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Sunday, 5 June 2005

Newsletter 0031

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Nandos Underwood





The Rotary Club of Archerfield held a fund raiser dinner and auction in aid of the Fred Hollows Foundation and other projects at the Gambaro's Restaurant on Friday 27 May.


One of the projects was the Mahbooba's Promise Afghanistan which is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the widows and orphans of Afghanistan.


Founder Ms Mahbooba Rawi was also present to deliver a speech on the night informing the 250 people present of the many achievements of her fledgling group, including the establishment of training schools, medical centres, and orphanages. 


Senator George Brandis spoke about International and local community support and the ubiquitous Hon Hardgrave was also at hand to deliver a vote of thanks.


The occasion raised $15 000 through the $100 ticket and auction of items from current and past Prime Ministers, sporting memorabilia and artworks.

The Iqra Tutoring Institute (ITI) of Brisbane's Darul Uloom is planning to offer tuition classes in Mathematics (Junior and Senior), English, Science (including Physics and Chemistry) and Information Technology. A meeting has been organized to discuss the duration and time slots, tuition fee and other related aspects on Saturday, 4 June at 1pm at the Darul Uloom (6 Agnes St, Buranda).

For more information call any one of these numbers: 3391 7867, 3392 1310, 3372 1400



Susan Carland was the guest speaker at a presentation organized by the Muslim Students Association of the University of Queensland during the week.


Ms Carland spoke on the status, rights and treatment of women in Islam.


Susan Carland is 25 years old and was the 2004 recipient of the Australian Muslim of the Year Award. Susan has completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science and is currently writing her thesis in Sociology of Religion, focusing on Muslim women's experiences within the mosque.

Susan has worked extensively in the fields of public speaking and media-relations for Islam and Muslims, appearing on programs for 3AW, 3RRR, Channel 10, SBS, Channel 31, and a host of others, as well as being interviewed for the Age and the Australian newspapers.

Susan has been invited to speak at various churches, Jewish groups, schools, community groups, and business organisations, and was invited to give the International Women's Day address at the Victorian Parliament house in 2003.

Susan Carland, with daughter Aisha, isn't sure whether she found Islam, or it found her, but she discovered a gentleness she never expected.

As well as addressing non-Muslim organisations, she has been a guest speaker about Islam and the Muslim experience to other Muslims all over Australia, as well as in New Zealand and Malaysia. She is a representative for the Islamic Council of Victoria and is the Victorian State Co-Ordinator for TTC, and she has been the Secretary and Women's Officer for Monash University's MSA.

Her Honours thesis was on women's access to the mosque. "There's been a gradual exclusion of female scholars in Islam. Originally, there were many, but that's been eroded. Islamic scholarship has become dominated by men from patriarchal cultures."

At times, she said in a recent interview that she has been let down by certain attitudes within the Muslim community on issues of gender and race. She believes that what she and a growing number of Islamic feminists around the world are arguing for is the authentic Islam. "These are issues of justice. Men should be angry about them as well. What sort of a man places his security on the subjugation of women?"

At the age of 17, one of her New Year's resolutions was "to investigate other religions". Islam was not high on her list. "It looked violent, sexist and foreign." All she knew about Islam was a sentence in a children's encyclopedia and the movie, Not Without My Daughter. Afterwards her mother said: "I don't care if you marry a drug dealer, but don't marry a Muslim."

She doesn't know whether she found Islam or Islam found her. She'd turn on the television and find herself watching a program on it. Newspaper and magazine articles caught her eye. Privately, she began studying the religion and came across "a gentleness I never expected to find". Importantly, Islam appealed to her intellectually. "It didn't have that intellectual divide between mind and body and soul that I had found in Christianity."

Susan converted to Islam at the age of 19, and is married with a two year old daughter. While Susan had been brought up as a Baptist, husband Waleed Ally has been brought up by Egyptian parents here in Australia as a Muslim. When they got married it was at the Melbourne Zoo inside the butterfly enclosure.



You can get all the details, results and photographs of the matches played last Sunday at http://www.famsy.com/brisbanesoccer/index.htm

The recent marriage of Husain, son of Mahmood (Twiggy) Surtie to Sameera, daughter of Cassim Docrat (the manager of the Natal Cricket team) of Durban was celebrated at a function held last Sunday at the Greek Orthodox Hall.

CCN wishes the happy couple all the very best for the future, inshaAllah.

"Wake Up and Smell the Curry"
This is the message an Australia Microsoft Software specialist brought back after a working trip to India:


Last week I returned from India where I had the opportunity to support the Microsoft India Security Summit across five cities. I had plenty of preconceptions of India, especially regarding its place as the outsourcing powerhouse of the world.

Stats from India's "The Economic Times" run as follows: IBM - 23,000 people; HP - 15,000 people; Infosys - 22,000 people. Microsoft also has a modest presence there, as do a number of other companies. These people are running Call Centres, Facilities Management Centres, Help Desks, Software Development Houses and they are investing long term in education.

Visiting Bangalore, the "Silicon Valley" of India, I was stunned to see the infrastructure investments made by high tech companies. Business is booming, road systems are bursting and hotel prices are through the roof. And, until you see what is happening in India, it's difficult to appreciate their bullish political and economic goal - to be a dominant first world nation within 10 years.

A Message from IWAQ...

All Muslim women are invited to take part in a professional deportment course.


Confidence building

Date:  Monday June 13

Posture correction

Time: 9am to 3pm


Cost:  $30.00



Call Suraya for further details

on 33881494 or 0402 819197


Numbers are limited Book Early



The Corby Conundrum

It is amazing how Schapelle Corby finds peace in her Christian faith after being sentenced by a secular court led by a Christian judge on a Hindu island in the largest Muslim country in the world.

("Corby's long hours of devotion and prayer", Herald, May 30).

Message from IFA about SLP

Shukran to everyone who has been supporting the Sister's Learning Programme. The success of the programme is due to your continued support and participation.

The Trustees of Kuraby Masjid have asked all ladies to use the back entrance, to avoid contact with the men. There is a gate that leads from the parking lot behind the Masjid (via Wally Tate Park) to the back entrance. We would like to request all ladies attending to please use this entrance otherwise the continuation of the programme could be in jeopardy.


(From left to right) Toltu Tufa, Alanur Aydemir, Susan Carland and Aaleyah Habibullah model bridal and evening wear at a fashion parade for Muslim women at Box Hill Town Hall. (SOURCE: The Age)

Dawaa Training Course

On Sunday 12 June Sheik Khalid Yasin will be running his internationally renowned one day intensive Dawaa techniques course. The cost of the day's course is $80.00 and includes a CD set, course materials and tea, coffee, lunch and evening meals.


Contact Mr. Ismail Moola at ismailm@ozemail.com.au for more details.


Details of Sheikh Khalid Yasin's Tour





Thursday 9/6

After Eisha (7.00pm)

Holland Park Masjid

The Impact of Dawaa in the West – Advantages of doing it and the disadvantages of ignoring it.

Friday 10/6

3.00pm to 5.00pm


For Businessmen & Professionals- Update on Islamic TV program

Friday 10/6

After Eisha

Gold Coast Masjid

Dawaa & the issue of our communities responsibility to the wider general Australian community

Saturday 11/6

After Eisha (7.00pm)

Darul Uloom

Dawaa and the media

Sunday 12/6

9.00 am to 9.00pm

Darul Uloom

Dawaa course  for a class of  60 people (Men & women) Cost $80.00 per person and includes course materials and meals.


Brisbane's Own Station-Run By The Community, For The Community
The Brisbane Community Television, Briz 31, will be showing 30 minute episodes entitled 'Consider Islam' every Friday at 6pm from 17th June for 6 weeks.

"Briz 31 fills a niche in the television market by broadcasting locally produced programs relevant to Brisbane viewers as well as programs source nationally and internationally. Briz 31 is a 'Community Access Television Station' allowing individuals and community groups to produce programs and to have them broadcast. As an information disseminator, Briz 31 provides Community Service Announcements and information to residents of Brisbane and surrounding districts".

The Muslim Community in Australia - A view from the 2001 Census


Marital Status in Australian Muslim Community

  •    41% of Australian Muslim women are married by the age of 24, while only 12% of their male counterparts are married by the same age.

  •   51% of Australian Muslim males are married by the age of 34, while another 26% are married before they are 50.

  •   De facto relationships are uncommon. 3% of males in the age group 24–35 and 3% of females in the age group 21–24 are in de facto relationships.


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