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The 2006 Crescents of Brisbane Special Achievement Award

"It has become a tradition now at CresWalk to acknowledge each year one of the unsung heroes of our community. In 2004 we honoured Mr Ebrahimbhai Patel who seems to get leaner and meaner with each passing year. Last year we honoured Mr Althaaf Khatree and it is so good to see him here this year again.


For this yearís 2006 Crescents of Brisbane Special Achievement Award we have singled out a gentleman who at the age of 77 still considers himself to be a mere boy and something of a spring chicken.


Those of you who have been at the wrong end of his parking rules or his shoe shelf arrangements or have been unceremoniously ushered out for having a bit of a natter on the corridors of Kuraby Mosque will find it hard to believe that hidden amongst all of that austere disciplinarian appearance is a man with a heart of gold and a deep sense of community and concern for his fellow man, and law and order I may add.


The fact that we donít get irate letters from the neighbours of Kuraby Mosque to local councillors anymore complaining of inconsiderate parking in the area is in large measure due to this man.


By now some of you will have guessed that I am referring to none other than Mr Safet Avdich.


Despite having had to contend with more then a fair share of his own medical problems, Haji Safet has always found the time and the energy to fight the noble cause, be it raising funds for someone suffering an illness, for the building of a mosque or helping out someone having difficulties with immigration.


Brother Safet is also a journalist with a prodigious talent for writing. His inimitable style has endeared him to a large number of CCN readers who hang on to his every syllable whenever his letters grace its pages.


Safet has been a good friend and champion of Crescents of Brisbane and it was the unanimous decision of the Crescents of Brisbane organizing team to award this yearís Special Achievement Award to Mr Safet Avdich."


Speech delivered by Mustafa Ally at CresWalk2006