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Sunday, 9 April 2006

Newsletter 0074

لسلام عليكم

CresWalk2006 Update - "We'll C you there"


Join the CresWalk2006 Organizing Team at the Kuraby Community Hall for a Cuppa Chaa, Coffee, Coke, Cakes and a Chat this Saturday (15 April) between 2 and 5pm when you come over to drop off your entry forms and fit out for your T-shirt size. This year's T-shirt is going to be very different from previous years.


CresWalk2006 would not be possible without the support of our growing list of sponsors and advertisers:

ABD Poultry

Greenbank Gardens

Bi-Rite Electrical

Hatia Property Corporation

Brisbane Muslim School

Islamic Council of Queensland

Compton Road Dental

Nandos Mt Gravatt

Continental Halal Meats

Nandos Underwood

Mrs. Fields

Professional Property Solutions

Sunnybank Hills

Principal: Ismail Moola

Flamin' Grill

RE/MAX Community Realty Sunnybank



Freedom Health Care

Sabdia Professional Centre

Global Convenience

Shelving & Shop Displays

Goss Halal Food Sales  

Visit our website for all the details about our sponsors and the event itself.

It's not too late to add your company to the above list. Just call Faisal on 04 38 786 786 and find out what's in it for you.


Cyclone Larry Fund Raising Dinner Booked Out


Some 340 people from several different religious and ethnic communities will be attending tonight's (Sunday 9 April) sell-out fund raiser at Michael's Restaurant.



Organizer of the event, David Forde, said he was overwhelmed by the extent of support he had received from members of the local Muslim community and told CCN that over 130 had booked their places for the night.


Over and above the Halal Chinese dinner it promises to be an enjoyable evening with a number of interesting items being auctioned off and raffled interspersed with entertainment planned for throughout the night.



If you have missed out on being there, worry not. There will be, of course, a full coverage of the event in next week's CCN by our Man-on-the-Mussallaah.




IF you think your CCN is a trifle too mild and saccharine for your tastes and you prefer your politics with much more bite then visit http://www.mpacuk.org/ for a UK perspective on life.


Winners are Grinners!



The Kuraby-based Taekwondo Team seen celebrating after taking a record haul of medals in the Queensland Open Tournament.


We covered the story in last week's CCN.


Ijtima at Darra


Darra Mosque will play host to the Easter weekend Ijitma over four days starting on Friday 14 April. the cost of the programme is $5 per day which includes three meals. Some 1000 people are expected to attend from Sydney and another 500 from local and surrounding areas. 


Call to Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative


A delegation of Muslim Business Networkers took part in an informal meeting during the week with ALP Senator John Faulkner (he who headed the famous Senate enquiry into the Tampa and babies-over-board scandals a few years ago).


In the course of the discussions the delegation highlighted the impact that recent statements about Muslims by Government leaders could have in alienating and marginalizing communities. The development of a laager mentality could easily ensue and this would not serve the common interests of any of the parties concerned. More statesmanship rather than pandering to the gallery was what was required to restore confidence and trust in the community once again. It was unfair that all Muslims got tarnished with the same brush and that the aims and ambitions of the large majority of them were no different from the rest of the other communities.


Reference was made to the good Senator's recent speech on cultural and religious tolerance in which he drew parallels between the problems Irish Catholics faced decades ago and the new 'bogeyman' of Australian politics.


His speech concludes with the statement that leaders "talk loudly of Australian values, but let me tell you, there is nothing less Australian than the attempt to split our society for political gain".


The Algester Alert


Esha Salaat at Algester is at 7.30pm Azaan and 7.45pm Jamaat from 03/04/06.
Big night Meelad un Nabi 12th Rabbi ul Awwal will be celebrated on Wednesday 12/04/06 at Algester Masjid after Esha Salaat 7.30pm.

There will also be a function at Shailer Park hall on 22/04/06 where Moulanas and dignitaries from inter state and overseas will be participating for Meelad function from 3.30pm on Saturday 22/04/06 and Nyaaz dinner after Esha Salaat.

Iggiarwi will be on Tuesday 11/04/06 at Algester after Esha 7.30pm

All are welcome to all the above programs.


Interfaith Meeting Attracts Undignified Dissent


Sister Janette Hashemi chaired the recent Sunshine Coast Interfaith Network's Symposium held at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


Her speech on Australian values and laws, received a less than friendly reception from certain quarters in the audience. In particular, a person, who bore all the hallmarks of an "Abu Lahab", proved particularly confronting. However, Janette also received many emails and phone calls of appreciation and support, and has also sent a letter to her local federal member informing him of attitudes.

In her speech Janette pointed out that "in Australia, there is an abundance of male and female Muslim lawyers, doctors, academics, intellectuals and business people etc. who contribute to Australian society.  Muslims are law abiding citizens who love Australia.  We work hard, we love nice houses like anyone else, we endeavour to educate our children to the highest level possible, on Saturday mornings we take our kids to sporting activities, enjoy a BBQ and many have swimming pools in their back yard.  The only outward difference is in our modest dress".


The newly created SCIN website is at http://intranet.usc.edu.au/wacana/interfaith/index.html



BrisbaneMuslims.com is a relatively new site that was launched in April 2004 with the aim, according to its spokesperson,  of "Uniting the Ummah, one city at a time".


"BrisbaneMuslims.com is a very unique community website. It was custom-built and designed from the ground up by Brisbane Muslims, for Brisbane Muslims. It's fast, hosted in Australia (with a Muslim company) and supports local Muslim business. It's giving Brisbane Muslims a fresh outlook on life in these trying times by supporting the community at the grassroots level."


"It currently has a comprehensive Business Directory (add your business now!), an Events Calendar (never miss an event!) and an active Discussion Forum (sign up today and have your say on just about anything!), plus much more!"




Spot the familiar faces and the prominent personalities


World Cup 2010


The South African government has committed itself to spending about R242-billion ($55 billion) to prepare for the Fifa soccer World Cup in 2010 - over half of the country's annual budget.

But all the money is going into the development of infrastructure that will remain for future use, said Vuyisa Qunta, spokesperson for the Ministry of Sport and Recreation's 2010 World Cup office.



For the full story:




If you have never visited South Africa then this would be the perfect excuse to take a trip out there .... and remember you have the next four years to save up for the occasion.


'Muslim' adverts banned from Tube

London Underground is afraid of offending their passengers. Posters with the phrase "America's latest hero is a Muslim straight out of jail" has been banned from the Tube by London Underground (LU).
LU said it will not show the posters from a £1m advertising campaign for new TV series Sleeper Cell until creators remove the word Muslim from the text.

It claims it will offend people and it is trying to be sensationalist.

A spokesman for the digital channel FX series said it had consulted with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

He said the poster was meant to sum up the show's plot and would still appear in newspapers.

If London Underground wants to do this, it is entirely at its discretion

Advertising Standards Authority spokesman

"It is in no way intended to cause offence or upset to Muslims," the FX spokesman said.

"We ran the creative by the ASA who advised us we were not in breach of the British Code of Advertising so it has come as a real surprise that the London underground have refused to run it."

The channel described the show, starring Michael Ealy as FBI agent Darwyn Al Sayeed, as the first American drama to feature a Muslim as the lead heroic character.

The character poses as a prisoner in order to infiltrate a fundamentalist group.

An LU spokeswoman said: "Following consultation with Viacom, who manage advertising on the Tube, it was decided to ask for the words 'is a Muslim' to be removed.

"This decision was taken in line with our standard policies, which seek to avoid gratuitously insulting large groups of Londoners."

An ASA spokesman said: "If London Underground wants to do this, it is entirely at its discretion."



Source: http://news.ibn.net/newsgen.asp?url=sct

Bald Hills Fundraising BBQ



AFIC Office Bearers Balloting Begins


THINKING of standing for a position in the upcoming Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) elections for the Executive Committee, then there are just a few minor constitutional requirements you will have to meet in order to be eligible:

(Excerpt from AFIC Constitution, Clause 26):


26.  Qualifications for office-bearers


(a)  He must be a member of the Federation by virtue of his being a financial member of a Society and a State Council.

(b)  He has served the Federation or one of its Councils for a period of at least two years at any time prior to his election or appointment.

(c)  He is not in receipt of any direct emolument from the Federation or a State Council or a Society.

(d)  He possesses integrity and record of good service and good character.

(e)  He is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, and not an employee of a foreign government or organisation including a diplomatic mission.

(f)  He must be a Muslim (Qadianis, Ahmedis, Mirzais, Lahories and Bahais are not regarded as Muslim).


The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are to be decided on at the upcoming AFIC Congress (29-30 April 2006).


If you think you fit the bill then simply download the nomination form and post if off to the AFIC Secretary.


CCN Competition


The winner of the Nandos Fiesta voucher whose email was the first correct entry to be randomly drawn from the CCN Inbox can be found by clicking here.


Answers to last week's quiz:

  1. SHOCK CUSSED TOE  (a person) Jacque Costeau

  2. SAND TACKLE LAWS  (a fictional character) Santa Claus

  3. MY GULCH HOARD UN  (a person) Michael Jordan

  4. MOW BEAD HICK  (a book) Moby Dick

  5. THOUGH TIGHT AN HICK  (a thing) The Titanic

  6. AISLE OH VIEW  (a phrase) I Love You


This week's brain teaser:

What do you think this is?



Prizes for the correct answer and for the most original (..........  and please don't say pens).


Email your entry to reach our Inbox by midday Saturday 15 April.


At the Movies with Madame Mumbai


Previewing this weekend at the Dendy and starting on Thursday is Tsotsi, a South African Oscar-winning film, based on Athol Fugard's novel.


It's a story of a young Johannesburg shanty town thug whose life changes when he steals a car containing a three-month-old baby after shooting the driver, the child's mother.


Fugard ranks the film as "one of the best films ever to come out of South Africa"



Also sneak previewing this weekend at the same venue is Deepa Mehta' s Water. Set in the 1930s during the rise of the independence struggles against British colonial rule, the film examines the plight of a group of widows forced into poverty.


It focuses on a relationship between one of the widows, who wants to escape the social restrictions imposed on widows, and a man who is from a lower caste and a follower of Mahatma Gandhi.


The CCN Joke-of-the-Week

(One from South Africa doing the email rounds)


The Minister of Public Works wanted to remodel her office, so she invited different contractors for tenders.

One was from Johannesburg, one from Durban and the last one from Soweto.

"OK gentlemen, I want a nice job ," She said, "Let's hear from JHB?" The guy took out his laser measuring device and notebook computer and began measuring, scrawling on the computer, calculating. Eventually he said "R90 000, Madam Minister," "That seems like quite a lot of money! Why R90,000?" "You see," he replied, "that's R40,000 for material, R40,000 for labour and R10 000 for my profit".

Stella seemed OK with that and turned to the Durban contractor. "So how much do you want to do the job?" she asked. The Durban fella took out a rusted tape measure, broken clipboard and a blunt pencil. He took some measurements, scratched some calculations on the back of his Rothmans box and came up with a figure of R70 000.

"That's interesting!" Said Stella. "Explain the R70 000?" "Simple, Madam Minister, I got one brether-n-law in the hardware trade, so I get a special prize an 'ol. That's R35 000 for materials, R30,000 for ma guys, and R5,000 for ma profit an 'ol."

Stella was amused but happy to accept the explanation. Then she asked the Soweto contractor for his quotation. He just smiled, looked the minister in the eyes and said, "R270 000!"

"Yoh Yoh Yoh!.... How did you come to that amount without even taking any measurements? What is that amount for?" "That's R100 000 for me and R100 000 for you!"

"So what about the remaining R70 000?"

"We hire that guy from Durban to do the job!!!"


Asselamu alejkum to you all big end small rich or poor from Hajji Safet, of cost a Bosnijen Boy (77). Stop leafing !
Only to say to provider of CNN -- Thanks for published my letter about Popo lives as a medicine. I have informing you that so far I have 7 seven persons (3 Muslims and 4 non-Muslim asking for advise how to maid pope tee.)
Whit my pleasure I gave them all my knowledge about. Rest I left to Allah.dz.s.

You can se that aura CNN dun good job. I am positive that Allah dz.s. will reword you all.


Selam hajji Safet Kuraby Mosque Mussaalee


I attach photo of me and my computer






Recently the Islamic Society of Darra had organised a Dinner function for the Queensland Government and the Queensland Police Service. The reason for this invitation was to thank and recognise the assistance and support these two Government departments have provided to the Muslim community.


During the dinner, the subject of “Muslim Youth” and their development was discussed. Both the Queensland Government and the Queensland Police Service gave us the assurance that they would assist and support us with resources for our Muslim youth so they can develop communication and leadership skills. We should not miss this opportunity.

We would like to organise a youth forum soon, and if possible before June to discuss how we can take advantage of these offers. We are looking forward to receiving as many nominations from our youngsters (both males and females and preferably 16 – 30 years) by the Easter Holidays. These will give us some time to arrange to meet with the relevant Government officials and Ministers. Please note that it does not matter if you already belong to a youth group, and bring your friends. Please forward your nomination, to
mrafiq@hertz.com or you can call me on 0403435275.


Mohammed Rafiq
Islamic Society Of Darra

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