The 'Triple C' shop was very well supported at Eidfest2005 and there was barely a moment for the core Crescents team of organizers to catch their breaths during the day.


However, the success of the stall would not have been possible without the help of the many people who came forward with assistance. They were:


Jams and Fazila Ismail


Dado, Jason and Todd from Bi-Rite for the loan of the Plasma TV


Imraan Hussain


Ross Strudwick and Chris Dellit of the John Paul College Parents Committee and Principal Stephen Paul of JPC

Sheikh Mabrouk of Continental Halal Meats; Reffik Dada of Kelly's Distributors; and ABD Poultry for their kind donations


Several anonymous donors



And last (but by no means least) the fantastic ladies in the community for their fabulous cakes and pastries:

Khatija Omar

Farida Omar

Shamila Goder

Rashida Limbada

Fayaza Omar

Zahra Omarjee

Shamima Nathie

Fatima Jangda

Farzana Hatia

Shaheda Khatree

Sarah Sabdia

Adila Chotia

Ruweida Saley

Yasmin Doola

Fouzia Moola

Zaheda Ismail

Parveen Surtie

Hamida Dada

Amina Paruk

Zaynee Issadeen

Raeesa Seedat

Rehana Moola

Safia Sacur

Jamila Solwa  

Khairoon Karim

Zubeida Omar

Safia Casoojee  

Abeda Khatree

Aysha Peer


The Crescents team extends its gratitude for all their help and support and apologize if they have left anyone out inadvertently.


All the profits for the day which amounted to $2000 has been donated to the South Asia Earthquake Appeal through Muslim Aid Australia.


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