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Sunday, 26 May 2013, 10am, Orleigh Park, WEST END


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.            I have a 3 year old. Do I have to register her?

A.    There is a supervised mini circuit fun walk/run within the park for the 3-6 year olds. If you register them they will be entitled to an entry number and the breakfast.

Q2.            Can I join the walk unofficially, that is, without registering?

A.     The welfare and public liability of participants extends only to registered entrants of CresWalk.

Q3.            Where can I drop off my completed form?

A.     The web site www.crescentsofbrisbane.org has the details of the entry form drop off dates, times and places. If you have any queries, e-mail theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org or call 0402 026 786.

Q4.            Can I register after the closing date or on the day of the run/walk?

A.     A late registration fee of $5 may apply

Q5.            Will there be any medical assistance if I need it?

A.     There will be a medical doctor on site and St John’s Ambulance Services will be in attendance.

Q6.            Is the event covered by Public Liability?

A.     Yes. Both participants and third parties are covered by our insurance policy during the event.

Q7.            Can I walk only?

A.     You can elect to WALK, RUN or WALK & RUN in your chosen age and gender category. The winner will be the first person past the line in each of the categories.

Q10.         How will I find out what my exact finishing time was?

A.     We will be using an electronic device to accurately record the times of participants as they go past the finishing post. All times will be posted on our web site as soon as possible after the event.

Q11.         Will we be able to purchase any food items on the day?

A.     Yes, there will be drinks and other food on sale for the day. You are welcome to bring your own picnic basket if you wish to do so.

Q12.         What awards are the winners in the different categories given?

A.     The winners in each of the categories will be presented with trophies.

Q13.         Who is entitled to be in the random draw?

A.     Only registered entrants holding official registration numbers are entitled to be in the draw. A condition of the draw is that you have to be there during the draw to claim your prize. If a number is called and the winner is not there to claim his/her prize another draw will be made until the prize is claimed. The decision of the Crescents of Brisbane’s organizing committee will be final.

Q14.          Is this event in aid of any particular charity or cause?

A.    This year we plan to break-even, insha'Allah.

Q15.         What is Crescents of Brisbane and who are its organizers?

A.     Crescents of Brisbane is an informal group of individuals who came together in response to a call for a way of getting the young, the old and those in-between to engage in worthy, stimulating social activities. Crescents of Brisbane operates with the help of a group of about 30 individuals. You can find this year's CresWalk organizing committee here.

Q16.         Is the food Halaal?

A.     Yes.

Q17.         Will the road be closed during the run?

A.     No. However, marshals have been appointed at regular intervals to manage the route. You should take heed at all times of any instructions given by the organizers and the marshals. Also, please ensure that children accompanying you are well supervised at all times.

Q18.         Will there be water provided along the route?

A.     Two water tables will be set up at the half way marks.

Q19.         What is the objective of staging this event?

A.     To provide people of ALL ages within our community an occasion to take part in an organized family oriented event that promotes a healthy life style while building a stronger sense of community spirit and belonging.

Q20.         Will we be getting sponsored T-shirts like we have in the past?

A.     TBA

Q21.         To what extent has the cost of the entry been subsidized and how?

A.     A conservative estimate of staging such an event, taking into account the cost of t-shirts, Public Liability insurance, medals, food, park booking fees, equipment hire and prizes is $40 per entrant.

Q22.         Who is the event open to and who is eligible to enter?

A.     The event is open to everyone, on the understanding that they are willing to accept the rules and conditions as determined by the organizers of Crescents of Brisbane. These rules and conditions include:

  1. Consumption of only Halaal food during the event

  2. No alcohol to be brought or consumed during the event

  3. Males and females to dress appropriately during the event

Q23.         When will the winners be awarded their trophies and when will the random draw take place?

A.     The presentations and random draws are planned for around 11am on the morning of the race.

Q24.         Will the Park area be open for use by the general public?

A.     The Park area has been pre-booked with the Brisbane City Council for the duration of the event and will be cordoned off during this time.

Q25.         Who are the sponsors of the events?

A.     For an up-to-date list of sponsors and donors visit our website.

Q26.         If I pay my registration fee, and do not turn up do I get a refund?

A.     No.

Q27.         Can I fill out just one entry form for the whole family?

A.     A separate entry form is needed for each entrant as individual details (for example, category and signature) are required for each entrant. You may submit photocopied entry forms or if you require more entry forms you can download, print them and post them. You can also e-mail us with your details and we will post you as many entry forms as you require. You can also register and pay for each entrant online.

Q28.         Can I push a stroller?

A.     Yes, we have created a special category for Moms and Dads just for this event. We are also encouraging wheelchair entrants. We only ask that you start at the back and take special care when it comes to other competitors.

Q29.         When do I get my race number and what purpose does it serve?

A.     You will receive your race number in your race pack. You will be required to pin your race number on the front of your T-Shirt during the run/walk as a means of identifying you on the day as well as confirming your race category. You will also use your race number as your meal voucher and as your entry in the random draw at the end of the run/walk.




If you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to e-mail us.