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Sunday, 21 May 2006

Newsletter 0080

لسلام عليكم

Just Some of the Sights and Sounds of CresWalk2006

This week's delayed CCN gives CresWalk participants a chance to catch their collective breaths and reflect on the day's event.


The Winners of the 12 race categories were:


7-11 Male (2.5Km)

Esad-Naci Erol

7-11 Female (2.5Km)

Halime-Nur Erol

11-15 Male (5km)

Yasseen Abdel-Magied

11-15 Female (5km)

Jordyn Turner

16-39 Male (5km)

Yousuf Goss

16-39  Female (5km)

Raeesa Khatree

40-59 Male (5km)

Anver Omar

40-59 Female (5km)

Rosemary Mahomed

60+ Male (2.5km)

Suliman Sabdia

60+ Female (2.5km)

Amira Abdalla

Pram-WheelChair - Male (5km)

Graham Perrett

Pram-WheelChair - Female (5km)

Kholoud Abdalla


We'd really like to hear your views, suggestions and comments on CresWalk2006. Please email theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


D-Day-2: Pitching in on

Race Pack Packing Day

D-Day-1: Race Pack Pick Up


D-Day: Stretching at the Start

And off they go!

For some - a race to the finish

For others, time just to clown around

The Brunch Queue

"Are you being served"

Relaxing & Recovering

Enjoying the endorphins

Government Health Warning

straight from the horse's mouth

State Minister for Health, Stephen Robertson

Brightest of the brightest smiles win Dental awards

Sponsors getting due recognition

and race winners getting theirs

More random draw prizes

than you can poke a stick at

Hj. Safet Avdich acknowledges receipt of

The 2006 Crescents of Brisbane Special Achievement Award

Crescents of Brisbane and CresWalk2006 Organizing Team


You will find more more images, results and reports on the day (as they come to hand) here.


We Heard it Through the Grapevine....


...........that someone who was featured in one of our past issues is in line to be presented in Parliament this week with a Queensland Multicultural Award for services rendered to the community.


As they way in the trade..... watch this space.


Bart Bops to the Beat of Bollywood


This video clip is offered with the following disclaimer and health warning:


CCN accepts no responsibility for viewers experiencing a sudden and involuntary urge to leap off your chairs and break out into a sari (especially if you're female) turning one wrist in a globe screwing motion and the other in a circular table-wiping movement.


The Algester Alert

by Dado Sacur


The Islamic Society of Algester celebrated the Urs Shareef of Hazrat Ghausul Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jeelani (RA) on Tuesday 09th of May 2006.

The program started after the Esha Salaat with Qirah, Hamd, Naat and Marqabat recitals.

The guest speaker was Sheikh Sayid Abdul Qadir Jeelani, a teacher of the Islamic School of Brisbane and Khateeb of the Logan Masjid.

The official Nyaaz for Urs celebration took place at Algester Masjid on Sunday 14th May.

Iggiarwi Shareef Khatam is held at the Algester Masjid on the 11th of every Islamic month.

The Mosque will also be hosting a fundraising BBQ at the Svoboda Park, Kuraby on Sunday 18 June.

'Ottoman Tolerance Could End Islamophobia'

By Bahtiyar Kucuk, Istanbul (www.zaman.com)

Columnist for The Guardian, Madeleine Bunting says the Ottoman model could end the rising Islamophobia in the Western world.

Bunting, recalling how the Ottomans behaved tolerantly towards Christians and Jews for centuries, believes this could be a source of inspiration to overcome Islamophobia.

Answering Zaman's questions, Bunting stresses that terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

The British columnist believes Turkey could undertake an important mission on the issue and that dialogue must be recognized to in order to prevent prejudices and misunderstandings. She says it is a "necessity" that the West understands the real Islam.

Bunting was in Turkey for the Forum Istanbul meetings themed “Co-Habitance.”

Bunting, who also studied history at Harvard and Cambridge, says the Ottoman Empire could be a good source of inspiration for the solution of the problems facing "co-habitance" today.

The British writer, mentioning that several ethnic groups lived together with tolerance under the Ottoman Empire, said: "The Muslim population in many European cities will obtain majority within 20 years. A new method is necessary in order to live together with love and tolerance. We can use the inspiration we get from the Ottoman Empire to find a new way in this area." Bunting stresses the Ottoman Empire left a quite good heritage despite some deficiencies.

Urging Turkey to get into contact with the West to prevent prejudices and misunderstandings, Bunting states it is a "necessity" that the West understand the real Islam.

She attaches more importance to the cultural aspect of Turkey's membership to the EU, which she sees as "vital," rather than to its economic and strategic advantages.

Asserting that the real Islam is misunderstood in the West, Bunting makes the observation, "They listen to Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and al-Qaeda as the representatives of Islam. You cannot understand the real Islam if you only go to Saudi Arabia. There is a big misunderstanding here."

Bunting, who conducted award-winning studies on British Muslims last year, says the West entered a “paranoia of terrorism" after the attacks on New York, Madrid and London, adding "They identify the violent views on TV with Islam. However, millions of Muslims in the world are honest and pacifistic."

Bunting has praise for Islam, which she states has a very rich and perfect heritage, and emphasizes that Turkey enriches Europe with its religion.

Dutch MP Caught Lying To Gain Asylum


Ayaan Hirsi AliThe Somali-born Dutch politician and critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, quit parliament and announced plans to leave the Netherlands after the government threatened to strip her of citizenship for lying on an asylum application 14 years ago.


Once a devout Muslim, Ms Hirsi Ali lives under 24-hour guard after a death threat against her was pinned to the chest of her ally, the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered in broad daylight as he cycled to work in 2004. Ms Hirsi Ali was an outspoken critic of Muslim fundamentalism and worked with Mr Van Gogh on Submission, a film featuring veiled women with texts from the Koran written on their flesh.



Ayaan Hirsi Ali became one of the main figures in the Dutch debate about Muslim integration that was kicked off by her friend Pim Fortuyn, who warned that liberal traditions were being threatened by the "backwards culture" of Islam. The debate intensified - after Fortuyn was killed by an animal rights activist - when an Islamist murdered another of Hirsi Ali's friends, the director Theo van Gogh. The success of Fortuyn's party and horror at the death of Van Gogh have changed the terms of debate. Mainstream politicians regularly call on Muslims to do more to integrate.


The Forgotten Legacy of a Religion


What do coffee beans, torpedoes, surgical scalpels, arches and observatories all have in common?
Were Leonardo da Vinci’s flight ideas originals?
Who devised the casing for pill capsules and where did Fibonacci learn to flex his mathematical fingers?


The Islamic contribution to the science, culture and heritage of our modern world is often forgotten. From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life.


Every so often, over the next few weeks, CCN will bring you an invention inspired by the Islamic World.


Medical Marvels by Muslims

Many modern surgical instruments are of exactly the same design as those devised in the 10th century by a Muslim surgeon called al-Zahrawi.


His scalpels, bone saws, forceps, fine scissors for eye surgery and many of the 200 instruments he devised are recognizable to a modern surgeon.


It was he who discovered that catgut used for internal stitches dissolves away naturally (a discovery he made when his monkey ate his lute strings) and that it can be also used to make medicine capsules.


In the 13th century, another Muslim medic named Ibn Nafis described the circulation of the blood, 300 years before William Harvey discovered it.


Muslims doctors also invented anaesthetics of opium and alcohol mixes and developed hollow needles to suck cataracts from eyes in a technique still used today.





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