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Comments from  CresWalkers and Runners

Alhamdolillah, Cresswalk 2006 was a resounding success. It was a most enjoyable outing, very well organised. The ensuing breakfast and community mingling was great. The Organisers, and each and everyone who helped, deserve our utmost gratitude. You should be proud of your achievement.


May Almighty Allah reward you all for your fine efforts, and we hope and pray that you will be able to continue with it in the future.


Thank you very much for a successful big effort from the organisers and the sponsers alike, which included alot of beneffits to every person in each age group. There was the healthy exercise, the healthy food in particulary the tastey chicken, the choices of drinks, the socialising, the harmony and the happy autmosphare. Also there was the discovery of the healthy effect of the brisk walking for long distance within a (race).


Congratulations once again to ALL the TEAM for an exceptionally well organized and enjoyable day. May Allah swt reward you all abundantly. One suggestion that I would like to have considered for next year InshaAllah there is no doubt in my mind that this event will get even bigger and better in the years to come.


I must congratulate you on the sucess of CresWalk 2006. It was wonderfull team effort. And thanks for the photos of the events on line. Insha Allah see you in 2007 Cres Walk.

Congratulations on the great day yesterday... Everything appeared to go off well. I hope you thought it was a success in every way. My kids loved it, they had a ball.

Salam alikom ,congratulation for the that successful event I miss out for health reason I wish next year inshallah to be part of it good team work & keep up may allah reward u all

I feel you and all your committee did a fabulous job of the above.


Best organised to date. It was also very heartening to see you gave the younger generation exposure. The MC handled it very well. It gives us a boost to see that Mossies can organise professionally and gives us hope for the future. Well done

The gear was cool. The event gets better every year. Congratulations to the Crescents Team on a very well coordinated event that if not planned so efficiently would turn into a logistical nightmare. The brunch was tasty and appreciated. A fantastic day and a tremendous effort. Well Done!

Thanks for the great day yesterday. Congratulations to you and all of your team on a very well planned and enjoyable event. Stan (my one year old son) is especiaIly proud of his medal and I given the trophy number one spot in his bedroom! Please keep me in the loop for future events.


We'd really like to hear your views, suggestions and comments on CresWalk2006.


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The 2006 Winners Podium

7-11 Male (2.5Km)

Esad-Naci Erol

7-11 Female (2.5Km)

Halime-Nur Erol

11-15 Male (5km)

Yasseen Abdel-Magied

11-15 Female (5km)

Jordyn Turner

16-39 Male (5km)

Yousuf Goss

16-39  Female (5km)

Raeesa Khatree

40-59 Male (5km)

Anver Omar

40-59 Female (5km)

Rosemary Mahomed

60+ Male (2.5km)

Suliman Sabdia

60+ Female (2.5km)

Amira Abdalla

Pram-WheelChair - Male (5km)

Graham Perrett

Pram-WheelChair - Female (5km)

Kholoud Abdalla