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Sunday, 20 March 2005

Newsletter 0021

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

H. Sabdia & Associates


You + Me = Us

Several local dignitaries attended the Islamic Women's Association of Queensland's Harmony Day celebrations yesterday (Saturday 19 March). Aunty Mulunjali, an elder from the Mulunjali tribe delivered the first of many speeches that afternoon. Ms Yasmin Khan, President of IWAQ, controlled proceedings on the stage in her capacity as MC for the day and had the unenvious task of having not only to introduce our good public servants but also recalling their portfolios with any degree of accuracy. The Hon Gary Hardgrave MP, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister; Minister for Vocational and Technical Education and Federal Member for Moreton (as if you didn't know already) launched the 'as yet unfinished' booklet about the role of Muslim women, 'Butterflies in Fresh Fields'. Also sharing the platform were Ms Karen Struthers MP, State Member for Algester; Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Minister for Trade (with special responsibility for Multicultural Affairs) and Councillor Graham Quirk, representing Lord Mayor Campbell Newman. Ms Galila Abdelsalam, the founding member of IWAQ, thanked the many people who made the organization a reality in Queensland. Ms Ramlah Straines, a special guest visiting from Cairns,  shared some of her experiences with the audience.


But it was not all about speeches and speech-making on the day. There were several slightly more appetizing distractions. For instance, instead of savouring the dubious delights of a traditional Aussie sausage sizzle, you could have thrown caution to the wind and tried an Afghani snack, an Indonesian satay or some Chinese-styled noodles. You would also have been entertained by some Indian dancing, martial arts demonstrations and the fascinating art of pita bread making. All in all, it was a great opportunity to showcase the vital role that Muslim women of very diverse cultures and backgrounds are playing in our community.


(click images to enlarge)

Overseas Scholar to Deliver Lectures at Darul Uloom

Prof. Sheik Mohd Zakiyyundeen Sharfi, the Imam and Khateeb of New Jersey will be delivering a series of Islamic lectures on various aspects of Islam at the Darul-Uloom. This is the programme over eight days:





27TH March

The Five Rights Of The Quraan Upon Muslims


28TH March

The Contemporary Muslim Ummah : Its Problems And Solutions From AI-Quraan And Sunnah


29TH March

Khilafah on The Manhaj Of Nubuwwah
Our Goal To Achieve Ridhwan And Ghufranullah


30TH March

Dajjal Fitnah: What Is It? Our Responses As Per Shari'ah Advise Of The Prophet Muhammad SAW


31ST March

Profile Of A Mukmin


1ST April

Science And Wahi


2ND April

Islam And The West: What Is At Stake?


3RD April

Qualities Of The Generation Of The Quran

Refreshments will be served and the invitation is open to all.

Another Couple of Perfect Matches!

Last week CCN broke with the news that another engagement was in the offing. Well now we can reveal the identities of the mystery couple. Sahrah, daughter of Ashraf and Sharmila Goder has accepted the proposal of Bilal, youngest son of Dawood and Zohra Solwa. Bilal returned to South Africa just recently and is currently studying at the University of Natal in Durban. On behalf of the Crescents Community, CCN wishes them a happy engagement and asks the sixty four million dollar question that must surely be on everyone's mind at the moment: Is it going to be a Brisbane or a Cape Town event?


(click image to enlarge)

Muslim PLO in Brisbane

The Queensland Police Service has on his staff a dedicated Muslim Police Liaison Officer, Rima Salameh, who helps foster communication and cooperation between the Muslim community and the QPS. She also advises and educates police officers on the needs, practices and beliefs of the community. While she cannot undertake duties of a police officer she does wear the same basic blue uniform of a police officer with shoulder epaulettes and a 'Police Liaison Officer' name badge worn on the shirt. So the next time you see a young lady with a uniform hat with a yellow chequered band and a PLO badge it could well be Rima that you are dealing with. If you would like to contact Rima on any issue concerning her role you can email her at salameh.rima@police.qld.gov.au or call her on 07 3364 3217.


Singing & Swooning Sono (A review by Madame Mumbai]

Bollywood playback singer, Sono Nigam, performed in Brisbane last Sunday to an enthusiastic audience in a marathon three-and-a-half hour show. The Sleemans Theatre  with its spacious and intimate seating arrangements complemented the singer's casual, interactive and very engaging style of delivery. Backed by a group of musicians playing mostly Western instruments (with the ease and competence, nonetheless, of an English rock band) the young and not too unpleasant looking Sono Nigam appeared on stage to a few audible gasps of delight before a crowd half-expecting to see a Mohammed Rafi-like playback singer instead of someone who could well give Shahruk Khan a run for his money in the 'good-looks and personality' stakes. And those of us visualizing female playback singers in the Lata Mangeshkar mould were not disappointed by the depth of talent or the film-star looks that took to the stage either, I might add.


Western entertainers who make live appearances could well take  a leaf out of Sono Nigam's performance style. All too often they appear on stage, clinically deliver their pre-arranged set and walk off, without so much as a 'hello' or a 'how are you'. Why should one have to pay good and usually exorbitant money for a 'live' performance that is little better than you could get out of a $20 DVD. Nigam, on the other hand, engaged with his audience all through the show inviting song requests and audience participation  and not once giving the impression that he had to rush off to another engagement. 


In summary a very polished performance and good value for money. Good on yer, Sono Nigam! We look forward to seeing you again in these parts. As David and Margaret on ABC's Movie Show would say, it's 4 and a half stars for me.


CresFit4Life Session No. 17

Want some immediate results? Researchers found that 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day, such as walking, and switching to a healthier diet dropped health risks dramatically in just 6 weeks. Risks for killers such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease were greatly reduced, according to a study by Steven Aldana (Brigham Young University Professor of Exercise Science). Adopting a nutritious way of eating and exercise can result in very important positive changes in your body’s health in a short period of time.


Make a start by getting yourself and your family down to Kangaroo Point on Sundays at 7.30 am and find out how much fun walking with family and friends can be.



Competition Winners

The QMT Unity Cup Futsal Tournament

Last Sunday's inaugural indoor soccer tournament organized by the Queensland Muslim Times (QMT) in association with the Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY) turned out to be a resounding success.

The finals between Dynamos and Bafana Bafana was a nail-biter with the match eventually going to Dynamos on the golden goal rule. Player of the Tournament was ex-Queensland star, Muhammed Sabdia.


Crescents of Brisbane fielded two sides (Crescents Young Guns and Crescents Old Boys). In the Seniors Section, the very professional and polished Darra Old Boys side made up of ex-Fijians showed their mettle against the three teams of ex-South African card players, Sunday morning strollers and 'racqueteers'.  

There was also fantastic vocal support from the large crowd of spectators who turned up on the day.


CCN would like to congratulate the organizers for putting together a truly memorable spectacle for the community and we look forward to this being the annual highlight on the Brisbane sporting calendar (after CresWalk, that is ).


(Click on images to enlarge)

Darra Old Boys

Seniors Winners

Bafana Bafana


Runners Up

Tennis Club


Runners Up

Tips for New Migrants

A CCN reader has put together a document based largely on his own personal experiences which provides detailed advice for newly arrived migrants to Brisbane as well as those planning to settle in our fair city at some future date. For the next few weeks, CCN will share some of this advice with you and invite you to send us in your own suggestions or comments in this regard. Consider this as a 'living' document that will need to be updated regularly as circumstances and regulations change and in which you too can play a substantial and useful part in helping to develop and refine it. The author has tried to include his experiences which may not necessarily be appropriate for everyone as circumstances differ from one family to the next. However, these are general tips that should apply to most immigrants.

We'll kick of the series with some tips on accommodation:

  •  Initially, one would most probably start off by renting a unit within a secured complex.  They are usually 3 or 4    bedroom units.  It is possible to get furnished units, although majority of them seem to be unfurnished.
  •  Most units tend to come with a 6-month lease.
  •  Check that the unit is not up for sale at the end of your lease period, although it is the duty of the manager to inform you of such an arrangement.
  •  Prices range from $200.00 per week to $350.00 per week.  Depending on the area, size, furnished or unfurnished, etc.
  •  The most popular areas for units in the South Side are Runcorn, Eight Mile Plains, Calamvale and Kuraby.  Most of these areas are also convenient for public transport, shops, Schools, Masjid and Maddressa.
  •  One can also rent a house.  This will usually attract higher rents from $300.00 per week up to $500.00 per week. Common areas  for a house are also Runcorn, Eight Mile Plains, Kuraby, Calamvale, Algester, and Stretton.

If you have an questions on this aspect of the advice please e-mail your CCN theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


A Word From This Week’s Sponsor




TO: theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org


Subject: Suggestion for CCN

I would like to make a couple of suggestions towards the CCN newsletter. We have many new immigrants who come to Brisbane on skills and some find it difficult getting jobs.  At times it takes months before they can secure a job in their trade.  Bearing this in mind could it not be possible for CCN to set-up a database of its members and the businesses they own or the company they work for.  So that when a new migrant comes into Brisbane, CCN can mention in their Newsletter that so and so is looking for a job in a certain field.  Can any of our members help?  At times it may not be possible to get one in that specific field but maybe the members can help out in getting them a job to keep them going till they find something more suitable. 

[Editor] The suggestion of an online Yellow Pages style Green Book holds great merit. If we are to set up such a database it would be more effective if we had a single repository built and maintained through a collaborate effort of all interested local organisations (QMT, ICQ, IWAQ and SAMAQ immediately spring to mind) rather than a piecemeal effort with information duplicated in various places. QMT has already made a great start with its list of halaal outlets.

This makes the idea of a portal site (that is, one web site that acts as the entrance to all other related sites) increasingly attractive and necessary as we each mature and evolve over the months and years to come. But that is another day's work.

In the meantime, CCN will be only too pleased to act as the conduit between anyone looking for employment and any business searching for staff or just willing to help out. All they need do is send us in their request and we will treat the matter with our usual sensitivity, confidentiality and discreteness. What do others think about our reader's suggestions of a database of local businesses? 


Write For Us

The best ideas and the best feedback come from our community of readers. If you have a topic or opinion that you want to write about or want seen covered or any news item that you think might be of benefit to the Crescents Community please e-mail your theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

Share your thoughts, feelings and ambitions for our community through CCN.


If there is someone you know who would like to subscribe to CCN please encourage them to send an e-mail to your theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org with the words “Subscribe Me” in the subject line.


Articles and opinions appearing in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Crescents of Brisbane team, CCN, its Editors or its Sponsors. But some of them are so good – we really wish they did…!