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Sunday, 14 August 2005

Newsletter 0040

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Healthy Life (Myers Centre)


Tribute to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

Sheikh Ahmed Hoosen Deedat was born on the 01 July 1918 in the Surat district of India in 1918. His father emigrated to South Africa in 1927 with him. Ahmed Deedat was a very bright student and excelled in school. Lack of finance interrupted his schooling and at an early age of 16 he took on the first of many jobs in retailing and as a shop assistant.

After reading a book called Izharul Haq – The Truth Revealed, a book about a debate with Christian Missionaries in the then British India, Sheikh Deedat was spurred on in the direction of Dawah – Islamic Missionary Activity.




Over the next four decades, he immersed himself into a host of activities. Conducting Bible classes, lectures and debates the world over. He established the first Islamic Seminary in Southern Africa to train propagators at Assalaam educational Institute - Braemar.

He is the founder of the largest Islamic Dawah Organization in the world, the Islamic Propagation Center International and became its president.

He has published more than 20 books and distributed millions of copies of FREE literature and pamphlets the world over. Many of Sheikh Deedat's publications have been translated into the many different languages of the world : Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Bangladeshi, French, Amharic, Chinese, Japanese, Mayalam, Indonesian,, Zulu , Afrikaans, Dutch, Norwegian amongst others.

He delivered thousands of lectures all over the world, crossing all the continents and engaging some of the biggest names in Christian evangelists in public debates. Sheikh Deedat's debates and lectures are available all over the world in the various languages in Video and DVD format.

His career in the field of Comparative Religion took him across all five continents and dialogue with the heads of the Protestant world in America and the late Pope John Paul.

So fearless was his stand in defending the truth that Sheikh Deedat was refused entry into France and Nigeria on the pretext that 'he would cause a civil unrest'.

Sheikh Deedat also received a personal phone call at the IPCI from former President Nelson Mandela who was in Saudi Arabia at the time, congratulating Deedat for his international icon status in the Muslim World.

He was awarded the prestigious King Faisal Award in 1986 for his sterling services to Islam in the field of Propagation.




May Almighty Allah bless his soul, accept his efforts for the cause of da'wah and grant gracious patience to his loved ones during this trying time.







Source: Adapted from 'A Message from IPCI"

Photos: Independent Newspapers, South Africa

Brisbane Muslim Fashion Extravaganza

ALL the excitement and ALL the action of last night brought to you by our Man-on-the-Mussallaah




Well, it's the best he could do .......... under the circumstances!

Like our Man-on-the Mussallaah, if you weren’t at IWAQ’s annual fashion extravaganza held last night at Shailer Park, well then you’re in luck, because CCN managed to get a sneak preview….but just a sneak!….


A sell out event with more than 500 ladies of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, who came together to enjoy a fun-filled action packed evening.


The entertainment included designer fashion parades, performances, games, prizes and of course tasty food and refreshments. Many of the performances were choreographed and performed by young girls from our very own Indian, Middle Eastern and Indonesian communities.


The designers on show included the popular J2S, Nina, Roopam and Dr Kamal.


The event proved successful yet again and is a step in the right direction in uniting the various cultural groups in our growing Muslim community.


Well done and thanks to IWAQ and those involved in organising this enjoyable and memorable evening!

Remember to get your tickets early next year to avoid disappointment.


'The Merchants of Bollywood'

by Madame Mumbai


For the first time in Australia, a dynasty of stars, direct from Film City, Mumbai
A Live Stage Spectacular featuring a cast of 30 Bollywood Actors, Singers and Dancers.

Sydney and Melbourne are set to experience a live theatrical event like nothing ever seen before. From 28 September The Merchants of Bollywood will fill the Enmore Theatre with all of the extravagance, romance and allure that is Bollywood - glitter and glamour, bangles and beads, majestic sets and dazzling costumes.

The Merchants of Bollywood is a theatrical dance spectacular which charts the captivating history of the world’s largest and most prolific film industry, and the dynasty of stars that have lit its way over generations. The show will transcend time and will be a touching tribute to the Bollywood greats of yesterday and the box office hits of today.

A fictional story, yet based on real life, The Merchants of Bollywood will reveal to the Western audience the workings of cinema and the part it plays in the heart and soul of Indian society in a spectacular evening of music and dance at the heart of which lies a heartfelt story of a young girl, her grandfather and their love of dance.

The Merchants of Bollywood, will be performed in English and Hindi, and is produced by Bollywood’s most highly regarded film and stage artists.

The Merchants of Bollywood will feature the great moments of Bollywood live on stage in a lavish production capturing the essence of India, its rich and diverse culture, and its people in a world of Technicolour brilliance.

Fact Sheet

Show dates and times:

Enmore Theatre (NSW)
from September 28 to October 7

Her Majesty’s Theatre (VIC)
from October 19


Choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant
(Choreographer to the stars Amitabh Bacchan, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee, Salman Khan)
Music written and arranged by Salim and Sulaiman Merchant
(The hit makers of Bollywood music, composers of Dhoom, Kaal - Tauba Tauba)
Costumes designed by Falguni Thakore, and set designed by Sabu Cyril
Performed in English and Hindi

Songs and dance from the smash-hit movies - Agaan, Devdas, Musafir, and Bunty Aur Babli
For more info: www.merchantsofbollywood.com.au , www.ataallstarartists.com.au


Source: www.ticketek.com.au


Never fear, your Madame is here!

Yes, my dear fans I will be calling for an urgent Royal Commission of Enquiry into why Brisbane has been left out in the cold!


I could not help noticing also that that Enmore theatre has set the following condition of entry:

No large bags or back packs allowed into the theatre.


Mmmm, I wonder why? Is this to discourage us from bringing our kebabs and roti along to the show or is it that these days an 'Asian' with a back pack is seen as someone making less of a fashion statement and more about being dressed to kill.   


"It's AK, not AK47"


With these words Mufti Abdool Kader Hoosen introduces each of his "Q and A" sessions to warn potential questionnaires not to ask him 'loaded' questions.

During his short stay in Brisbane Mufti Hoosen, gave several entertaining, interesting, and inspirational lectures this week.


Hardly a man to mince his words or shy away from questions that ranged from Islam's tolerance of other religions to the permissibility of certain very intimate acts, Mufti Hoosen dealt with all of them in his inimitably casual, pragmatic yet humourous style that is the antithesis of the caricature painted in recent times of the 'dreaded, fearsome, firebrand Mufti'.


With his particular knowledge of matters related to females issues, it is little wonder then that he is "such a hit with the ladies" who hang on to his every word and ruling on Channel Islam. The high proportion of questions emanating from the ladies sections at the Mosques also bears testimony to his popularity.


On behalf of the Crescents Community and others who had the privilege of interacting with the amiable and approachable Mufti Hoosen CCN would like to thank him for gracing us with his presence and to his hosts, the Surtie family, for bringing him to Brisbane. We look forward to having him back here again in the near future, inshaAllah. In the mean time we'll just have to "catch him on the Net!"



Making Channel Islam/Radio Islam More Accessible

Want to hear Channel Islam or Radio Islam without being tied down to listening to it just in your computer room or study? Then there is a relatively simple recipe that we have come up with.




Ingredients (available at Dick Smiths or Jaycar)

1. A wireless AV sender (with two sets of AV cables) - made up of a transmitter (T) unit and receiver (R) unit (between $70 and $100)

2. 2 x 3.5mm stereo jack to RCA (about $4 each) (our reference A1 and A2)

3. A 3.5mm stereo socket to 3.5mm stereo socket adapter (C) (about $3)

4. A pair of amplified computer speakers (D) (base set $30)



1. Connect one of the AV Cables (red and white plugs only) to T and to A1,  and then A1 to the speaker input in your PC

2. Place R in the part of the house (kitchen, bedroom, lounge) where you want to listen to the station

3. Connect the other AV Cable (red and white plugs only) to R and to A1, and then A1 to C, and then C into the speaker plug of the speaker D.

4. Go to http://www.ciibroadcasting.com/broadcasting/audiostreamlink.php  (for Channel Islam) or http://www.radioislam.org.za/Newaudiostreaming.htm (for Radio Islam)

and tune in.


If you have any problems e-mail theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org


These instructions come with the following disclaimer:

CCN takes no responsibility for anyone afflicted by the addictive nature of Channel Islam. You are strongly advised to arm yourself with high speed broadband access and a generous download capacity before embarking on this venture. 



Sister’s Learning Program (SLP)

report by Islamic Females Association (IFA)



The last two lectures Moulana Uzair covered in the Sister’s Learning Program was in relation to salaah, including optional salaah and the significance of salaah times and number of rakaats performed.


These two lectures will be available for purchase on CD insha-Allah. In order for us to adequately cater for numbers and ensure sufficient copies are made, please book your copy as soon as possible with either one of the following sisters:


Yusra Adams  0403 151 473

Aarefa Ismail  3341 8786

Mariam Essof  0405 038 972 / 3423 0116


Or email us at ifafeedback@yahoo.com


For orders placed, your copy will be available at the next lecture (24 August 2005).


Also, given that the beautiful month of Ramadaan is almost on our doorstep, the next 3 lectures will focus on preparing us for the blessed month. Certainly not something you'd want to miss out on! Insha-Allah, the next talk will cover Laylatul Meraaj.


The IFA Crew


Bridge to Brisbane and The Bruised Brigade


Resplendent in their CresWalk2005 T-shirts, several CresWalkers took part in the Fun Run over the weekend.

Some are a little worse for wear but glad for having taken part.

Anver Omar finished the 12km route in the very creditable time of just under 60 minutes.


Some of the survivors

Making a desperate dash to the finish line


Father congratulates son for winning a brand new Mercedes off him (in a bet decided by a race to the finish)


Graduation Ceremony at Kuraby


Qari Fida Ur Rahman's Medrassah Rowdat Al-Atfal is holding a graduation programme of its students who have completed memorizing the Quran on Sunday 21 August after Magrib Salaah at the Kuraby Mosque. Dinner will be provided after Esha Salaah and you are all invited to attend.


Shiraz Ahmed, Mounir Mesbah, Muasb Ali Kadan, Mohammed Ali Kadan and Jawad Ali will become Hufaaz on the night, inshaAllah


"A is for Allah" and Z is Zain


Years after working with Yusuf Islam on the world famous 'A is for Allah' album, Pretoria born Zain Bhikha has been in the studio recently working with backing vocalists on his soon to be released Hajj album.


The three highly talented tenor and base singers, Linda, Bongani and Nhlanhla bring a smooth African feel to the background.


Two of the three singers, Linda and Bongani, are not first timers when it comes to singing with Zain. They have featured as backing vocalists on Zain's last big seller, Our World and toured with him for the Night of Remembrance Concert.

Two local Cape Town groups, Iman and Ijaaz also feature as backing vocalists on Zain's new album.



The Brisbane Arrival Lounge


Abdul Carrim Latif and wife Tahera arrived to settle in Brisbane recently from Middelburg, South Africa with their children Sumaiya (19) and Sameer (17). Abdul is a pharmacist.


CCN welcomes the Latif family and wish them all the best as they settle in their new home.

To The Editor


Subject: Response to Beattie



Regarding "new appointed minister chris cummins and beattie to do in everything in there power so muslims will not be affected by london bombings", I have a few ideas to start the ball rolling:


1 Movies such as Threat Matrix at 10.35 on Channel 7 on Monday night  which describes Muslims as terrorists and a great threat to America.


2 60 minutes program. Content should be be pre-approved so its does not deface Muslims. i.e. Sheik Khalid Yaseen's lecture which was contradictory to what he was saying as they picked and plucked what they wanted people to hear and deface Muslims    


3 Newspapers and news programs defacing Muslims





A Word From This Week’s Sponsor


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Also available Halal fish oil and royal jelly capsules






Great results you will feel…..



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