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Sunday, 9 October 2005

Newsletter 0048

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Nandos Underwood


Brisbane Muslim School Fete



Upstanding for the National Anthem



Spelling out more Australian values

Fitrah for Zimbabwe

As mentioned in a previous issue of CCN there is a collection of Fitrah underway for distribution in Zimbabwe.


The proceeds will be used to make food hampers for distribution to the needy Muslim families.


The drive ends on 15 February. Find out where to send your contributions and why your $8 will be well spent in a worthy cause by clicking here.

While Eidfest promises to be a fun day for the whole family it also is an opportunity for the different Muslim cultures in Queensland to share the celebration of Eid together, and at the same time showcase the involvement of the Muslim community in all aspects of Australian life.


A special section has also been set aside for a Business and Professional centre. If you have not signed up for a booth or a stall as yet then contact Rubana on 0439 617 786 or email her at rubana@doctor.com.


If you have any suggestions to make the day even more eventful and entertaining contact Suraya on 0402 819 197 or via email at mnswaqar@yahoo.com.au or Laila on 0416 229 786 or via email at lailae@goggo.com.au.


The organizers are also looking out for volunteers to help out on the day. Call any of the good ladies above if you think you can lend them a hand.


The Algester Alert

The first part of the Tarawee at Algester Mosque is being lead by four young 8 to 11 year olds who started their hifz last year under Moulana Aslam, the permanent Imaam of Hifz at the Mosque.

In keeping with tradition, Algester will continue to host their famous after-Tarawee-BBQs on their grounds every Saturday night.


This year's Fitrana is being collected by Mehmood Osman, Mashood Ayoob and Yussuf Hussein before 15th of Ramadan so that it can be sent to relevant needy people in time before Eid ul Fitr. They will also be on hand to receive any Zakaat funds during the month.

Algester Mosque Time Table for Ramadhaan
Fajjar jamaat at 4.15am
Zohar jamaat at 12.40pm
Assar jamaat at 5.30pm
Maghrib jamaat after breaking fast at the Masjid
Esha jamaat at 8.05pm

What's Cooking.....at a Mosque near you

Our Man-on-the-Mussallaah, while serving as CCN's Roving Ambassador at Large of Mosque Affairs, also (and for no extra financial reward) swops hats and doubles up as CCN's culinary connoisseur on those rare occasions that he is off the prayer rug between Ifthar and Sehri.


Despite a busy schedule hobnobbing and "making Ifthaar" with the landed gentry, the ever-popular scribe also manages to find the time to 'mix it' with the plebs at the local. 


In the first of his assignments on CCN's "What the Mosques are Serving Up" survey, our Man-on-the-Mussallaah kicked off last night with ice cream, watermelon and coke at Kuraby and then moved over to the Algester BBQ to indulge in a deliciously tender T-bone and freshly fried chips. The BBQ was well-attended and supported and the atmosphere very relaxed and congenial with the fraternizing going into the late hours of the night (and holding up the CCN presses in the process).

Our Man-on-the-Mussallaah made a special note to acknowledge the five-star performance of the dedicated team behind the BBQ coal fires and the young lads who cleared up at the end.   

Kuraby's Qari saheb Attends International Quran Competition

The 27th King Abdul Aziz International Competition for the Memorization, Recitation and Interpretation of the Holy Quran was held  in Makkah concluding on the night of 26 September.


Two Brisbanites, Karim Boualem (14) and Mohannat Chouchane (9),  traveled to Makkah to take part in the competition accompanied by Qari Fida Ur Rahman who runs the Medrassah Rowdat Al-Atfal out of the Kuraby Mosque. Little Mohannat topped the Australian contingent which included one entrant from Sydney and another from Victoria. According to Qari saheb Mohannat was the darling of the competition and only narrowly missed out taking a prize.

Several prominent figures, including Makkah Governor Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Al Sheikh, senior government officials as well as Islamic scholars attended the grand concluding function held at the Metropolitan Hotel.


As many as 134 contestants representing 34 countries and several Islamic centers and organizations from across the world participated. The eight-day event was organized by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance.


Prince Abdul Majeed distributed prizes to the winners in five different categories.

The first prize in the first category went to Kamil Saud Al-Anazi of Saudi Arabia. Participants from Egypt and Bahrain took the second and third prizes respectively. The fourth and fifth winners in the category were from Nigeria and Yemen.
The first five winners in the second category were from Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Yemen, Lebanon and Sudan.

Winners in the third category came from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Jordan and Iran. Winners in the fourth category were from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and Bangladesh.

Now here's a really good reason to clean out those cupboards....

CCN is urging all its readers to take some time off during Ramadhan to dig out those unwanted educational and novel reading books, clothing, blankets, doonas and toys and drop them of with Janeth Deen.


Janeth is collecting these items on behalf of SAACID (pronounced saa-ceed) a non-government organization that helps Somali women, children and the poor achieve their full human potential. Their vision is a world in which all women, children and the poor have full equality and full access to the resources necessary to fulfill their human potential.







The container of collected items is scheduled to leave Brisbane for Mogadishu in December.

You can contact Janeth on 3344 5330 or 0434 923 597 to arrange the drop-off or simply head over to 24 Janice Street, Sunnybank and leave them on her porch (neatly, if you don't mind).


Letter to the Editor of The Gatton Star (28 September 2005)

Terrorism is un-Islamic!

In light of increasing world terrorism the Year 4-7 students of Mount Sylvia State School have been studying world religions.


In particular we focused on Islam. To help us get a fuller understanding of Islam we visited the Islamic School of Brisbane on September 6.


When we arrived at the school we were warmly welcomed. The Principal, Dr Noor, spoke to us about the Islamic faith, pointing out that all religions of the world are based on peace and love.


We were interested and relieved to learn that terrorism is a crime in Islam and is not tolerated. The school's librarian was very informative as he helped us to understand the difficulties Muslim people in Australia face. We started to understand how difficult it must be to cope in a society which believes that because of the extreme actions of a small group the whole group is assumed to be extreme.

During the visit we ate with and played with students who were so different from us and yet, as we discovered, so similar.


Thank you Islamic School of Brisbane for helping us understand the need for tolerance in our world.


BRIAN CRICHTON, Principal and Year 4-7 students of Mount Sylvia State School.




Will Kit Comes in Two Flavours

As a follow up to his very popular booklet on Inheritance Iqbal Lambat has compiled two will kits for Muslims living in Australia.



The will kits contain:

  • A standard will for completion

  • Explanations on how to complete the will

The will itself:

  • Commences with an affirmation of your belief in the Almighty.

  • Urges family and friends to remain united and avoid any arguments over the distribution of the        estate.

  • Appoints executors (to manage the estate) and guardians (to raise your children/manage your children's affairs).

  • Specifies how you wish to be buried (the will imposes an Islamic burial).

  • Allows you to specify legacies up to a maximum of 1/3 of your net estate (in accordance with Islamic law).

  • Specifies that the residue of your estate is to be distributed in accordance with Islamic law. Should  there be a disagreement, the will allows you to appoint an arbitrator who will furnish a schedule upon which your Executor will act.

  • Outlines the powers for your executor.

  • Urges your beneficiaries to not challenge your will and accept your decision to distribute your estate in accordance with Islamic law. The will also urges any court of law that is hearing a challenge to respect that a Muslim is bound by the rulings of the Quran.

There are two will kits that you can download - one for the Hanafi school of thought and the second for the Shafi and Maliki schools of thought.


According to Iqbal the differences between the schools of thought are minor - there are no differences on the shares a person receives, but there is a difference with regards to religious debts.

He explains that the Hanafi school are of the opinion that religious debts (Hajj not performed, zakat not paid, etc) can only be paid out of legacies whilst the Shafi and Maliki school are of the opinion that they can be paid out of debts. Under Hanafi law, the amount that you distribute as legacies is therefore reduced by the amount that has to be paid to settle your outstanding religious debts.

Iqbal has also updated Part III of the inheritance series and has sent them for editing changes. This book should be available shortly. It focuses on what family members will receive from an estate.

Answers to Last Week's Teasers


1. If in two years I will be twice as old as I was five years ago. How old am I now?

Answer: 12

2. Out of the numbers given below, what would follow this sequence: 10, 4, 3, 11, 15?

Answer: 14 If you spell out the numbers. fourteen would come next. 10 has 3 letters 4 has four letters 3 has 5, etc.

3. Father, sister, cousin, mother, grandfather, aunt and uncle. Which one does not belong?

Answer: Cousin All the others are referring to a specific sex.. cousin can be male or female.


4. If Mr. and Mrs. Sultan have six daughters and each daughter has one brother, how many people are in the Sultan family?

Answer: 9... Mr and Mrs Sultan, six daughters and one son..


A Word From This Week’s Sponsor



The only place to re-energise after Tarawhee


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