecture (sermon)

 DATE: 14 February 2020


IMAM: Uzair Akbar














Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 14 February 2020

TOPIC: "The smart one prepares for the inevitable"

IMAM: AbdurRaheem Haase











Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 14 February 2020

TOPIC: "What number does Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stand in our life"

IMAM: Mufti Junaid Akbar


Lecture Recording









Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 14 February 2020

TOPIC: "What is Taqwa"

IMAM: Mufti Musayyib (visiting Imam from Auckland)









IISNA MyCentre


Masjid Aisha




Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 14 February 2020

TOPIC: "What is Taqwa"

IMAM: Akram Buksh








Click here for list



Brisbane CBD new Salaah facility

Venue: 1st floor, 138 Albert Street, Brisbane

1st session :  12:20 PM

2nd session : 12:50 PM

At present, there are STRICTLY NO wudhu facilities at the premises, so in the interim, brothers are requested to perform their wudhu prior to coming through for salaah








The CCN Chuckle





Jallalludin walked into the produce section of his local supermarket and asked to buy half a head of lettuce.


The boy working in the produce department told him that they only sold whole heads of lettuce.

Jallalludin was insistent that the boy ask the manager about the matter.


Walking into the back room, the boy said to the manager, “Some old idiot outside wants to buy half a head of lettuce”.

As he finished his sentence, he turned around to find that Jallalludin had followed and was standing right behind him, so the boy quickly added, “and this brother kindly offered to buy the other half”.

The manager approved the deal and Jallalludin went on his way.

Later, the manager said to the boy, “I was impressed with the way you got yourself out of that situation earlier, we like people who can think on their feet here, which school did you go to son?”

“Winston Boys Grammar, sir,” the boy replied.

“Why did you leave Winston's?” the manager asked.

The boy said, “Sir, there’s nothing but thieves and cricket players there.”

“Is that right?” replied the manager, “I was educated at Winston's!”

“Really?” replied the boy, “Which team did you play for?”

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Self-Care and Clarity of Mind...a weekly column by Princess Lakshman (Sister Iqra )





Princess Lakshman


Writer, Clarity Coach, Founder and Facilitator of Healing Words Therapy - Writing for Wellbeing





















If you wish to know about a specific topic with regards to Self-Care and Clarity of Mind, please text or email me. If you wish to have a FREE one hour Finding Clarity telephone session, contact me on 0451977786







DOWNLOAD Muslimah Reflections - my new ebook of poetry and affirmations

Muslimah Mind Matters videos : available on YouTube

DOWNLOAD Muslimah Reflections - my new ebook of poetry and affirmations

DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Self-Care Guide For Muslimahs

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DOWNLOAD Muslimah Meditation Moments - audio files for self-awareness meditation.


If you wish to know about a specific topic with regards to Self-Care and Clarity of Mind, please text or email me or visit If you wish to have a FREE one hour Finding Clarity telephone session, contact me on 0451977786.


















FREE E-Book Muslimah Mind Matters - The Ultimate Self-Care Guide For Muslimah click here.




Welcome to my weekly column on Self-Care and Clarity of Mind. If you’re taking time out to read this, pat yourself on the back because you have shown commitment to taking care of your mind and body.

Today, In Shaa ALLAH, we will explore the topic: T
he Four Ts Of Marriage - Trust, Touch, Talk, Time

One of the most challenging aspects of life is to successfully “manage” a marriage. I use the term manage because marriage is like an enterprise that directly affects many stakeholders and indirectly affects the whole world around us. Managing a marriage requires the skills set known as The Four Ts of Marriage - Trust, Touch, Talk and Time.

ALMIGHTY ALLAH enjoins a man and a woman in marriage, a union so beautiful in every way. Admittedly, it is not always a bed of roses. When a married couple can help each other develop the skills set required to manage their marriage, the entire family, extended family, community and the Ummah benefit. Having repetitive problems in your marriage may be a sign that one or more of the these four vital ingredients may be lacking in some way.

How To Cultivate The Four Ts -Trust, Touch, Talk and Time - in Your Marriage

1. Look your spouse in the eye when you communicate. There is no barrier when you are together. ALLAH has enjoined you in marriage and permitted you to communicate openly. Looking in the eye when communicating reaffirms trust. Trust happens when you know there is no deception, no danger. Trust happens when you feel safe with each other.

2. Listen to the reply when she/he speaks. REALLY LISTEN. Do not formulate a response while she/he is speaking. Do not interrupt. Become fully engaged. Curb your urge to correct or argue. You will have your time afterwards to respond appropriately. First LISTEN. Listening shows that you are trustworthy.

3. Protect each other’s honour. Guard it fiercely. Do not speak ill of your spouse to another person, even if that person is a close family member. Remind yourself that ALLAH is watching you if you backbite about your spouse. If the matter is serious and your spouse’s behaviour concerns you, seek appropriate guidance and professional help. Speaking ill about your spouse shows your poor character - it doesn’t fix your marriage. Keep your trust intact by not speaking ill about each other.

4. Be vulnerable with each other and respect each other’s fears and sentiments. Fear is very real to the person experiencing it. Being vulnerable with each other and discussing your fears builds your trust. You do not have to encourage it but you need to show sensitivity that it is real to the person experiencing it. Never use their vulnerabilities against your spouse. They trusted you with that sensitive information. Keep it a secret between you and guard that information. For example, “I know it makes you fearful when you think about our new baby. It is overwhelming for both of us. I am with you all the way. I am so pleased that you are trying your very best. That is all that matters. Allah rewards efforts not results. Keep doing your best.”


5. Embrace each other daily, in private, and let your spouse know how grateful you are for your marriage. Thank your spouse regularly for being your soulmate. Expressing gratitude increases positivity in your marriage.

6. Touch your spouse’s heart by admiring or paying a compliment. Your spouse feels nice every time you compliment him/her.

7. Touch your spouse’s soul with a soulful concern, such as, “What matters to you most in life?” Understand the response given and honour those wishes. Knowing what matters most to your spouse helps you understand what you can do to fulfil his/her wishes.


8. Have a private conversation daily to check on each other. Don’t assume that if your spouse hasn’t said anything everything must be fine. Perhaps there are things that your spouse maybe bottling up or is fearful of expressing. Having a private chat can help open up your communication and strengthen your marriage.

9. Talk with gratitude and positivity. Do not bring up past arguments/ negative events when addressing a new issue. Be clear from the beginning of any discussion that the topic of discussion is to remain a specific one and you both need to respect that rule. For example, if you need to discuss the budget for your next family vacation, it is NOT advisable to talk about how the last vacation was horrible because one of you forgot to book a hotel and ended up staying with the in-laws!

10. Talk with respect and understanding. Emphasize on each other’s good points. Dwelling on mistakes or negative traits will only put stress on your relationship. Instead, acknowledge that you are human hence you have your own shortcomings. Similarly, your spouse may slip every now and then too. Say sorry, forgive and move on.

11. Be mindful when you are talking about those who are important to your spouse. Speak well about the people who matter to your spouse. You may not get along with all the people who matter to your spouse and that is fine. There is no obligation to get along. However there is an obligation to show respect. If you speak ill about people who matter to him/her, it is hurtful. Causing your spouse hurt will eventually turn the relationship sour.


12. Time spent together in private must be for each other, not on gadgets and not on any other chores. Give undivided attention to each other. Multi-tasking is a wonderful skill but NOT when you are communicating with your spouse. No matter how important certain chores or tasks may seem, remember ALWAYS that your marriage is more important than any task you are concerned about.

13. Spend COUPLE TIME at least once a week where you are by yourselves for a couple of hours to share an activity you both love. This increases your compatibility.

14. Spend time with each other in glorifying ALLAH and discussing the beauty of our religion. Help each other follow ALLAH’s commandment that the husband is the guardian of the family. The wife is created equal and has different responsibilities. Following this commandment increases harmony in the home. Disharmony creeps in when these roles are reversed.

In Shaa ALLAH, next week we will explore the topic: Replacing Regret With Gratitude

Download the above article



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CCN Readers' Book Club: You are what you read!









An Unnecessary Woman



Rabih Alameddine





One of Beirut’s most celebrated voices, Rabih Alameddine follows his international bestseller, The Hakawati, with a heartrending novel that celebrates the singular life of an obsessive introvert, revealing Beirut’s beauties and horrors along the way.

Aaliya Sohbi lives alone in her Beirut apartment, surrounded by stockpiles of books. Godless, fatherless, divorced, and childless, Aaliya is her family’s "unnecessary appendage.” Every year, she translates a new favourite book into Arabic, then stows it away. The thirty-seven books that Aaliya has translated have never been read—by anyone. After overhearing her neighbours, "the three witches,” discussing her too-white hair, Aaliya accidentally dyes her hair too blue.

In this breathtaking portrait of a reclusive woman’s late-life crisis, readers follow Aaliya’s digressive mind as it ricochets across visions of past and present Beirut. Insightful musings on literature, philosophy, and art are invaded by memories of the Lebanese Civil War and Aaliya’s volatile past. As she tries to overcome her aging body and spontaneous emotional upwellings, Aaliya is faced with an unthinkable disaster that threatens to shatter the little life she has left.

A love letter to literature and its power to define who we are, the gifted Rabih Alameddine has given us a nuanced rendering of a single woman's reclusive life in the Middle East.






Would you like to see the cover of your favourite book on our book shelves below?

Then simply email the title and author to

CCN's Bookshelf

Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate
No Friend But the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison
The Baghdad Clock
Saïd the Fisherman
Through The Peacock Gate
English Translation of the Qur'an
Home Fire
The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State
The Cambridge Companion to Religion and Terrorism
Refuting ISIS: A Rebuttal Of Its Religious And Ideological Foundations
Islam in Europe
Understanding Sharia: Islamic Law in a Globalised World
From My Sisters' Lips
A Long Jihad: My Quest for the Middle Way
Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up
Step Up: Embrace the Leader Within
The Lebs
British Mosques
From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life
I, Migrant: A comedian's journey from Karachi to the outback

CCN's favourite books »


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KB's Culinary Corner





KB says: Originating from South Africa this is a traditional milk tart recipe that is relatively easy to make and tastes great if you are looking for something new to try. 


Milk Tart or Melktert





Ingredients for the base
100g butter
½ cup sugar
1 egg
2 tsp baking powder
2 cups flour

Gently mix together to form the dough.
Pat into your milk tart tray and bake at 180c for 15 mins.

Ingredients for the custard
4 cups milk
⅔ cup Sugar
3 eggs
3 tblsp flour
3 tblsp maizena/cornflour
1 tsp butter
1 tsp vanilla essence

Heat milk and remove from heat.
Beat eggs and sugar and add to the milk.
Fold in maziena and flour and mix well.
Return to heat and cook until the custard thickens.
Remove from heat and add 1tsp butter and 1 tsp vanilla essence.
Pour over base and sprinkle cinnamon powder over the top.
Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.
Serve cold.




Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?


Send in your favourite recipe to me at and be my "guest chef" for the week.




Baba's Halal Kitchen


(Hussain Baba is the host and chef of *BABA’S HALAL KITCHEN*, a show where he uses his own unique style to cook 'Quick, Easy and Delicious' dishes.)


 Minced Beef Eggplant

(Cantonese style)










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Keeping Fit with Kareema










My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786





Q: Dear Kareema, I’m contemplating joining a gym and was wondering what the benefits would be, rather than just working out on my own?

A: Workouts with others improves consistency (which is key) because they involve a commitment.


Being part of a group will also provide motivation and accountability to show up.


You’re more likely to stay and complete the class even if it gets tough, and it carries a plethora of intertwined benefits which will inspire you to keep on going on..

None of this is to say to shouldn’t workout on your own either.


Sometimes it’s great just to hang out with yourself, hop on the machines and challenge YOU!



Need an answer to a fitness related matter?

Send your question to Kareema at

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.




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An Ayaat-a-Week






"And Allah advances those in guidance who seek guidance: and the things that endure, Good Deeds, are best in the sight of your Lord, as rewards, and best in respect of [their] eventual returns."


~ Surah Maryam 19:76


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"We are reminded that, in the fleeting time we have on this Earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but rather how well we have loved and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better."



~ Barack Obama




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I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.


Notice Board

















email us







email us








email us




email us












"If it's not here's not happening!"l



To claim your slot for your event email













To book your place, click here



Late last year, the Islamic Women’s Association of Australia (IWAA) acquired Sakina House, a tranquil place of healing for women and children from CALD communities who are escaping DFV situations.


As an organisation, we were keenly aware of the need for such specialised multicultural spaces for diverse communities, and we are excited to be able to continue serving our vulnerable women and children.


Please see the above invitation to our upcoming fundraising launch for Sakina House on 20 February 2020 at 5.30pm, Parliament House. The launch will be hosted by Ministers Farmer and Fentiman. Tickets can be purchased for $100.00 per person through Eventbrite.


As Sakina House is not funded under any government grants, we invite organisations  to become a sponsor for this necessary ongoing project. No amount is too small; any amount will assist us in providing the vital support for affected women and children. All donations are completely tax deductible.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


Kind regards,



Nada Hijazi

Senior Administrator


P: (07) 3208 6333 | F: (07) 3208 6933

11 Watland Street, Springwood

(PO Box 412, Underwood QLD 4119)











Download flyer










The Indonesian Diaspora Queensland and Rotary Club of Archerfield are hosting the fundraiser event for "Bushfire and Drought Relief".


The event will be held on February 29, 2020 in Brisbane.


This event will also be an opportunity for all our attendee to engage with committed hard working members of various community who will be joining us on the night.


Invitation have also been extended to Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia for Australia in Canberra and Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Sydney. Also to local government representatives.


Please join us in this fundraising night. The Night will be wrap as "Indonesian Cultural Night" with Indonesian Foods, Dances and Fashions. Please support us by purchasing the tickets and invite others. Ticket price is $35 pp or $315 per table. Ticket is purchase via Eventbrite. Cash Donation are welcome.







Join us to discuss and better understand the global environmental crisis – climate change, wildlife extinctions, mass pollution and how our religious principles and values can be applied.

The event is co-organised by the Islamic Council of Queensland, and supported by AFIC, CIQ, The Climate Reality Project, the Australian Religious Response for Climate Change and CICD.


Two internationally renowned keynote speakers Professor Odeh Al-Jayyousi (author of “Islam and Sustainable Development”) from the Arab Gulf University, Bahrain, and Ibrahim Abdul-Matin (author of “Green Deen”) from New York City, USA will be speaking together with other presenters. The tentative programme is attached.

This is an academic conference cum community event designed to provide an understanding of the environmental crisis from well-founded research findings.


It will stress our obligations to act based on our religious principles and values, as well as views on how these teachings can be applied – individually and as societies.


To encourage interfaith action on common problems faced by humanity, we also invite facilitator/speakers from other Abrahamic faiths.

For further details contact Mohammed Hayat (0401 162 199) or Daud (0413 067 160).


Download program







Australian International Islamic College
724 Blunder Rd, Durack


10.30 Welcome Guests
10.45 Welcome to Country by Elder
11.00: Speech by Chief Guests
11.30: Speech by President of Imams Council of Queensland
11.45: Presentation by Indigenous community
12.00: Speech by President of Islamic Council of Queensland
12.15: Prayer for Humanity - Multifaith Organisations
12.30: Maori Prayer Song and Haka








































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To book your place, click here































Download pdf

Download pdf



















































The Year of Endless Opportunities, Don't Miss Your OPPORTUNITY.

Make 2020 your year of the Quran.

Alhamdulillah, only for Brisbane residents are we so fortunate to have the ability to access Islamic Education on a variety of different platforms.
With registrations CLOSING SOON there are limited spots remaining until classes are at full capacity 2020 with both Full – Time and Part – Time close to capacity.

“The Quran Alive course is the culmination of over 14 years of research and development. Our Academy Alive scholars have tailored, refined and systemised our unique curriculum, producing world class standards of education to suit all learning styles."

View some of our success stories of our students of 2019. 2020 could be your year!

Registrations are closing soon – book a consultation call with our Imaams today by clicking the link below!



















Kuraby Masjid Needs YOU!

As part of the Masjid's vision to create an active, robust and thriving Muslim community, we are setting up various working groups.


These groups include (but are not limited to): Dawah, Technology & Social Media, Youth, Open Days/School Visits, Sisterhood, New Muslim Support.

Please go to the following website to register your interest:

If you would like to assist the Masjid in any other capacity, please contact us as per the details on our website.







































































(07) 3272 8071 OR 0401 971 471



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Donations & Appeals









Shoebox4syria is happening!!


It's the 4th time in 5 years we have been involved.  MarshaAllah Brisbane sent more than 1450 backpacks (with the Islamic Society of Algester and friends packing over 670 backpacks with the generous monetary donations) in last year's very short campaign! This year we will exceed that InshaAllah! 2020 in 2020!


Please donate at  (Deadline February 8)




Please NO liquids, food/lollies/chocolates, sharp items, old/second hand items in the backpacks and shoeboxes!


Any queries please contact Liyana 0414 488 894


We thank you in advance for your kind contribution and may the priceless excitement and smiles on a child's face warm all your hearts!


Pack day is still TBC.














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"If it's not here's not happening!"l)

To claim your date for your event email






(Click on link)







14 March



1st National Conference 2020. "Environmental Crisis and Our Obligations to Act: Teachings from Islam and Abrahamic Faith Traditions"

ICQ & Griffith University Griffith University Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue 0413 067 160 8AM

15 March



ICQ Christchurch Attack



Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)





22 March



7th Annual International Food Festival and Mosque Open


Islamic Society of Toowoomba and Garden City Mosque


217 West St, Toowoomba


10.30AM to 3PM


23 March





(Ascension night)

27th Rajab 1441



10 April(tentative)




(Lailatul Bahrat)

15th Sha'baan 1441



25 April(tentative)




(Start of the month of fasting)

1st Ramadaan 1441



21 May(tentative)




(Night of Power)

27th Ramadaan 1441



25 May(tentative)




(End of the month of fasting)

1st Shawal 1441


6 June



Eid Down Under Festival


Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)





31 July(tentative)




(Day of Arafah)

9th Zil-Hijjah 1441



1 August (tentative)




10th Zil-Hijja 1441



21 August(tentative)




(Islamic New Year)

1st Muharram 1442



30 August (tentative)




10th Muharram 1442


6 September





Crescents of Brisbane


Orleigh Park, WEST END

0402 026 786



30 October





(Birth of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1442




1. All Islamic Event dates given above are supplied by the Council of Imams QLD (CIQ) and are provided as a guide and are tentative and subject to the sighting of the moon.


2. The Islamic date changes to the next day starting in the evenings after maghrib. Therefore, except for Lailatul Mehraj, Lailatul Bhahraat and Lailatul Qadr - these dates refer to the commencement of the event starting in the evening of the corresponding day.



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Bald Hills, Brisbane




Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane 

39 Bushmills Court, Hillcrest Qld 4118


Download the programme here.










Masjid As Sunnah



Every Sunday Quran Tafsir or Islamic Lesson or Arabic Class.
After Magrib
Conducting by Imam Yahia Baej

Children Arabic/Quran Class every Tue-Wed-Thursday after Magrib




Nuria Khataam
Date: Every last Wednesday of the month
Time: After Esha Salaat
Venue: Algester Mosque
Contact: Yahya
Ph: 0403338040















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HikmahWay Institute HikmahWay offers online and in-person Islamic courses to equip Muslims of today with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to lead balanced, wholesome and beneficial lives.

Kuraby Mosque

Holland Park Mosque

Al-Nisa Provide young Muslim women in Queensland with support and opportunities to express themselves

MUSLIMS AUSTRALIA / Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) Islamic Schools, Halal Services and a whole lot more...

AFIC Schools (Malek Fahd Islamic School, Sydney, NSW) (Islamic College of Brisbane, QLD) (Islamic College of South Australia, SA) (Langford Islamic College, Perth, WA) (Islamic College of Canberra, ACT)

Karratha Muslims (Muslims in Western Australia)

Islam TV Recording of lectures and events in and around Queensland

Muslim Directory Australia

Carers Queensland Free service for multicultural clients who are carers, elderly and people with disabilities

Brisbane Muslim Burial Society (BMBS)

Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF) Coordinated collection & distribution of: Zakaah, Lillah, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Unwanted interest

Islamic Medical Association of Queensland (IMAQ)

Network of Muslim healthcare professionals

Al-Imdaad Foundation (Australia)

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)

Find out about the latest events, outings, fun-days, soccer tournaments, BBQs organised by AMYN. Network with other young Muslims on the AMYN Forum

Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)  Umbrella body representing various Mosques and Societies in Queensland

Current list of businesses certified halal by ICQ  7 August 2011

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia

Blog of the Association's activities

United Muslims of Brisbane

Crescents of Brisbane's CRESCAFE (Facebook)

Muslim Women's eNewsletter Sultana's Dream is a not-for-profit e-magazine that aims to provide a forum for the opinions of Australian Muslim women

Islamic Solutions Articles and Audio recordings

Islamic Relief Australia

National Zakat Foundation (NZF)

MCCA Islamic Finance  & Investments

Gold Coast Mosque  Incorporating Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc.

South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

Muslim Womens' Convert Support Group (MWCSG) Network of Muslim women converts from the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas of Queensland.

Australian International Islamic College (Durack)

Islamic Society of Algester

Jamiatul Ulama Western Australia Body of Muslim Theologians (Ulama, Religious Scholars)

Islamic Women's Association of Queensland (IWAQ)

Community based, not-for-profit organisation providing Settlement, Aged Care, disability, social activities and employment opportunities.

Federation of Australian Muslim Students & Youth (FAMSY)

Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

GIRU - Griffith Islamic Research Unit Qld Stories link or YouTube link

Gold Coast Halal Certification Services (GCHCS)

Muslim Aid Australia Serving Humanity

Human Appeal International Australia  Always with you on the road to goodness

Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane  Preserving the Past, Educating the Present to Create the Future

Islamic Shia Council of Queensland

Muslim Reverts Network

Supporting new Muslims

Muslim Funeral Services (MFS)

 Funeral Directors & Funeral Fund Managers for the Brisbane and Gold Coast communities

Islamic Society of Bald Hills (ISBH) : Masjid Taqwa

Tafseers and Jumma Khubahs uploaded every week.

Muslim Community & Qld floods

How the community helped out during the 2010 QLD floods

The CCN Young Muslim Writers Award (Facebook)

The Queensland Muslim Historical Society  (Facebook)

Muslim Women's National Network of Australia, Inc (MWNNA)

Peak body representing a network of Muslim women's organisations and individuals throughout Australia

Sultana's Dream

Online magazine

Lockyer Valley Islamic Association

iCare QLD (formerly AYIA Foundation) - Charity

Slacks Creek Mosque Mosque and Community Centre

Al Tadhkirah Institute Madressa, Hifz and other Islamic courses

Centre for Islamic Thought & Education University of South Australia

Hurricane Stars Club Get Active & Have Fun, Confidently!

Sisters Support Services Programs and activities for women in need ( and 0404 921 620)


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