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Sunday, 16 October 2005

Newsletter 0049

This issue of CCN is kindly sponsored by

Simply Stylish


CCN Condolences

In the wake of the disaster in Pakistan and Kashmir, CCN would like to express our sincere condolences to our readers who have lost family and friends in the stricken area.


Many more have been displaced by the earthquakes and we urge readers to support the many drives for financial aid.


One such effort was a plan to send over 1000 tents. The call went out and the $110 tents were snapped up within hours and these will be transported free by Qantas and distributed by the Red Crescents when they get there.


Muslim Aid Australia, together with sister organizations Muslim Aid UK and Muslim Aid Pakistan, established a 100 tent village in Sawat (120 km north of Islamabad) to accommodate quake survivors who spent their first nights after the disaster in the open air and now torrential rain. Survivors were also provided with warm clothing, food, and water.

A second tent village in Balakot will provide for 200 more survivors, whom will also benefit from supplies of blankets, food, and medicine. Today Muslim Aid field office will transport an additional 300 waterproof ridge type tents large enough to accommodate a family of six, and 1200 heavy woolen blankets.

150 tents will also be set up in Kashmir. Arrangements are being made to prepare the sites with water tanks and sanitation facilities.

Further arrangements are being made with the help of local Pakistani NGOs to provide food, medicine and clothing to the victims of the earthquake.

Meanwhile in Australia, Muslim Aid is collaborating with local South Asian communities to raise funds and awareness for the emergency. Muslim Aid appeals to the wider public to donate generously, to demonstrate yet again that together we can make a difference.

Haji Manzural Haqq is collecting on behalf of Muslim Aid and will be issuing tax deductible receipts at the Kuraby Mosque.


You can also make your donations directly via:


Muslim Aid Australia inc

email     mail@muslim-aid.org.au

web      www.muslimaid.org.au

ph        02 9740 4089, 1800 100 786

fx         02 9740 4143

post      PO Box 404, Lakemba NSW 2195
office    Suite 15-16, 168 Haldon Street, Lakemba, NSW 2195
bank     Westpac Bank (Lakemba Branch), Account 032-065 158681


What some press had to say:


In Pakistan, the overwhelming tragedy has brought out the best in the people, says The Nation.


In marked contrast with New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina – when help did not arrive, armed looters roamed the streets and survivors huddled together for safety – people have arrived from all over Pakistan to help in the relief effort, says Justin Huggler in The Independent.


They've abandoned their jobs, hitched lifts, and walked for hours in the blistering sun, denying themselves even water because it is the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, says The Christian Science Monitor.


They certainly didn't wait for Pakistan's military to begin the frantic digging for survivors in the rubble of downed buildings.


What Minister Hardgrave said in Parliament this Week 

Extracts from Hansard Tuesday 11 October 2005


(You can download the full speech by clicking here)


It is the time of the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslim community, and the Islamic Society of Algester throw a big barbecue on Saturday nights during Ramadan. The community fast between sun up and sun down—I do not know how they manage to do that—to test their faith; I do not know how they do not get cranky in the process. But many of my mates do not seem to have that problem. But at 10 o’clock on a Saturday night there is an enormous barbecue and everyone comes together. Last Saturday night at Algester mosque was a time of enormous sombre reflection on the hurt inflicted upon innocents in Bali both in 2002 and 2005 and upon the hurt inflicted upon those innocents in Pakistan in particular.


Members may have forgotten, but in my electorate was the first mosque anywhere in the world that was burnt or damaged as a result of the September 11 bombings of 2001, the Kuraby mosque. The Islamic Society of Kuraby responded by not blaming the broad Australian community for the actions of one person. Instead, they said, ‘Let us not condemn all Australians because someone has done something so silly as to torch the mosque.’ It was an old Anglican Church building in Kuraby which was used by the Islamic society as a mosque. They built a new mosque in its place. To their great credit, the people around Sunnybank, Eight Mile Plains and, indeed, Kuraby, came to the mosque the morning after the fire and apologised to Imam Yusuf Peer for what had occurred.


I make one point which some might think I should be careful to make, because the popular view is that maybe we should try to contain that difference and try to get people to assimilate—in other words, change who they are and fit into the mould. I make the point about the dress code that Australia does not have. We actually do not have a dress code in this country. If we did, we could introduce on-the-spot fines for bad fashion, I suspect. The other week I went and talked to students from the Islamic School of Brisbane and found bright and intelligent young ladies making choices. I said, ‘Freedom of choice, as long as you freely make that choice—you are not being forced to wear dress codes that your parents or others are inflicting upon you—then I respect the choices you make.’ One girl said, ‘I wear a hijab because I want people to know of my virtue and of my love of God.’ That was an interesting comment. I told her that it was a pretty proud statement to make and that she should continue to hold that view and congratulated her for it.

Underwood Medical Centre (Future Platinum Sponsor of CCN) - Update


UMC is pleased to announce that Dr. Rashida Hassan (ex South African) has now joined the practice and will be consulting every Tuesday between 9 am and 4 pm.


Ladies, in particular, wanting the services of a female doctor can now phone 3841 4055 to make an appointment.


Ladies Iftaar Night
Some of you ladies may remember the iftaar night you had at Kuraby Masjid last Ramadan.


Well ladies, the month of Ramadan is upon us, and guess what?!?!


IFA and Al Nisa are jointly organizing an iftaar night on Friday 21st October, at the Kuraby Community Hall (Svoboda Park), and they'd love for all of you (ladies, that is) to come along.


Bring your (lady) friends and a plate to share! Go on! they're expecting to see you (ladies, that is)  all there!


And, incidentally, its for ladies only.


SLP Synopsis

The good ladies of IFA usually provide the sisters who attend the Sister's Learning Program (SLP) at the Kuraby Mosque with notes from the previous week's lecture.


The notes for the last lecture held just before Ramadaan are now available. However, since the program is not running in Ramadaan, you can obtain a copy of these notes by clicking here.


If you missed any of the notes from earlier lectures some of them are also available for downloading:

Lecture 2; Lecture 3; Lecture 4; Lecture 5; Lecture 6; Lecture 7


Are you going for Hajj this year?

The Brisbane Muslim community has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is not as easy as it was in the past to keep abreast of who is going for Haj and when.


Many of us only learn months later that someone we see regularly in the Mosque had been on Haj (usually by the Noor on his face and his shaven head). Had we known in advance we would have liked to have wished them well on their journey, asked them to make dua on our behalf, given them something we might have found useful to take with them and then to have met with them on their return.


Also, from personal experiences, knowing where fellow Hajis and Hajianis are in Makkah and Medina and that they are within close contact can be very re-assuring, especially during an emergency or when there is that sudden urge to see a familiar face and share a Cinnabon in the Hilton foyer.


If you would like to have your name added to The CCN 2006 Hajis & Hajianis web page and database then please email the following details to your theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org. You need only provide those pieces of information you feel most comfortable sharing with others:


Family Name:

First Names of family members:

Depart on (dd/mm/yy):

Return on (dd/mm/yy):

Travel agent / group:

Departing from (city):

Makkah Hotel:

Medina Hotel:
Email Address (for official use only):



Brisbane To Celebrate Eid over TWO days


Diarize Saturday 12 November for the second Eid day when you and the whole family can share a fun day with Muslims of different cultures and background in a show of solidarity and brotherhood.


Your kids can expect to have a ball of time and Aunty Suraya and Aunty Laila have planned a whole lot of fun stuff for them.


Most of the stalls have already been taken up but contact Aunty Rubana to secure one of the remaining spots.



(Blow-for-Blow account by Mounir Mesbah (15))

On the 30th of September 6 people from Ramis Thunder Taekwondo Club went to Tasmania to represent Queensland in the Australian Open, these 6 players included Emir Mawardi, Mohammed Peer, Hisham Misraoui, Jamal Rane, the captain Mounir Mesbah and the instructor Rami Fraij.

To make it to the National tournament the students had to compete in the Queensland Championships to qualify to the National tournament.

After many tough training days to keep fit for the tournament it was time to leave for Tasmania. As soon as they reached Tasmania they went to the Taekwondo Centre to weigh in. The group then had a rest to prepare for their big day.

On the 1st of October the team traveled to the hall to prepare for their fight, the children were all ready for their biggest tournament yet after last minute advices from the coach.

At the end of the day the coach was really glad with the results with Hisham losing in a controversial loss losing 1-0 in the last few seconds against his opponent from Victoria. Emir also lost in a tight one losing in golden point after drawing against his opponent 1-1 from Victoria, his opponent scored the first point in golden point. Mounir Mesbah also lost in a tight one against his opponent from South Australia.


After so many close results the club finally receiving its first gold medal with Mohammed Peer winning his finals match pretty easily defeating his opponent 9-5 from New South Wales, the clubs second gold medal came from Jamal Rane who won in a tight one defeating his opponent from Victoria 4-3 in the finals. At the end of a long day the group were tired from all their tough fights.

The 2nd of October meant that it was time for the black belt to compete, which also meant Ramis turn to fight. As soon as they reached the hall they had to patiently wait for the coaches fight who was coached by Mr. David King a great friend to the club, as soon as Rami went on the court all the Queensland supporters went to watch Rami's fight he also had supporters from the New South Wales group and the Victorians. His first fight ended as a knockout with Rami too good for his first opponent, his second game was against one of the locals but Rami's kicks were too strong with his opponent retired hurt with another knockout win to Rami, with Rami winning his first 2 fights he was guaranteed a bronze medal for his third fight, his opponent had a bye coming through to take on Rami, and Rami was feeling tired after 2 tough fights, his third game was a tight one. Rami finished the fight loosing 8-5. As soon as Rami returned to the group with his coach for the day Mr. David King, they both received plenty of congratulations from all the Queenslanders. Rami received the clubs third medal by winning a bronze, Rami's Victorian opponent then went on to win gold.


Three medals from the first national tournament is a great achievement, it was a brave performance from all the players and the club hopes to send more players next year. The group had half of Monday as a break traveling around Hobart and returned late in the afternoon. Over the two days the club received so many good comments from other people on the player's good behaviour on court and good sportsmanship. In the National tournament there were players from every state in Australia, there were competitors from overseas countries including Korea.
On both days there were over 1300 competitors.

The club has been invited based on the tournament results to compete in the Islamic World Competition that might be held in Saudi Arabia in 2006, but to make that possible the club would be very appreciative if we have a few Muslim community sponsors to help us for these needs and much more other stuff for students use such as better mats, better gears etc…

If anyone is interested or would like more information on any matter do not hesitate to contact Instructor Rami Fraij on 0433556517.


[Editor] Any potential sponsors willing to give the lads a leg up?

Please e-mail theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


This Week on Compass: Islam On Parade
Tonight Sunday 16 October


"A young married Muslim couple Waleed Aly and Susan Carland are striving to change the face of Islam in mainstream Australia. This is an inspiring story about breaking down barriers and building bridges between Islam and the wider Australian society, but the challenges they face are great."

CCN did a profile of Susan Carland when she visited Brisbane in June. You can revisit her story by clicking here.

The Collection Point

Brother Mian Waqar (he of the popular Kuraby Mosque Friday mutton curry and rice fame) is leaving for Pakistan Monday week. He is taking along Fitrana to help the needy there. If you have not given yours yet then please consider this worthy cause. Brother Mian will be making a final collection at the Kuraby Mosque after Jumma this week.


Pick of the Week

Bishop Goes Headhunting

Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, called for the teaching of Australian values in Islamic schools, and said that anyone who doesn’t support Australian values can ‘clear off’. Those sentiments were echoed by the Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello.

More recently, Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop upped the ante by suggesting that the wearing of headscarves should be forbidden in State schools. She said that the hijab symbolises the clash of civilisations, the slavery of Muslim women, and the kind of extremism that wants to see Sharia law instituted in Australia.


For the full interview with David Rutledge:


AFIC Makes Case for Accreditation

One of the recommendations that emerged from that meeting with John Howard and Muslim leaders recently was that Imams and other religious leaders should receive formal training and accreditation.


For the full interview with David Rutledge:



Have Kit ...Will Follow


In addition to his booklet on Inheritance and his Islamic Will Kits (which CCN made available to readers in earlier editions), the prolific Iqbal Lambat has also developed a Ramadhan pack.


This pack (which you can download by clicking the icon alongside) contains booklets on:



Ramadan - importance of the month, how to welcome Ramadan, what to do and what to pray in this month.

Fasting - the rules of fasting - who is required to fast, persons exempted, suhur, iftar, what breaks and does not break a fast, what to do if you miss a fast or broke it.

Laylut Al-Qadr - the importance of this night, what to pray, how to repent.

Zakat-ul-Fitr - the laws surrounding the calculation and payment of fitrah.

Celebrating Eid - the concept of Eid, the rulings and etiquette of Eid, what to do on Eid day and the Eid prayer.

How to calculate your zakat - who qualifies to pay zakat, who zakat should be given to, the minimum wealth you are required to have to pay zakat (in Australian dollars). The book includes significant detail on the calculation of zakat on: cash and bank balances, salaries, gold and silver, business assets, trust assets, shares and other stock exchange instruments, properties, superannuation contributions, life assurance, etc. The book also includes a detailed zakat calculation form. This zakat calculation form is available in excel, with detailed instructions on how to complete it.


According to Iqbal, most of these books have been reviewed by Imam Uzair Akbar and Mufti J Akbar. Prior editions of all these books have been reviewed by a leading scholar in South Africa.

What's Cooking.....at a Mosque near you

Our Man-on-the-Mussallaah made his Ifthaar at Holland Park Mosque where an open invitation was given to the community to break fast and take part in a dinner with fellow mussallies.


Cooked with the traditional TLC of the Deen family the meal not only had an inviting aroma to it but tasted every bit as good as it looked.

Seeing the zest with which the many youngsters present that evening tuck into their dinner was ample proof of their enjoyment. Thank you to everyone involved for your efforts in continuing to keep the community spirit alive at Holland Park.


The CCN Corner for Smarty Pants


'Byram Mubarak!' is a greeting from which country and what does it mean?


The first correct entry received by email to theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org wins a Nandos Fiesta voucher from Nandos Underwood valued at $16.50.



To Whom It May Concern:


My wife and i are planning to come to Brisbane in Feb/March 2006 for two years. My wife is a permanent resident of Australia and I am currently applying for a spouse visa. We are both South Africans and we both have South African degrees.

I am a medical doctor and she is a pharmacist. We would like to know if there are any job opportunities for the both of us. Please do e-mail me with regard to this and requirements needed.


Jazakallah and thank you.

(Names withheld)


[Editor] If any readers feel that they are in a position to provide the couple with some help and guidance then e-mail theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org and we will send you their contact details.


This being the month of charity and giving to the less fortunate, I thought it would be a good idea to renew the appeal for Old Eyeglasses which will be sent to under privileged people in the poorer countries.
Please contact me (07) 3800 7811 - B (07) 3423 0116 - H
May Allah reward you all for your efforts.

Jazaak Allah



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