Safet's Photo Story

At the Eid Morning Prayer

Tuesday, 24 October 2006


Reedy for namaaz

San of the Imam Rayn Brother Shemsudin

Muslim of Brisbane reedy for Salaat-Namaaz

Brother Din Sydik, happy to be whit all Muslim

The Man ho collect most of this money

lot many-donation & witre


This Man Barter Mian Waqar specialist for Halal food every Friday in Kuraby Mosque.

Don't you worry if you have no many, get fresh mil fill stomach.

Pay letter, hi always say to the people

Indonesian hard working Man Br.Hakim Landly.

If pleasant to took to him.

My country -Bosnian Boy Asim Regula Istima man every year

Young Muslim girls, they fast all Ramadan.

Elmina El-Menzis & Sabina

Ally Din whit son selling some Books of Islam

Imam Quddoos enjoin meal after namaaz

The Youngest children Happy on Eid day

Please tell the Crescent that I am a Muslim, praying daily.

I do not laic photograph