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Sunday, 6 September 2009

 .Newsletter 0252


News you won't find on CNN!



Obama holds Ramadan Ifthaar in White House


US President Barack Obama has praised Islam as an integral part of America, as he feted prominent US Muslims at an Iftar dinner marking the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Welcoming his guests in the state dining room of the White House, Mr Obama said, ''For well over a billion Muslims, Ramadan is a time of intense devotion and reflection.

''Tonight's Iftar is a ritual that is being carried out this Ramadan at kitchen tables and mosques in all 50 states.

''Islam as we know is part of America. Like the broader American citizenry, the American Muslim community is one of extraordinary dynamism and diversity.

''On this occasion, we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and we also celebrate how much Muslims have enriched America and its culture in ways both large and small.''

Among the guests Mr Obama praised was a first-year student at the University of Memphis, Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir (pictured right), who scored more points than any other girl or boy in the history of high school basketball in the state of Massachusetts.

''She recently told a reporter, 'I would like to inspire a lot of young Muslim girls if they want to play basketball.

Anything is possible, they can do it too,''' Mr Obama, who has a well-known love of the sport, said.

''Bilquis is an inspiration not simply to Muslim girls, she is an inspiration to all of us.''

The President also recognised the first two Muslim lawmakers in the US Congress, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson.

In a message marking Ramadan last week, he pledged ''concrete actions'' to renew ties with Islamic countries, less than three months after his historic address to the Muslim world in Cairo.

''I want to reiterate my commitment to a new beginning between America and Muslims around the world,'' he said in a video address posted as the world's estimated 1.5billion Muslims prepared for a month of fasting and reflection.

The President, who has Muslim heritage on his father's side, also pledged ''unyielding'' support for a two-state solution to the decades-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

He also promised to ''responsibly end the war in Iraq''.

Islam's fasting month began on August 22 worldwide, and ends about September 21.






Report by Sami Abraham (The International News)


WASHINGTON DC: Stating that all religions of the world call for peace and dignity of human beings, US President Barack Obama has said that it was his fundamental commitment to foster engagement grounded in mutual interest and mutual respect between the United States and Muslims around the world.

Speaking at an Iftar dinner, which he hosted for Muslim community leaders in the main dinning room of the White House here on Tuesday night, President Obama said he was seeking a new beginning between the United States and the Muslims around the world. And that was the commitment that could be renewed once again during the holy month of Ramazan

He said all religions uphold truths. Among those truths are the pursuit of peace and the dignity of all human beings. That must always form the basis upon which we find common ground. And that is why I am so pleased that we are joined tonight not only by so many outstanding Muslim Americans and representatives of the diplomatic corps, but people of many faiths - Christians, Jews, and Hindus - along with so many prominent Muslims.

Those who attended the dinner included secretary defence Robert Gates, US Attorney General Eric Holder, senator Logger, many ambassadors including Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Mr Hussain Haqqani and prominent members of the Muslim community in the United States.

Nashala Hearn, left, and her parents, Rose and Eyvine Hearn, talk to math teacher LaDonna Utley, right, in Muskogee, Okla. The Justice Department filed a complaint against the Muskogee Public School District, saying officials were wrong to suspend Nashala for refusing to remove her head scarf.

President Obama said that for well over a billion Muslims, Ramazan is a time of intense devotion and reflection. It’s a time of service and support for those in need. And it is also a time for family and friends to come together in a celebration of their faith, their communities, and the common humanity that all of us share.

He said that the contribution of Muslims to the United States is too long to catalogue because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country. American Muslims are successful in business and entertainment; in arts and athletics; in science and in medicine. Above all, they are successful parents, good neighbours and active citizens, he added.


President Obama said one of values that we hold dear is the freedom to practise your religion - a right that is enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Nashala Hearn (pictured left), who joins us from Muskogee, Oklahoma, took a stand for that right at an early age. When her school district told her that she couldn’t wear hijab, she protested that it was a part of her religion.


The Department of Justice stood behind her, and she won her right to practise her faith. She even travelled to Washington to testify before Congress. Her words spoke of a tolerance that is far greater than mistrust - when she first wore her headscarf to school, she said, “I received compliments from the other kids.”

President Obama said that tonight we celebrate a great religion, and its commitment to justice and progress. We honour the contributions of America’s Muslims, and the positive example that so many of them set through their own lives. And we rededicate ourselves to the work of building a better and more hopeful world.

Earlier, the guests gathered in a side by-hall for iftar where they were served with dates and eastern drinks of different types. Later, the guests offered maghrib prayers. Ambassador of Bangladesh to United States led the prayers whereas Pakistan’s Hussain Haqani called the taqbeer for salat.

Ifthaar Dinners Around the Town


Queensland Parliament House


Hon John Mickel MP, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland hosted a number of members of the Parliament, faith and community leaders and members of the Muslim community at Parliament House for an Iftar Dinner program on Monday.


92 guests attended the event which took place in the historical Premier’s Hall that was constructed in 1887 and the event was put together by the Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS).


A detailed account of the evening's programme is available at the QIS website.


Clockwise from Bottom centre:
Hon John Mickel MP, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland
Hon John-Paul Langbroek MP, Leader of the Opposition
Mr. Shummis Rane, President of the Muslim Business Network
Mr. Suleman Sabdia, President of the Islamic Council of Queensland
Mr. Garry Page, Multicultural Affairs QLD Executive Director
Ms Agnes Whiten, Chairperson of Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland
Hon Stephen Robertson MP, Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Minister for Trade
Mr. Hashim Hatia, Director of Hatia Properties Pty Ltd
Mr. Murat Coskun, Director of Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

Left to right:

Mr. Mesut Cukur

Mr. Murat Coskun

Mr. Yasar Savran

Hon John Mickel MP

Hon John-Paul Langbroek MP

Ms Janeth Deen, President of Queensland Muslim Welfare Assoc.

Mr. Shummis Rane, President of Muslim Business Network

Mr. Farouk Adam, Executive Member of Muslim Business Network

Hon Larwrence Springborg MP


Left to right:

Ms. Maria Antonietta Maruca, Secretary General, Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mr. Luigi Casagrande, President of Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mr. Fatih Asar, President of Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

Left to right:
Mr. Fatih Asar

Mr. Yasar Savran, QECF Educational Coordinator

Hon Larwrence Springborg MP, Deputy Leader of the Opposition


Imam Ahmad Ghazaleh introduces the audience to spiritual songs

Leaders of faith groups and government departments



IWAQ and ACCES Services


The Islamic Women's Association of Queensland (IWAQ) and ACCES Services joined forces on Thursday to host some 400 men, women and children at the Clairvaux Mackillop College Hall, Klump Road in Upper Mount Gravatt.


Representatives from different organisations, local and state government as well as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church group attended the function. A jumping castle was set up to entertain the children while the purpose and benefits of Ramadan were explained to the audience.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Graham Quirk was also on hand to witness the breaking of the fast. 



Noelene and Des Clamp receive appreciation for their  contributions

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are explained the basics of Ramadan



Making the most of the month of Ramadan (Week 4)


Iqbal Lambat has compiled a series of articles to assist CCN readers with maximizing their benefits during the month of Ramadan.


The fourth in the series of articles pertains to zakat and is the second of a two part series.


This week the focus is on how to calculate zakat. Scholars differ on the treatment of some assets and the articles below cover the various views and indicate which is the preferred or majority view.

Introduction and summary – provides a high level overview of all the assets/income on which zakat is levied and the rates of zakat applicable to the different asset classes
Cash – all cash holdings are subject to zakat and this section outlines the zakat treatment of cash and money market instruments
Salaries – explains the position on whether salaries should be included in your zakat calculation
Superannuation – super is a growing investment and this section outlines what should be included in zakat
Gold & silver – explains what aspects of gold and silver are included. It also explains how to treat jewellery
Business assets – explains what business assets are included, how to treat partnerships/joint ventures and trusts
Shares - outlines how to treat shares purchased for resale and shares held for long term dividends
Property – explains how to treat land, property purchased for resale and property acquired for rental returns
Debts receivable – explains what debts are to be included in your zakat calculation and how to treat personal debts
Deductions – outlines what deductions you are entitled to

A zakat calculation form is also included. The form contains instructions that will assist you in the calculation of your zakat.

A zakat calculator has also been compiled. This is an excel spreadsheet that is an automated version of the zakat calculation form.

Next week 5: Next week the Ramadan series will focus on zaka-ul-fitr (fitrah), laylutul al-qadr and what to do/pray in the last ten nights of Ramadan.


Previous Week 1: Ramadan the month – what to do, what to pray and how to welcome Ramadan

Previous Week 2: Fasting rules – who should fast, exemptions, rules on fasting, what to do if you miss or break a fast

Previous Week 3: Zakat Part 1



MBN hosted a zakat workshop yesterday afternoon which attracted lively debate on the types of assets and the dollar value to be included in zakat.

The presenters were Iqbal Lambat, supported by Mufti Ziyaad Ravat.

Yusuf Khatree presented the objectives of the newly formed Muslim Charitable Foundation indicating that the organization will be collecting and disbursing zakat funds this year.

The PowerPoint presentation used in the workshop can be downloaded here.

Film festival in Brisbane 


The Palestinian Days Film Festival will be held in Brisbane at the Schonell Theatre on October 16-17-18, 2009.


The program is sponsored by Justice for Palestine and the Palestinian Association of QLD.


Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi, Head of the Palestinian Delegation to Australia, will open the festival on the Friday at 6.30pm.


$20/$12 concession tickets includes fabulous food and entertainment.


You can buy a special sponsorship ticket ($50) to cover the whole festival.


To purchase your ticket, email contact@justiceforpalestinebrisbane.org  or phone 3358 4385 or 0400 720 757.




More movie details


Eid stamp in US 






On September 3, 2009, in Washington, DC, the Postal Service issued a 44–cent, Eid special stamp, designed/calligraphed by Mohamed Zakariya of Arlington, Virginia.

This stamp was first issued in 2001 with a 34–cent denomination, and with the same design, a 37–cent denomination in 2002, 39–cent denomination in 2006, 41–cent denomination in 2007, and 42–cent denomination in 2008.

AIIC enrolments now open: Kindergarten to Year 12 


Australian International Islamic College will be extending its offerings next year to cover Kindergarten to Year 12.


According to AIIC principal,  Dr Seema Mukhtar Khan, the school is currently offering authority registered subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics B, Modern History, Arabic and Islamic.


The work programs of these subjects have been approved by the Education Department. AIIC is going to introduce new subjects for High School in 2010, such as Biology, Information Technology, Accounting, Home economics and Mathematics C.


They are in the process of introduction of vocational subjects in 2010 in partnership with the local Institute of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and are embarking on a school-wide effort to redesign their teaching and learning approaches using modern technology.

This will enable their teachers to deliver a "challenging curriculum which facilitates more engaging approaches that focus on deepening students’ understanding of concepts and skills".


"We provide Arabic and Islamic studies at all year levels in addition to the Curricula approved by the Department of Education".

The school's building construction has now reached its second stage. A multi-purpose hall and a wing of eight classrooms is due for completion within the next 12 months.


"Every student in AIIC feels proud to be a Muslim and is inspired by teachers to enter into tertiary qualification and become a professional in his/her field and contribute to the society as a model citizen," said Dr Khan.


ICAS Results

AIIC students took part in the International Competition and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).


The ICAS provide extensive independent evaluations of students’ skills, knowledge and understanding in the core learning areas. These skills and understandings are important indicators of success in school and beyond.


Penny Hutton, assessment manager at Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) said that “Students from AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC COLLEGE are to be congratulated on their significant achievements.”

Those students whose achievement was outstanding were rewarded with certificates of Credit, Distinction and High Distinction.


AIIC contact details:

724 Blunder Road DURACK QLD 4077 Tel: (07) 3372 1400 Fax: (07)3372 2500 Email: admin@aiic.qld.edu.au

‘Love of the Game’ kicking goals for multi-cultural communities

QPS Media Release


Queenslander of the year Sergeant Jim Bellos is continuing his winning ways with the 2009 Queensland Police Service (QPS) Multicultural Football Tournament.

The tournament, part of the ‘Love of the Game’ program, will be held over three days from September 4-6 at the Brisbane Olympic Soccer Club in Cansdale Street, Yeronga.

Sergeant Bellos said it would be the largest multicultural football tournament in Australia with over 48 teams representing their respective countries.

“This is Queensland’s own world cup of 2009 with all 48 teams giving it their all. Football is a sport which is part of their culture and in their blood. Our multicultural community is very proud of their cultural and sporting heritage,” Sergeant Bellos said.

“Qualifying games will be held on Friday and Saturday with the finals on Sunday. This year also includes women’s teams.

“The Sunday will also feature a multicultural festival, fete food and cultural performances to accompany the football finals.

“Since the first tournament in 2005, the ethnic communities of south-east Queensland have embraced the event. Over 6000 young people have played in football games associated with the program over the years.

“It is about building relationships between these communities and the QPS. Through this positive interaction police officers have a greater understanding and appreciation of the complex issues faced by refugee and other multicultural communities.

“In addition to the QPS Multicultural Football Tournament the police also compete in the QPS/Muslim Rugby League Challenge and the QPS/Sudanese Football Tournament ‘Bridging the Gap’. Collectively these three events make up the QPS ‘Love of the Game’ program,” Sergeant Bellos said.

The public are invited to the tournament over the course of the three days, particularly the Sunday.

The grand final will be played at 3pm on Sunday, September 6 with the presentations at 4pm.


Weekend Programme


New Prayer Facilities at Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport


In collaboration with Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) the Jamiatul Ulama has been successful in securing an area in the New International Arrivals Terminal of OR Tambo airport for a Muslim prayer facility.


The facility includes a prayer area for approximately 70 males and 30 females, an ablution area, a luggage storage space and a baby changing and feeding area.

Wedding News




The marriage of Mohammed Raahib, son of Farooq and Shahina Dudhia of Brisbane, to Naazmeen, daughter of Musa and Bilkis Patel of Perth, took place recently in Thornlie, Western Australia.


The nikaah was performed by Moulana Burhan in Thornlie Masjid after Jumma prayers on Friday July 10.


The Waleemah dinner was held at the Princess of India Restaurant in Perth.


Born in Melbourne, Raahib is a dental radiologist and Naazmeen, who was born in Chipata, Zambia, is a medical scientist.


The newly weds spent their honeymoon in Malaysia.






To have your wedding pictures and stories published in CCN send them to ccn@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

India launch for international research centre to build understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims


Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (pictured left) was in New Delhi during the week to launch the South Australian-based International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding globally.
Inspired by former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, the foundation of the new research centre was announced at the University of South Australia in 2008 at a special ceremony attended by the former PM.
The Centre is dedicated to research that seeks to define, understand and transcend the divide between Muslim and non-Muslim cultures and has already attracted $10 million in funding support from the Australian and South Australian Governments.
UNESCO Chair in Transnational Diasporas and Reconciliation Studies and University of South Australia Pro Vice Chancellor and Vice President for Education Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Pal Ahluwalia, who is leading the foundation of the Centre, said the research agenda goes far beyond religious differences.

“We want research at the Centre to move beyond basic religious dimensions to examine the complex cultural, economic, and sociological factors that affect tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim communities and to look at how notions of ‘otherness’ impact on media portrayals of the issues and influence the political dynamics within communities worldwide,” Prof Ahluwalia said.


“We also want to build the Centre as a place of international engagement, so that the work we do is accessible to governments and societies. This supports a guiding principle of the research Centre - to analyse effective rapprochement between Muslim and non-Muslim communities informed by principles of social justice and reconciliation.”
Vice Chancellor of the University of South Australia Professor Peter Høj said that plans for the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding included 10 PhD scholarship opportunities to study in South Australia over the next three years.

Prof Ahluwalia with Imam Ilyasi at the launch

“Our goal is to build a worldwide community of outstanding scholars with a commitment to understanding and exploring the cultural and sociological factors that influence Muslim and non-Muslim relationships,” Prof Høj said.

He said the structure of the Centre would also emphasise international engagement, incorporating an international Advisory Board and Council of Distinguished Scholars that will include distinguished academics from around the world including India. Former Australian PM the Honourable Bob Hawke is an ex-officio member of the board.

“We are delighted to have strong support for this initiative from Minister Gillard and the Australian Government both in providing substantial funding for the Centre and in supporting its research goals at the international level,” Prof Høj said.
“It is an important acknowledgment that leadership through education can make a significant contribution to building international peace and the developing the research and knowledge that makes a difference to world communities.”
Professor Ahluwalia said the 10 international PhD scholarships, worth more than $A26,000 each plus relocation expenses would help to attract some of the brightest minds to the Centre.
“I am hoping to welcome strong applications from India that can build long lasting bilateral research relationships between Australia and India in this vital area.”


QMHS records GIRU history 


The Queensland Muslim Historical Society (QMHS) has produced a digital story on the short history of the Griffith Islamic Research Unit (GIRU).


This story has now been added to Queensland Stories section of the Queensland State Library's website as part of the Q150 celebrations.


Follow the links below for links to the story via the Queensland Stories website or YouTube.


GIRU – Griffith Islamic Research Unit

Qld Stories link

YouTube link


From the QAFM Desk.......... 


The Queensland Association of Fiji Muslims (QAFM) is a registered organization comprising of ex-Fiji residents.


QAFM is hosting iftars on behalf of the local Brisbane Muslim at the following Mosques:

KURABY Mosque 23rd August --------completed
LOGAN MOSQUE 29th August -------------completed
DARRA MOSQUE on Saturday 5th September ------------completed
HOLLAND PARK MOSQUE on Saturday 12th September
ROCHEDALE MOSQUE on Sunday 13th September

These iftars are put together by QAFM through contributions from the local Muslim community.


QAFM extends an invitation to all brothers and sisters in Brisbane to all these Mosques for iftars.

Contributions to the iftars are most welcome.

For the last eight years QAFM has been collecting ZAKAAT, LILLAH, FITRANA and sending it to the following :-

FITRANA to Darool Yatama in Lautoka, Fiji where children are given Islamic education and this centre is a feeder centre for higher level overseas Islamic studies.

ZAKAAT collection is used to provide BUS FARE, UNIFORM, SHOES, and BOOKS for the poor and needy children in FIJI.


QAFM invites anyone who wishes to inspect their system of money distribution to contact Anwar Noor on 0422355185 and the full procedure used by QAFM will be on display for you.

Please call 0422 355 185 for donations so that QAFM can issue a receipt.

You could also make all ZAKAAT and LILLAH donations direct to dedicated childrens' funds bank account:




BRANCH: Mt Gravatt

BSB: 014 254

ACCOUNT NO: 3510 20361

or post to QAFM PO BOX 2161 RUNCORN 4113


Inside the Seven Wonders of the Muslim World


This visually stunning program traces the history and message of Islam by following the journeys of six young pilgrims from across the Muslim world to Mecca. It explores their lives and beliefs as well as the beautiful and historic mosques where they worship.


They leave their homes and families, travel to Saudi Arabia, and share their responses to the culmination of their journey of a lifetime – the pilgrimage to Mecca, where the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was born.

Within decades of the death of Muhammed (pbuh), Islam spread fast and its history can be traced through the flowering of exquisite Muslim architecture. Over the next few hundred years, fabulous mosques from Spain to Iran, and from Turkey to Mali formed a focus of Muslim life, as they continue to do today. The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World starts its journey at six of these locations and completes it at the mosque towards which all practising Muslims turn when they pray.

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 1)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 2)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 3)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 4)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 5)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 6)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 7)

The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World (Part 8)

This documentary will be shown on SBS on Friday 11 September at 7.30pm (Well worth setting up the DVD recorder for this one)


Burqini design battle



A WAR of words has erupted between two Australian swimsuit designers over safety issues surrounding versions of the Islamic cozzie, the burqini.

Sydney-based burqini creator Aheda Zanetti claims the swimsuit banned this month in France and Italy for hygiene reasons is also unsafe because it contains lycra, which can make it heavy and liable to drag in the water. Ms Zanetti said its unattached hood was also a hazard.

Her claim was quickly rejected by the costume's Dubai-based Australian designer Jenny Nicholson.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Cairns Mosque Appeal





The community of Cairns and surrounding areas are inviting donations for the building of the first mosque in Cairns (proposed model pictured left).


The Cairns Muslim community is small and they would appreciate as much assistance they can get to build the mosque.


Click on image on right for all the details.



Karratha Community Appeal 


The Karratha Muslim community has been gathering regularly for Friday prayers since February 2009.


Currently there are more than 50 Muslims working and living in Karratha - Western Australia a two hour flight (1600 Km) from Perth.


Contributions to the development and welfare of this community can be made at:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Name: Karratha Muslim Community
BSB No: 066531
A/c No: 10251490
Branch: Karratha branch



For more information email Zakir Ali Mohammed at zakir2010@gmail.com.


Ramadan Timetables


Kuraby Mosque

Islamic Society of Toowoomba


Ramadan fasting Timetables for major Queensland Cities

as prepared by Queensland Muslim
Brisbane; Bundaberg; Cairns; Gold Coast; Ipswich; Mackay; Mount Isa
Rockhampton; Sunshine coast; Toowoomba;


If you would like to have your Mosque's Ramadan timetable posted on CCN email an electronic version to ccn@crescentsofbrisbane.org

Largest Mosques of the World


Number 9


The CCN Inbox


Dear All


After a recent trip to Fiji and driving through one of the little villages in the north eastern part of the Island my partner and I were touched by the enthusiasm and friendliness of the locals.


We were privileged by being invited into the home of the Village Chief and Family and in the course of our conversation with him he asked if we would be able to send any second hand clothing that would be suitable for adults and children…… If you have any old Footy Jumpers of any type they would just LOVE those, as they’re trying to put together a local football team!! We thought that we would try and get this clothing package there before Christmas, which means I need to start the ball rolling now.

I’m located at Gardens Point in Z Block, Level 8 Room Z806 - You can drop of clothing to me directly if you’re able to, but I understand that it’s often difficult to bring these items in if you’re on public transport because they’re bulky, so I can collect clothing on a week-end from your home if this is easier.


Faculty of Business



For more information contact Mukhtar Sharif Phone: 33415396

Eid-ul-Fitr Programmes


Australian International Islamic College

Darul Uloom Islamic Academy

Durack Islamic Centre



If you would like to have your Mosque's Eid-ul-Fitr programme posted on CCN email an electronic version to ccn@crescentsofbrisbane.org

CCN can now twitter too!

CCN Reader's Discussion Forum


Have your say on www.ccnforum.ning.com


CCN Readers' Book Club: You are what you read!


This week



 Who Speaks For Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think


 John L. Esposito and Dalia Mogahed



In a post-9/11 world, many Americans conflate the mainstream Muslim majority with the beliefs and actions of an extremist minority.


But what do the world’s Muslims think about the West, or about democracy, or about extremism itself?

Who Speaks for Islam? spotlights this silenced majority.


The book is the product of a mammoth six-year study in which the Gallup Organization conducted tens of thousands of hour-long, face-to-face interviews with residents of more than 35 predominantly Muslim nations — urban and rural, young and old, men and women, educated and illiterate. It asks the questions everyone is curious about:

Why is the Muslim world so anti-American? Who are the extremists? Is democracy something Muslims really want? What do Muslim women want?


The answers to these and other pertinent, provocative questions are provided not by experts, extremists, or talking heads, but by empirical evidence — the voices of a billion Muslims.

Counterintuitive Discoveries in Who Speaks for Islam?


Who speaks for the West?
Muslims around the world do not see the West as monolithic. They criticize or celebrate countries based on their politics, not based on their culture or religion.


Dream jobs
When asked to describe their dreams for the future, Muslims don't mention fighting in a jihad, but rather getting a better job.


Radical rejection
Muslims and Americans are equally likely to reject attacks on civilians as morally unjustified.


Religious mainstream
Those who condone acts of terrorism are a minority and are no more likely to be religious than the rest of the population.


Admiration of the West
What Muslims around the world say they most admire about the West is its technology and its democracy -- the same two top responses given by Americans when asked the same question.


Critique of the West
What Muslims around the world say they least admire about the West is its perceived moral decay and breakdown of traditional values -- the same responses given by Americans when posed the same question.


Gender justice
Muslim women want equal rights and religion in their societies.


Muslims around the world say that the one thing the West can do to improve relations with their societies is to moderate their views toward Muslims and respect Islam.


Clerics and constitutions
The majority of those surveyed want religious leaders to have no direct role in crafting a constitution, yet favor religious law as a source of legislation.



About Dalia Mogahed

Ms. Dalia Mogahed will be one of the keynote speakers at the Parliament of the Word's Religions (see the CCN Date Claimer for details).


She is a Senior Analyst and Executive Director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.


Mogahed provides leadership, strategic direction, and consultation on the collection and analysis of Gallup's unprecedented survey representing the opinions of more than 1 billion Muslims worldwide. She also directs the Muslim-West Facts Initiative (www.muslimwestfacts.com), through which Gallup, in collaboration with the Coexist Foundation, is disseminating the findings of the Gallup World Poll to key opinion leaders in the Muslim World and the West.

Subject Matter Expertise
Politics; Religion; Leadership Approval; Social Values; Politics; Mood of the Country; Safety; Consumer Views of the Economy; Citizen Well-Being Measures 


Would you like to see the cover of your favourite book on our book shelves below?

Then simply email the title and author to thebookclub@crescentsofbrisbane.org


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CCN has set up an online Book Club at Shelfari to connect with CCN book readers at:


Using the book club you can see what books fellow CCN readers have on their shelves, what they are reading and even what they, and others, think of them.

The CCN Readers' Book Club

KB's Culinary Corner


KB's Recipes for Ramadan


Pancakes with Blackberries: A healthy meal at Sahur time

by guest chef and budding journalist

Sunnya Khawaja


Muslims around the world are observing Ramadan these days. It is one of the holiest and spiritual months in the Islamic calendar. During this month Muslims fast from Fajar (dawn) to Maghrib (sunset). It starts with a pre-dawn meal, which is called Sahur, and it ends with a meal at Maghrib time. Furthermore, a person has to keep away from bad deeds and aim at becoming closer to Allah. It is essential that Sahur meal is healthy so that we can still do our daily work in a best possible way. It is also important to cook something quickly at the pre-dawn time. The following recipe is suggested for Sahur. The recipe is pancakes with blackberries.

It is tasty, has a wonderful appearance and aroma. The reason why I chose this recipe for Suhur is because it is nutritional, easy to prepare, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. It is also possible to freeze and it is nut free. It is high in Calcium and Folate. It is important to note that Calcium strengthens bones and teeth. It regulates muscle function, such as contraction and relaxation. Calcium also regulates heart function, improves blood clotting, assists in the transmission of nervous system messages and enzyme function (regulates digestion), and helps the production of hormones. Calcium produces energy and assists maintain all cells and connective tissues in the body. Calcium also reduces the chance of heart disease and periodontal disease (gum disease).


Sunnya Khawaja (Year 9)


Good source of: calcium, folate
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4

1 cup wholemeal self-raising flour
2 teaspoons sugar
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup skim milk
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 X 430g can blackberries, drained (see Notes)
canola oil spray

1. Sift flour and sugar into bowl. Return husks to bowl.
2. Gradually stir in combined milks and egg to make a smooth batter. Gently fold in blackberries. Allow mixture to stand for approximately 15 minutes to thicken.
3. Spray a non-stick frypan with canola oil spray. Pour 1/3 cup pancake mixture into the heated pan. Cook over a medium heat. When bubbles appear, turn the pancake. Cook until golden. Remove from pan and keep warm. Repeat with remaining mixture.
4. To serve, dust each pancake with icing sugar. Serve plain or with reduced fat fruit yoghurt, honey, maple syrup or Orange and grapefruit salsa.

Notes: Frozen, canned or fresh blueberries or raspberries can also be used.

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Kareema's Keep Fit Column





Q: Dear Kareema, I missed out on the Bootcamp sessions you ran recently, but a group of us have decided to enrol in a similar program within the next few weeks. Can you tell us a little of what to expect?


A: Bootcamp programs are designed to not only improve your fitness, but also challenge you in a team environment while 'taking on' the great outdoors!


Expect a lot of running drills, body-weight exercises and possibly a whole lot of exercises you haven't done before.


Most programs will run for about 6 - 8 weeks, and if you push yourself to do your absolute best, you will be amazed at the results at the end of the program!

It's great fun and there's nothing better than to train outdoors, taking on the elements.

• water
• towel
• a CAN DO attitude!!!!




My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786

(Accredited Member of Fitness Queensland)


Need an answer to a fitness related matter? Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


The CCN Chuckle


Mula Nasruddin asked his eight eager 10-year-olds in his Madressah if they would give $1,000,000 sadaqah for the poor.

"YES!" they all screamed!!

"Would you give $1,000?" Again they shouted "YES!"

"How about $100?" "Oh, YES we would!" they all agreed!!

"Would you give just a dollar sadaqah for the poor?" he asked.

The boys exclaimed "YES!" just as before except for Jallaludin.

"Jallaludin," Mula Nasruddin said as he noticed the boy clutching his pocket, "why didn't you say 'YES' this time?"

"Well," he stammered, "I HAVE a dollar."


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