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Sunday, 11 September 2005

Newsletter 0044

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by


Fund Raiser for Proposed Ipswich Mosque

If you get to read this newsletter before the day is out, please try and support the Family Fun day at the Svoboda Park today (Sunday 11 September) between 11am and 3pm.


The Indian Bazaar

Queensland’s Indian Community’s single biggest event THE INDIAN BAZAAR will be held at the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds on 16 and 17 September. This will be the tenth bazaar organized by the Indian Cultural Association of Queensland.


It is a showcase of Indian Culture with food, fashion and entertainment.


The Indian Cultural Association welcomes everyone to come and enjoy this experience.


The Indian Bazaar opening times will be from 2pm to 11pm on Friday 16 September and 10am to 11pm on Saturday 17 September.


When there, don't go past Algester Islamic Society without trying their delicious Portuguese-styled grilled chicken. Then stop by the EidFest stall for an ice-cream treat and Bombay Crush and learn what's in store for 12 November.



Have you ever wondered why non-muslims call ALL Muslims extremist? Or why we are currently hearing talks on the banning of the Hijab in state schools? The answer, according to Muhammad Jangda, President of QUT MSA, is simple; People just do not know what Islam is and what Muslims believe in.

"So how can we change this? By means of education, by talking about our beliefs and firmly saying that we believe the taking of innocent people’s lives is wrong." he suggests.

That is why the MSA QUT is holding an Islam Information Evening. The talk will be given by Dr Mohamad Abdalla and be followed by questions and answers. There will also be lots of information about Islam disseminated on the night.

"We kindly request CCN readers to pass on this information to at least one non Muslims friend, work colleague, neighbour or even just to print out the flyer and place it on your local community notice board. If you are too shy to knock on your neighbours door and inform them about the night, just leave the flyer in their post box. Jasakallah"

From Calcutta to Cape Town

Amazon.com has opened a software development centre in Cape Town. Chris Pinkham, a South Africa returning home from Seattle to head the operation, says Amazon chose South Africa because of its pool of high-calibre IT workers and its good infrastructure.


The centre will create programs for users around the world.


South Africa is well placed to benefit from the trend of offshoring business processes, such as customer care and payroll administration, to places where skilled labour is cheaper. Offshoring could create 100,000 jobs in South Africa and attract $120 million-$230 million in foreign investments by 2008.


As well as speaking English and being in a time zone close to Western Europe's South Africa offers sophisticated insurance and banking sectors, a pool of qualified people, well-developed telecoms and IT infrastructure, and good business services.


British and US firms could cut the cost of some services by 30-40 per cent by providing them from South Africa. That is why IBM decided to open a call centre for global corporate clients in Johannesburg.


Yet much needs to be done if South Africa is to win a lot more business from abroad.


The staggering price of telecoms is a big problem.

A company in South Africa will pay about nine times more than one in Singapore for ADSL broadband.

It will pay almost twice as much as in Malaysia for a domestic leased line, and 11 times more than in India.

An international phone call costs 70 per cent than India.

The cost of a three-minute local call ballooned by over 25 per cent every year from 1997-2003.


South Africa, however, can become a serious contender to the well established Indian, Singaporean and Pilipino to countries like India and the Philippines who have long been the  .South Africa must get its act together, or foreigners will send their business to other shores.


Compiled from The Australian 6/9/05 and The Economist


PS: Who knows - soon, instead of getting diverted to Delhi, your next call to a service centre could well be diverted to Durban. You'll know when this happens when you hear something like this:


Howzit bru,

Thanks for calling the Dell customer service desk. What's vaaing ekse in varum Brisbane? You ous in there must be having a bloody lekker time without the crime and all. A connection here at graft dialled me into your Crescents of Brisbane website yesterday, and it made me lag. You must be an expat from Durban, with a porsie near the Kuraby mosque. It was kiff to read this but made me mal that I couldn't choon the ous at graft. Blind ekse.

So I chooned a connection from Chatsworth and we skeemed it would be cool to catch up and have a dop. Like all durban ou's, we smaak to make a better, so I went for a trap and scored some kaartjies down the road. We hadn't checked each other since that time so we got fully dronk, made a few tings, and ended up way west. We trapped down the road fully goofed, scored some munchies and scooped a kiff chow  and killed a bunny. The ou serving us schemed he was way to do, so we vloeked him and ducked.

I went back to my porsie. My stekkie was woes, and charfed me that I had pulled a blind action.

How's this bru, the Addington surf's been doening it. It's been firing, off its pip. I know I'm chooning you what what, but we are going to klap a mission tomorrow. Pull in ekse. Let's go grind some barrels. If not, hope you okes get a couple. We might end up blasting a few dead bees as well. You check, it's the old story, you get numb and vaai surfing.


So much about me, cuz - now choon me about that thing that's going wrong with your laptop and all.


"Where have all the people gone...........gone to Queensland, every one"


Queensland's population is expected to top four million by the end of 2005, with more than half of all growth occurring in Brisbane, according to a recently released State Government report.


The report, Population Growth Highlights and Trends, Queensland 2005, was launched by Local Government Minister, Desley Boyle, and showed Queensland's population had grown to 3.9M people by June 2004 - an increase of 81,000 people.


Ms Boyle said that Queensland's continuing population boom was largely fuelled by interstate and overseas migration, with two-third's of the population growth occurring in South-East Queensland.


Brisbane and the Gold Coast are once again the fastest-growing areas in the State and Australia - a position they have held consistently for the past decade.


"As a net figure, we are looking at 700 people per week that are choosing to call Queensland home." she said. "More than half of these 700 people are going no further than Brisbane".


Girls Day Out

The Islamic Women's Association of Queensland Inc (IWAQ) invites young women of the Muslim community in Brisbane to a day out on Sept 25 at Inala PCYC. The event will be for high school students, university and young moms as well as young women in the work force.

The event is sponsored by IWAQ and will be supervised by IWAQ ladies.

There will also be three female police officers (including Rima, Brisbane's Muslim PLO) who will be around on the day.

Lunch will be served and entry is $10.

(click to enlarge brochure)

The Algester Alert

The Islamic Society of Algester will be celebrating Lailatul Baraa'a (Shabe Baraat) on Monday 19 September from Maghrib to Eshaa. Niyaaz will be served after the programme.


Also, the monthly Ghousia Khatam (Giyaarwee Shareef) will be celebrated on Thursday 15 September. Programme to start at 8:00 p.m.

Maulana M.Nawaaz Ashrafi


The Islamic Council of Queensland will be holding its AGM on 24 September at Darra Mosque at 10am. The positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer come up for a two year term.


Nominations close with the Secretary on September 15.




Current Executive


Abdul Jalal

Darra Society

Vice President

Amar Ali Khan

Islamic Society of Central Qld.


Dr. Mohd Tahir Iqbal

Logan Society


Intaj Hussain

Holland Park


Sultan Deen

Holland Park


Shaheed Ali

Holland Park


Dr. Galib Ali

Gold Coast


Fayaz Ali



Mahmood Ali

Bald Hills


Imaam Yusuf Peer

Darul Uloom


Jubilation in Jangda Household

Congratulations to the Jangda family on the arrival of Saffiyyah, daughter of Ayesha and Muhammad Saloojee.


Ayesha is the daughter of Ismail and Fatima Jangda and little Saffiyyah makes them grandparents for the second time.


Saffiyyah (which means untroubled, serene, pure and best friend, according to www.muslim-names.co.uk) was born on August 31 at Garden City Clinic, Mayfair, Johannesburg, South Africa weighing in at 2.89kg and stretching out to a full 55cm.

PS: With the current debate in Australia raging over gracefully aging baby boomers feeling too young to be called Granddad and Grandma anymore how long will it be before Nana and Naneema come up for scrutiny? J

Subject: "Australian and Islamic Laws of Inheritance - Part 1" by Ebrahim Iqbal Lambat

Dear Editor


Thank you for your message of support. I must admit I have been overwhelmed by the response to the book - it has boosted my morale to complete the series. I have completed Part II and need to pass this on for review. Part III is completed and has already been reviewed. I anticipate that a softcopy of Part III will be available within the next two - three weeks.

I am currently working on a standard Islamic will which I plan to complete by this weekend and have it reviewed. I have received a number of requests for such a document.

With Ramadan on the horizon I am also focused on a book on zakat, inclusive of a zakat calculation form. Living in Australia we have investments that did not exist at the time of the Prophet (PBUH) and how these are treated for zakat is a challenge. The book and form are 90% complete - I need to get them reviewed.

Thanks for your support
(Author: "Australian and Islamic Laws of Inheritance - Part 1")


[Editor]: CCN has been inundated with requests for an electronic version of this publication. You can download a copy by clicking here or from our web site www.crescentsofbrisbane.org.


On behalf of the Muslim community in Queensland CCN would like to thank Iqbal for taking the time and trouble to compile and distribute this very relevant and painstakingly compiled work.
It is a most magnanimous gesture on his part and we make Dua that Allah (SWT) grant him many rewards, inshaAllah.

A Word From This Week’s Sponsor


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