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Sunday, 4 June 2006

Newsletter 0082

لسلام عليكم

Presenting President Deen



At a changeover ceremony held last night (Saturday 3 June), Mr. Sultan Deen was inducted as the 23rd President of the Rotary Club of Archerfield.


The Rotarians and friends of the Rotarians watched the past President hand over the chains of office to the President elect.



In the 20 year's that he has been a member of the organization, Sultan holds the distinction of a 100 percent attendance record at the Club's weekly Thursday lunch-time meetings.


Experiencing CresWalk2006 Withdrawal Symptoms?

Satisfy your new found addiction for walking and running by taking a shot at this:

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Starts from Orleigh Park, West End

Events & Start Times
8.00am - 10km Run
8.00am - 5km Run/Walk
9.15am - 1.5km Junior Run
9.15am - 1.5km Open Walk

Registrations From 6am

For more information, visit the Running4Research website now and register online!
Raising money for the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation
Proudly supported by Woolworths

BBC Interview Snafu


BBC cabbie


On Monday May 8th 2006 BBC News 24's Karen Bowerman interviewed Guy Kewney, a respected IT expert, live on-air regarding the Apple Computer vs. Apple Music court case - only it wasn't Guy Kewney. It was cabbie, Guy Goma who came to the studio for a job interview and ended up on the set thinking that this was part of a test (or so the initial story went)


If you have not caught this story during the week then read the full account of what happened and watch the video.


After all of this, Guy Goma did not get the job he had come to be interviewed for, but there is a nationwide public campaign to encourage the BBC to employ him.


[Editor] His startled, embarrassed and quizzical expressions when he gets introduced as Guy Kewney are absolutely priceless!




The Janaaza Namaaz of Mr Aziz Issa, the father of Naseem Issa, took place on Thursday.

Mr Issa who was originally from Mutare, Zimbabwe passed away on Wednesday evening in Brisbane.


On behalf of the community we wish to extend our condolences to the Issa family.


May Allah (SWT) grant the Marhoom forgiveness and janaat-ul-firdous, insha-Allaah.


Islamic Society Of Algester Barbeque And Fun Day


A barbeque and fun day will be held at the Kuraby Community Centre on Sunday 18 June starting at 10am.


Tickets are $50 per family and include their famous chicken, sausage rolls and salad. Single tickets are also available at $15.


There'll be delectable seekh kabaabs, tantalising chana batata, bhajias, samoosas and a whole lot more on sale on the day. So drop in for some delightful desserts, jelebi and a steaming hot cup of coffee or cappuccino.


Ladies (and gents) can enter the dessert competition in which you bring along your best dressed desserts by 12.00 pm for a chance to walk away with a fabulous prize.


There will be lots of entertainment for the children so don't forget to bring them along as well.


Also, if you can volunteer any assistance on the Saturday afternoon (17 June) and/or the Sunday,  the organizers would be most grateful.


For enquiries please contact:

Dado                         0400 936 360    

Ruksana Osman       07-3344 7477

Yahya Hashim          0403 338 040


Back to Basics


The Kuraby Madrassah is offering a once-a-week class for ladies led by Mualima Nazeera Mahomedy.


The classes are on Wednesdays from 9.30am to 11am and currently cover Quran and Fiqh.


Fees are $60 per school term (pro-rated for this term).


Contact Mualima Safia on 0407786612 for more information. 


"Breaking the Ice in Cronulla: Respecting Differences"


A very successful and well-attended public forum was put together by Kuranda Seyit's Fair Australia in Sydney this week.


The event was hosted by Geraldine Doogue (ABC Compass) and featured Andrew O'Keefe (Channel 7, Deal or No Deal).

Some of the highlights of the night included invited speakers, Mohammed Dannoun, Glenn Kembrey, Natalie Nichol and Ola Elhassasn. "They spoke with great eloquence and composure and all were moving", said Seyit.

Mohammed is a Bankstown Boy who attended Condell Park High school until he was forced out and was given a second chance at Sir Joseph Banks High and is doing remarkably well. Mohammed also featured on Channel 9's Camp Dare. He says, "I learned how to be a better leader and developed more self confidence … how to push myself harder. I learned never to quit, persevere and keep going because you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it."

He continued, "I stand before you today as a proud Lebanese Australian but in a very different Australia. 9/11 and December 05 have had negative impacts however we need to move on. I want a return to the harmony and tolerance of my childhood when I felt included, a valued member of our community."

Glenn Kembrey, Caringbah High school's captain, spoke strongly, "I remember at the time of the Cronulla riots as being as disillusioned as anyone by the fact that Cronulla, the very place where I had grown up, spent my weekends and planned to spend that very Summer had suddenly descended into an unpleasant mixture of distorted nationalism, violence and xenophobia."

Another speaker who had a lot to share with the audience was Bankstown community social worker, Ola Elhassan, she said, "I think it's sad that we still have fear, racism and intolerance within our communities today, there are many people who can relate to my story, on all sides as racism and stereotyping is still going on in our schools, shopping malls and streets."

According to Seyit, host Geraldine Doogue was regal as she steered the night along. She added her own touch and her own humour, handling the guests and the speakers quite well.

Other dignitaries in attendance included the Mayor of Sutherland Kevin Schreiber, Aboriginal elder Merv Ryan, MPs from Caringbah and Miranda Malcolm Kerr and Barry Collier, Michael Christadoulou from the CRC, Superintendent Robert Redfern LAC, from Cronulla, Race Director from HREOC Margaret Donaldson, the president of the club Graham Hill and David Ingram from SBS.

MBN Appeal


The Muslim Business Network is making an appeal for donations for the victims of the recent earthquake in Yogyakarta and Central Java. The Islamic Medical and Network of Indonesia (IMANI) have expressed urgent assistance in the humanitarian and medical relief.


Contributions can be sent to:

Muslim Business Network
P.O.Box 563
Brisbane 4001

or to any of the MBN executive members.


CCN's Quotable Quotes


Two things are infinite - the universe and human stupidity - and I'm not sure about the first

Albert Einstein


Not one for Hansard


When Minister Amanda Vanstone repeatedly berated the Labour members for not once taking the trouble to come up to her office to discuss any matters with her someone quipped across the floor: "Because we haven't had our rabies shot yet!".


You can reduce your tax while reducing poverty


Muslim Aid Australia is making a special appeal in response to the recent earthquakes in Java.


Click on the images to learn more about how you can help.


The Forgotten Legacy of a Religion


What do coffee beans, torpedoes, surgical scalpels, arches and observatories all have in common?
Were Leonardo da Vinci’s flight ideas originals?
Who devised the casing for pill capsules and where did Fibonacci learn to flex his mathematical fingers?


The Islamic contribution to the science, culture and heritage of our modern world is often forgotten. From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life.


Every so often, over the next few weeks, CCN will bring you an invention inspired by the Islamic World.

They certainly had it all sewn up

Quilting is a method of sewing or tying two layers of cloth with a layer of insulating material in between.


It is not clear whether it was invented in the Muslim world or whether it was imported there from India or China. But it certainly came to the West via the Crusaders.


They saw it used by Saracen warriors, who wore straw-filled quilted canvas shirts instead of armour.


As well as a form of protection, it proved an effective guard against the chafing of the Crusaders' metal armour and was an effective form of insulation - so much so that it became a cottage industry back home in colder climates such as Britain and Holland




The Brisbane Festival 2006



Volunteers are needed.


Click on the image on the left for more details.

The $99 Pizza


If you thought getting diverted to Delhi was bad, wait until you find out what the future call centre holds for you.......




(Don't forget to turn on your speakers)

Belated Announcement of Winner of our CCN078 Competition



Zubeida Abrahams


Salaamu Alaikum
RE: ISGC Car Rally & Picnic
It has come top our attention that our young adults who are studying have exams on the week of the 11th June. Therefore, so as not to disappoint them, we feel that a postponement till the 25th of June would be in order. Being the first weekend of the school holidays in Queensland this Insha' Allah would be more convenient for most. All entrants to this Family Fun Rally will now need to contact us and express their interest by no later than 18th June 2006 to allow sufficient time to prepare for the correct number of vehicles participating. All those that would like to participate please call: 0414 979 481 or email: isgc@helloexpress.com by Sunday 18th June 2006.
Sorry for any inconvenience
Jazak Allah bil Khair



Last chance for any high school students interested in attending the Qld I-CARE Assoc. Inc Multifaith Camp to be held next weekend June 9-11th at Yandina. 

Come and join us for a weekend of high ropes, abseiling, campfires, orienteering and other great activities as you get to meet a whole new group of friends. 

Buses leave Kuraby Mosque on Friday and return on Sunday. 

Please contact me on 0419 025 510 or bilkees@bigpond.net.au for further information or to obtain a registration form.

Yasmin Khan


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