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Sunday, 25 April 2010

 .Newsletter 0285



$2m price a record


THE Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has paid a record price for a 2ha (five acre) property at Kuraby.

AFIC bought the land on behalf of the Islamic College of Brisbane, which hopes to build a student trade education centre and sporting facilities.

AFIC paid more than $2 million for the property in an auction on April 10, beating two other bidders in the process.


The Compton Rd property includes a small brick home and is zoned non-urban, with a third of the land subject to flooding.

College principal Dr Mubarak All Noor said there were plans to build a collaborative trade centre in partnership with other schools in the area.

"Not all students are academically orientated," Dr Ali Noor said. "And this new centre would help them in acquiring trade qualifications
after year 10."

"Our school is expanding and this will allow some room for growth."

Dr Ali Noor said the the Federation of Islamic Councils was waiting to see what level of development the council would allow before
it moved ahead with plans for the 2ha block.


Source: Southern Star - Springwood




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Fun & Fitness with Friends & Family


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Sunday, 16 May 2010, 9am, Orleigh Park, WEST END


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One-year old Leo Perrett signed up for CresWalk2010 yesterday at the Kuraby Community Hall determined to challenge the record of brother Stan who has since retired from the pram category at the ripe old age of five having notched up three CresWalk wins in a row.









Queensland's Muslims and the ANZAC connection

Queensland Muslims Historical Society


On this Anzac day let us remember the sons of the first Muslim families who settled in Brisbane, for they too went to defend ralia during World War Two. Four men we will remember this Anzac Day were from the Ramah, Kaus and Howsan families. For some reason, they all chose the Air Force.

Madeen (Bobby) Howsan was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. His squadron were instructed to bomb a munitions factory in Germany which they did successfully. However, the plane was hit in the rear and caught fire. One of the crew went to check on the damage and was catapulted out of the plane and landed in a tree, and later became a prisoner of the Japanese. He later told Madeen's mother that the plane was headed for a French village but Madeen avoided the village and headed for a park. He was incinerated in the plane with the rest of the crew when it hit the ground. The village in France has erected a memorial in honour of Madeen. Madeen sacrificed his life to save the lives of so many, representing his homeland Australia.

Colin Ivan Rahman Kaus joined the Royal Australian Air Force when he was eighteen years of age. He worked at first at Archerfield aerodrome in charge of stores before being transferred to England as pilot in bomber command. He rose to the rank of Corporal and left London in 1945. On his return he worked in his father's mattress factory which is still in the family today, trading as the Mattress Factory.

Colin's brother William Bernard Kaus was in the King's own squadron and was the navigator of the plane. The mission of this group was to transport the spies to destinations in war zones. Nancy Wake was one of the spies they transported in Hudson aircraft that went as low as 500 feet. They made in excess of fifty trips over war zones. Billy Kaus received France's highest honour, the Legion of Honour and also was awarded The Queen's medal from England and Australia awarded him the Distinguished Flying Cross. He left the air force in 1945 when the war ended. Bill then entered politics and became the Liberal Party member for Mt Gravatt and held that position for twenty years
Bill passed away on the 2nd December, 2003 at the age of eighty three.

Adrian Keith Ramah was only seventeen when he signed up in the Royal Australian Air Force. His squadron was sent to New Guinea when the Japanese were actively making their way to Australia. Adrian's squadron were on the go all the time as air transport is important in such a mountainous country. Adrian was responsible for keeping the planes in good mechanical order. Most Australian planes were DC3.
In New Guinea Australians suffered from Malaria, Dengue Fever and Trench feet rot. This squadron moved through many islands around New Guinea and were in Borneo when the war ended. Adrian left the air force in 1945 and was granted the first commercial licence to build a shop on the Corner of Nursery and Logan Roads, Mt Gravatt which he worked as a grocery store.

Adrian spoke for all the above men when he stated that Australians were very patriotic at that period of time and mateship was an important part of the Australian culture. The men who joined the forces were dedicated to saving their country and were willing to lay down their lives, just as Madeen Howsan did. The Japanese were determined to take Australia. Darwin was bombed in 1942 and Australia lost more people than the Americans did when Pearl Harbour was bombed. Adrian said that Australia was saved by the Americans as they had all the up to date weapons and Australia had lost so many men early in the war. Australians were overseas fighting the war and it was the American forces that came to save Australia, Britain was too busy defending their own nation. He also said that the Australian forces proved they were as good as the others in their courage and determination, even though they had outdated weapons and were often short of food.

Abdul Kaus family, the Howsan family and the Abdul Ramah family can be proud of the sons that went to war to represent their Muslim fathers and fight for their country. Let us make dua for them, lest we forget.


The South African Soccer World Cup




With the World Cup a few weeks away and many Australians making their way to South Africa, CCN will, over the next few weeks, bring readers, heading out to the Rainbow Nation, up to speed with the local politics, idiosyncrasies, personalities and culture, starting with Trevor Noah's take on a couple of the country's leaders:








AIIC proudly introduces ..... Tanveer Ikram


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

I am writing to express my feelings after joining Australian International Islamic College as IT Manager. I feel that I possess the attributes necessary to make the role a success.

My immediate plan is to introduce new Information Communication Technology (ICT) subjects relevant to the industry today, to improve students' knowledge in the field and update ICT facilities at AIIC.


Having served in ICT field for the past 12 years with continued success in meeting teaching/operational goals, I can make a valuable contribution to AIIC’s educational projects and initiatives. I have initiative and loads of drive. My personal motto is: "Firm belief in Allah and Never give up"

What I bring to this position is a combination of team leadership, strategic ICT planning and development skills that I have leveraged to meet and exceed expectations.

I have developed and worked on a software called checkMySkill for the last 5 years which is currently being used by Malaysian Government to test the knowledge of students in various subjects in different schools. I think I can use my experience to develop similar software for AIIC.

In my previous career, I improved performance and motivation of teams to meet organization objectives.

At the end I just make dua, that Allah help me to fulfill my duties honestly, in most efficient and planned way to help whole community and students of AIIC in particular.

Tanveer Ikram
IT Manager, AIIC


Aussie Movie in development


Status: In Development
Category: Feature
Teaser: An Australia-set Muslim romantic comedy.
Synopsis: An Australia-set Muslim romantic comedy about a boy who agrees to an arranged marriage although he is in love with somebody else.


Director : Tony Ayres
Writer : Osamah Sami, Andrew Knight
Production Company : Matchbox Pictures, Homerun Asia
Budget : $3.5 million
Start Shoot : early 2011

From the Desk of the Gold Coast Imam.....

Imam Imraan Husain 

REVERT CLASSES - Our classes are running every Saturday between 11 am to 12.30 pm. Please encourage reverts to join our 'Basic Course' which I am sure they will benefit tremendously from insha Allah.

CHAPLAINCY ACADEMY - I will be conducting a 1 hour session as part of the Multi faith course at the Academy on Tuesday morning the 11th May in the Academy’s Library at 47 Dornoch Terrace, West End.

NURSING STUDENTS - I will be conducting an educational session regarding Islam to the nursing students from Gold Coast TAFE on Friday the 21st May between 8.30am to 9am insha Allah.

FRIDAY NIGHT PROGRAM - Re-commences on the 23rd April after 'Isha. Please attend and bring a pot / plate of food to share with others.

NIKAH – I performed a marriage ceremony yesterday at the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Garden.

LECTURES AT KURABY – I have been invited to lecture along with other Imams at the Kuraby Mosque on Saturday 8 May after ‘Isha.

SCHOOL VISIT – Yr 11 students from St Hilda School will be visiting our Mosque on Wednesday 12 May. It is part of the ongoing educational program of ‘Awareness Islam” for school going students.

TAFSEER QUR'AN – The explanation of verses of the Holy Qur’an will be conducted by Mufti Zeeyad Ravat every Friday night after 'Isha Salat. 'Isha Salat is at 7 pm.

INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL - Sunday 13 June 2010 stars at 10 am until late at the Gold Coast Islamic Centre

League must do better

Paul Malone writes in the Courier Mail


RUGBY league as a sport had an opportunity to make a stand for protecting the right of its people to have different views without being
ridiculed for them.

But after Canterbury's Mormon prop Ben Hannant was sledged several times in references to his Mormon faith in Friday's game, it was once again all too convenient to hide behind the shop-worn adage "what happens on the field, stays on the field".

No sport, no workplace in Australia, can permit so easily this sort of abuse in 2010.




League provides opportunity every year to players of many ethnicities and religions to improve their lives. It also has a chequered history with how it treats race and religion and needs to do more if it is to be widely regarded as an inclusive sport.

Hazem El Masri was rightly smothered in love in his retirement year.


But when El Masri and his wife previously did a television interview, it led to the first hate mail of his career, leading him to conclude "a lot of people are hostile towards Muslim people because of their ignorance ... they don't want to learn".



Courier Mail

Quran Online


Below mentioned is an amazing website for the Holy Quran.


Just put the mouse on any line and you will find the translation of that line or you can click the translation in the top of the page in the left corner for the entire Surah.


In the left side for this website you can choose Surah (from all 114 Surahs).


Moreover, you can choose any Aayah, can search by the page number and also you can select the Qari whose recitation you want to listen


Go to: http://tanzil.info/


Yusuf Islam to play hits on tour


LEGENDARY folk singer-songwriter Yusuf Islam will tour Australia for the first time in 36 years in June.

Although he will be touring under the name he adopted on converting to Islam, Yusuf, he is expected to play many of his hits, including Peace Train, Father & Son, Wild World and Moonshadow.

Born of Greek Cypriot and Swedish ancestry and raised in London, he started writing songs and broke through with his 1971 album Tea For the Tillerman.

After taking a break from music, special causes dragged him out of retirement. In 1997 he performed at a benefit concert in Sarajevo; in 2001 he sang a capella during a live telecast for the victims of the September 11 attacks.


When Cat Stevens last toured Australia, he was the voice of a generation. His return as Yusuf Islam 36 years on should put him before the children of those on the Peace Train.

Promoter Paul Dainty, who brought Cat Stevens here in 1974, has been courting the folk icon since he returned to music several years ago.

Yusuf will perform at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on June 16 and 18 and in mainland capital cities.

Dainty is confident Yusuf will draw a multi-generational audience keen to hear folk classics including Father And Son, Wild World, Moonshadow and Morning Has Broken.

"No one thought he would ever tour again but after playing at the Royal Albert Hall in December, he got the taste for it," Dainty said.

The promoter was confident of the demand because of the huge amount of local online fan chatter about the possibility of Yusuf touring here.

"About 70 to 80 per cent of tickets sold here now are sold via the internet. I'm putting two shows on in Sydney and Melbourne from the get-go because we know from fans and their feedback and waitlists for tickets there is strong demand," Dainty said.

On his return to pop four years ago, Yusuf said it was his dream to tour again.

Tickets for Yusuf Islam concerts go on sale on May 6.

Boutiques and Babies: All in a day's work for Brisbane Businesswoman nd


Fashion store, Siitra, held the grand opening of its new store at 1/116 Compton Road, Woodridge during the week.


CCN spoke with entrepreneur, businesswoman and mother of five, Ms Nicky Allouche, to find out how she does it all.



[CCN] How did the business start?


[NICKY] Siitra first opened in Brisbane 3 years ago. In this time, we have opened our Sydney store in Punchbowl in late 2008 and our Gold Coast in October 2009.


As a revert, I do not have family overseas who can send me modest clothing or hijabs.


I was getting tired of having to shop only in Winter time when clothing were long and covering but of course the fabrics are totally unsuitable for Queensland summers.


I starting to explore options of getting items from overseas, but the only way to get good prices was to purchase in bulk.... from there Siitra was born.

[CCN]  What types of goods does Siitra specialize in?


[NICKY We sell modern modest fashions. Huge range of hijabs styles and designs. Traditional clothing for the whole family. We are the only retail stockist of the Ahiida Burqini Swimsuit in Queensland. We also stock a range of clothing from popular Australian designer Blossom InStyle. We sell Islamic DVD's and CD's. Just arrived - New range of bukhoor burners and fragrances.



[CCN]  Is it true that you are planning to have as many stores as you have had babies?


[NICKY] I have 5 children who were all born within five and half years, so it became the running joke to ask if I was having another baby each year.


It was after my fifth child had been born, that I started to seriously consider the idea of opening my own business, so I would tell people that I was not having another baby, that I was having a shop instead.


The first store had a lot of teething problems to get up and running and when I said I was having a shop instead of another baby, I didn't mean for it to also take 9 months to eventuate.....


Funnily enough I have grown my business and each year I have opened a new store, although luckily enough the "gestation period" is getting shorter.

[CCN] How did the Opening Day at the new Siitra Boutique go?


[NICKY] We had a lucky customer each hour who received their purchase for free. We had many very happy customers with one customers who was heard from the carpark by another customer joyously shouting. Congratulations to these customers and thank you for your continued support!


[CCN] What doe the future hold for Siitra?


[NICKY] I want to continue to grow the Siitra brand and develop our own range of clothing under the "Siitra" label.


[CCN] Who holds the fort when you have to tend to family?


[NICKY Mrs Jathun Rahim is our senior staff member and Miss Fatima Ismail is our casual staff member.


[CCN] Good luck, Nicky. We look forward to seeing what the stork has in 'store' for you in the years to come.





Mention CCN and get a further 10% discount off your next Siitra purchase.

Valid for 2 weeks from date of print.

Excludes further discount off already reduced items.


New Travel Agent Takes Off


The new Underwood-based Flight Star is a fully licensed and accredited travel agency specialising in all forms of travel and tours world wide (flights, accommodation, cruises, tours and car hire, etc).


Fozia Ahmad has 12 years of travel agency experience and the South African company that they are associated with in their Hajj and Umrah sector has 25-30 years experience.


Visit their new offices or call them for any bookings or inquiries.


"We have great rates for all travel and tours anywhere in the world and our prices are competitive with all the major travel agencies, and our customer care surpasses them all," a spokesperson for Flight Star told CCN.


Travels With A Tangerine - Wanderlust


The very British Tim Mackintosh-Smith, an Oxford University classicist who has called the Middle East his home for 25 years, takes us on a unique 75,000 mile journey, through 40 countries, in the 700-year-old footsteps of medieval explorer Ibn Battutah.

This is the story of one of the greatest journeys of all time. In 1325, shortly after the end of the Crusades, a young Moroccan Muslim called Ibn Battutah set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca. It was to become an odyssey from one end of the known world to the other. In all, he travelled 75,000 miles - more than three times the distance Marco Polo covered.

In part two, Tim travels through Turkey, the Crimea and India. On his way, he uncovers all that is weird, wonderful and mystical in the Islamic world. In Konya, Tim watches an illegal whirling dervish ceremony; in the Taurus Mountains, he meets the last of the Turkoman nomads. He chats to Tatars in Crimea, and the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Istanbul.

In Delhi, he searches for insights into the pathologically generous but psychotic Sultan Mohammed Shah. He watches a Muslim magician performing the Indian Rope Trick, and goes to a ‘sacred jam session’ of Sufi music, reliving Ibn Battutah’s ‘hippy phase’.

Leaving Delhi, Tim meets a hundred-year-old yogi who does nothing but smoke marijuana, shout expletives and beat his devotees with a brush. Will Tim receive one of his unique ‘blessings’?


Next Week in CCN: PART 3


In episode three, Tim explores the place of Islam today in Hindu-dominated India and Communist China, and tells the story of the glittering Islamic trade empire of the 14th century. Ibn Battutah was accompanied on this leg of his journey by African bodyguards, whose descendants still live in Gujarat. Tim witnesses their extraordinary ritual, which culminates in a fire-walking frenzy. He travels down the coast to Calicut, once the hub of worldwide trade linking Arabia to China.

After a brief diversion to Dubai to visit the ‘Ibn Battutah Shopping Mall’, Tim makes for the Maldives, where he explores IB’s claim that he had discovered the secret of formidable sexual prowess.

Taking to the Maritime Silk Route, Tim heads to the southern coast of China. He meets the members of a clan who trace their ancestry back to Arab traders, and sits in on an illegal Arabic lesson (the Chinese authorities are quick to equate learning Arabic with Islamic fundamentalism). In Guangzhou, Tim enjoys a Cantonese feast of snakes, frogs, beetles and eels.

Ibn Battutah’s journey from one end of the world to the other ended with an extraordinary meeting with a hermit mystic in a cave in the mountains outside Guangzhou. Will Tim find the cave, hidden in the forests of White Cloud Mountain?

`Community Newsletters and Updates


The Bosnian Bulletin for Bosnian Readers in Bosnian

By Haji Safet Avdich  


Latest Bulletin:

25 April 2010


Previous Bulletins:


18 April 2010
28 March 2010
21 March 2010
14 March 2010
  7 March 2010


Your fellow Mussallee.... Head-Butt

By Hamzah Moin


As Muslims, we enjoy boasting that we invented all sorts of stuff. Like chemistry. And sociology. And algebra. And Nintendo. And Filet-O-Fish.


Some might be true… others are a bit of a stretch.


But one thing I’m confident that Muslims invented is the word ‘head-butt’.

Where does the origin of this word come from?


Why, in prayer of course.


When the lines are too close together and you have people out of sync it can cause a potentially fatal hit when the ‘butt’ hits the ‘head’.


They banned this move in the UFC and other mixed martial arts organizations because the fighters complained that the move was too lethal.

What could possibly make this even more fatal is if the person in front loses his wudu at the precise moment of the head-butt. That’s probably where the word knockout comes from (which I guess we invented as well).


Next week: Obnoxious Ring-Tones



The Inbox


Following last week's CCN in which the infamous Simon Fuller video clip was shown, local Brisbane resident, Mr Farooq Dudhia wrote the following email to Channel Nine:



I strongly believe that Simon Fuller's behaviour is abhorrent and he should be summarily dismissed without any compensation.

I have just watched the full and unedited version of the video of the confrontation between Simon Fuller and Mr Amr. As a Muslim who has lived in Australia for 35 years and the only time I have been to a court is on Jury Duty, I am appalled at the behaviour of Simon Fuller towards an innocent Muslim. It is this kind of behaviour that marginalises Muslims and gives the Australian public the wrong impression about Muslims.

I accept that it is the responsibility of the media to bring stories of interest to the public, but the way this is done has to be taken into account. In the process of gathering the facts, the media should not be selective and dramatise things. But unfortunately, all the media does this. Until you learn to convey stories with integrity and credibility, you will not build bridges.

I will be truly disappointed with the Nine network if they do not make an example of Simon Fuller and air the story to show that Mr. Amr was provoked.


Farooq Dudhia


Update: Early this week Simon Fuller was dismissed by Channel Nine.

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Saudi prince appears in mobile phone advert


The appearance of a young Saudi prince, a grandson of the king, in a mobile phone advert has raised eyebrows in his country.


Prince Abdullah bin Meteb's lead role in a television advert for Saudi Arabia's second-biggest mobile phone operator Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), has sparked a debate among diplomats and Saudis alike on what it could mean for the absolute monarchy, which has always been secretive about its internal affairs.

"Why is a Saudi prince on a television commercial? And why did it have to be the grandson of the king and not someone else?" one Riyadh-based Western diplomat mused.

But others say the advert, starring Prince Abdullah, a professional rider, and his sponsorship deal with Mobily expose changes in the Saudi royal family in recent years as it becomes ever larger and younger.

There are several thousand Saudi princes, all descendants of the kingdom's founder King Abdulaziz, who died in 1953.

"They are getting closer to the public. The number of young princes eclipses the number of patriarchs in the Saudi monarchy which is getting more bourgeois in its lifestyle," said a Saudi analyst.






United Nation's Navi Pillay demands women's rights from Muslim


South African UN human rights chief Navi Pillay (pictured left) has called on Muslim Gulf states to lift restrictions on women and to improve the position of millions of foreign workers in the region.

"Women in the region are still unable to fully enjoy their human rights," Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said on the first stop of a six-nation Gulf tour.

"Discriminatory barriers continue to hamper women's right to shape their own lives and choices, and fully participate in public life and be part of public debates that influence the direction of a nation," she told a small gathering at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology north of Jeddah yesterday.

On her first-ever visit to Saudi Arabia, she said other Muslim states in the world have improved women's rights via "dynamic interpretations of Islamic traditions".

In those countries, governments and Islamic legal experts "demonstrated that far from being innovations, such legislation was compatible with Islamic jurisprudence and, indeed, stemmed from it".


She cited the practice of requiring women to have a male guardian to move around outside the home, to appear in court and often to engage in business.

Such rules are enforced most commonly in Saudi Arabia, where society is governed according to an ultra-conservative Wahhabi interpretation of Islam.


It is also time to put to rest the concept of male guardianship



"It is also time to put to rest the concept of male guardianship," Pillay said.

She also criticised the treatment of about 12 million foreign workers in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE.

Many are subject to illegal practices such as confiscation of their passports, withholding wages, and exploitation by job agents, she said.

Pillay singled out systems which require workers to have local sponsors.

"Some countries are reconsidering the sponsorship (or Kafala) system that rigidly binds migrants to their employers, enabling the latter to commit abuses, while preventing workers from changing jobs or leaving the country," she said.

"I wholeheartedly support those efforts and call on other states to replace the Kafala system with updated labour laws that can better balance rights and duties."


Some countries are reconsidering the sponsorship (or Kafala) system that rigidly binds migrants to their employers, enabling the latter to commit abuses, while preventing workers from changing jobs or leaving the country



She called the situation of migrant domestic workers "of particular concern, because their isolation in private homes makes them even more vulnerable to physical, psychological and sexual violence.

"Thus, it is of the utmost importance that in crafting and applying migration policies, governments maintain a human rights approach to migration at the front and centre of their action."

The rights chief pointed to some improvements in the region, including the creation of national human rights institutions, and to an "encouraging level" of governmental efforts to bolster childrens' rights, stop human trafficking, and improve economic rights.

And she praised efforts to expand women's education as "not only fair" but also good policy to improve the community and national wellbeing and prosperity.

But she said some countries were tightening controls on freedom of association and expression, putting greater pressure on activists and the media who speak out on human rights violations.

Hosted by the Saudi Human Rights Commission, Pillay made her speech at the new university, lauded for allowing men and women researchers from around the world to work side-by-side, unlike the stiff controls on gender mingling enforced by religious conservatives outside the campus.

With entrance to the campus tightly controlled, however, few Saudis have ever been inside and only about 30 students and faculty, mostly non-Saudis, heard the speech.

Pillay then visited the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in Jeddah, and was to head to Qatar.







Alcohol confession stirs Muslim debate 

KUALA LUMPUR: A leading Malaysian opposition member's admission that he drank alcohol in his youth triggered a debate yesterday over whether many politicians might be privately consuming liquor, which is illegal for Muslims in the country.

Zaid Ibrahim, a former law minister, was forced to confront a whisper campaign that questioned whether he was morally fit for public office after he was chosen to contest an upcoming special election to fill a vacant parliament seat.

The 59-year-old politician, considered a potential successor to Malaysia's top opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, acknowledged at the weekend that he had consumed liquor when he was younger, but insisted he had since repented.

It was a rare public confession by a senior political figure in Malaysia, where Muslims caught drinking can be jailed, fined or whipped under Islamic Shariah laws. About 60 per cent of Malaysia's 28 million people are Muslim. The others are ethnic Chinese and Indians who follow a variety of faiths.

The Australain



France moves towards banning Muslim veil in public

PARIS (Reuters) - France is moving toward a ban on wearing face-covering Islamic veils in public, with the government set to examine a draft bill next month amid heated debate over women's rights and religious freedom.

President Nicolas Sarkozy spoke out in favor for a complete ban on Wednesday, and the relevant bill will be presented to the cabinet in May, government spokesman Luc Chatel said on Wednesday.

Sarkozy believed that the full veil, commonly referred to as the burqa in France, "hurts the dignity of women and is not acceptable in French society," he told reporters.

Chatel quoted Sarkozy as saying that everything should be done so that "no one feels stigmatized because of their faith and religious practices."

The proposal has attracted both fierce criticism and praise in the home of the largest Muslim community in the 27-member European Union. Almost 10 percent of France's 62 million population is Muslim.

Most French voters back a ban, polls have shown, but legal experts have warned that it could violate the constitution.

France's highest court, which advises the government on the preparation of new laws, said in March a ban could be unlawful.

The idea of a ban was first floated last year by mayors who noticed more and more women in their neighborhoods covering themselves with full veils. A parliamentary commission was set up to examine the proposal during six months of hearings.

Since then, many feminists from France's poor, multi-ethnic suburbs have spoken out in support of a ban, saying it could help young women who did not want to wear the veil but were forced to do so by their partners or families.

Others, however, see the ban as part of a rising hostility against Islam and its symbols -- from veils to minarets -- and argue that many Muslim women actually want to cover up.

The debate has spread as far as Afghanistan, where some women's rights activists expressed outrage at the French proposal, saying they disliked the burqa but women should be free to wear whatever they wanted.

The parliamentary commission wrapped up its investigation in January and recommended that parliament pass a resolution denouncing face-covering veils, and then vote the strictest law possible to prevent women from wearing them.

The West Australian



MUSLIM tourists in France will be forbidden to wear the full-face veil along with French residents under the Government's plan to ban the garment in public places, a minister said today.
"When you arrive in France, you respect the laws in force .... Everyone will have to respect the laws in France. That's how it is," Nadine Morano, a junior minister for families, told the radio station France Info.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to France each year from the Middle East, according to estimates from the tourism ministry, and veiled women are a common sight in the luxury stores on Paris shopping boulevards.




South Park episode sees Muslim uproar

Comedy Central's South Park included a representation of the Prophet Mohammed as a character this week despite a radical Muslim group's warning that its producers could be killed.

Mohammed appeared on Wednesday night's US episode of the cartoon with his body obscured by a black box, since Muslims consider a physical representation of their prophet to be blasphemous. Last week, the character was believed to be disguised in a bear costume. When that same costume was removed this week, Santa Claus appeared.

Sky News



Road to Radicalism: The Man Behind the 'South Park' Threats


By all appearances, Zachary Adam Chesser was the boy next door. He played football and was on the crew team at one of the best high schools in the country. He even studied Japanese. He was hardly the sort of boy you'd expect would suggest on a radical Islamic website that the creators of the edgy cartoon series "South Park" will be targeted for death.


By all appearances, Zachary Adam Chesser was the boy next door. He played football and was on the crew team at one of the best high schools in the country. He even studied Japanese. He was hardly the sort of boy you'd expect would suggest on a radical Islamic website that the creators of the edgy cartoon series "South Park" will be targeted for death.

But Chesser also had a dark side. He was a "loner," a former classmate said, one who frequently drew pictures of Satanic figures in his notebooks and had just a few friends, most of them male.

"He was definitely sort of weird," the classmate told FoxNews.com. "He was very into violent industrial music, borderline Satanic bands and stuff like that. He had dark undertones in his interests."

Two years later, Chesser is literally a changed man. He now uses an alias and has a new set of hobbies. He now likes to be called Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, and his primary interest in this world appears to be Islamic radicalism.

Last week, Chesser, 20, posted a warning on the website RevolutionMuslim.com following the 200th episode of "South Park," which included a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit. The young man, who just two years ago was studying foreign languages at George Mason University, wrote on the site that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the cartoon's creators, "will probably end up" like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a film critical of Islamic society.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, characterized Revolution Muslim as a loosely-organized group with such outrageous beliefs he believes it may be a "setup" to smear Islam.

"They say wild and irresponsible things periodically," Hooper told FoxNews.com. "There's a strong suspicion that they're merely a setup to make Muslims and Islam look bad. They say such wild and crazy things that you have to wonder."

Fox News

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KB's Culinary Corner


Butternut Soup



2 cups butternut, peeled and cubed

1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper

1 cup water

2 teaspoons aromat

1 cup cubed chicken fillets

1/4 cup pasta (alphabets, stars or rice noodles)

1.5 litres boiling water

1 tablespoon butter

1 x 125ml fresh cream

1 green chilli, sliced

Chopped spring onions, to garnish

2 cloves garlic, chopped

2 medium carrots, peeled, grated

1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds

1. Cook butternut in ½ cup water until soft. Puree with remaining ½ half cup of water and set aside.
2. Braise green chilli, garlic and cumin in butter. Add chicken, pepper and aromat and cook until chicken is tender.
3. Add carrots, butternut and boiling water and allow the soup to simmer for approximately 10 mins. Lastly add pasta and simmer further until pasta is done.
4. Stir in cream and heat through.
5. Garnish with chopped spring onions.
6. Serve hot with croutons.

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Kareema's Keep Fit Column




WEEK 4 of our 6-week training program:

Please note that the following program is suitable for beginners. For the more competitive or serious athlete, intensity, duration and frequency of exercises need to be increased!


DAY 1:
Weight training - Remember to increase the weight you lift every week or
increase the number of reps you do. Do some exercises using your own body weight to further challenge yourself, eg. push-ups, tricep-dips, etc.

Training Tip: Ensure good posture and technique.

DAY 2:
Walk/run for a minimum of 60mins. (10 mins. at a moderate pace, 45 mins. at a more brisk pace and 5 mins. cool down / slow pace).

Healthy Tip: Always keep your body hydrated - carry a bottle of water with you daily!

DAY 3:
Combine strength and cardio training - Walk/run for a minimum of 45mins.
then get straight into your weight training for the rest of your workout.

DAY 4:
Walk/run for a minimum of 45mins. Time to soothe and relax your muscles. Do some laps in the pool if possible or opt for a gentle exercise routine.

DAY 5:
Similar to day 2. Increase your walking time by 5 mins. or more if you feel comfortable and include some hills as part of your course. Try challenging yourself with some mini-drills along the course, eg. stop and do some step-ups on the curb, or tricep-dips on a park bench, etc.

DAY 6:
Upper body: try a boxing session with your training partner or take on your boxing bag.
Lower body: If you've got stairs handy, run up and down a few times (keeping your heart rate up) for a further cardio blast! If you don't have access to any stairs, try some walking lunges or some squats.

DAY 7:
Try some yoga or gentle stretching after your morning walk.


PLEASE NOTE: The above training program assumes a healthy participant. Those with medical conditions or who are not already physically active, need to seek clearance from their GP before starting any form of exercise.







My Health and Fitness

Tel: 0404 844 786


Need an answer to a fitness related matter? Send your question to Kareema at  fitness@crescentsofbrisbane.org.

All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


The CCN Chuckle


Jalalluddin is 32 years old and he is still single.

One day Mula Nasruddin asked, "Why aren't you married? Can't you find a woman who will be a good wife?"

Jalalluddin replied, "Actually, there were many women I wanted to marry, but when my parents meet them, my mother doesn't like them."

Mula Nasruddin thinks for a moment and says, "I've got the perfect solution, just find a girl who's just like your mother."

A few months later they meet again and Mula Nasruddin says, "Did you find the perfect girl? Did your mother like her?"

With a frown on his face, Jalalluddin answers, "Yes, I found the perfect girl. She was just like my mother. You were right, my mother liked her very much."

Mula Nasruddin said, "Then what's the problem?"

Jalalluddin replied, "My father doesn't like her."


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