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Sunday, 17 April 2005

Newsletter 0025

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Flamin' Grill



Remember CresWalk2004?

(click to enlarge)

Now get ready for 



Details about this year's event, the route, the race categories, and the organizing committee are set out here or accessed via the CresWalk2005 navigation bubble above.

Entry forms can be downloaded from here or obtained from the following outlets:


  •  Nandos Underwood

  •  Nandos Mt Gravatt

  •  Nandos West End

  •  Flammin Grill

  •  Continental Halaal Meats

  •  Global Convenience

  •  Country Butcher

Entries close: Sunday 1 MAY at 5pm



There are several ways to get your entry forms and registration fees in to us on or before the 5pm deadline date on 1 May:


1. Seek out any one of the organizing committee members (who will be easily identifiable by their distinctly haggard demeanor over the next five weeks); or


2. Drop them off at the Kuraby Community Hall on Saturday 30 April between 2pm and 5pm; or


3. Post your completed entry form/s, together with a cheque (payable to Crescents of Brisbane), to

Crescents of Brisbane, P O Box 4603, Eight Mile Plains 4113


The closing dates are dictated by the T-shirt company who require a lead time of two weeks to screen print the shirts in time for the race.  


Last year over 500 young and old men and women, and children entered the walk and we expect to top this number this year with your support, inshaAllah.


For parents with toddlers we also have a Baby-in-the-Pram category. So don't go around looking for a baby-sitter. Bring them along for the ride. And if they happen to be 4 years and over you should register them so that they qualify for a race number, a T-shirt and a medal as well.



The CresWalk2005 Curtainraiser


Want to warm up for your Big Day? Register for the Mother's Day Classic, a 4km and 8km walk and run that takes place on the Sunday before CresWalk2005, on 8 May. The race starts at the Flag Court of the South Bank Parklands and the early bird entry fee is $22 for an adult (but you'll have to buy the T-shirt and you won't get a brunch either). But it's all for a good cause - proceeds go to breast cancer research.

The early bird deadline date is 27 April. For more information go to www.mothersdayclassic.org.


Kuraby Mosque Visit "Helps Improve Community Relations"

Brisbane's Deputy Mayor, David Hinchliffe visited the Kuraby mosque last week, as part of a bid to foster improved relations with the local Islamic community. Cr Hinchcliffe said he wanted to see first-hand the "wonderful" work the Mosque was undertaking with the wider community.

Mosque representative, Ismail Moola, gave Cr Hinchcliffe a tour of the Mosque, saying on Fridays up to 500 people attended the mosque for prayers.

"The Islamic community have a really important role in helping to build a tolerant and diverse Brisbane. They do wonderful work here and have overcome a great deal, " Mr Hinchcliffe said.

Mr. Hinchcliffe said the fire bombing of the mosque was one of Brisbane's  'darkest' moments.

"It is wonderful to see how they have overcome this", he said.


(Source: The Reporter April 13 2005)

Family Reconciliation and Issues of Humanity (By CCN's Felicia Mabuza-Blunt)

John Kani's play Nothing But The Truth opened this week at the Brisbane Powerhouse. It examines some of the issues that arose soon after South Africa achieved democracy. These were the days when the popular feeling was that returning exiles were favoured at the expense of those who had remained behind. The play's main plotline concerns a family reunited by a London-raised niece and explores hidden family secrets and individual sacrifices. Set against the backdrop of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the play is the story of two brothers. One was a political activist and exile, the other stayed in South Africa and faced the full brunt of the apartheid state.


Kani says that South Africa is not just a land divided by whites and blacks, but by personalities - of all races. "It was easier when there was the one enemy. Apartheid brought black people together more than the ANC has succeeded in doing. It forced all black people and Indians to present a unified front".


Asked how he thinks Australian audiences will take to the play, Kani suggested that it might highlight a few issues for the local Aussies. "We haven't done badly with democracy. In 10 years we have done well. I think Australia could learn something from it. Does Australia need reconciliation? Are they kind with all their citizens? Is it a cosmopolitan reflection of the global communities?".


Last night's show drew a full house and the audience gave John Kani, Rosie Motene, and Moshidi Motshegwa a standing ovation that lasted a full several minutes. I highly recommend you go and see this play while it is in town. You'll not only be moved by its theme but also by the poignancy of the political messages it sends out.

The highlight of my evening was to meet with John, Rosie and Moshidi after the play. I teased John about the famous and ubiquitous "yebo gogo" Vodacom TV ads in which he featured as a smiling, elderly African gentleman calling his wife. "Yebo gogo" means "yes, grandmother" and has become very much a South African catchphrase and part of the Afrikaans and English language in South Africa.

The play runs from 13-23 April and tickets are from $20. If you can round up a group of 5 or more, then you could get the tickets at $15 per person. Info: 3358 8600 www.brisbanepowerhouse.org.


ps. You'll can see Rosie in the movie, Hotel Rwanda, where she plays the part of the receptionist.

CCN Supporting Local Enterprise

Last week we told you all about Fathima Paruk and her skincare and beauty services. We received several e-mails during the course of the week asking for her contact details (which we had inadvertently omitted to mention). So here goes!


Fathima can be contacted via her landline on (07) 32198469 or mobile on 0414090120

If you would like CCN to promote your business as well, why not send the details to your theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

Noor-ul-Islam on the Gold Coast (by our Man-on-the-Mussallaah)

Imam Mahomed Imraan Husain, together with wife Saleha and  several volunteers, have re-organized the existing Madressa at the Gold Coast Masjid into the Noor-ul-Islam Education Centre, catering for over 60 children. Classes  run from Mondays to Thursdays between 4.30pm and 6pm. The pupils pay no fees and come from a veritable United Nations of countries as diverse as Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mauritius. The Madressa is subsidized from donations received from well-wishers and the local community.


Brisbane, Beautiful One Hour, Perfect The Next


The Breakfast morning at Kangaroo Point last Sunday was well attended despite the rain which, thankfully, stopped just before the start of the walk and only resumed as we headed back home. It was a perfect morning in between the showers with the sun shining over the Brisbane River and a slight breeze cooling the backs of the walkers as they weaved their way passed fellow walkers, joggers and cyclists.


We inducted into the fold the following new CresFit4Lifer-ers: Hawa Omar (78) who must find the Queensland sun a welcome relief after some 44 years in London; Osman and Rashida Khan; and Anver and Yusuf Omar.


Go on! Give Girls Guides A Go!

The Girls Guides has just shed its blue uniform requirements to attract girls from culturally diverse backgrounds. This means that Muslim girls can now consider taking part in  the organization where in the past their dress code became a barrier to joining as a member. Already the Guide unit at the Islamic School at Karawatha makes up a large proportion of the 120 new diverse members in Queensland.

Guides Queensland's Multicultural Liaison Officer Connie Mavrommati said that the parents of the Muslim girls had been very supported and positive about the move.

"They have been the first to support us since  branching out to becoming more multicultural. I think it's because they tend to be quiet protective of their daughters, so in a non- co-ed environment where their girls can play and interact, they're more relaxed."

For further information on joining the Girls Guides, contact Guides Queensland on 32523061.

Madame Mumbai's Movie Memories

The CCN Inbox was straining under the weight of the entries received during the week in response to last week's competition. The KAPADI family will be going to this year's CresWalk2005 on Sunday 15 May (courtesy of Crescents of Brisbane) for correctly identifying the actor in the black and white photograph as being that of Dilip Kumar, whose real name is Yusuf Khan.


Dilip Kumar is regarded as arguably the greatest actor ever to grace the Indian silver screen. His performances have been regarded as the epitome of emoting in Indian Cinema. Though he has done all kinds of films - he balanced a lightweight Shabnam (1949) with the intense Andaaz (1949), the ultra-serious Daag (1952) with the swashbuckling Aan (1952), the heavy Devdas (1955) with the entertainer Azaad (1955), he is mainly remembered as the King of Tragedy. He was born in Peshawar (now Pakistan) as Yusuf Khan in a Pathan Family of 12 children who later moved to Maharashtra as fruit merchants. From being the assistant manager in an army canteen, he set up his own fruit stall before getting his first break in the movies in 1944 (Source: http://www.upperstall.com/people/dilipkumar.html)

Madame Mumbai saw the movie Lucky over the weekend at the local Birch, Carol & Coyle and strongly urges you to give it a miss! If it wasn't for the fact that she had to get through a mega combo of diet Coke, popcorn and icecream, she reckons she would not have hesitated to walk out of the cinema midway through the show.

She also watched a DVD version of Amitabh Bachan and Rani Mukerjee in the movie Black and this is her expert assessment of it:


Were it not for a sprinkling of spoken Hindi and the brown faces you'd have been hard pressed to believe that this was a Bollywood production.  The English language was used so liberally that it made the subtitling largely superfluous.  The very Christian surrounds, the contrived fairyland settings, and the total absence of the obligatory song and dance left one wondering whether the production team had blown its total budget halfway through the shoot. The story line was not without merit, but Ms Mukerjee's otherwise fine performance as a blind and deaf mute was unnecessarily marred by her often highly exaggerated and inappropriate gait that would have had Charlie Chaplain doing somersaults in his grave.  The film's dark and often depressing topic, however, was livened up by the old master Amitabh weaving his craft. Worth a look, but don't expect the typical fare to be served up. Three stars (out of five) for me.


What It Means To Be Souf Efrikan

The only country where:

You get to buy a new car every three months and the insurance company even pays for it.

Tips for New Migrants

We continue this week with advice for newly arrived migrants to Brisbane or anyone planning to settle in our fair city at some future date. This week we tackle the subject of buying a car and driving licences:


  • When purchasing a car, if it is new, there would probably be fewer concerns.  However, if it is second-hand from a car dealer, check to see that they have a COMPULSORY new MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE.  You are entitled to ask to see the new BLUE Safety Certificate.
  • When purchasing a new car, you can negotiate a better price.  Maybe get extras put in at no extra costs.
  • If you are purchasing a second hand car privately or from a dealer, get it checked by RACQ.  It will cost you, not much, but it will be worthwhile in the long run.
  • Make sure the car has a very good AC.
  • Get yourself an International Drivers License/Permit from the AA in your country.  It may come handy.
  • Your current license is valid here for 3 months from arrival.  It would probably be a good idea to prepare yourself in trying to get your Australian license within that period. 
  • You will have to undergo a written test and then the actual driving test.  It is not difficult so do not panic.
  • When buying a second hand car, try the Government Auctions as you may get a good car at a reasonable price from there.  Don’t panic about trying to buy a car upon arrival.  There is public transport available so it won’t be too difficult getting around.  SEE HELPFUL WEBSITES.
  • Be aware of the speed limits.  Here they are very particular and there are random speed traps. 
  • We from Zimbabwe and South Africa are used to Police setting up speed traps on the roadside.  Here, laser guns attached to moving Police vehicles do speed traps. 
  • Be warned that sometimes the Police use unmarked cars.


If you have a questions on this aspect of the advice please e-mail your CCN theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


Source: Extracts from a document on the subject compiled by a CCN Reader (who wishes to remain anonymous)


ps. It has been drawn to our attention following last week's subject about buying a business that Bi-Rite Electrical is also offering franchising opportunities.


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