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Sunday, 25 September 2005

Newsletter 0046

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Shabir Elias


The kindest cut of them all


This Is The Practice That Din Built


"The Gap stops here", Din Karim, an accountant by profession, told Federal Health Minister, Tony Abbott, Minister Gary Hardgrave and a number of invited guests attending the opening of the Underwood Medical Centre.


Of course Mr. Karim was referring to the latest of the Bulk Billing practices that he, in partnership with marketing expert Dr Shabir Hussain, have begun to fit out in and around Brisbane.


Staffed with South African trained doctors, the Underwood and Kuraby practices offer a 7-day service to residents in the area.







The occasion was also an ideal opportunity for the Government representatives to reverse the perception that the Howard Government is dismantling Medicare in favour of a private health system.


This was also their show of support for practices that are establishing themselves in areas of need, that offer around the clock services and make good use of overseas trained doctors. 





Abbott and Hardgrave propping up bulk billing

Special Appeal for Fitra for Zimbabwe

With the coming of Ramadaan, there is an appeal to all our BRISBANE CCN readers for their Fitra.  Mr. Faisel Essof is collecting Fitra for distribution in Zimbabwe. 


You are no doubt aware of the economic situation in Zimbabwe.  Just to give some examples: -

A loaf of bread costs ZW$10 000; Milk is ZW$30 000 a litre; Cheese is anything between ZW$250 000 to ZW$400 000 a kg.; Chicken (whole) is ZW100 000 per kg; Oil is ZW$50 000 for 750ml; Sugar …… not easily available.

Apples ZW$30 000 each. 


The current exchange rate is ZW$70 000 (and counting) to the US$. A domestic worker earns ZW$ 1.2 million which equates to US$14.17 a month. A shop worker earns ZW$ 2.5 mill which equates to US$ 35.71 a month.
The current situation for the locals has been made worse with the recent clean up as there were many who were street vendors and tuck shop owners.


Sadly there are many Muslims in need.  The Fitra money collected will be used to purchase basic foods and distributed to the poor and needy Muslims in the townships.  All this will be done before Eid.  


"The need is great and a humble request is made to all to donate to this worthy cause," Faisel told CCN. 


Anyone wishing to give his or her Fitra can contact Faisel on: -

Tel – 3800 7811 (B)                 3432 0116 (H)                0402 575 410 (M)

Or drop it off at 51/20 Young Place – Runcorn


Please note – LAST DAY OF COLLECTION FOR FITRA IS 15TH RAMADAAN.  This will allow time to get the money to Zimbabwe so that they may purchase the foods and have them distributed BEFORE Eid. 

Going For Their Colours

FIVE Kuraby lads will represent Queensland at the Australian Taekwondo National Open Tournament to be held in Hobart, Tasmania in October. These students train under the expert tutelage of black belt Rami Fraij and his Rami's Thunder which meets for training every Saturday and Sunday at the Wally Tate Park Community Hall (next to Kuraby Mosque).


CCN congratulates Rami and his boys on a fantastic achievement and wish them all the success in the tournament.


Rami has a current enrollment of over 15 children. For more information about the school contact Rami Fraij at rami_maani@yahoo.com or on (07) 3219 0514.


Back row: Rami Fraij

Middle row (l to r): Jamal Rane, Hisham Misraoui

Front row (l to r): Emir Mawardi, Mohammed Peer

Missing in Action (gone skirmishing): Mounir Mesbah

Yesterday, All Her Troubles Not So Far Away

Yesterday, the ground-breaking isiZulu feature film has become the first ever South African film to receive an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. The announcement was made by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences in Los Angeles this week. The film, produced by Anant Singh and Helena Spring, and written and directed by acclaimed director, Darrell James Roodt, stars Leleti Khumalo of Sarafina! fame.

Yesterday is a watershed film for South Africa as it is a film of many firsts. It is the first isiZulu feature film and the first South African film to receive an Oscar nomination. It was made with the support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, M-Net and the National Film And Video Foundation.

Anant Singh, speaking after the announcement of the nominations said, “We are ecstatic and proud to have received South Africa’s first Oscar nomination. Yesterday is a South African film, in an indigenous language and one that showcases our country’s amazing creative talent in a local story. The nomination is certainly encouraging for the South African Film Industry and it is a testament to all who were so passionately involved in the film.”

Short synopsis

Yesterday lives in Rooihoek, a remote village in South Africa's Zululand.
Her everyday life is not easy - there's little money, no modern conveniences, and her husband is away in Johannesburg working as a miner – but she possesses a sunny nature, and takes great joy in her 7-year-old daughter, Beauty.

The precarious balance of Yesterday's life is suddenly threatened when she is diagnosed with AIDS, and she must journey afar to understand and confront her illness. Yesterday's motivating force is her love for Beauty, who is a year away from starting school. Set against the awesome, harsh landscapes of South Africa, Yesterday is an eloquent, unsentimental and beautiful film that quietly builds an overwhelming emotional force.

The first international film ever made in the Zulu language, Yesterday is a story of courage, compassion and hope, set in contemporary South Africa ten years after the arrival of democracy.


For more information and to view a trailer on the movie visit www.yesterdaythemovie.co.za

Special Preview Screening: Monday October 17 at 7.00 pm, The Schonell, University of Queensland


The Islamic Women's Association of Queensland (IWAQ) held their AGM on Saturday (24 September) to elect a new Management Committee.


The following sisters were elected:

Rubana Moola; Faiza El-HigziYomen Finj; Fatima Abdel-Karim; Rae Mekka; Fatima Avdich; Shameem Rane; Susan Al-Maani and Roshan


On the lighter side.....

George Bush has just announced on CNN (yes folks, the one that sounds like, is often mistaken for, but is nowhere near as good as your CCN) that the floods in New Orleans are believed to be the work of a suicide plumber from Iraq.


Early intelligence leaks revealed that the man, heavily armed with tools of mass de-suction, pulled the plug on the city despite several attempts to flush him out.



Changing of (most of) the Guards

The Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) held its elections for office bearers at its AGM yesterday (Saturday 24 September).



Br. Abdul Jalal was re-appointed as President with Br. Shahjahan Khan as his Vice President.

The other positions were:

Secretary: Br. Mahabub Ali

A/Secretary: Br. Sultan Deen

Treasurer: Br. Shaheed Ali

A/Treasurer: Br. Suliman Sabdia

Members:  Br. Mohammmed Tomoum, Br. Mehmood Ali






(Click to enlarge)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Solwa

Crescents of Brisbane and CCN congratulate Bilal and Sahrah on their wedding in Durban a fortnight ago. Shaamilah Goder, the mother of the bride, said on her return to Brisbane that she had been overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Solwa's and their arrangements for the wedding reception.

Bilal and Sarah are expected to return to Brisbane towards the end of the year.

Who's Who in the Gang of 13

Following the Prime Minister’s Summit with Muslim community leaders, the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, John Cobb, announced a Reference Group to work with the Australian Government and Muslim communities.

"The group .. will be working with the Australian Government, and with their respective community groups in creating communication and support networks that will promote understanding between the Muslim community and the wider Australian community," Minister Cobb said.

Reference Groups Members

Dr Ameer Ali (Chairman)
President, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
Ms Iktimal Hage Ali
Deputy Chair, NSW Youth Advisory Council, Member, Alaway Muslim Association
Ms Aziza Abdel-Halim
President, Muslim Women’s National Network Australia
Mr Kemal Ismen
President, Islamic Council of NSW
Sheikh Taj Aldin Alhilali
Mufti of Australia, Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque
Mr Abdul Jalal
President, Islamic Council of Queensland
Sheikh Fehmi Naji El Imam
Imam, Islamic Society of Victoria
Mr Mustapha Kara-Ali
Ms Nadia Gani
Secretary, Youth Emerged
Mr Yasser Soliman
Member, Council for Multicultural Australia
Dr Amin Hady
Chairman, Foundation of Islamic Studies and Information (FISI)
Mr Malcolm Thomas
President, Islamic Council of Victoria
Mr Hussein Hage
Director, The Supreme Islamic Shiite Council Australia


Assalaamu Alaikum.


In the recent CCN you wrote a very informative article on the government's "180-degree turn" with regard to its stance on the Islamic headscarves.


The government has always been supportive of the headscarves, I have included a media statement from John Cobb which was issued immediately after the controversy.


He is also supported by the Prime Minister on this issue, the same Prime Minister that recently defended the outspoken Haji Ray Deen while the peak Australian Islamic bodies were condemning him.   



Fazal Deen


[Editor] The 180-turn was in regard to the spin – and not on the Government’s stance. Until this statement the Howard Government did not want to consider banning the headscarf because it was not a practical thing to do (“Then we would have to ban all the other religions’ dress as well”), and not so much because they were defending a civil liberty. Now the spin is that it is an individual's right to wear the hijab and that far from being a threat it is a really cool thing to do.


The good Minister (who is a former jackaroo and lists predicting fashion trends as a skill in his parliamentary curriculum vitae) also had this to say on the subject:


"The reason they wear them it is they feel good about themselves when they do,  not because they want to look mysterious or anything ," he said


“They are actually holding modelling- they model them and they just look fantastic, " 


"I believe one day Australian women are going to think they look so fantastic it could become a fad"


Source: Courier Mail Thursday 15 September

Just for the CCN Smarty Pants


1. What is the most popularly eaten fruit?

2. What is the closest relation that your father's sister's sister-in-law could be to you?

Answers in the next issue.

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