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Sunday, 12 June 2005

Newsletter 0032

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Global Convenience



CresWalk has been selected as a finalist in the category of Muslim Event of the Year (see below).

Winners will be announced on Friday 8 July at the start of a three day Mission of Hope conference to be held at Campsie, Sydney.


Entitled "Healthy Family, Healthy Community" this Muslim Community Conference promises to be a most entertaining and educational few days for anyone interested in making a weekend of it.


The full programme details can be downloaded  from  here and you can find out more about the conference by going to:



Mission of Hope Muslim Achievement Awards Night Finalists

Friday 8th July

Orion Function Centre, Campsie, Sydney


Muslim Women’s National Network Of Australia Muslim Woman Of The Year (2):
1. Silma Ihram
2. Madinya Abdulrahman


Intrix Solutions Muslim Man Of The Year (3):
1. Sh. Tajideen El-Hilaly
2. Mohammed Abu Shaban

3. Mehmet Ozalp

UMA Muslim Youth Of The Year (3):
1. Baheji Mawas
2. Rami Al-Sharawi
3. Ghiwa Hanouf


Muslimvillage Event Of The Year  (3)
1. MEFF Eid Festival - NSW

2. CresWalk - QLD

3. Auburn Mosque Open Day – NSW


Australian National Sports Club Muslim Sportperson (3):
1. Hazem El Masri
2. Ahmed Elrich
3. Khadija Baladjam


Muslimconnect Muslim Business Of The Year (3):
1. Muslim Community Co-Operative Australia (MCCA)
2. Nour Al-Houda Boutique
3. Nandos (Camperdown)


Muslim Media Outlet of the  Year (3 ):
1. Islamicsydney.com
2. 1islam Production

3. Forum of Australian Islamic Relations (FAIR)


Mr.  Mohammed Hanief Adam, the older brother of Yusuf Adam, passed away in Cape Town last week, after a long battle with cancer.


On behalf of everyone associated with Crescents of Brisbane we wish to extend our condolences to the Adam family.


May Allah (SWT) grant the Marhoom forgiveness and Janaat-ul-Firdous, inshaAllah.

"There Ain't No Mountain High Enough...."*

TWO Iranians became the first Muslim women to conquer Mount Everest as the early season expedition took advantage of a rare weather window to reach the world's highest summit.

Farkhondeh Sadegh, 36, a graphic designer, and Loleh Keshavarz, 26, a dentist, hoisted their country's tricoloured flag on the summit together with

six Iranian men.


Mountaineering, long popular with Iranian men, has gained enthusiasts among Iranian women, along with golf, skiing and even paragliding - activities in which the need to keep the body well covered is not a serious hindrance to performance.

Some 69 women responded when the Iran Mountaineering Federation threw down the Everest gauntlet last year.


Source: http://news.scotsman.com/international.cfm?id=593912005


CCN Story Title: Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell

Sheikh Khalid Yasin, conducts his full day intensive

Dawaa techniques course today (Sunday 11 June) from 9 to 9 at the Darul Uloom

Blood Shortage Critical

HOSPITALS may have to cancel elective surgery because of a shortage of blood, the Australian Red Cross says.


Stocks of all major blood types have dropped to critical levels across the nation, with less then 48 hours left of the O and A groups.


Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) spokeswoman Sharon Callister said donations were urgently needed.


"We need an urgent response from the community over the next three days," she said.


"Currently blood supplies are continually being reviewed and without significant improvement in supplies, ARCBS may potentially need to advise hospitals to cancel elective surgery."


Ms Callister said only one in 30 Australians donated blood, and the cold and flu season would quickly erode the small pool of donors.


"This winter, blood donations have already dropped substantially due to our regular donors being struck down with colds and flu," she said.


Any healthy person aged 16 or older who has not given blood in the past 12 weeks may be eligible to donate.


SOURCE: news.com.au


Come on CCN readers - here's an opportunity to extend a helping hand and bleed just that little bit for your fellow man (and woman)!  It's really easy once you get stuck into it (and vice versa)!


Picnic in the Park (Fair Go for Palestine)


Origins of Islam in Australia

LONG before European settlement, Muslims had contact with Australia and her peoples. Fishing for sea-slugs, the Macassans (an ethnic group from eastern Indonesia) began visiting the northern shores of Australia in the seventeenth century. Evidence of their presence is found in cave drawings of the distinctive Macassan boats and in artifacts found in Aboriginal settlements in the north.


Some Muslim sailors and prisoners came to Australia on the convict ships but very little is known about them as they left no traces in the history books, except for a few scattered references to their names.


During the 1870s Muslim Malay divers were recruited through an agreement with the Dutch to work on West Australian and Northern Territory pearling grounds. By 1875 there were 1800 Malay divers working in Western Australia. Most returned to their home countries.


Afghan cameleers settled in Australia from the 1860s onwards. Camels were imported and used by European explorers to help open up the dry interior and transport goods and services to different parts of the country. Due to the Afghans’ knowledge and expertise with camels, they were credited with saving the lives of numerous early European explorers and were vital for exploration.


(to be continued....)


Globalization in Action: Made in Australia and Packaged in Africa

Muhammad and Nadia Solwa (ex-Brisbanites) are the proud parents of their "baby ozzyroo girl".


If they turn the baby around and look hard enough down under we are sure they will find the words "Made in Australia" clearly stamped somewhere on her bottom.


CCN wishes them all the very best for the future, inshaAllah.

The Ultimate Human Race

The world famous 89Km Comrades Ultra-Marathon from Pietermaritzburg to Durban takes place this Thursday 16 June.


When it comes to unselfish acts, there are many stories that involve Comrades runners. But few tug at the heart strings like Hennie Loots and Henk Meyer.

In the 2003 run Loots helped Meyer through to his seventh Comrades finish in 10:31.


What makes it so special is that Meyer is so badly mentally retarded that he doesn't know his age, cannot read or spell and has no idea of the distance that he runs every year. He only has 40% use of his left arm and although 34 years of age, has the mental capacity of a four year old.


Loots' job during Comrades is to ensure that he finishes, hydrates correctly and does not get lost.

"Henk is my sister's son and he got malaria when he was four which affected half of his brain", the 48-year-old Loots explains. "But we've noticed that with the running, he is starting to improve."


Loots, who often travels through from Roodeport to pick up Meyer in Hartebeespoort, does train with Meyer and also assists him in other races. "I've been doing it for 10 years now and it's worth the effort," Loots says. "It's rewarding to see the positive effect it has on him."

Comrades 2003 was a tough one for Meyer, who finished his seventh Comrades and Loots his eleventh. "With 10km to go he started to cry and said that he couldn't continue," Loots said, "but there's an inner strength in him that's unexplainable and he kept going"

CCN Supporting Local Enterprise


Sheela Gokul is a qualified hairdresser with over 15 years of experience. She hails from sunny Durban and operates her business from her Runcorn home from Mondays to Saturdays.


All haircuts are just $10, and she has a large number of regulars already on her books.


You will need to make an appointment by calling her on 3341 1421.

Mention CCN when you're there (and see if it'll do you any good!).

One Just For The 'Desperate Sisters' .............

Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter; ten men and one woman. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one had to be sacrificed, otherwise they would all fall.

They weren't able to name that person, until the woman gave a very touching speech. She said that she would voluntarily let go of the rope, because, as a woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband and kids, or for men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices, receiving little in return.

As soon as she finished her speech, all the men started clapping their hands ...

Apologies (in advance) to CCN Readers

The entire CCN Team (our Man-on-the-Mussallaah, Felicia, Madame Mumbai and Bennie) is heading out on another one of its infamous junkets - this time for two weeks to the UK.


However, it won't be all fun and frivolity (as you can well imagine). The Team has been entrusted with the express task of scouring  the length and breadth of the land to bring you, dear CCN reader, on-the-spot, around-the-clock coverage of how Muslim Pommies go about their daily lives.


Far from wallowing in the British summer, our Man-on-the-Mussallaah will be conducting his obligatory visits of the local Masjids and reporting accordingly. The rest of the team meanwhile and for the selfsame purpose, will be visiting several Halaal Indian and Pakistani restaurants, local Muslim communities, a Muslim-owned store somewhere on Oxford Street, the London Eye (to get a bird's view of the Regent Park Mosque), and a few less savoury parts of the cities if only to observe at first hand the decadence and depravity of the rest of the British society. (The lot of the CCN reporter is indeed a hard one - but someone's got to do it!)


Time, weather and Internet connection permitting, the next two issues of CCN will therefore, inshaAllah,  be hatched, concocted, crafted and beamed to you from some dinghy Internet Cafe in the Railway Station of some English town or city.


For the next two weeks there will not be any emails providing you with the links to the newsletters. Instead you will have to go each Sunday morning to the Crescents of Brisbane website (www.crescentsofbrisbane.org), click on the CCN link and then on CCN033 or CCN034 link as the case may be.


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