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Sunday, 12 February 2006

Newsletter 0066


THIS evening (Sunday 12 February) sees the launch of the Muslim Business Network at Springwood Towers, Brisbane. Open invitations have been posted out to all the Mosques and Muslim Communities to attend the function.


Meetings with various community representatives have been held over the past few weeks to ensure the organization has the broad support of the vast majority of the Muslim groups. The organizers have planned for a large turnout.


The new organization proposes to engage in activities that will be of benefit to the Muslim Community.


MBN plans to provide its members with various networking opportunities, assistance in identifying and exploiting business opportunities, outreach programs and philanthropic initiatives. According to interim secretary, Mustafa Kemal Omar, a number of initiatives have already been identified that will enable the organization to make a worthwhile contribution to the Australian community.


Membership is open to all Muslim males and females who are engaged in business, professional or trade activities. You will be able to sign up as a member of MBN at the launch.

The interim committee is made up of  Naseem Abdul; Mustafa Ally; Nasser Essack; Faisal Hatia; Yusuf Hussein; Ismail Jangda; Dinmahomed Karim; Hanief Khatree (interim Chairman); Abdul Omar; Kemal Omar (interim Secretary); Yunie Omar; Shummis Rane; Rafik Sabdia, Mehmood Surtie.


Details of the launch can be downloaded from here.


The AGM for MBN members will be held on Sunday 26 February at the same venue, when a new Executive Committee will be appointed.


Trivia Night Passes Tolerance Test with Flying Colours

The Interfaith Trivia held at the Souths Soccer Club last night turned out to be a most enjoyable evening with over 150 people from the Muslim and Catholic communities taking part.

Each table was named after an AFL team and split 50-50 Muslims and Catholics.


Minister for Health, Stephan Robertson was the question-master for the night. The winning team on the night was Carlton, closely followed by the Brisbane Lions and Freemantle.




About $4000 was raised from entry fees and auction sales. Imam Yusuf Peer and Father Adrian Sharp donated the proceedings to the Catholic Youth & Young Adult Programme at Sunnybank, the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Pakistani Earthquake Appeal via Muslim Aid.


Umpire Aleem Dar was the guest of honour and he brought along signed memorabilia from recent matches for auctioning off.








The organizers of Eidfest also took the opportunity to present a cheque of $8000 to Aleem Dar, which were the funds raised from the sale of auction items last November  for the Pakistani Relief.








CCN would like to record a special word of thanks to David Forde for his efforts in organizing a very successful event.


Not only did he have the task of coordinating the two communities together but also went out of his way to accommodate for the special dietary and prayer requirements of the Muslims participants.


Trad to talk at Darul Uloom
You are invited to attend a forum on 'The Challenges Facing Muslims' (Sunday 19 February after Magrib at 7:00pm) and 'Leadership and recognition, an Islamic perspective' (Monday 20 February after Magrib at 7:00pm) at the Darul Uloom Islamic Academy in Buranda.


The guest speaker is Sydney based Br. Keyser Trad who regularly gives media interviews and speaks at public events.

Br. Keysar has served with a number of Muslim organisations; he is one of the Trustees of the Australian Islamic Educational Trust and is the founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia.

Br. Keysar usually shares platforms with accomplished Muslim and non-Muslim speakers dealing with both religious and political issues, and feels that his greatest honour and privilege is to be a servant of Allah and Islam.

Refreshments will be served after Esha prayers.

For more information, please contact:

Imam Yusuf Peer at Darul Uloom 0415-710-613


Radio Lotus, a popular Durban-based radio station targeted to ethnic South Africans of Indian origin, is now available online at http://www.lotusfm.co.za. Following hot on the heels of Channel Islam and Radio Islam, Radio Lotus is the latest of the South African radio stations to take to the cyberwaves.


After being held captive to the Transvaal twang for so long, ex-Natalians can, at long last, find some measure of comfort in the polished diction and tone of the likes of Peru and Bala (Saturdays, 5pm local Brisbane time).

You can also hear presenters like  Raeesa Mahomed, who speaks 6 languages and  Zakia Ahmed who is also a senior announcer/producer.




Dar Puts His Legs Before Wicket

Pakistani Test umpire, Aleem Dar, got a taste of local level cricket when he was invited to play a game with a 4th division team from the Warehouse Cricket Division.


The team, made up an exuberant band of Punjabi's from Pakistan and India, used to play at Henderson Park in a semi-regular pick-up game on Sunday mornings, but are now putting their skills to the test every Saturday afternoon in the "almost serious" Warehouse C2 South competition.


Close friends with some members of the side, Aleem must have felt relaxed away from the pressures of the Test and VB Series as he scored 88, including 7 sixes  and 9 fours. 


Between a Rock and a Hard Place (The Block)

( A report by our Man-on-the-Mussallaah)


Four elderly gentlemen sit over a cup of coffee somewhere on the Gold Coast pondering the legacy they would one day leave behind as Muslims. "What part have we played in helping uplift the local indigenous Aboriginal population?", they ask themselves. And as fate would have it, one of them stumbles across a rather strongly built Aboriginal gentlemen sitting alongside in a train.


It turns out that Rocky Davis, aka, Shaeed Malik, is  the founder, counsellor, fundraiser, Amir, spokesperson and veritable one-man-band for the K.O.O.R.I. Muslim Association based in the Aboriginal hotbed suburb of Redfern in Sydney. The story of his path to the straight and narrow, as the good Sheik tells it, reads like a Bryce Courtney novel, and the title "Power of One" would not have gone amiss in describing the influence Brother Rock is having in his neck of the woods.


Intrigued by the extent of his passion and commitment,  the four Queenslanders brave the streets of Redfern and spend a few nights at the Centre to "see for themselves". What they did see was a man involved in an almost 24-hour occupation as unofficial social worker, cook, gym instructor, imam, teacher, caretaker, counselor and surrogate parent in a neighbourhood considered by social welfare and law enforcement agencies as the worst in Australia. With up to six people 'dropping in" to sleep in the house on a daily basis, it was an experience that they could hardly contain within themselves and arranged for Brother Malik to come up to Brisbane and meet with local Muslims and tell his story.


Several meetings were arranged during his stay here and the one question that came up most often was: "How did you become a Muslim". The very articulate Amir relishes the opportunity to explain that while incarcerated in a maximum security prison in solitary confinement (serving a 20-year term) he studied the writings of Ahmed Deedat and others and "saw a way of life that was different to what he has (previously) experienced". He saw Islam as the means for positive change in disadvantaged communities because the religion condemned drugs, alcohol and crime.


To help Aboriginal people, Brother Malik and other Indigenous Muslims formed the Aboriginal Muslim Association with the intent of engaging in charity work and dawah. A gym program was set up and plans for a shelter and safe house are underway. Brother Malik says, "We want to get the drugs out of Redfern and to restore dignity into the Aboriginal community".


Most of the setup and ongoing costs for the Centre have, thus far, been borne out of fruits of his own labour as a construction worker. The ongoing commitments have to be met on a weekly basis (rent, food and caring for the wayfareres, travel costs, etc.). The long term goal is to set up a permanent centre and to employ more dawah workers.


If you feel you can help in any way or need more information you can contact Brother Malik on 0424 697 352 or at koori_muslim@yahoo.com.au.


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