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Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese


Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha might be a little different this year, but it won't be any less special. The sacrifices we all make now will make a difference. So to all those celebrating Eid al-Adha, from me and the whole Labor family – Eid Mubarak.

Posted by Anthony Albanese on Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ros Spence and community leaders


Eid Adha message

Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ros Spence and community leaders sending Eid Ul'Adha message to the Muslim community.

Posted by ICV - Islamic Council of Victoria on Wednesday, July 29, 2020




Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Canada Prime Minister justin Trudeau Wishing Eid -Al- Adha Mubarak to Muslims 🌙 To all Muslim Canadians beginning their celebrations tonight: Eid Mubarak! I know festivities will be different this year, but I hope you have a happy Eid al-Adha no matter how you celebrate.

Posted by American Muslim on Thursday, July 30, 2020



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Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer












The letter was sent in response to the ICQ/CIQ/IMAQ decision to cancel EId prayer gatherings at the following Mosques:






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Introducing Acro Accounting & Financial Planning

For all your accounting, bookkeeping, tax and financial planning needs, Acro is your trusted and professional advisors.

Posted by Acro Accounting & Financial Planning on Thursday, July 2, 2020


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While most Mosques cancelled their Eid prayer gatherings, the Gold Coast Mosque took the decision to go ahead with their scheduled prayers on Friday morning and under strict COVID-19 protocols.


Two separate sessions were held (6.30am and 8.15am) each hosting up to 400 congregants.



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SYDNEY: Hundreds of Muslim worshippers have marked one of Islam's holiest days at a Sydney mosque after the NSW Government granted it a temporary exemption from coronavirus restrictions.

Up to 400 people were allowed inside the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque in Sydney's west under the one-off exemption, granted by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

Under NSW coronavirus restrictions, places of worship are limited to 100 people, or one visitor per four square metres.

The mosque's president Abdurrahman Asaroglu said those attending the annual festival of Eid al-Adha, also known as the festival of sacrifice, would be subject to temperature checks, sign-in sheets, and it would be mandatory to wear a mask.

Worshippers at the mosque will be expected to bring their own prayer mats and abide by social distancing rules while praying.




Dr Asaroglu said attendees would be spread out across "four zones" including the two levels of the mosque, an adjoining function hall and carpark.

"Our community is really understanding and they are OK to follow these measures — no shaking hands, no hugging — making sure that they just pray," he said.

"If everyone does the right thing I don't think there will be any issues."

In a statement, NSW Health said exemptions were only considered under "exceptional circumstances" and the mosque had developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan.

It said none of the separate zones would exceed 100 worshippers and would not be allowed to mix between areas.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged religious communities to find alternative ways to celebrate their faith.

"Jenny and I haven't had the chance to be at our church since February," the Prime Minister said.

"I know faith is very important to people, but even at times like this it is even more important that we don't gather in those large groups as important as faith is, we really do think of the health issues here"

Eid al-Adha marks the end of hajj, a five-day pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and is one of the holiest days on the Islamic calendar.

Last year, around 3,000 worshippers attended Eid al-Adha prayers at Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, with thousands more spilling out onto nearby streets.

But Dr Asaroglu said those scenes wouldn't be repeated this year.

"If anybody is not abiding by the regulations, we have security to make sure that they are excluded," he said.

ABC News



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IRELAND: The GAA, long a symbol of Catholic Ireland, is embodying change as it hosts Muslim celebration at its HQ

For most of its 136-year history the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) has embodied an Irish identity that was Catholic, nationalist and conservative.

Croke Park, the organisation’s main Dublin stadium and its headquarters, was named after an archbishop, Thomas Croke, who promoted Gaelic football, hurling and other indigenous games to counter English sports.

The stadium became a pantheon of sorts after British soldiers stormed in during the war of independence in 1920 and killed 14 civilians. The GAA banned police and members of the British army until 2001. Protestants north and south of the border largely shunned an organisation they associated with tricolours and republican songs.

But on Friday this nationalist crucible will showcase a very different Irish identity when it hosts the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha. Covid-19 restrictions limit indoor gatherings so Muslim leaders asked to use Croke Park and received an emphatic yes.

“They didn’t hesitate,” said Shaykh Umar al-Qadri, the chair of the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council, which is organising the event. “This Eid festival is symbolic. It gives us an opportunity to express our dual identity.”

The decision by an Ikea store in Germany to lend its car park to a local mosque for socially distanced prayers prompted the idea, said Qadri. “I thought Ireland can do even better so I approached Croke Park, the most iconic, Irish, symbolic venue you could think of.”

Instead of hurling sticks whacking a sliotar, or boots kicking a ball, the pitch will be filled with the sound of prayers for the Eid al-Adha holiday, also known as the festival of sacrifice, one of Islam’s holiest days.

Government ministers are to attend along with Catholic, Protestant and Jewish religious leaders. The national broadcaster, RTÉ, is to carry live coverage.

“Twenty years ago this probably would not have been possible. Ireland has travelled a long way,” said Qadri, who has a son who plays hurling. “Not so long ago GAA players were not allowed to play soccer or rugby. It just shows that people have moved to accept diversity.”



There is one disappointment: organisers hoped to have 500 people at the stadium, one of Europe’s biggest, with a capacity of 82,300, but authorities capped the number at 200.

Croke Park has hosted no matches since Covid-19 restrictions started in March but the GAA welcomed the chance to lend the pitch to Muslims, said Alan Milton, a GAA spokesman.

“In the past 20 years we’ve probably moved more than we have in all the years of our previous existence. We live in a very different Ireland. I’d like to think that people are now more moderate and open to different cultures and religions.”

Ireland is hardly immune to Islamophobia. About half of Irish people do not want more Muslims in Ireland and feel confident publicly stating this, according to a survey published this week by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and the Economic and Social Research Institute.

“Many people in Ireland who hold negative attitudes towards Muslims believe that their opinions are socially acceptable, unlike people who hold negative attitudes towards black immigration,” it said.

The GAA says it now stands for pluralism and tolerance. Last year it launched a diversity-themed ad campaign with the motto “where we all belong”. Critics called it treacly but Milton said it expressed a new spirit. “We’ve never excluded anybody in recent times.”

Some Northern Ireland unionists challenge that: this week the former DUP health minister Jim Wells called the organisation “sectarian”. However the DUP leader, Arlene Foster, signalled improving relations by attending a GAA game in 2018. And this month a GAA club was formed in east Belfast, a loyalist bastion, for the first time in half a century.

With the Muslim population in the Republic of Ireland increasing to about 100,000 – in the early 1990s the population was in the low thousands – the GAA has an incentive to make them feel welcome, said Milton. “We want Muslim kids to play our games.”

Ireland now has about 80 mosques and Islamic places of worship, says Ali Selim, a spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland. “Muslims in Ireland are at home. They share the Irish layer of their identity with a religious layer and cultural layer.”

He credited state and religious leaders of all faiths with setting a tone of inclusion that has kept far-right voices on the political fringe. It also helped, said Selim, that Ireland had not colonised or invaded Muslim-majority countries. “In fact Ireland has been occupied by Britain. So many Muslims here share the same history.”

The Guardian






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The first day of the annual Muslim pilgrimage season, the Hajj, became a telling indicator yesterday of the effects of coronavirus around the world.

Images of the Great Mosque at Mecca showed a mere handful of pilgrims circling the courtyard round the Kaaba, the black stone at its heart, on marked tracks and spaced out front and behind to maintain social distancing.

It was in stark contrast to the millions of pilgrims who usually throng in and between the pilgrimage sites in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Muslim pilgrims cast sanitised pebbles Friday as they "stoned the devil" in the last major ritual of the hajj, which the Saudi king acknowledged had been tough to organise amid the coronavirus pandemic.







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by John Stapleton    

AFIC President Dr Rateb Jneid


Only a few short years ago the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), the country’s leading Muslim organisation, faced ongoing controversies.

AFIC, became a household name for all the wrong reasons, a byword for scandal. “Like a script from a mafia movie” blared one headline.

Now, facing election, the President who claims credit for getting the organisation out of the news, speaks publicly for the first time during an exclusive interview completed on Friday 24 July 2020.

AFIC President Dr Rateb Jneid was elected in 2017 after an extremely messy internal dispute which included one group raiding and occupying the Sydney offices and appeals to the NSW Supreme Court, which ruled the raid illegal.

In a three-way contest. Outside runner Jneid faced two opponents:

The incumbent president Keysar Trad, a figure of controversy in Australia since he successfully sued and gained a public apology from high profile conservative commentator Alan Jones after the shock jock called Lebanese Muslims “mongrels” and “vermin”.

Also in the running was Professor Shahjahan Khan, an academic from Toowoomba, who saw off two arson attacks on the city’s only mosque.

Back in AFIC, Trad declared: I’m donating my time and energy to unite the community and help make this a clean election. For once in his long career, Trad is avoiding the media spotlight.

Regarding the highly competitive Halal certification side of AFIC, Jneid said:

“Since AFIC pioneered Halal certification in Australia many decades back, Halal certification had become cost intensive because many international standards must be met. Today’s standards look at food safety, hygiene and slaughter methods.”

“If it bears the AFIC stamp, then it has gone through the highest standard of testing, you can trust AFIC Halal to be 100% Halal. Our Halal section includes a Sharia committee that combines the skills and experience of several Imams.”

Despite issues impacting his family’s reputation in the broader community Jneid fought for his beloved WA Islamic Council. Within a few months he had successfully lobbied Muslim leaders around Australia and was elected AFIC president.

And then something amazing happened: AFIC disappeared from the headlines. Arguably his greatest success.

Jneid has not given press interviews since taking the Presidency. But now he is keen to face his critics, ticking off his achievements.

Dr Jneid says all disputes with Malek Fahad school have been settled and the government has restored funding to the school, their rents were adjusted and everything is back to normal.

“One of my proudest achievements is to play a role in restoring the funding of Malek Fahd so that our children, our students, can have certainty and stability.”

“Our bank had threatened to reject our business because of past infighting. But, Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah, right after we settled our disputes, we concerted our efforts on repaying our loans.”

“The AFIC loans were taken by previous committees who were desperate to fund school building projects and make sure that there are more classroom seats in Muslim schools for our kids.

And he cut the bank loan in half, from $10 million to less than $5 million.

“This is a great blessing from Allah. I have to say here to all our brothers and sisters, try to avoid taking bank loans.”

Asked about a number of controversial emails now circulating which contain allegations of corruption and nepotism, Dr Jneid responded:

“Unfortunately, every time a member, a society, a council president, or a former employee do not get their wish-list approved, they start making accusations of favouritism and corruption. This has been the unfortunate history of AFIC for more than 20 years.

“I assure everyone, AFIC financial affairs are structured in accordance with the regulatory authorities’ requirements. All our books are audited by an external auditor who also scrutinises all Finance Committee activities.”

“AFIC is the most transparent and most democratic organisation in the Muslim community. Every allegation is being addressed in detail.”

In a closing pitch to his constituents and a tilt to the future, Dr Jneid says:

“AFIC is the peak body for Australia’s Muslims, AFIC has thrived for 56 years, it is older than I am and Insha Allah, it will continue to grow and thrive long after I leave.




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Ramy Youssef's response to being nominated on Tuesday for an Emmy Award was to simply thank God.

The co-creator and star of Hulu's "Ramy" was nominated for outstanding lead actor and outstanding directing in a comedy series. Co-star Mahershala Ali earned a nod for his season 2 supporting role.

"Ramy" becomes the first Muslim American sitcom to score an Emmy nomination.

In the show, Ramy Hassan (Youssef), a first-generation Egyptian American, struggles to balance his cultural and religious values alongside his American millennial ways. "Ramy" celebrates the Muslim faith while laying bare a host of community issues.

Although "Ramy" focuses on a Muslim American character, the show found a wide audience with millennials of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds who could relate to the character's anxiety over his romantic life, career aspirations and overbearing parents.

Following his Emmy nomination, Youssef told The Hollywood Reporter he's hopeful that the show's success will open doors for others to continue exploring the vast Muslim American experience.

"It's really exciting because we're so specific. I think that you watch our show, you realize in a good way that we're not even close to covering the entirety of the Muslim experience. For a show that only portrays a sliver of it to get recognized, I think that that should mean that we're going to get many more Muslim stories greenlit because the umbrella of the Muslim experience is so vast — it's so many different groups, so many types of people," Youssef said.

"There's so many more stories that that could be told so it excites me for the bigger picture, one that doesn't even include me," he added.

While "Ramy" is largely considered the first Muslim American sitcom, the Television Academy has recognized and honoured other Muslims -- including Aziz Ansari for his work with "Master of None" and Riz Ahmed for "The Night Of." Both portrayed Muslim characters on their respective shows.

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 20, on ABC. Jimmy Kimmel is set to host.

The Guardian



Ramy: Season 2 Trailer







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Monday’s are beautiful. May Allah swt accept Our brother .plz share if you like it.

Posted by Hussin Goss on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept our brother on this beautiful day!! plz share if like it .jzk

Posted by Hussin Goss on Thursday, July 30, 2020



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by Mobinah Ahmad    



We all face some level of adversity at different points in our lives, but it’s what we do in those difficult situations that can change the direction of how our life turns out. Sam Mohamad Khalef’s journey involves coming from an underprivileged background with many hardships to building a multi-million dollar international company in such a short amount of time primarily by himself. How did he do it? Now at 32 years old, Khalef shares his journey to success and we’ll see what life lessons, inspiration and wisdom we can gain from his story.

Khalef is the founder and director of MYBOS: Powerfully Simple. MYBOS stands for MY Building Operating System. MYBOS is a powerful, extendable, scalable cloud-based building management platform for Managers, Owners and Tenants in Multi-Occupancy Buildings.

Born in Lebanon, and coming to Australia at the age of 5, Khalef entered the workforce at the age of 12 and under unfortunate circumstances, he left home in his teens. Khalef spent most of his time at a youth centre where he met a lifelong friend, Omar, with who a decade later together he developed the idea of a building management software.

Living in housing commission and paying rent in his teens, Khalef worked as a cleaner, labourer, security officer and courier for a number of years.

Khalef did not have the opportunity to attend university and instead got straight into work.

Working multiple jobs, without a stable and comfortable home environment, Khalef developed a sense of discipline and knew the value of hard work.

With 6 of his friends from the youth centre, Khalef got his first taste of business when he was a part of starting a manufacturing company that eventually failed.

“When I look back, I realised there were just too many people involved,” said Khalef.


Khalef’s story is inspiring to everyone who gets the privilege to listen to his journey. He is a great role model for young entrepreneurs wishing to start their business as well as to current business owners across all industries.

Khalef’s MYBOS is now serving more than 490,000 residents across Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. With rapid global expansion, the Asia, Europe and the Middle East and North Africa region is on the agenda.

the full article at AMUST



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Legacy Groups: Let's Talk Episode 1: Mental Health (P3)






Let's Talk Episode 1: Mental Health (Part 3 Females)

Let’s Talk is a discussion based panel, allowing young muslims to discuss different opinions and perspectives on topics that need to be talked about. There are always resources to reach out to if you are struggling mentally and require some sort of support. Mission of hope - Beyond Blue - Mensline -

Posted by Legacy Groups on Saturday, July 18, 2020

(Females Part 3)


Let's Talk is a discussion based panel, allowing young Muslims to discuss different opinions and perspectives on topics that need to be talked about. 



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For Hujjaj , Day of EID UL Adha is a very busy day.

This video explains why...


The 13 episode daily series started on 22 July

Other features will be briefly explained by Fajr Travels in forthcoming videos.

To follow just LIKE Fajr Travels at 



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Trump nominee for Pentagon faces Senate grilling after Islamophobia claims    



Anthony Tata


WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's most divisive nominee for a senior Pentagon post to date is expected to face a contentious Senate nomination hearing on Thursday, with Democratic lawmakers likely to grill him over remarks they deem Islamophobic.

Anthony Tata, a retired Army brigadier general and ardent defender of Trump on Fox News, would hold the most senior policy position in the Pentagon if confirmed.

Tata has falsely portrayed former President Barack Obama as a Muslim and accused him of being a "terrorist leader" working to benefit Iran, according to now-deleted Twitter posts seen by Reuters.

The White House said it stands by Tata's nomination to fill the position of undersecretary of defense for policy.

"Anthony Tata is a distinguished public servant whose career has provided him with planning, policy, and operational experience both at home and abroad," White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement.

Tata did not immediately respond to a request for comment on his deleted Twitter posts.

YAHOO Finance


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'Virtually entire' fashion industry complicit in Uighur forced labour, say rights groups    




Human rights coalition says cotton produced in camps in Xinjiang region finds its way into one in five cotton products worldwide

Many of the world’s biggest fashion brands and retailers are complicit in the forced labour and human rights violations being perpetrated on millions of Uighur people in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China, says a coalition of more than 180 human rights groups.

There is mounting global outrage over the atrocities being committed against the Uighur population in the region, including torture, forced separation and the compulsory sterilisation of Uighur women.

Despite these abuses, the coalition of human rights groups says many of the world’s leading clothing brands continue to source cotton and yarn produced through a vast state-sponsored system of detention and forced labour involving up to 1.8m Uighur and other Turkic and Muslim people in prison camps, factories, farms and internment camps in Xinjiang. It says that the forced labour system across the region is the largest internment of an ethnic and religious minority since the second world war.

Global fashion brands source so extensively from Xinjiang that the coalition estimates it is “virtually certain” that as many as one in five cotton products sold across the world are tainted with forced labour and human rights violations occurring there.

China is the largest cotton producer in the world, with 84% of its cotton coming from the Xinjiang region. Cotton and yarn produced in Xinjiang are used extensively in other key garment-producing countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam. Xinjiang cotton and yarn are also used in textiles and home furnishings. This week the New York Times reported that factories in the region were also supplying face masks and other PPE to countries around the world.

The coalition has published an extensive list of brands it claims continue to source from the region, or from factories connected to the forced labour of Uighur people, including Gap, C&A, Adidas, Muji, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

“Virtually the entire [global] apparels industry is tainted by forced Uighur and Turkic Muslim labour,” the coalition said in a statement issued today.

The coalition says many more leading clothing brands also continue to maintain lucrative strategic partnerships with Chinese companies, accepting subsidies from their government to expand textile production in the region or benefiting from the forced labour of Uighur people transferred from Xinjiang to factories across China.

“There is a high likelihood that every high street and luxury brand runs the risk of being linked to what is happening to the Uighur people,” says Chloe Cranston, business and human rights manager at Anti-Slavery International.

In a call to action, the coalition, which includes more than 70 Uighur rights groups, anti-slavery organisations and labour rights campaigners, says the global apparel industry must eradicate all products and materials linked to forced labour in Xinjiang within a year.

“Global brands need to ask themselves how comfortable they are contributing to a genocidal policy against the Uighur people. These companies have somehow managed to avoid scrutiny for complicity in that very policy – this stops today,” said Omer Kanat, executive director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project.



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UK's Muslim News readers nominated illustrious men, women, children and initiatives deemed worthy of short-listing for a Muslim News Award for Excellence. The nominees were short-listed by an independent panel of judges who reviewed, deliberated and mused over the list.


Over the next weeks, CCN presents a shortlisted candidate who will be treated to a gala evening in the presence of their peers and other renowned guests, when the finalists are announced for the [15] coveted Awards for Excellence.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unprecedented uncertainty regarding the coronavirus pandemic, The Muslim News has postponed its prestigious annual awards ceremony until late UK summer.




Jamal Ahmed is a leading privacy expert who, on observing a dearth of accessible expert services in data protection and GDPR compliance, founded Kazient Privacy Experts to offer compliance solutions to small, medium, and large businesses.


Jamal, from Romford, East London has delivered privacy and GDPR compliance solutions to organizations across six continents and in thirteen jurisdictions, helping to safeguard the personal data of over 54 million data subjects worldwide.


In 2019 Jamal was awarded the Fellow of Information Privacy by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the first British Muslim conferred the status.



Passionate about raising the profile of GDPR compliance among Muslim businesses and organizations, Jamal has also been featured by various Muslim media platforms and works closely with several Muslim charities.


Jamal combines his professional activity with philanthropy, raising £15,000 to fund 100 communal kitchens for refugees in Calais, over £100,000 to provide iftar [breaking of fast] meals for displaced people in Syria, and £25,000 to provide rice to flood victims in Bangladesh.




Serialized - to be continued in next week's CCN.





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The 2020 Muslim 500






Mohammed Salah



Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian football player of global fame.

International Player: Salah started his career in the Egyptian Premier League in 2010 before moving on to join Basel, in Switzerland. His stellar performances there attracted Chelsea FC and he moved to London in 2014. A disappointing season saw him move on to Italy, where he enjoyed a successful season with Roma in 2016/17. This success prompted another English team to sign him and Salah enjoyed the most successful season of his career with Liverpool FC in 2017/18. He broke many records and won many accolades. He also helped Egypt qualify for the World Cup. The 2018/19 season saw more success with Liverpool FC being runners-up in the English Premier League, and crowned 2019 European Champions and World Club Champions.

Popularity: His affable nature and polite manners have won him many fans across the globe, and none more so than in his native country of Egypt where he has donated to various charitable causes. In the March 2018 Egyptian Presidential elections, over a million people struck out the two names vying for the presidency and inserted Mohamed Salah’s name, making him an unofficial runner up in the election. His down to earth nature has shown itself in chance meetings with fans and acts of kindness towards those in need.

Singing in the Terraces: His footballing exploits during his two seasons at Liverpool FC have had the unprecedented effect of football fans singing positive songs about Muslims. “If he’s good enough for you, he’s good enough for me. If he scores another few, then I’ll be Muslim too. Sitting in the mosque, that’s where I wanna be! Mo Salah-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la-la.”





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Hajj 2020











First British Woman on Hajj












"Allah Has Chosen Me For Hajj This Year"





















What Is True Love? Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed



What Is True Love? Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed

What Is True Love? Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed A Very Important Message To Our Generation!

Posted by Marriage Is Sunnah on Thursday, June 4, 2020







It is the usual policy of CCN to include notices of events, video links and articles that some readers may find interesting or relevant. Such notices are often posted as received. Including such messages/links or providing the details of such events does not necessarily imply endorsement or agreement by CCN of the contents therein.


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CIQ Perpetual Salaah Timetable







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Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 30 July 2020
IMAM: Ahmed Nafaa



(COVID-19 related)













Friday lecture (sermon)

 DATE: 30 July 2020

IMAM: Uzair Akbar



(renovations being undertaken)













Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 30 July 2020

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Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 30 July 2020

TITLE: The Takbeer e Tashreeq

IMAM: Maulana Nizamul Haq Thanvi







Lecture Recordings









Friday lecture (sermon)

DATE: 30 July 2020
















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The Inbox





Dear CCN Editor,


My name is Amirah Shah and I am relatively new in the Islamic community in Brisbane. I am a researcher at UQ, and am researching spirituality, and bereavement in Islam (specifically in Australia). I enjoy reading the newsletter, and wanted to extend my commendations on running an interesting and enjoyable newsletter. It was particularly meaningful for me during Ramadan and lockdown.


I am also a counsellor here in Brisbane, and registered with the Australian Counselling Association. I am wondering if there is a way I can extend my services to the Muslim community here through CCN. My practice is called Road To Recovery: and 

My background is a cultural blend, and I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid), who has always been fascinated with spirituality, philosophy, and psychology. I was born in Singapore, and grew up in Asia, Middle East and Central Asia, finally settling here in Queensland.


I learnt that there has been quite an increase in mental health issues in the past months, traumas have been triggered, losses have happened, relationships have changed- and whilst all these tragedies are opportunities for growth, I sense some of us may be could use some support. My heart goes out to the individuals who have had to withstand such a storm from a deep personal level, to a global one.


I have experienced an increase of concerns professionally, so naturally, I became curious how this affects the Islamic community here. I wonder how the brothers and sisters of Queensland are managing, and if they have the support they need, if they have a private, and safe space to authentically work through their struggles without the demands and expectations of themselves and the world. I am aware that finances and waiting time have been main reasons people are reluctant to seek support. And so I thought I would reach out to CCN, and offer my support and services. 


I thank you for your time, and am looking forward to hearing back. 


Kind regards,

Amirah Shah


[CCN EDITOR] Please email if you would like us to put you in touch with Ms Shah.





Emirates Sees A Boost To Bookings Generated By Eid




DUBAI: Emirates is gearing up for its busiest travel period in months as people travel to celebrate Eid this weekend. An increase in traffic is expected to start today at Dubai International Airport, to coincide with the start of the Eid holiday celebrations. Passengers have been advised to arrive at the airport three hours early in case of delays.

Emirates has witnessed a surge of interest in travel to Dubai since the emirate reopened to tourists at the beginning of July. Eid Al Adha, one of the premier Islamic celebrations, begins today, and as such, the airline is expecting a busy travel weekend. The recent ease of border restrictions, coupled with the religious holiday, has tempted people back to the skies in search of a vacation.

Emirates recently committed to covering the costs of any COVID-19 associated medical costs incurred by its passengers during their travels abroad. The insurance, which is free to its customers, will cover medical expenses of up to EUR 150,000. The cover also expands to include quarantine costs of EUR 100 per day for 14 days.




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Suleiman al-Rajhi: A multi-billionaire with no money






I feel light! I feel free! I feel like a bird ... and when Allah calls on me, I can answer His call with no strings attached!

A palm grove in the Saudi Arabia in the city of Al-Qassim has more than 200,000 palm trees and is dedicated in the path of Allah. There are 45 varieties of dates in this garden, the annual production is 10,000 tons of dates. This garden is the largest waqf found on earth.

The income from this garden is used for building mosques in different countries of the world, for charitable work and arranging Iftar in the two holy mosques (Makkah and Madinah).

This garden has been dedicated in the way of Allah by the richest man of Saudi Arabia “Sulaiman Al Rajhi”.

Rags to riches
Suleiman al-Rajhi opened his eyes in poverty. He was studying in school. One day the school administration organized an entertainment tour and asked each student to give one riyal. He went home but his parents did not have even one riyal.

He cried a lot as the date for the tour was approaching. Then comes the result of his quarterly exams, he grabbed first position in his class and a Palestinian teacher gave him 1 riyal as a reward.

He ran to the head of the entertainment program and gave his 1 riyal.
As time goes on, he completed his education and started working. Naming a room in Jeddah as a bank, he started his life as a young entrepreneur with dedication and hard work. Allah blessed his work.

In a short period of time, a network of banks called ‘Al-Rajhi’ spread throughout Saudi Arabia.

Suleiman al-Rajhi goes in search of his Palestinian teacher, meets the teacher, he is retired, the economic situation is such that it is difficult to light the stove in the house, Rajhi puts his Palestinian teacher in the car and tells him, “I owe you.”

The teacher goes on to say, what can anybody owe the poor, Rajhi reminds his teacher that years ago you gave me a reward of 1 riyal, the teacher smiles that now you want to return that one riyal to me?

Rajhi parks in front of a bungalow in front of which there is also an expensive car. Rajhi tells his teacher that the bungalow and the car are yours from now on, we will be responsible for all your expenses.

There are tears in the eyes of the Palestinian teacher and he says that this magnificent bungalow, this expensive car, this is too much. Rajhi says that my happiness was more than your happiness when you gave me a reward of 1 riyal that day.

Donates all his wealth
Suleiman al-Rajhi called his children, wives and loved ones in 2010 and distributed his wealth among them and dedicated everything that came his way.

At present, the value of Sulaiman Al-Rajhi’s waqf is more than 60 billion riyals.

He owns a Saudi company and Al-Rajhi Bank, which has donated 170 million riyals for the corona virus, and handed over two hotels inside Makkah to the Ministry of Health.

Guinness Book of World Records
The garden is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest endeavour ever.

Forbes Magazine
Forbes Magazine has named him one of the world’s 20 greatest benefactors. His biography is worth reading.

In addition to founding the world’s largest Islamic bank, he established the largest poultry farm across the entire Middle East, Al-Watania Poultry.

You will probably not find a city in Saudi Arabia where mosques have not been built by the Al-Rajhi family, with full support of da’wah centres, Quranic charitable societies, etc.

And most importantly, they pay their 1.5 million employees before the end of the month.

In an interview he said: “It is important that one leaves enough for his heirs, and great to see them enjoy their shares in peace with each other!


However, as important, one should return a part of his fortune to the nation and society.

We owe our success to the country that nurtures us, and to the people who trusted us and bought our products.

Besides, you owe yourself as much as you owe your family. Once you leave this life, the only investment that matters is what you saved for your other life.”

“So you gave half your wealth to your family and half to your endowment. What have you kept for your expenses? A house? A farm? A salary?”

“Simply, nothing!” he answered with a beautiful, and calming smile on his face.

“I am in my eighties! What would I possibly need? The endowment pays my bills, provides me with accommodation, food, medical and transportation, which I try to keep at a minimum. I am well covered!”

A multi-billionaire with no money! “How does it feel?”

He smiled again, his eyes misted, and said, “I feel light! I feel free! I feel like a bird … and when Allah calls on me, I can answer His call with no strings attached! What a relief!!




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WhereIsMyName: Afghan women campaign for the right to reveal their name




A woman from western Afghanistan - we will call her Rabia - was suffering from severe fever, so she went to see a doctor. The doctor's diagnosis was Covid-19.

Rabia returned home, suffering from pain and fever, and gave her prescription to her husband to buy the medicine for her. But when he saw her name on the prescription he beat her, for revealing it "to a strange man".

Her story - which was relayed to the BBC through a friend - is not unique. In Afghanistan, family members often force women to keep their name a secret from people outside the family, even doctors.

Using a woman's name in public is frowned upon and can be considered an insult. Many Afghan men are reluctant to say the names of their sisters, wives or mothers in public. Women are generally only referred to as the mother, daughter or sister of the eldest male in their family, and Afghan law dictates that only the father's name should be recorded on a birth certificate.

The problem starts early, when a girl is born. It takes a long time for her to be given a name. Then when a woman is married her name does not appear on her wedding invitations. When she is ill her name does not appear on her prescription, and when she dies her name does not appear on her death certificate or even her headstone.




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Self-Care and Clarity of Mind...a weekly column by Princess Lakshman (Sister Iqra )





Princess Lakshman


Princess R. Lakshman is a writer, poet, life coach, and spiritual counsellor. She lives in Brisbane, Australia. Her website is

















If you wish to know about a specific topic with regards to Self-Care and Clarity of Mind, please text or email me. If you wish to have a FREE one hour Finding Clarity telephone session, contact me on 0451977786





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Muslimah Mind Matters videos : available on YouTube

DOWNLOAD Muslimah Reflections - my new ebook of poetry and affirmations

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If you wish to know about a specific topic with regards to Self-Care and Clarity of Mind, please text or email me or visit If you wish to have a FREE one hour Finding Clarity telephone session, contact me on 0451977786.



Muslimah Mind Matters now has a blog site.
Please visit this link and follow the website to get your latest articles on self-care and mind wellness from Princess R. Lakshman (Sister Iqra)




Welcome to my weekly column on Self-Care and Clarity of Mind. If you’re taking time out to read this, pat yourself on the back because you have shown commitment to taking care of your mind and body.

Today, In Shaa ALLAH, we will explore the topic:
The Art Of Saying Sorry

I often got into trouble when I was a little girl, all feisty and opinionated. Mother used to reprimand me with tight slaps. Dad, on the other hand, used to ask me to say sorry. I grew up saying “sorry” many times and soon it became a habit. Soon, I was saying sorry for things that weren’t even my fault. Worst part about saying sorry out of habit was that I no longer attached meaning and value to my apology. It became a word which was convenient to use when trying to justify my behaviours.

Upon reflection, much later in life, I became aware of my habit of saying meaningless sorrys to people and never really admitting responsibility for my actions. I dug deeper into my behaviour patterns and discovered that I actually was never taught the meaning of the word sorry and why it needed to be said. For years I believed in the misconception that when I’m bad, I can turn it into good by saying sorry.

And then one day, during my self-reflection, it dawned on me that it’s not about me being good or bad. It’s about the undeniable truth that my actions, my words, my behaviours have actually caused hurt to another human being. Acknowledging that hurt and feeling genuine remorse is the only way to say sorry.

Saying sorry is actually about SEEKING FORGIVENESS.
Saying sorry is NOT ABOUT JUSTIFYING your actions.
Saying sorry is about forgiving yourself and seeking forgiveness from the one who was hurt by your words, actions and behaviours.

Have you ever received an apology which seemed more like a slap on the face than an actual sincere apology? Where you felt more hurt than when the person initially hurt you?
Have you ever said sorry to another and not really meant it?

Try practising the following steps to ensure that you are mindfully saying sorry and sincerely seeking forgiveness.

Seeking Forgiveness

1. Before approaching the person, pray your salah and ask ALLAH to give you clarity of speech and help you express a sincere apology. Ask ALLAH to help the other person with the act of forgiving you.
2. Express genuine remorse when you are talking to the person. A good way to start would be to say something along the lines of : I am genuinely sorry for causing you hurt. I feel terrible about it. I seek your forgiveness. I promise to be mindful to never repeat this behaviour again, In Shaa ALLAH. Please forgive me.
3. Wait for the person to process your words. Even if there is silence, remain calm. The person may need time to think about your apology. He/she has a right to take this time. Do not pressure him/her to respond immediately. Respect their silence.
4. Tell the person that you respect the time needed to think about this. Leave the room to show that you genuinely respect the person’s space during this time.
5. Sit somewhere in silence and make duaa and dhikr, express gratitude to ALLAH for giving you this opportunity to express your remorse. Ask ALLAH to forgive you for causing hurt to another.

Download the article



Always remember, you are not your experiences. You are the FORCE that overcomes them.

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Muslimah Mind Matters blog site advocates self-care and clarity of mind for Muslim women.

Princess R. Lakshman is a writer, mind wellness coach, narrative therapist, soon-to-qualified clinical nutritionist, speaker, and workshop facilitator.
To suggest topics for blogs, email




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CCN Readers' Book Club: You are what you read!








Arabs: A 3,000-Year History of Peoples, Tribes and Empires



Tim Mackintosh-Smith



A riveting, comprehensive history of the Arab peoples and tribes that explores the role of language as a cultural touchstone

This kaleidoscopic book covers almost 3,000 years of Arab history and shines a light on the footloose Arab peoples and tribes who conquered lands and disseminated their language and culture over vast distances. Tracing this process to the origins of the Arabic language, rather than the advent of Islam, Tim Mackintosh-Smith begins his narrative more than a thousand years before Muhammad and focuses on how Arabic, both spoken and written, has functioned as a vital source of shared cultural identity over the millennia.

Mackintosh-Smith reveals how linguistic developments—from pre-Islamic poetry to the growth of script, Muhammad’s use of writing, and the later problems of printing Arabic—have helped and hindered the progress of Arab history, and investigates how, even in today’s politically fractured post–Arab Spring environment, Arabic itself is still a source of unity and disunity.



Who is an “Arab”? What makes one identify as Arab? Mackintosh-Smith sets out to examine these questions in this erudite, carefully crafted book. He does not take a strictly chronological approach. Rather, he pursues themes sometimes leading him to skip over details in the story, only to return to backfill later. Notably, he deals with the historical, cultural and centrifugal forces that have prevented Arabs from achieving the unity so many have sought for generations, while the magnetic attraction of language pulls them together.


Readers who know Arabic likely will appreciate his approach more than those who do not. While seasoning the text with relevant translations of poetry and observations regarding the origin and meaning of Arabic words, his style remains light and entertaining. Mackintosh-Smith is as adept at coining a phrase in English as he is at interpreting terms in Arabic.
This is a book that will be read by lay readers and scholars for decades. —CHARLES O. CECIL



Would you like to see the cover of your favourite book on our book shelves below?

Then simply email the title and author to

CCN's Bookshelf

Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate
No Friend But the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison
The Baghdad Clock
Saïd the Fisherman
Through The Peacock Gate
English Translation of the Qur'an
Home Fire
The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State
The Cambridge Companion to Religion and Terrorism
Refuting ISIS: A Rebuttal Of Its Religious And Ideological Foundations
Islam in Europe
Understanding Sharia: Islamic Law in a Globalised World
From My Sisters' Lips
A Long Jihad: My Quest for the Middle Way
Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up
Step Up: Embrace the Leader Within
The Lebs
British Mosques
From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life
I, Migrant: A comedian's journey from Karachi to the outback

CCN's favourite books »


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KB's Culinary Corner





[KB SAYS] Absolutely melt in the mouth treat!

Mini Victorian Sponges cakes





  • 1 cup sifted flour

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • 3 eggs

  • 1 cup castor sugar

  • 1 cup fresh cream

  • 1 tsp vanilla essence


  1. Beat eggs and sugar

  2. Add vanilla essence and fresh cream then fold in sifted flour with baking powder

  3. Use a normal greased cupcake pan without wrappers fill 3/4 way bake for 15 mins till golden at 180 degrees

  4. Decorate with fresh cream and jam



Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?


Send in your favourite recipe to me at and be my "guest chef" for the week.







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Keeping Fit with Kareema










My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786




Q: Dear Kareema, how can I ensure that my kids stay at a healthy weight now that they are all at school?

A: It’s much easier for kidsto stick to lifestyle changes so try to keep them as active as possible.


When weight is not the focus, kids will relax and enjoy being active more.


Allow them to choose activities they like and take a whole-family approach, do the same in the kitchen with their involvement in creating healthy snacks etc.

• Ensure they have a healthy breakfast before school
• Pack a bottle of water as part of their school lunch
• Try having at least one meal together as a family
• Keep them active for at least an hour daily
• Limit screen time
• A good night’s sleep is a must



Need an answer to a fitness related matter?

Send your question to Kareema at

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.




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The CCN Chuckle




A wealthy Mula Nasruddin was admitted to hospital for heart surgery, but prior to the surgery, the doctors needed to store his type of blood in case the need arose.

As the gentleman had a rare type of blood, it couldn't be found locally, so, the call went out.

Finally a Scotsman was located who had a similar blood type.

The Scot willingly donated his blood for Mula Nasruddin.

After the surgery, Mula Nasruddin sent the Scotsman in appreciation for giving his blood, a new BMW, 5 carats of diamonds, and $50,000 dollars.

A couple of days later, once again, Mula Nasruddin had to go through a corrective surgery.

The hospital telephoned the Scotsman who was more than happy to donate more of his blood again.

After the second surgery, Mula Nasruddin sent the Scotsman a thank-you card and a box of Black Magic chocolates.

The Scotsman was shocked that Mula Nasruddin did not reciprocate his kind gesture as he had before.

He phoned Mula Nasruddin and asked him: "I thought you would be generous again, that you would give me another BMW, diamonds and money ... but you only gave me a thank-you card and a box of chocolates."

To this Mula Nasruddin replied: "Aye laddie, but I now have Scottish blood in ma veins”.

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An Ayaat-a-Week






Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial. To Us must you return.


~ Surah Al-Anbiyaa 21:35

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Did you know........








......continued from last week's CCN


The Persecution

Eventually the size of the Muslim community became too large for the rest of Quraysh to ignore.

Previously the Muslims had been able to perform their prayers together in a secluded area on the outskirts of the town.

But as their prayer groups grew larger, the chances of them being seen increased.

That is exactly what happened as a group of praying Muslims were seen by a group of idolworshippers, whose immediate reaction was to ridicule the Muslims and their prayer.

At first the Quraysh were content to view the small community as an abnormality to be mocked, until they realized the gravity of these new ideas.

Monotheism, social justice, equality, and submission to the rule of God were all threatening theories to the Quraysh.

In the eyes of many leading members of Quraysh, the solution was to rid themselves of this new religious and social movement by getting rid of the source: Muhammad.

But Arab society still had structure and rules.

Although Muhammad was an orphan, he was still under the protection of his uncle, Abu Talib, who was the leader of the Banu Hashim clan of Quraysh.

Abu Talib himself refused to accept Islam, but his dignity and respect for Arab social customs demanded that he protect his nephew.

Furthermore, age-old Arab customs dictated that if Muhammad was killed, his clan would have permission to go after his killers, and thus civil war could break out on the streets of Mecca.

So Muhammad himself could not be harmed, but the protection that he enjoyed was not extended to his followers, many of whom were not protected by any clan or family.

The Quraysh decided to threaten and persecute them, in the hopes of discouraging others from joining the new religion.

Muslims were thus regularly harassed and deprived of the same rights as polytheists in Mecca.

While Muhammad himself had protection, he was powerless to stop the oppression of his followers.



To be continued in next week's CCN....



Source: Lost Islamic History by Firas Alkhateeb



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"Prejudice is the emotional commitment to ignorance.”

~ Nathan Rutstein



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World Wellness Group are pleased to announce the launch of Multicultural Connect Line. A culturally tailored service to help link community members to supports to help with stress, worry and practical issues that the covid-19 pandemic has brought to our lives. 

This initiative is funded through the Queensland Health covid-19 Immediate Support Measures. 

Please give the helpline a ring on 1300 079 020 or visit our website (new site launching soon!) to find out more about the suite of services offered at World Wellness Group.  






The Academy Alive scholars are getting ready for their annual Queensland Tour!

With the intention of connecting with our Muslim brothers and sisters in regional Queensland, Sheikh Ikraam Buksh and Sheikh Luqman Najib will be driving from Brisbane, through to North Queensland with several stops along the way.

We are so excited for this tour! To keep up to date with the tour schedule and details, please sign up here.

Please share this information with anyone you know in regional Queensland, as we would love to meet them and connect with our brothers and sisters all around Queensland.











As restrictions ease, the Hurricane Stars Club Inc is restarting it's programs in August inshallah. We want to ensure we are providing effective services for the community to support and engage men, women and children with the programs they need.


Please assist us in this process by completing two short surveys that will only take 5 minutes. Have your say and help us to provide the most beneficial programs for the community. 

















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Know someone wanting to find out more about Islam?


Point them to this site

Alhamdulillah, over many years I have worked with many non-Muslims who have always asked me about Muslims & Islam, and I have shared as much and as best as I could within my understanding and knowledge.

Alhamdulillah I have watch them develop a beautiful understanding of our practices, to the extent I have seen them explain and clarify misconceptions to others.

Once again during this past Ramadan, much was discussed over our staff iftar dinner meeting.

So I decided to document some of this basic Islamic information in a simple to read and understand website and share with my staff and colleagues.

It’s intended to be as simple as can be, whilst still providing a good overview, including some multi-faith interviews which I found very valuable even to me as a Muslim.

Feel free to use and share if you feel appropriate.

I have also shared some of the beautiful Quran recitations and supplications with English translation.













Muslim Funeral Services guidelines adopted on dealing with Janazas during this pandemic.


This includes the Covid and non-Covid Janazas, for burials in South East Queensland.
































(07) 3272 8071 OR 0401 971 471


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Gold Coast needs your help yes help.


Please buy a tile at $100 each and be a part

of this great new building.


We need 450 tiles.






Fundraising Appeal for Toowoomba Mosque






download flyer












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21 August(tentative)




(Islamic New Year)

1st Muharram 1442



30 August (tentative)




10th Muharram 1442



30 October





(Birth of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1442




1. All Islamic Event dates given above are supplied by the Council of Imams QLD (CIQ) and are provided as a guide and are tentative and subject to the sighting of the moon.


2. The Islamic date changes to the next day starting in the evenings after maghrib. Therefore, except for Lailatul Mehraj, Lailatul Bhahraat and Lailatul Qadr - these dates refer to the commencement of the event starting in the evening of the corresponding day.



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Muslim Community & Qld floods

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