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Sunday, 6 March 2005

Newsletter 0019

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Kellys Distributors



[For a pdf version of this newsletter please click here]



This week you would have received a link to this newsletter in your e-mail rather than the usual full contents. The reason for this is that our readers tend to use different mail client software (hotmail, yahoo, outlook, proprietary, etc.) to read their emails and the end result of our carefully crafted (?) newsletter can appear like a ‘dog’s breakfast’ on our readers’ monitors and significantly different from the original layout depending on how the reader has configured and setup the software at his/her end. For example, some email clients show scant sanctity for the original word and layout and will double space all single space lines, block out images, or change fonts with impunity. Using out website to develop and host the newsletter will not only help level the playing fields but bring our upload time here at the CCN sweat shop from hours to down to minutes as well.

But how do you like to receive your weekly fix of CCN served up? Please complete the online poll (CresPoll05) at our CCN Soap Box (or go to http://www.crescentsofbrisbane.org/CresPoll05.htm)



The Online Soap Box

CCN was decidedly under whelmed this week by the number of responses to our suggestion of a volunteers’ database. This is what one reader had to say on the subject:


I think that this is an excellent idea. From the time that I have arrived in Brisbane, I got the distinct impression that the community organizations here were all "closed-shops". I was never invited to attend any meetings of any organisations (if they were ever held); nor did I see any notice inviting people to attend any open forum to lend their expertise and share their ideas. The impression created was one of "ownership". I feel that there is an urgent need to rally the youth into community activities.


[Editor] Last week’s editorial suggested that the role of the volunteers be that of lending specialist support to any organizing committee without the need necessarily to become committed long term with that organisation’s day-to-day planning and deliberations. However, you can still share your thoughts on this suggestion by going to the CCN Soap Box (or to http://www.crescentsofbrisbane.org/volunteer_database_views.htm)



The Brisbane Arrival Lounge

CCN and Crescents of Brisbane would like to welcome into our fair city, Iqbal and Farida Lambat and their three children, Rashaad (16), Zahed (13) and Raeesa (10). Iqbal is a CA with Ernst & Young in Brisbane and Farida is also an accountant. Born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, they have lived in South Africa (Fordsburg, Middelburg and Killarney) and the past four years in Perth. They are now living in South Bank.



Bulk Billing (for a good cause)

The Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave to Care and Cure is on, and Crescents of Brisbane’s very own Dr. Iqbal Sultan is going to take it all off next Saturday for all to see. You can sponsor him as he shaves his hair to raise funds for leukaemia research and patient support. Help the good doctor contribute to the $10 million fundraising goal for WGS 2005 by calling him on 0412845786.

You also get a tax deductible receipt sent to you when your sponsorship has been processed.


Yunie On the Mend

CCN would like to wish Yunie Omar a speedy recovery from his recent illness. Hospital staff at Greenslopes could only stand and wonder in amazement at the steady stream of well-wishers who came to visit with him, a testimony to the big-hearted man’s popularity in the community. May Allah (SWT) grant him shifa. inshallah and all our duas are with him and his family.


Ps. With Yunie out of action for the Gokkok team at next Sunday’s Futsal Tournament, the prospects of that team putting up anything resembling a decent opposition now look decidedly bleak.



Did you know that the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) is an “incorporated not-for-profit organization which aims at increasing peace in the world by improving community relations between Muslims and the broader society”? You can learn more about them at http://fair.org.au/


Unmasking The Man Behind ‘Hey! Be a Man! Do the Right Thing!’

One of our readers sent in some information about the stand-up comic whose video clip we have been offering in our newsletter over the past few weeks. It turns out that he is Russel Peters, an Indian Canadian comedian, and you can watch a few of his other performances at http://www.saywhatentertainment.com/ where, in addition to the Chinese businessman, he also does an Italian and a Jamaica from an Indian’s perspective. Peters was Canadian Comedy Award nominee for best male comic and he has earned himself four Gemini Nominations, a place hosting a 13 part television series on the BBC (UK) and a spot performing on a David Frost Comedy special broadcast on both the CBC and the BBC. His stand-up has been in demand all over the world, including stops in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ireland, Sweden, Amsterdam and Dubai. He has performed a sold-out tour of South Africa. There’s a segment on his DVD on why (South African) Indians don’t make good slaves that will have you in stitches.


Come Alive in 2005! Every Step Counts!

 CCN challenges you to start maximizing opportunities in your life to move more. Small changes can add up to large increases in your daily activity level. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


  •    Park in the farthest space from the store or mall.

  •    Walk, run and play actively with your children or grandchildren.

  •    Mow your yard using a push mower.

  •    Take a walking break instead of a coffee break at work.

  •    Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  •    Hide your remote and change channels the old-fashioned way.

  •    Don’t e-mail neighbour, walk over to his/her house.

  •    Walk to and back from the Masjid five times a day (if within easy reach)

Have a creative idea of your own? Share it with us.


You could stay at home and fool around or you could join


and still fool around - its your call  


See you and the family at Kangaroo Point on Sundays at 7.30 am!


Futsal Tournament Update

The organising committee of the QMT Unity Cup would like to thank all teams who have handed in their registration forms and monies. 
They have one more spot available for any team willing to participate.  Every team is guaranteed three games with the top two in each group progressing on to the quarter finals. To enter go to www.qmt.org.au or call Idris Jangda on 0412 786 168 to ensure your team is participating on Sunday.
On show will football of the the fast food variety! Quick indoor games with 15 minute halves.  The atmosphere is guaranteed to be electrifying and the games very competitive and fast!!
This day will be even more of a success with as many supporters turning up as possible.  So come one, come all and make it a day to remember. It promises to bring together the best Muslim talent available not only to play Futsal but also to foster unity amongst the Brisbane youth and community in general. Food and drinks will be on sale. So bring your families (mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, aunts and uncles) and friends and cheers us on!
Venue: 1391 Beaudesert Rd, Acacia Ridge
Time: 8:30 am

ps. Rumour has it that the Men-on-the-Mussalaahs are secretly working out at the Futsal Centre, limbering up for the big day next week Sunday 13 March. Let’s hope they can at least survive the practice session.


A Word From This Week’s Sponsor





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TO: theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org


Subject: ‘You hoo, I want to be a Jew oo’


Please, please, please may I have the full the version of Michael Naicker's skit? Please pretty please with a cherry on top. Am I being sweetness enough for you to forward it to me? I thought it was funny but I want to hear the whole thing and I want (the rest of my family) to hear it too. Please forward the file to me soon. It was a good start to the day. :)


[Editor] We suggested a nominal fee and a gentle twisting of the arm would suffice ….. but abject grovelling to the editor feels oooo soooo much better . The file is in the mail.


Write For Us

The best ideas and the best feedback come from our community of readers. If you have a topic or opinion that you want to write about or want seen covered or any news item that you think might be of benefit to the Crescents Community please e-mail your theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

Share your thoughts, feelings and ambitions for our community through CCN.


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