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Sunday, 14 October 2007

SHawwal 1428 A.H.

Newsletter 0153

This week's CCN is kindly sponsored by

MnM Packaging Australia

Eid Prayers at the Islamic College of Brisbane


In one of the biggest turnouts for an Eid Day prayer in Queensland, over 3000 men, women and children, representing backgrounds from virtually every corner of the globe, attended the Eid prayer yesterday at the Islamic College of Brisbane in Karawatha.


On a glorious Brisbane Spring morning, people came from all parts of the city to pray together and wish each other well on this auspicious day.


The large crowd was a glowing vindication for the proponents of a single venue and stands as a testimony to foresight and wisdom of the various stakeholders and their willingness to come to an agreement for this Eid prayer. 


CCN can confirm that Mr Suliman Sadia, the President of Islamic Council of Queensland is well and back home from hospital after collapsing just after the Eid prayer. Mr Sadia was rushed by ambulance from the school grounds to Logan hospital.


Earlier in the programme Mr Sabdia delivered a speech that called on all organizations to lend more widespread participation in ICQ affairs.

Read the full speech.


CCN wishes Mr. Sabdia a speedy recovery and our prayers go out to him for his good health and well being.


Eid in Brisbane


How did your community celebrate Eid yesterday?


If you have any photos (with short captions and/or stories) that you would like to share with CCN readers email them to theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org and we will build a collage for next week's issue of CCN.


Of course, there will be prizes for the photos that capture the occasion best.


To kick off the collage:


Mahabub Ali, Secretary General of ICQ, with bucket loads of Fitrana and Zakaat

Straightening the Saafs for Salaah


Getting down to the main business of the day


Cool hand Fayzaan Omar


Close encounters of the Eid kind


In the foreground, five of the meanest card players in Brisbane can't wait to deal after a four week drought

Two Ala-Dins and a Deen

Hussein Assaf and son, with Rahman providing the pictorial balance

The Blues Brothers meet Danny de Vito:

Yunie Omar and the Surtie brothers

Faaiza Elias and Soiraya Khan

with a mysterious medico lurking in the background

Twiggy Surtie a shoo-in for the Mussalee Management position



New Crescents of Brisbane Banner Unveiled















Look out for the new Crescents of Brisbane banner at the Crescents Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop on Saturday 20 October at the Kuraby Special School Hall and at the Crescents Coffee Club on Saturday 27 October at Eidfest at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds.




The banner was very kindly sponsored by psdmedia.com.au - your total print solution.

Thank you Alex and Josh!

A Musical Interlude: Bismillah by Yusuf Islam




CCN gets Up Close and Personal with..........


Ms. Aliyah Deen, President Al-Nisa Youth Group


[CCN] Thank you for agreeing to let CCN do a profile on you. Before we delve into what makes Ms Deen tick, tell us a bit about your background and family life.

[AD] I classify myself as an Australian born Pakistani (giggle). I was born and bred in Brisbane. My family consists of Mum and Dad, and 3 elder siblings, 1 sister and 2 brothers. I am also an aunt to my 4 beautiful nieces and my gorgeous nephew, whom I love to spoil. 


[CCN] They say Australia is the 'lucky country'. What does that mean to you as a dinky-di Aussie?

[AD] Alhumdulilah growing up in this country where everything is easily accessible and many opportunities are there for the taking is something I am grateful for. Obviously it’s all in Allah (SWT) hands, but visiting other less developed countries and seeing how people live there and then coming back home, is a real eye opener. It really make you think and appreciate how lucky we actually are and how sometimes ungrateful we are.   


[CCN] What did you do after school?

[AD] I went to Yeronga Institute of TAFE and completed a Diploma in Information Technology in Network Engineering and then decided to go to University. At QUT I earned a Batchelor Degree in Education (Secondary) majoring in Business Communications & Technology/Computing. After completing my degree, I became a Secondary teacher, surprise surprise! I am currently working at MacGregor State High School.


[CCN] What's your role in Al-Nisa and what does the group offer the Muslim community in terms of services and activities?

[AD] I am the President of Al-Nisa Youth Group Inc. Basically we act as an advocacy body to provide young Muslim women in Queensland with support and opportunities to express themselves. The Al-Nisa team organises fun and exciting activities for the youth as well as educational Islamic lectures, and leadership seminars to name a few.


We also have two vibrant Youth and Community Development Officers who work alongside the Muslim and non-Muslim youth covering various issues and misconceptions about Islam, basically educating them about Islam, among other things.


We encourage all Muslim youth from various backgrounds to join up!


[CCN] What is the Aliyah Deen secret for success?    

[AD] Continuous injections of Islam.


[CCN] Where's your favourite travel destination?   

[AD] Alhumdulilah, we travel to Pakistan often, to visit all our loving relatives. My favourite destinations include Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Lahore, hello ‘retail therapy’!!


I have made the intention to perform Hajj this year or next, Insha’Allah.


[CCN] What are your favourite books and food?    

[AD] Books? What are they? Anyone who knows me knows that Aliyah and chocolate go together! Apart from that I love all foods that are unhealthy!



[Editor] If you would like CCN to get Up Close and Personal with anyone drop us a line.


Muslims Australia Magazine




The current issue of the AFIC magazine, Muslims Australia, can be found at:

http://www.afic.com.au/Muslims Australia/Muslims Australia October2007.htm






The Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) will be setting up offices of its own for the first time in its 43 year history.


The offices are at 30 View Street, Holland Park and will be open for business soon.


Lounge Suite Giveaway


A lounge suite is being given away preferably to a needy family.

It is a 3-seater and 2 recliners. The seats are worn but very comfortable.
Phone Fatima on 0402 528 187.


Little Mosque on the Prairie: New Season  Starts in Canada



One of the characters in the show is Baber Siddiqui, a Pakistani-Canadian in his fifties, and an economics professor at a Newarby College.

He's all for diversity and tolerance, as long as it is completely on his terms.

Baber is considered the one true spiritual leader of the community and defender of the faith - by Baber.

He is the community's most conservative Muslim, but still can't help voting Liberal in civic elections.




The Baber Rants: A guide to proper Muslim Etiquette


This week's topic: What you don't know about Islam you ignorant infidels!


Al-Masjid al-Harām and the Icing on the Cake



The Algester Alert

By the Man-on-the-other-Mussallah


Eid-ul-Fitre was also celebrated at the Algester Masjid yesterday (Sat. 13 October).

Takbeer Started from 7.00am thereafter the Imam Maulana Mohammed Nawaaz delivered a short Eid message.

Salaatul-Eid was performed at 7.30 am led by Maulana Mohammed Aslam and the Eid Khutbah was delivered by Sheikh Ahmed Abu Ghazalah.

A record amount of people attended the gathering, including the communities of Eagleby and Capalaba Masjids.
The Final Dua was performed by Imaam Rajab, the Imaam of the Turkish Mosque in Eagleby.

A community lunch was held at the Chinese Community Hall in Nemies road from after Zohor.

Empire State Building Lights Up - for Eid




This weekend, the color green illuminates the Manhattan skyline. On the evenings of October 12-14, the Empire State Building—located in the heart of New York City’s most famed tourist district and recently named “America’s Favorite Building”—was lit in green to commemorate the Muslim holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr.



According to the Executive Director of the ASMA Society of Islamic Culture and Arts, Daisy Khan, this gesture clearly demonstrates that the principles of understanding, mutual respect, and faith can remain vibrant aspects of our world.




She said: "In celebrating together with the Muslims of New York City and the United States, the Empire State Building once again shows itself to be a powerful symbol in America’s most culturally vibrant city."

Make a Difference with your Zakaat, Lilah and Sadaqah


Due to the harsh economic situation in Zimbabwe and the shortages of food and basic commodities, a local group is collecting Zakaat – Lillah – Sadaqah to help the poor and needy Muslims in Zimbabwe who are experiencing very difficult times.

To contribute to this worthy cause, contact any of the following people:-

Shahina Omar – 3345 2160/0431 162 844
Afzal Motiwala – 0424 861 400
Yasmin Ahmed – 0405 217 682
Zahira Esat – 0404 997 682
Faisel Essof – 0402 575 410

Mr. Faisel Essof, one of the organizers of this drive, told CCN:  "People can choose to make a difference in the life of someone else. You never know whose life you touch."

Closing date 31st October 2007

The CCN Centre Link



Ladies! Would you like to learn to sew on industrial machines?


ACCES Services INC has a free Certificate 1 in clothing starting soon.


Training is for 2 days per week for 10 weeks between 9am-2pm in Slacks Creek.

We also offer employment and training services to Muslims of Gold Coast. Our office is in Southport.

Lots of other training starting soon between school hours in Brisbane and Gold Coast.


If there is any training that you are interested in AND not on offer, we can still assist with information, advice, referrals etc.

If you have overseas qualifications, we can assist with skills recognition.

If you have the experience and no trade certificate, we can assist with recognition of the trade.

School students, school leavers, feel free to call us for career advice.

ACCES Services INC has a driving school with a male and female instructor in Brisbane and female instructor in Gold Coast

Please call Sushil and Abdullah for further details on 38089299

Adecco Group Australia

Adecco Group Australia are looking for pickers and packers and forklift drivers.

You need to have adequate literacy and numeracy. Computer knowledge would be advantageous. Work may involve heavy lifting and is repetitive. You will be working under camera surveillance and need to be extremely reliable and honest.

This employment is suitable for school hour mums and dads, uni students and people who don’t mind working afternoon shifts or on call.


Hours are from 2 pm to 6 pm or 2 pm to 10 pm, Monday to Friday. Pay is from 19.60 to $22+

Minimum requirements are safety boots and high visibility vest.

Please call Abdullah Ibrahim on 3808 9299 or on 0407 698 312 to register your interest.


Kareema's Keep Fit Column




Q: Kareema, I have been consistent with my workouts and have been encouraging
my husband to do the same. Any suggestions on exercises we can do together?




A: 'Team training' is a great option for you guys.


In order to keep each other motivated, why not take turns in 'leading' your workout sessions on a weekly basis, eg. one week you take charge of scheduling your training, and vice versa.


This way you can challenge each other, but more imporantly, you will both be sure to enjoy your routine as you will be including exercises that you enjoy (and also those that you know your partner struggles with or those that you can beat him/her in)!! Set small realistic goals for each other - and watch your partner get stronger and fitter...

The challenge is on! Keep us updated on your progress and don't forget to have FUN.


Need an answer to a fitness related matter? Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


The Culinary Corner


Did you make biryani for Eid yesterday? How did it turn out?


CCN is on a campaign to develop the perfect biryani recipe.


Compare your recipe with the following and email us with any suggestions where you think it can be improved. There will be prizes for the best suggestions.












1 chicken cut into 8-10 pieces – washed and drained - 2 big onions - 2 cups masoor/black lentils - 3 cups rice - 1 cup yoghurt - 2 tomatoes – liquidized - 1 tbsp lemon juice - ¼ cup ghee - ¾ cup oil - 1 tbsp ginger/garlic masala - 1 ½ tsp fresh or dry red pounded chillies - ¼ tsp crushed elachi - 1 tsp whole jeeru/cumin - ½ tsp finely crushed jeera - 1 tsp dhana - 4 whole green chillies – slit - ¼ tsp of crushed saffron (steep in ¼ cup boiling water) - 1 tsp arad (turmeric) - 1 tsp salt - 6 small potatoes (or large ones cut) - 3 hard boiled eggs - 1 elachi, 1 clove, 1 stick cinnamon and a few sprigs of mint - 1 cup frozen green peas.


Soak lentils in cold water for a few hours. Boil in salted water until done. Drain off in colander.


Marinate meat for several hours as follows:
- Pat meat dry, add all spices, salt, green chillies, lemon juice and tomato. Mix well and leave in bowl.
- Slice ¼ of onion and keep aside.
- Chop rest of onion fine in food processor. Fry chopped onion in oil and when a lovely golden colour, put through a sieve to drain the oil.
- Add onions to bowl of meat. Add yoghurt, mix well, and add saffron mix and turmeric. Add the oil that was used for frying the onions.


- Boil rice in 6 cups of salted water. Add elachi and cloves. Note: Different types of rice need different periods of cooking, so test between thumb and forefinger and drain off in colander while there is still a hard resisting core in rice grains.
- Fry potatoes in oil and remove when gold in colour.
- In a large flat-bottomed pot, put some white rice, green peas and lentils.
- Then arrange the marinating meat and put the mint sprigs in between.
- Spread masoor over contents, then place potatoes and add some green peas.
- Spread rice over this. Fry the left over onion in ghee and when gold in colour sprinkle ghee and onions all over rice. Sprinkle ½ a cup of cold water over contents.
- Close lid tightly, put over high heat for 5 minutes. As soon as pot starts sizzling, steam fast. Switch to low heat and simmer for an hour.


For mutton biryani – use the same ingredients and procedure but add:
1 more tsp of ginger/garlic - ½ cup more yoghurt - steam contents for 40 minutes longer.


Serve biryani with:
Spiced Dahi - 1 carton yoghurt - 2 tsp chutney - salt to taste

Dhunia Chutney - Liquidize dhunia; green chillies; garlic; salt.


Source: Radio Islam Newsletter - Friday, 12 October 2007


Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?
Send in your favourite recipe to theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of CCN.


.....and now a word from this week's sponsor........... MnM Packaging Australia



Contact Yahya on 0403 338 040 or Abdul on 0412 268 665


The CCN Chuckle





While our Mula Nasruddin takes a well-earned break and recovers from his Eid indulgences CCN offers you the following chuckle:







A hen lays 3 eggs.

She makes dua to be blessed with pious chicks.

When the eggs hatched, she found the first one reading salaah, the second making zikr.

She waited for the third, but instead heard a little voice from inside the egg saying "Ma don't worry, I'm in itikaaf".


What's happening in our neck of the woods......


Click on image to enlarge

Crescents' Health


Breast Cancer Awareness

register online

MBN Eid Dinner

QMT Unity Cup (Futsal)


Interfaith Eid Dinner


IWAQ Fun Night Out

AIIC Enrolment & Open Day


The CCN Date Claimer





(Click on link)





14 October


Queensland Multicultural Festival

Multicultural Affairs Queensland

Roma Street Parkland

3872 0756(ext:21756)

All day

19 October


Interfaith Eid Dinner

AMARAH, BCC & Church Groups

West End Uniting Church
Sussex Street West End

0422 349 786


20 October


Womens' Health Workshop: Breast Cancer Awareness

Crescents of Brisbane

Kuraby State Special School Hall


1.30pm - 5pm

20 October


Gala Family Eid Dinner


RNA Showgrounds

0402 032 506


21 October


Open & Enrolment Day

Australian International Islamic College

724 Blunder Rd, DURACK

3372 1400

10.30 to 2pm

21 October


QMT Unity Cup (Futsal)


Acacia Ridge Futsal Centre, 1391 Beaudesert Rd.

0412 786 168

All day

27 October


Qld Eidfest 2007

Qld Eidfest

Mt Gravatt Showgrounds


10am to 10pm

10 November


Annual Fun Night for Women


Islamic Women's Association of Queensland

Clairvaux MacKillop College Hall, Klumpp Rd, Upper Mt. Gravatt

3272 6355

6pm til late

19/20 November

Monday & Tuesday

Queensland Multicultural Summit ‘07



State Library of Queensland

3844 9166

All day

23 November


Kuraby Special School Bike Track Fund Raiser Dinner


Crescents of Brisbane, Kuraby Lions & Chinese Lions


0402 026 786


24 November


Annual Muslim Achievement Awards

Mission of Hope, Sydney

Fontana Di Trevi
53 Raymond St Bankstown, NSW



20/21 December


Thursday or Friday


To claim your date for your event email theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


Write For Us

The best ideas and the best feedback come from our community of readers. If you have a topic or opinion that you want to write about or want seen covered or any news item that you think might be of benefit to the Crescents Community please e-mail



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It is the usual policy of CCN to include from time to time, notices of events that some readers may find interesting or relevant. Such notices are often posted as received. Including such messages or providing the details of such events does not necessarily imply endorsement of the contents of these events by either CCN or Crescents of Brisbane Inc.