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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Newsletter 0137

This week's CCN is kindly sponsored by


International Fashions for the Modest Woman

لسلام عليكم

Local Dentist Pulls it Off


Anver Omar completed the 98km Comrades Marathon last Sunday in a time of 9 hours and 52 minutes with well over two hours of the 12-hour cut-off time to spare.


In a field of over 11,500 runners Anver came in a very creditable 4026 putting paid to any suggestions that he was biting off more than he could chew.


Well done, Anver!


A very (ful) filling day and a crowning achievement, without doubt!


We know how much the run must have extracted from you but we were rooting for you all along the way.


Now we can't wait to see your Comrades plaque!



Image emblazoned on the T-shirt Anver used to

take on the Comrades





Soon after his run, Anver emailed CCN this message to his Australian friends.


A little taste of 2010 at Suncorp on Sunday


Ricardo Katza

WITH the countdown continuing for the visit of top South African side SuperSport United to Suncorp Stadium on July 1, qldroar.com.au caught up with club captain and South African international, Ricardo Katza.

The 29-year-old central defender has made 17 appearances for the South African national team and captained Bafana Bafana briefly in 2005.



Katza is renowned for his aerial threat at set pieces and also is the club’s regular penalty taker. His exploits have snared him 14 goals in his SuperSport United career.

Skippering SuperSport to victories in the Supa 8 and ABSA Cup in 2004, Katza has played all his club football in South Africa and says he and his team-mates are looking forward to venturing down under.

“We are all excited about the trip. None of our players have ever been to Australia, with most of our travel taking place in Africa and for those of us who have travelled with the national team to the UK and Europe. It is an unknown place to us but that makes it exciting,” said Katza.

“Everyone is telling us that we will suffer from jet lag and fatigue when we arrive and that there are a lot of flies we will need to swat away, but at the same time that it is a wonderful country with beautiful places and friendly people – so we just can’t wait to come over.”

Do you know much about Australian football or the A-League?

“We don't know much about the Hyundai A-League at all. It is not broadcast in South Africa and even if it was the time difference of 8 or 9 hours would make it impossible for us to watch much live action. But we are very familiar with the Australian players who play in the English Premiership like Mark Viduka, Brett Emerton, Harry Kewell, Mark Schwarzer and Lucas Neill. They are all strong physical players with good technical skills.”

What are you expecting in terms of playing style from Queensland Roar?

“We are not sure what to expect. Our Director of Football is trying to get a DVD for us to watch before we come over so we can have an idea of what awaits us. We hear that Queensland Roar is a young club on the way up so I guess we are expecting youthful players with good energy and stamina and most likely good technique too. We know it will be a tough challenge for us in many ways.”

Would you like to make this game an annual fixture?

“That would be up to Club management. Of Course it seems exciting and also stands for a greater cause in terms of the fight against racism so it would be good to have continuity for that. With all the great things we have heard about Australia and its people I am sure after this trip we will be pleading with Management to make it an annual fixture.”


Source: http://www.qldroar.com.au/default.aspx?s=qldfc_club_featureitem&id=18113


Celebrity Match players for curtain raiser before the big game


Back Row (L to R) Bay Gebrewold, Danny Cody, Raven Iuli, Musse Yusuf, Julio Menedez

Front Row (L to R) Craig Tillotson, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Alma Gabriel-Apai, Tram Le




GOALIE Danny Cody (M, Aus) GOALIE - Craig Tillotson (M, UK)
Catherine Freeman Steve Renouf
Nick Earls William McInnes
Ranger Tim Lisa Curry-Kenny
James Blundell Wal Milberg
Jason Roe Anton Enus
Ditch Davey Andrew Symonds
MEDIA REP Michelle Fowler – QRFC, Sportal, FourFourTwo MEDIA REP Rupert McCall (Channel Ten & 4BC)
Michael Choi MP Stephen Robertson MP
Stirling Hinchcliffe MP MEDIA REP Marco Monteverde, Courier Mail  
Musse Yusef (M, Somalian) Alma Gabriel-Apai (F, Sudanese)
Julio Mendez (M, El Salvador) Hiro Suzuki (M, Japan) 
Idris Jangda (M, Muslim) Bay Gebrewold (M, Ethiopia)
Tram Le (F, Vietnamese) Bobby Whitfield (M, Liberia)
Yassmin Abdel-Magied (F, Muslim) Raven Ilui (F, Samoan)
Courier Mail Competition Winner Courier Mail Competition Winner
Media Rep Dominic Burke, MX Media Rep - Rob Hazel, Channel Ten
Media Rep Adrian Ormond, FourFourTwo Media Rep - Matt Suleau, Channel Ten
Media Rep Peter Psaltis, 4BC Media Rep - Bruce McKendy, Channel Ten


The Man Who Cannot Hide


A BANGLADESH-born American artist has gone to extreme lengths to ensure he is never accused of being a terrorist.


Hasan Elahi, an arts professor from New Jersey, has fitted himself with an ankle bracelet that tracks his every movement and posts them on the internet, CBS news reports.


Every time he moves, he takes a picture and a GPS pinpoints his location. Then it's all posted on his website.


Web wanderers can then view every airport he passes through, every meal he eats and every pit stop along the way.




Plenty are watching - his site gets 160,000 hits a day.

  • Video: See Hasan Elahi's incredible story (CBS News)

  • Keep track: Visit Hasan Elahi's website

  • "You can even see the toilets I used," Elahi said.


    Isn't that a little too much information?


    "No, no," Elahi said. "I'm all about full disclosure."


    Why is he doing this?


    In 2002, Elahi was detained at Detroit airport for hours by the FBI, who accused him of being a terrorist.


    "Literally out of nowhere he asks me 'where were you on Sept. 12?'" Elahi told CBS.


    He says agents were tipped off that he might be hiding explosives in a storage locker.


    "Of course there was nothing there. I went through nine polygraphs nine polygraphs, back-to-back," he said.


    The questioning lasted six months and left Elahi so afraid he would be detained he started telling the FBI before he traveled anywhere.


    Then he decided, why just tell the FBI? Why not tell everyone everything?


    "OK, government, you want to watch me, come and watch me," he said was his theory.


    They are. He says his server shows hits from the Pentagon, the CIA and even the executive office of the president.


    "You can accuse me of being a terror suspect, but I can prove to you that I'm not," he said.


    Source: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,21931016-8362,00.html


    Hasan Elahi
    Assistant Professor, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

    Hasan M. Elahi is an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis on technology and media and their social implications. His research interests include issues of surveillance, simulated time, transport systems, and borders and frontiers. He has had numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally in venues such as PS122 and Exit Art in New York; the Kulturbahnhof in Kassel, Germany; the BBC Big Screen in Manchester, UK; and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. He has also lectured at the American Association of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University and the Tate Modern in London. His work has been supported with significant grants and numerous sponsorships from the Ford Foundation/Philip Morris, Creative Capital Foundation, DuPont Industries, the West Virginia Cultural Center and the Asociación Artetik Berrikuntzara in Donostia-San Sebastián in the Basque Country/Spain among others. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


    Quran Competition at the Darul Uloom

    Report compiled by Nihard Thassim


    Uzair Shuaib

    Maryam Faqueerzada

    There were some 46 students who competed in last Saturdays Quran competition, and they were divided into 5 categories.

    The Tiny Tots who were under 5 years had in all probability never recited in front of an audience before and would have found the experience quiet daunting. But the 5 who did perform in this category handled themselves very well given the circumstances.

    The second group was Category 1 comprising children between 6 and 7 years and there were 10 participants here.


    Category 2 consisted of children between 8 to 10 and  this was the one that had the most number of participants- 12.

    Category 3 were made up of 9 students between 11 & 13.

    The last category was for 14 years and above. Nine took part here.

    All groups had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award presented except for the Tiny Tots who received a participation certificate and a gift. Every student who participated received a participation certificate.
    The winners were:

    Category 1: Uzair Shuaib (6)
    Category 2: Maryam Faqeerzada (8)
    Category 3: Imaad Thassim (11)
    Category 4: Katijah Hayes (17)
    All the winners were presented with a trophy.

    All of the participants came from various backgrounds and countries. The Darul Uloom Madrassah is held once a week on Saturdays from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM where students are taught a mix of Quran recitation, Islamic studies and duas and surahs.
    An estimated more than 150 people attended the event and several guest speakers were on hand to cover interesting Islamic topics. The day ended with Zuhar prayers and a scrumptious lunch.

    Imaad Thassim

    Katijah Hayes


    The Arts of Islam






    Krishnan's Dairy at the QPAC


    Krishnan’s Dairy takes two of the most clichéd things New Zealanders know about Indians - the Taj Mahal and the corner dairy - and fuses them into an enchanting love story that is both funny and touching.

    Gobi and Zina Krishnan have come to New Zealand in search of a better life for themselves and their child. They work hard and “keep their dreams stacked on the shelves” of their struggling business - Krishnan’s Dairy. Woven into their story is the epic tale of the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the modern world and an enduring testament to the love of one man for his wife.

    Krishnan’s Dairy debuted in 1997 and since then has played to over 33,000 people in 22 venues, consistently receiving rave reviews and sell out houses. International dates include Edinburgh 99 where Krishnan’s Dairy sold out at the Traverse Theatre, won a Fringe First award and Jacob was nominated for Best Actor.


    Tue 21 to Sat 25 Aug 2007


    The CCN Centre Link


    An Personal Aged Care worker is required for 2-3 hours in the mornings to work with an aged Muslim lady.


    The work will involve lifting and will only be assisting the lady, ie. no housework.


    It is expected that this should only be for approx 3 - 4 weeks, starting this Wednesday.


    Call 0402 819197 for more information.


    Sisters Learning Program



    Citizenship Test Bill: Have your Say


    The President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), Ikebal Adam Patel,  has called on all Councils, Societies and Mosques to make a submission to AFIC regarding the proposed Citizenship Test Bill before 30 June 2007.


    AFIC will be making a final submission to the Legal and Constitutional Committee for inquiry into the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2007.


    The Bill, Explanatory Memorandum and Second reading Speech are on the committee's website at http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/legcon_ctte/citizenship_testing/index.htm


    JP Just for You


    The Department of Immigration and Citizenship are working in partnership with the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General to offer eligible members of the Muslim Community to participate in the Justice of the Peace Training program.

    The Justice of the Peace Training program is being held throughout the state of Queensland, the course is run over three days.

    Requirements for undertaking the course include;

    Australian citizenship by birth, descent or naturalisation
    Enrolment on the Queensland State Electoral roll
    No more than two fines (speeding, seat belt etc) within the last four years (excludes parking).

    Dates and venues of upcoming courses here.


    For further information on this program please contact Imrana Noormahomed. Brisbane Business Centre, Department of Immigration and Citizenship - Phone No: 07 33605144 Fax No: 07 33605147 or via email Imrana.Noormahomed@immi.gov.au.


    The Apple of your i?



    Kareema's Keep Fit Q&A Column

    Q: I have been losing weight consistently over the past few months but noticed little or no change during the last three weeks or so. What am I doing wrong as I am still following the same exercise routine and eating healthy?


    A: Don't despair... It sounds like you've hit what we call a 'fat loss plateau'. This is a
    common occurrence during weight loss. All it means is that the calories you consume from food and drink equals the calories you expend during physical activity.


    - Change your exercise routine more frequently - every 4 to 6 weeks
    - Have at least one day off from exercise each week
    - Excessive exercise or food restriction will compromise the body's ability to burn fat - so take care with both
    - Lastly, create realistic goals - don't expect to lose weight every single week. This will only discourage you and may disrupt your exercise routine!



    With less than 7 days to go for the Gold Coast run (and 6 weeks to the 12km Bridge to Brisbane) CCN's Karrema offers handy hints over the next few weeks for those training towards them.


    WEEK 3 of our 3 week training program in preparation for the upcoming Gold Coast Marathon:

    Please note that the following program is suitable for beginners (aimed at the 7.5km walk). For the more competitive or serious athlete intensity, duration and frequency of exercises need to be increased!




    DAY 1:
    Try some leg strengthening exercises : - Do some stair-climbing (about 20 stairs - 3 times up AND down)

                                                             -  Lunges (15 repetitions - 3 times, alternating the legs)

                                                             -  Squats (15 repetitions - 3 times, squatting lower every time) 




    Healthy Tip: Always keep your body hydrated - carry a bottle of water with you daily!

    DAY 2:
    Walk / jog for a minimum of 45 mins: (walk 5 mins. at a moderate pace, jog 10 mins, walk briskly for 5 mins, jog 10 mins, 5 mins. moderate or brisk walk (depending on how you feel) , 5 min. jog and 5min. cool down / slow pace. 

    DAY 3:
    Relax and recover - Do an activity that you enjoy (low impact). Include your stretching routine.

    DAY 4:
    Similar to day 1. This time try and use some light hand weights for extra resistance. If you want to challenge the muscles even further, add another flight of stairs or another set of 15 repetitions for the lunges and squats.


    DAY 5:
    Rest your legs and opt for some upper-body strength and resistance training (push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups,etc.).


    DAY 6:
    Put on your comfortable walking shoes and put them to use!!...Follow day 2's program and CHALLENGE your muscles - aim to increase your time and distance! STEEPER HILLS, MORE CHALLENGING COURSE!
    Ankle weights is a great option for extra resistance too!

    DAY 7:
    Take a well earned rest - RELAX AND RECOVER... Tomorrow we finally put all our hard work into practice -




    PLEASE NOTE: The above training program assumes a healthy participant. Those with medical conditions, injuries or who are not physically active, need to seek clearance from their GP before starting any form of exercise.



    Need an answer to a fitness related matter? Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

    All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.





    And to the reader who sought our advice on how to get instant weight loss with no effort at all here's one suggestion the next time you get on the scales!

    The Culinary Corner




    1 kg Tenderised steaks / T Bone - 1 tsp Black Pepper - 1 tblsp Steak & Chop Spice - 1 tblsp BBQ Spice - ½ tsp Tumeric powder - 1 tsp Ginger/Garlic - 2 tblsps Lemon Juice - 1 tsp Aromat.


    Mix all ingredients together and marinate. Layer on griddle and grill with ½ cup water till well done. Pour sauce over.


    ¼ cup BBQ Sauce - 3 tblsps tomato sauce - 4 tblsps Worcester Sauce - 4 tblsps Butter - Simmer together in pot - Serve with chips and onion rings.



    Use vertical strokes when washing windows outside and horizontal for inside windows. This way you can tell which side has the streaks. Straight vinegar will get outside windows really clean. Don't wash windows on a sunny day. They will dry too quickly and will probably streak.


    Source: Radio Islam Newsletter - Wednesday, 20 June 2007


    Do you have a recipe to share with CCN readers?

    Send in your favourite recipe to theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org and who knows, you could be our "guest chef" for a future edition of CCN.


    ......and now a word from this week's sponsor....Siitra



    The CCN Chuckle


    Mula Nasruddin and his mate, Nasrullah Jawad are working for the Brisbane City Council.


    One would dig a hole, the other would follow behind him and fill the hole in.


    They worked furiously all day without rest, Mula Nasruddin digging a hole, his mate, Nasrllah, filling it in again.

    An onlooker was amazed at their hard work, but couldn't understand what they were doing.


    So he asked the hole-digger, "I appreciate the effort you are putting into your work, but what's the story? You dig a hole and your partner follows behind and fills it up again."

    The hole-digger wiped his brow and sighed, "Gosh, normally we are a Three-man team, but the brother who plants the trees, he is sick today!"

    The CCN Date Claimer





    (Click on link)





    20-24 June

    Wed to Sunday

    World Refugee Day





    30 June & 1 July


    Sea of Faith Conference


    Alexandra Headlands Conference Centre, Sunshine Coast

    5456 2005

    All day

    1 July


    Gold Coast Airport Marathon

    Gold Coast Airport

    Gold Coast


    Staggered start times

    1 July


    Queensland Roar vs. Supersport United

    Multicultural Affairs Qld.

    Suncorp Stadium



    1pm with a 3pm kick-off

    5 July


    ICQ Quran Competition

    Islamic Council of Qld

    Darra Mosque


    from 9am

    8 July


    ICQ State Conference

    Islamic Council of Qld

    Holland Park Mosque



    20 July

    Friday to Sunday

    Girls Camp Outing


    Kindilan, Redland Bay

    3272 6355 / 3272 6422

    Friday night to Sunday

    22 July


    AIIC School Fete

    Australian International Islamic College

    Blunder Rd, Durack

    3372 1400

    All day

    26 July


    Islamic Legal Perspectives Conference

    School of Law & Justice, Southern Cross University

    Lord Byron Resort, Byron Bay

    02 6620 3375


    29 July


    Gold Coast Annual Fund Raiser BBQ


    Gold Coast Mosque


    From 10am

    5 August


    Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run

    Sunday Mail & Suncorp

    Gateway Bridge to New Farm Park


    Staggered start times

    1 September


    Islamic College of Brisbane Annual Spring Fete




    All day

    9 September



    Australian International Islamic College

    Blunder Rd, Durack

    3372 1400


    13/14 September



    Start of Ramadaan

    11/12 October



    End of Ramadaan

    12/13 October




    14 October


    Queensland Multicultural Festival

    Multicultural Affairs Queensland

    Roma Street Parkland

    3872 0756(ext:21756)

    All day

    20 October


    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Crescents of Brisbane



    2pm - 5pm

    27 October


    Qld Eidfest 2007

    Qld Eidfest

    Mt Gravatt Showgrounds


    10am to 10pm

    19/20 November

    Monday & Tuesday

    Queensland Multicultural Summit ‘07



    State Library of Queensland

    3844 9166

    All day

    20/21 December





    To claim your date for your event email theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


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