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Sunday, 15 January 2006

Newsletter 0062

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Jas & Susan


Eidgaar at the ISOB

Despite some of the Mosques deciding to "go it alone" this year, Eidgaar at the the Islamic School of Brisbane in Karawatha was well attended.


It was an occasion (and an opportunity which presents itself all too rarely in this city) to meet and pray alongside fellow Muslims from the many different communities and to hear Imam Abdul Quddoos give a 'no-holds-barred' talk on several issues confronting Muslims in these troubling times.



Imam Quddoos spoke on the significance of the day; the negligence of some families that caused some youngsters to "grow up like Cronulla children"; the "so called War on Terror" and the global push to reinterpret Islam; the Government directives to educate Imams while not asking the same of other religious priests; and the increasingly high divorce rate amongst Muslims.


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Deens Doing All the Digging

For about the past 20 and more years members of the Deen family, have taken it upon themselves to prepare the site each time a burial has to be performed at the Muslim section of the Mt Gravatt Cemetery. While this often entails disruption of their own work schedules and commitments, the Deen family have been quietly undertaking this task, seeing this as a service to the community and work in the path of Allah (SWT).

It usually starts with a call from the Brisbane City Council Sexton, a Funeral Home, a Mosque or a family member of the deceased to Habib Deen or Sultan Deen. They then pass the information to their sons or nephews who in turn enlist other family members and then go and prepare the grave or graves.

One member recalls how, in the early days, the Brisbane City Council regulations would only allow for a standard regulation grave (ie. only long enough and wide enough for a coffin), they would then have to (surreptitiously) dig out the rest of the site with spades and shovels to get them to conform to Muslim requirements - which you can imagine is a lot of hard work. He also remembers with dismay how the Christian mother of a man being buried in the cemetery pelted him with sand, stones and sticks for daring to lay her husband to rest without a coffin.

With the large and growing Muslim population, the Brisbane Muslim community should begin considering sharing the responsibility of preparing these grave sites.


If anyone would like to help out in the future, the family members would be pleased to take them on and teach them the ropes. Please contact Fazal Deen - 0419 722 973, Habib Deen - 0419 711 698, Sultan Deen - 0418 722 353 or Hafeez Deen - 0419 623 340.

Some of the Action In-and-Around the Gabba This Week

The South African support during the Twenty/20 last Wednesday was not only very audible but highly visible, with shots of flag waving expatriates appearing on TV each time the Proteas took a wicket or scored a boundary.


For some it turned out to be "one of the best day of our lives" and "a day not to be missed". Many of them have still not got their voices back from all the screaming and shouting that got them on TV on so many occasions.


But, as things turned out, it was to little avail in the end with the visitors losing convincingly on the night.


The Brisbane Cricket Ground, better know as The Gabba


Savin' on Gas Goin' to the Gabba


"Now we know what sardines must feel like"
















Rising to the occasion


Recovering from the occasion


Rugby League legend, Gordon Tallis, signing a cricket bat?!?!


You'd never have guessed their team was getting a beating


'Braveheart' Wasim on the war path

"They may take out the series, but they'll never take away OUR SUPPORT"


Calling on divine intervention to stem the SA rot?


Protea team manager, Goolam Rajah, finds himself

in as great a demand as his players


Now this is the life!


Andre Nel bowled out by Farzana and Aadilah


Capping off a great day at the Gabba

Synchronizing the Mexican Wave with the Brisbane Garbage Recycle Programme

Giving the SA supporters their 15 minutes of international fame


"Oh, no! Not another SIX!"


"Can you see us now, Mom?"



Several other personalities were also in town.




Goolam Rajah (sixth from left), Protea Manager for longer than the Rainbow Nation has been in existence, flew in last week to join his team and spent Eid with his Brisbane-based friends and relatives.





Aleem Dar





Pakistan's Aleem Dar, one of the ICC's elite umpires, attends Kuraby Mosque for one of the prayers.


Zolani Bongco






As the guest commentator on Radio ABC 612, South African cricket commentator, Zolani Bongco, has been educating Queenslanders on the meaning behind such profound Afrikaans expressions as "Kallis is a lekker ding". 







Watch out for more local faces flashing their flags

(and anything else that will get them on TV)

during today's ODI.


More on the Law by Lambat

This is the final book on the series on Islamic wills by Iqbal Lambat.

Click here for a copy.


Part IV focuses on the role of Executors and explains how a deceased estate should be managed. The book provides a step by step guide to executors for the administration of the estate of a deceased Muslim in Australia. This book should also be read by persons preparing a will so that they can understand the importance of an Executor and their requirements under both Australian and Islamic law.


Iqbal has also prepared a second version of the Islamic will kit. He has received a number of requests to include clauses for superannuation funds and life assurance proceeds. There is debate over whether life assurance proceeds should be included in your estate as some scholars are of the view that the lump sum is received after your death and hence not subject to the Islamic law of distribution. Part 2 of the series discusses superannuation funds, life assurance and trusts in detail.


The two will kits (Hanafi and Shafi, Maliki, and Hanbali) have also been revised to provide you with the flexibility to include the insurance proceeds for Islamic distribution or nominating beneficiaries of your choice.


Iqbal said that this Part IV marked the end of the inheritance series and wished to thank CCN for its support in promoting and distributing the series.


At the Movies with Madame Mumbai

Shadows of Time

A film by Florian Gallenberger


In the tradition of Monsoon Wedding


".....heart wrenchingly romantic story of love and regret that is  surprisingly affecting and non-Bollywood in style"


Now Showing: Exclusive to BCC Regent, Brisbane


India before independence, a carpet factory in the countryside near Calcutta. For Ravi and Masha, who are forced to work as child laborers, it is the beginning of a tragic love story. Realizing that money determines whether one is free or enslaved, the ambitious and resolute Ravi works his way up from common worker to best carpet knotter, with just one goal - to leave the factory behind him. Learning that the factory owner plans to keep Masha for himself, Ravi sacrifices all his savings to buy Masha's freedom. As she leaves, Masha promises to wait for him at a rendezvous every full moon.

Years later, after having earned enough to buy his way out, Ravi becomes a carpet seller and rises to prosperity. Masha, who has become a sought-after dancer, still goes to the rendezvous hoping to find Ravi. But fate prevents them from finding each other. Although they marry others, whose affections they return, they keep their true love for one another.

When they unexpectedly meet again, they enjoy a few moments of bliss before their love threatens to destroy them. Masha is willing to abandon everything for Ravi, but once again, the lovers are separated. Time passes, casting its shadows on the old and the new, the changing and the unchanging, the never-ending cycle of love...


Source: http://www.nzcinema.co.nz/movies/Shadows-of-Time-1311.php


Groucho Marx Quotable Quotes


    "I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”


    "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made."



As salaam o alaikum

The CCN Team

As new comers to Brisbane, just a little note to express our appreciation of your Newsletter. If not for your newsletter we would not have heard about the passing away of Imam Rane. Your article this week on the Imam was also an eye opener.

Besides news like the above we find your Newsletter very interesting and informative. There is a lot of work that goes into producing a Newsletter like yours and your efforts are very much appreciated.

Please keep up the good work.

Salaams Eid Mubarak
Rashida and Osman Khan



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