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Sunday, 2 July 2006

Newsletter 0086

This issue is kindly sponsored by

لسلام عليكم

What an Amazing Race!!!

Report by Hj.Aref of the Islamic Society of Gold Coast


Wow, what a race they ran! Participants in the 2006 I.S.G.C Car Rally definitely had their skills put to the test! As they set out from the Gold Coast Mosque with their first clue, nobody had any idea what was in store for them. Hats off to the Brisbane teams for their efforts! They were definitely a force to be reckoned with and showed that they were as good as any of their rivals from the Gold Coast. In fact there was only five minutes between the winning Gold Coast team and the Brisbane Sisters team. Brothers, you guys better watch out on our next rally. If we head north next time, the Sisters will definitely be out in front.


Well done to everyone who joined in. There were definitely plenty of stories to tell at the end and lots of laughs as everyone recounted their day’s adventure. The younger entrants definitely demonstrated their quick thinking abilities.


A friendly game of soccer left most of the players exhausted by the end of the day. Mind you, the older Brothers did manage to give the younger ones a good run for their money as they put their skills to the test. Go Imam! Oh, and before we forget, a special thanks to Brother Habib Farugia for his commentaries and jokes – Brother, you always manage to make us laugh and put a smile on our faces!!! Also, before we forget another special thanks to Brother Ilkcan who did such a great job toasting the marshmallows. We got so carried away with the toasted marshmallows that we forgot the chestnuts!!!


The  Hatia Property Corp. P/L sponsored ‘2006 I.S.G.C. Car Rally’ trophy went to Brother  Mujahid Hashimi  who came in at two hours and twenty eight minutes, ‘Best Decorated Vehicle’ trophy went to Brother Asim, team ‘Fazlic’ and team ‘Mastertint’ won the children’s ‘Miracles of Allah’ competition which meant each team won  a telescope.


All in all it was a fun day. The drive to Crams Farm was well worth the effort in the end. We strongly recommend you find time to visit this place. Mashallah it has great facilities and the scenery is awesome. Allah (swt) has truly blessed us with such a beautiful place.


A special thanks to the people from Stokers Siding Pottery and the Moo Moo Café -now that pit stop provided entertainment for the locals - and this years sponsors Hatia Property Corp. P/L, Gateway Service Centre Nudgee, Wella Corp., Bulkhealth, Asim’s Halal Meats, Sun City Motors and Xpress Promotional Merchandise.


Look forward to seeing you all joining us again at our next Car Rally!!! Sponsors for the 2007 I.S.G.C. Car Rally & Picnic are invited to make contact early on 0414 979 481 or by email isgc@helloexpress.com


Ladysmith Black Mambazo



The Grammy Award winning a cappella group Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s stirring bass, alto and tenor harmonies will be heard at the Brisbane City Hall on Friday 28 July.


Singing music born in the mines of South Africa, the all male group is regarded as ambassadors of cultural tradition.


Paul Simon was inspired to incorporate their traditional black South African sounds into his Graceland album, a project seminal to today’s explosive interest in world music.

“You don’t go to a Ladysmith Black Mambazo show for innovation; you go to be reminded that the human voice is the most beautiful sound on earth.” Washington Post

qtix 136 246


Algester Alert


The Islamic Society of Algester will be having the monthly Igyaarwee shareef khatam of Hazrat Sayyidinaa Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Jeelani (ra) on Friday 7 July 06, after eshaa namaaz.
You are cordially invited to attend the programme which will commence at 8:00 pm sharp.

For more information call : Ml. Mohammed Nawaaz Ashrafi on 32197415


Bollywood Spicing Up Brisbane

by CCN's Madam Mumbai



Singing, dancing and saris will be the order of the day at the Bollywood Masala Indian Film Festival on now until 5 July at the Dendy Cinema. This is the second year of the annual festival and is fast becoming a highlight of the local cinema calendar with seven feature films (Parineeta, Veer Zaara, Bunty Aur Babli, Mangal Pandey, Black, Salaam Namaste, Swades) making the mix.

A Bunch of Happy Campers


Qld I-CARE Assoc. Inc. took 50 people on a Multi Faith Youth Camp to Yandina over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend. According to Ms Yasmin Khan, I-Care President and camp co-ordinator, the weekend was a great success with everyone having a fabulous time enjoying the great outdoors. It did rain in Yandina on Saturday, but that did not stop anyone putting on a harness and climbing trees, abseiling or enjoying the mid ropes amongst the forest canopy. Even when it rained harder later in the afternoon, everyone was still outdoors involved in Rocket Ball and archery.

The reason for the camp was to bring the youth together from all faiths to identify with their own faith as well as to understand others. Students from both Islamic schools in Brisbane as well as Aboriginal students from Wynnum High, Scouts from various groups across the southside and leaders, teachers and others enjoyed a weekend with activity and education.


The weekend involved talking about various religions, a talent night (there were some great singers and some funny dancers), group and leadership activities and a religious trivia quiz. And there was plenty of physical activity with tennis, basketball, football, table tennis and volleyball enjoyed by all.


From this camp, the youth have decided that a continuing Youth Group be formed, and this has now happened with many and varied activities lined up in the future. There will be leadership activities involving the RAAF and the Surf Lifesavers Association to start with, and then some involvement in various multicultural fairs that are happening around the town.


Cottage of Peace and Solace


The Salam Cottage was officially opened during the week by Federal Minister for Vocational and Technical Education, Gary Hardgrave.


The Cottage has been set up to support carers of elderly people in order for them to continue with their caring role and is open to all races and religions.


In its short existence the Cottage has already had favourable feedback from the community and many are already using the service.


Salam Cottage employs qualified bilingual and bi-cultural people to work within the centre, and is looking toward the community to continue their support of this initiative.


The Cottage is also looking for a team of volunteers to assist with their elderly clients.


The Cottage is based at 193 Calam Road, Sunnybank Hills and their contact number is 3727 8071.


If you require any further information call 0414 837 171.


CCN from the Cot




Mishuda, daughter of Zohra and Ismail Nathie, and Iqbal Kathrada are the proud parents of baby Mobeen who was delivered at the Mater Hospital.


This makes Zohra and Ismail grandparents for the seventh time. Alhumdullilah


Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run


The annual 12km and 4.5km run takes place on Sunday 6 August. Last year, the event recorded its largest number of participants ever - more than 21,000 people walked and ran their way to New Farm Park.


The 12km event will start near the toll plaza on the Gateway Bridge, travel to the Powerhouse entrance and follow the concourse into New Farm Park. The uphill portion of the Gateway Bridge is 1.1km with a gradient of 5.1%. The downhill section is 1.1km.

The 4.5km event starts from Amy Street, next to the Breakfast Creek Hotel. The course will follow the outbound lanes of Breakfast Creek Road to Edmondstone Road, cross into the inbound lanes of Breakfast Creek at that intersection and follow the final part of the 12km course to New Farm Park.


If you are planning to enter the race now is a good time to get into some earnest training.


All the details are at http://www.bridgetobrisbane.com.au.


South African police confident about holding crime-free soccer World Cup


Durban: Despite the daily reports of violent crime and killings in South Africa, the authorities say that they will be able to stage a crime-free World Football Cup in 2010.

The Deputy National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, Andre Pruis, was speaking on Monday, after returning from Germany where the World Cup is in full swing.

He said South Africa would have state-of-the-art mobile command vehicles and helicopters, which would transmit video footage to police commanders on the ground, enabling them to monitor the huge crowds expected for the world cup in four years time.

"The World Cup is big, but I've got no doubt from a safety point of view that we can handle it. There won't be any problems", Pruis said.

He told the Durban-based Daily News in an interview that they would be fully prepared for 2010 and would ensure that South Africa hosted one of the best World Cup tournaments.

He added: "With all the big events we've held, we can teach the world a few things. The security blueprint we employed at the World Summit on sustainable development is now employed at all United Nations events. And South Africa is beginning to play a leading role in security.

"I've been on patrol in the streets with the German police and learnt a lot, but I've also pointed out a few things to them that we employ back home. They have acknowledged that these are things they could have implemented here."


Source: http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/holnus/007200606270311.htm


Breakfasting with MBN




The Muslim Business Network (MBN) held its 2nd Breakfast Seminar on Tuesday 20 June at the Southside Sports and Community Centre.

Guest speaker Minister for Small Business, Information technology Policy and Multicultural Affairs, Chris Cummins, spoke on the topic “What Government can do for Business in Queensland”.


Cummins, Khatree and Moola



In his address, he stressed that his department was prepared to assist anyone starting out or already in business. Such assistance could include access to research and other information as well as to business grants.

The other speaker, Mr. Zel Goldman, Director of State Development Centre – Southside outlined the various ways in which businesses could be assisted. He also encouraged people to contact his department for assistance with setting up or helping to progress their businesses.

Osman, Latif and Omar

The 80 delegates who attended were served with a sumptuous breakfast.


Dr. Mahomed Hanief Khatree, the President of MBN announced that there were other breakfast seminars planned and one of the topics would be Shariah compliant investments.

Iquebal and Rane






MBN is planning to have its official launch on 24 August with a grand dinner at Parliament House with the Premier, Mr. Peter Beattie as Guest of Honour together with other Members of Parliament.



Omar, Omar and Essat

Vahed, Solwa and Surtie


Do you like sports? What kind of sports do you prefer?


Imran Garda, Television Presenter for M-Net Supersport, answers questions from a world wide audience about "Islam and Sport - Striking a Balance" at



India's World Cup Squad in Training for 2010



Cool SMS


I've deposited Love, Joy, Prosperity, Peace, Laughter and all Blessings in your bank account. Use without limit. Pin code is DUROOD SHAREEF!


Assulamo Alikum


Dear Sir


Today, Sunday the 18th of June, while I was at Kuraby Park for the fund rising of Algester Mosque, and after lunch, the park had a lot of rubbish on the lawn and every where. I picked up as much as I could and put it in the rubbish bins.

Then a lady asked me why I was doing that, I told her, to draw people attention to put their own rubbish in the rubbish bins provided. She said to me that she used to do that for the same purpose, but it didn't work. There were a lot of young children in the park today who might have wasted food, food was left in plates on chairs and on the lawn, that is beside other rubbish, not to mention cigarette butts.

When I went home and thought about it, I thought to email you about the idea of signs written in English, Arabic, Urdu, or any other language as well. This signs each language on a separate paper, to be put up where any food is served, at any time, for any occasion. for example:








If I'm writing to the wrong party, please forward this email to the right people. Thank you very much. Gazakumllaho khul hkire.



Awatif  Khaled


[Editor] This is a welcome reminder for all of us to do the right thing.


The Forgotten Legacy of a Religion


What do coffee beans, torpedoes, surgical scalpels, arches and observatories all have in common?
Were Leonardo da Vinci’s flight ideas originals?
Who devised the casing for pill capsules and where did Fibonacci learn to flex his mathematical fingers?


The Islamic contribution to the science, culture and heritage of our modern world is often forgotten. From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life.


Every so often, over the next few weeks, CCN will bring you an invention inspired by the Islamic World.


Just cranking up civilization another gear ......

The crank-shaft is a device which translates rotary into linear motion and is central to much of the machinery in the modern world, not least the internal combustion engine.


One of the most important mechanical inventions in the history of humankind, it was created by an ingenious Muslim engineer called al-Jazari to raise water for irrigation.


His 1206 Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices shows he also invented or refined the use of valves and pistons, devised some of the first mechanical clocks driven by water and weights, and was the father of robotics.


Among his 50 other inventions was the combination lock.




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