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Sunday, 12 March 2006

Newsletter 0070

This week's issue is kindly sponsored by

Underwood Medical Centre


Planning for CresWalk2006 is well underway and the air of excitement and expectation has already started to permeate the Queensland air (.....alright that's a little over the top but you will allow us a small measure of indulgence and exaggeration to talk the event up, won't you, please).


This year, for the first time, you will be able to register yourself and your family online from our website www.crescentsofbrisbane.org (under the CresWalk2006 bubble) as well as pay by credit card, PayPal or EFT. You will also find all the information you need about the event here. There's even a gallery of 'stars' responsible for this year's fun run.


The organizers have introduced a new category this year. There will be a special supervised circuit set out for the 3-6 year-olds who will also qualify for a T-shirt and medal.


As you might well be aware the success of this event in the past has been largely due to the support and encouragement of our local businesses. While CresWalk2006 is an ideal vehicle for promoting a business within our community, it is, equally importantly, a unique opportunity for Muslim businesses to support an event that helps bring together our diverse communities in a common pursuit. It caters for the young, the old and the fit and the not-so-fit, and it demonstrates our ability as a community to support itself towards its own betterment.


So if you have made a solely business decision not to lend support to this year's cause then we urge you to re-consider in the light of the short and long-term benefits such an event has for the community in which you and your family are such a vital part. E-mail theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org - your community truly needs you!


TV Show in the Making

The Sydney-based organization, the Mission of Hope (MoH), has been in the planning process of a unique Muslim Lifestyle Program to be viewed on the C31 TV channel. The steering committee, led by Australia's most prominent film producer, Fadle Harris, has met every Wednesday night since December putting together the ideas behind the show, and auditioning aspiring Australian Muslim TV personalities.


They now want to involve the community in giving them some ideas on a name for the show and are offering, as a prize, for the chosen name a $50 voucher to a bookstore of their choice in Lakemba.


To get a feel of what is to come, and to help you put forward creative names for the show, this is what, according to MoH, the program is all about:


Goals and Objectives


The primary aim of the TV program is to present relevant issues relating to the Australian Muslim lifestyle. It will be informative, humorous and entertaining whilst adhering to the Islamic etiquettes and ethics. It also aims to appeal to both the Muslim and non-Muslim audience as the issues covered and topics presented will be relevant to the majority of Australians regardless of race ethnicity or religion.


The goal of this exciting TV program (amongst other things) is to entertain, inspire and educate the audience whilst also providing a good laugh and maybe even move the audience to tears.  Furthermore, it will attempt to bridge the gaps between Muslims and the mainstream Australian society and clarify misconceptions about Muslims, particularly in the current environment.  It is about uniting the Australian people regardless of race or religion and bringing with it more tolerance and understanding of people’s respective differences.


The Target Audience


The target audience for this TV program is young adults between the ages of 20 and 45 and young families growing up and raising their children in Australia.  It is noted that the target group for this TV program experience the following struggles:


  •     Daily challenges regarding general lifestyle issues, during adolescent and young adult years;

  •    Cross cultural issues between their country of origin (or parents country of origin) and the         mainstream Australian community;

  •    Considerable stigma attached to their cultural and religious preferences.

As a result of these challenges, the TV program has been developed to cater for their needs and the needs of the community in general.  The program will attempt to breakdown these issues in a manner that is down to earth, or what we like to call in the “aussie way”.


The Program Concept


The program will consist of 3 major segments for a 26 minute time slot.  The first season will consist of 13 episodes. The segments that will be covered on each program are as follows:


Special guest – Our aim is to bring in a special guest to each show who will bring with them insight or knowledge to share with the audience.  This can be anyone, from a well known sportsperson to a politician or author etc.  We would like to present good role models to the audience so that they may draw inspiration for achieving their own personal goals and dreams.


Health/Welfare – This segment will be hosted by a MoH executive member who has a background in health and welfare.  The goal of this segment is to bring to the surface health related issues (whether mental or physical) that the community faces on a daily basis.  This segment will educate the audience on these issues and steer them in the right direction to attain the tools needed to deal with them as they arise.


Human Interest – This segment will go out into the Australian community and focus on the people and groups in our society who are achieving wonderful results for themselves and their community.  This segment will be about ordinary people overcoming ordinary struggles – something that every audience can relate to.


Whilst these are the main segments of the show, there will also be skits within the show where we go out in the streets of Sydney and talk to people within the community and offer hot tips on food, travel and exciting places to visit in Sydney.


After several auditions, the steering committee chose two main hosts for the TV Show, namely, Rana Hadid and Naseer Taseer.


It is important to know that one of the focuses of the show is the concept of a "travelling couch", where a special couch which is one of the highlights of the show, will be used to seat special guests and be travelling with the crew at the different production locations.


If anyone knows any Muslim owned furniture store who can donate a 2.5-3 seater couch for the show and be given program credits at the end of the show, for example "Program Couch was supplied by XYZ Furniture Store". It will be of benefit to the show, as well as the store being promoted on TV.


For all your TV name suggestions and other queries, please email tv@missionofhope.org.au.


For more information about MoH, visit www.missionofhope.org.au



Our Man-on-the-Mussallah (aka MotM) will be submitting these names for the coveted prize:


1. Everybody Loves a Muslim

2. The Shamshudins

3. The Don and Kebab Show

4. Big Brothers and Sisters

5. Fact or AFICtion


CCN suggests that from the very outset the TV show will suffer a serious credibility problem in Queensland  for not having head-hunted our MotM to host the show. Known widely in secret (and not so secret) societies as Kuraby's answer to Bert Newton, our MotM would have been a sure fire hit with all of C31's 19 viewers.

MoH it's not too late! MotM is standing close to his mobile phone, Mussalaah at the ready.


Plibersek on Palestine

The Federal Member for Sydney Tanya Plibersek MP is on a two day visit to Brisbane to discuss issues in relation to her portfolio of Shadow Minister for Child Care; Youth; and Women.


Tanya is also a member of a group of Federal MPs - Friends of Palestine. Tanya has made many speeches in relation to this matter (including the human rights aspects).


As part of her trip to Brisbane she has agreed to have dinner / meeting with members of the community who are sympathetic to the issues surrounding Palestine. It is also an opportunity to discuss issues in relation to Palestine.


If you would like to attend (note that this is not a fundraiser) then contact David Forde on 0413 874 008 or dgf_forde@hotmail.com. The cost is $25 and payable at the door and seats are limited.


Date: Thursday 16th March @ 5pm - 6.20pm

Venue: The Tandoori Village Indian restaurant at Springwood Plaza at Shop 11 / 3 Dennis Rd, Springwood.

For more information on Tanya Plibersek MP, click on the link below






Classes at Kuraby






Madrasah classes: A few spaces are still available in each of the Grades 1 to 8.

Subjects taught:
• Qur’an Recitation and memorization of selected Surahs, Du’aas and Ahaadeeth (traditions of the Prophet SAW)
• Aqa’ed (Islamic beliefs)
• Taareekh (Islamic History)
• Fiqh (Essentials and practices)
• Akhlaaq and Tahthib (Moral Education)

Class times: Monday-Thursday 4:15-6:15pm

Teenage Classes - Mon & Wed 6.30pm – 8pm,
Separate classes for males and females are available for high school students.

Course in Islamic Studies – Saturday 10am – 1pm.
This course will include Tajweed (Quráan Recitation), Islamic History, Fiqh, Akhlaaq (Morals and Ethics), Introduction to Psychology and methodology.

This course has been offered over the past three years for sisters only and been very successful, Alhamdulillah. This year the course is open to both males and females.

Female Classes – Classes in Islamic Studies and Quráan Recitation will be offered during the day, two days a week by Muallima Nazirah subject to community interest.

For enrollment in any of the above contact the Principal, Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh on 3219 7994 or 0401 331 298 Mon-Thur 3:00-8:00pm.


All Kuraby Madrasah activities are supported through modest fees and fund raisers. This year's BBQ Fund Raiser will be held on Sunday 23 April and the organizers are calling for expressions of interest from potential stall holders as well as sponsored items for the auction. Contact Sister Safia on 0407786612 for further details.


Filling the Gap


CCN's platinum sponsor has mustered a team of well-qualified doctors to service the Underwood and surrounding areas. In just under a year, the Underwood Medical Centre has established  range of services that include family medicine, weight loss programmes, womens' health, skin cancer checks, immunization, pre-employment medicals, workers compo medicals and a host of others.


Open 7 days a week the Centre offers bulk billing for everyone and in all instances. So, at the risk of flogging the cliché one could truly say that the gap indeed stops here.

Is there a Doctor in the house? Heaps, it would seem from the list below:


Prudy Kenworthy


South African qualified Lady doctor

Available daytime Monday to Friday

Joe de Jager

MB CHB (Stellenbosch) South African.

Normally available 6.00am to 9.00 pm Monday to Fri and weekends

Shamille Hussein 


Available certain days in the daytime

Rashida Hassan

M.Med (Natal) FRACGP

Woman Muslim doctor

In attendance every Tuesday 8.30am to 5.30pm

Dr. Jiang Li 

MB BS (Qld)

Available daytime Monday to Friday

Hashim Ebrahim 


Originally from Zimbabwe

        and well known to the Mutare and Harare Muslims


In attendance 6.00pm to 9.00pm on

         Mon, Tues, Thurs and some Saturday mornings


 You'll find the good doctors at 2900 Logan Road, Underwood (opposite Woolworths on the Big Gun Service  Road) and you can phone them on 3841 4055.


The pointless Hijabs that some girls wear

(Adapted from unknown source)


Headband Hijab: It is a band of fabric approximately 4 inches wide. It covers the back of the head and allows all the hair to be exposed. It doesn't serve much in terms of modesty, but at least it comes in handy in case of an unexpected tennis match.




Dupatta (also known as the Saran wrap) Hijab: It covers all the hair, but it is totally transparent. Again it doesn't serve much in terms of modesty, but it keeps the hair nice and fresh.




Mickey Mouse Hijab: It is when a girl wears a black scarf and tucks it behind her ear, so that her ears stick out.






The 'yo-yo' Hijabs: The first yo-yo hijab, also known as the Benazir Bhutto hijab, is the scarf that keeps falling down and needs to be constantly pulled back up....up, down, up, down, just like a yo-yo.




Convertible Hijab: This type of hijab is predominant at any type of social event, i.e. an Aqeeqah, wedding, etc. This is when an Imam or Qari comes up to the microphone and starts to recite Qur'an. At this point, all the convertible hijabs come up...until he says "Sadaqallaahul adheem". I'm not sure, but apparently in some cultures that translates to "ok sisters, you may now take off your scarves".


Emergency Hijab: What's even funnier is when people do not anticipate the recitation of Qur'an at a social event, and are forced to be creative and use accessories such as a purse to cover one's hair. I was surprised to see a women hold her purse over her head as "hijab"..as if the multitudes of men surrounding her are not a good enough reason to wear hijab, but some guy reciting du'aa compels her to hold a purse over her head. Her friends were more creative...one friend used her dinner napkin.




Communal Hijab: Two or more girls draped under one dinner napkin during the recitation of Qur'an. Her other friend was still more creative. She used her coffee saucer on the back of her head. I wasn't sure if it was hijab or a Yamaka. I didn't know if she was a Muslim or a Jew. I felt like going up to her and saying "Shalom alaikum, sister".


Well, the point to remember is that some people make an effort to wear hijab, but it is futile, because it is not fulfilling it's purpose. It's like using an umbrella with holes in it.



The United Islamic Camp at Camp Bornhoffen went of well last weekend despite the rain. Some 90 boys, girls and young men and women departed after Jumma in two buses from Kuraby Mosque and returned on Sunday evening.


A variety of activities kept the happy campers amused and entertained throughout.






You can catch all the action at the Queensland Muslim Times website, www.qmt.org.au.

CresFit4Life Breakfast Walk

(Don't be a Sunday slouch - come on out!)


If you are reading this between 7 and 10am this Sunday morning then you are one of the very few missing out on the fresh Brisbane River air at Orleigh Park and a hearty (and healthy) breakfast with friends and family, courtesy of Crescents of Brisbane.



To get us in shape for CresWalk2006, the organizers have also invited Margie Culverhouse, founder of Metamorphis Personal Training, to give us a pep talk and tips on how to get fit for the big day.

Write For Us

The best ideas and the best feedback come from our community of readers. If you have a topic or opinion that you want to write about or want seen covered or any news item that you think might be of benefit to the Crescents Community please e-mail theteam@crescentsofbrisbane.org.


Share your thoughts, feelings and ambitions for our community through CCN.


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