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Sunday, 2 May 2010

 .Newsletter 0286





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Sunday, 16 May 2010, 9am, Orleigh Park, WEST END


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Mareeba Mosque Celebrates 40 Years

by Sherry Murat


On Saturday 24 April the small, tightly knit, predominantly Albanian Muslim community of Mareeba in Far North Queensland celebrated a historic milestone with the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Mareeba mosque in 1970.

The celebration saw almost 200 local and interstate guests gather at the mosques hall to celebrate the significant occasion. The event not only honours 40 years of Islamic strength and prosperity in the area, it also marks 40 years of continued community harmony.

The town of Mareeba situated approximately 45 minutes from the city of Cairns on the picturesque hinterland of the Atherton tableland is home to approximately 70 Muslim families from a diversity of cultures.

The land for the mosque was purchased in 1968 and initial construction began in August 1969 by the local Muslim community with the help of a community builder and architect. The construction, purchase of the land and planning of the mosque was entirely funded by the local community. It was officially opened on the 25th of April 1970 by Mareeba Mayor Mick Borzi who during the nights celebrations stated “I am delighted to be around 40 years later and also witness the harmony that exists between the various religious groups in our community.”

Mr. Raif Latif a student from Al Azhar University in Egypt, the first appointed Imam and local Albanian established the yearly Eid salaat and weekly Qur’an lessons for the community, and slowly introduced weekly Jummah prayers.


Guest enjoying dinner

“Since its construction the musjid has been the hub of the community, where Muslims have showed their concerns, their problems and solutions relative to all aspects of their lives,” said current and second Imam Binyamin Murat who took over the position of Imam ten years ago.

Since his appointment as Imam, daily Fajr and Isha prayers, along with weekly Jummah gatherings, taraweeh prayers during Ramadan, Eid celebrations, weekly Islamic classes and monthly propagation within the community has been established within the mosque.

The community has recently complemented the mosque with the addition of the building of a hall in 1988 at the rear of the block of land which incorporates a kitchen, and tables and chairs to host approximately 150 people for celebrations or Islamic functions.

The event was attended by 5 Imaams, including Imam Eljam Badi from Shepparton, guest speaker Imam Ismail Hyka from Dandenong, Melbourne, Imam Abdul Aziz from Cairns and the two local imams, Imam Raif Latif and Imam Binyamin Murat.

Local churches, community groups and organisations, as well as former Mayor Mick Borzi were also present.

The highlight of the night’s proceedings was the speech delivered by guest speaker Imam Ismail Hyka, which struck a chord with all on the truthfulness and desire for harmony across the community at large.

The evening was a success for both local Muslim and non Muslim communities who look forward to strengthening the bridges of harmony, understanding and tolerance together.


Committee members of the Mareeba Islamic Society



(left to right) Imaam Elyan of Shepparton, Imam Abdul Aziz Mohammed of Cairns, Imam Ismail of Dandedong Melbourne & Imam Binyamin Murat of Mareeba

(left to right) Cynthia, Dearnna, Rahime, Sherry, Havva, Elizabeth, Priscilla & Jennifer Murat

Ladies of the Albanian community who play a vital role in organizing and attending Islamic community events


Sherry Murat (4th from left) is the niece of Imam Binyamin Murat and a teacher at the local school.


The occasion was also covered by ABC Radio North Qld.


Listen to the audio


Muslims Australia Exec meet with local community leaders


(left to right) Hafez Kassem, Mohamed Masood, Ikebal Patel and Mohammed Yusuf

AFIC president, Ikebal Patel addresses the floor












Last night (Saturday), executive members of Muslims Australia (AFIC) met informally with Queensland's community leaders at the Islamic College of Brisbane (Karawatha) in the run up to the annual AFIC congress  to be held in Sydney on 16 May.


The meeting was initiated by Islamic Council of Queensland president, Mohammed Yusuf and was attended by  AFIC president, Ikebal Patel, vice president, Hafez Kassem, and treasurer, Mohamed Masood, and some 35 Imams, community leaders and mosque and organizational representatives from around Queensland.


Mr Patel gave a brief summary of some of the challenges being faced by the Muslim communities in Australia and how some of them were being addressed with initiatives from his organization, Muslims Australia.


A number of questions  were posed from the floor and some of the suggestions were that AFIC look beyond schools and mosques to providing nursing homes and aged care facilities; that greater involvement was needed by the community in the politics and census of the country; and that AFIC engage with local communities at the grassroots level when developing their strategies for the future.





Uplifting Lectures at Kuraby Mosque


The Kuraby Mosque is running a series of lectures for men and women each Saturday between Maghrib and Isha in the month of May.


According to Dr. Mohamad Abdalla, one of the co-ordinators of the programme, Imams, scholars and Da'ees will present "informative, vibrant and uplifting lectures on important and timely topics for the whole community".


Topics will cover issues dealing with Iman (faith); marriage relationships; business transactions; character and conduct; purification of the heart and other day-to-day matters.


Separate facilities are provided for men and women.

Venue: Kuraby Mosque
Date: Every Saturday
Time: Between Maghrib and Isha

France's hijab ban likely to threaten its relations with other countries

Article submitted by Imam Imraan Husain to the Gold Coast Bulletin for publication this week


A few days ago a Muslim woman in France was fined and harassed while driving because she was wearing the ‘Niqab’. This is just one of the many incidents that are taking place in France where women are embarrassed and discouraged from wearing the veil.

President Nicolas Sarkozy decided this month to decide on banning the veil, despite many warnings from administrative bodies that the law could be regarded as “unconstitutional”. “In our country, we cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity,” said President Sarkozy at a government conference. He also declared that the full-body religious gown is a sign of the 'debasement' of women.

Nevertheless, at a parliament meeting, Luc Chatel, French government spokesman said that "The ban on the full veil must be total in all public places because women's dignity cannot be watered down."

To support his reasons for the ban, the President has said that the decision to introduce the law is based upon France's strong beliefs on gender equality and secularism.

If the country does consider people to have rights of freedom, expression and speech, then where does it apply considering what is happening with the Muslim women in France right now?

He has clearly stated that the "full-body religious gown is a sign of the 'debasement' of women".

If that is really Sarkozy’s intention for placing the ban, then why do we still see a Christian nun dressed with a head cover on the streets of Marseille?

Also, this ban would really disturb the Paris fashion industry, because some of the top designers, including Givenchy, Lacroix and Dior in France have started designing outfits with mantillas (decorated head covers, usually attached to a hat) and most models in fashion shows are seen wearing it!

Muslims not welcome to buy Hanson's home


Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson's Queensland home remains on the market, but not for everyone.

Muslim buyers, for example, aren't welcome.

Hanson (pictured left), who has put up for sale her million-dollar property in Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, announced she was moving to Britain earlier this year.

Her hardline views on race sparked a national debate over immigration policy and Aboriginal disadvantage from the time she entered parliament in 1996 at the same election that made John Howard prime minister.

While taking the Seven Network's Sunrise program on a recent tour of her home, she said she would not allow certain members of the Australian community to purchase the property.

Asked if Asians were welcome to express interest in the property, Hanson said she would not sell the home to an Asian who lived overseas.

But she had no problem with selling the property to "an Australian who is of Asian background".

"No problems whatsoever," she said.

Asked if she would be prepared to sell the property to a Muslim, she said no.

"Because I don't believe that they are compatible with our way of life, our culture.

"And I think we are going to have problems with them in this country further down the track, so I have no intention of selling my home to a Muslim."

Source: Ninemsn




Islamic Society of Ipswich vice president Jemele Deen dismissed Pauline Hanson's anti-Muslim comments as a blatant publicity stunt to sell her Coleyville home and suggested that Ms Hanson was desperate to cash in and sell the $2.15 million property.

"Pauline Hanson isn't a racist, she just wants to sell her house," Mr Deen said from the group's Waterworks Road mosque.

"Obviously she can't sell the house and needs to get it in the news again."


Pauline Hanson isn't a racist, she just wants to sell her house




A philosophical Mr Deen said he hoped Ms Hanson benefited from the publicity.

"We could see straight through her comments and to be honest it didn't bother us at all," he said.

"She's pretty smart; she's got her house in the media again.

"But good luck to her, I hope she sells her house."

Exclusive listing agent and LJ Hooker Yamanto principal Keith Edwards distanced himself from Ms Hanson's comments, but said
interest in the property was at an all-time high.


"Mate it hasn't stopped. I've had TV and radio interviews all day.

Everyone wants to talk about the house," he said.

"I've been telling everyone very simply `don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger'."

Mr Edwards said he had fielded inquiries from people from all walks of life.

"I've received an offer of $3 million from a bloke claiming to be a Muslim and if he's serious I'll pass it on," he


"I've got people flying up from Sydney to inspect the property and I've got a Chinese couple who have asked me if they can buy it.

"Maybe Pauline is smarter than anyone is giving her credit for. If it's a publicity stunt it's working pretty well, but it's certainly not
being perpetrated by me."


People might think there will be people from the Asian or Muslim communities that might be clamouring to buy this house but that's far from the truth.


Whether people from these communities would want to buy this house is another thing that we can question.



Acting Queensland Anti-Discrimination commissioner Neroli Holmes said Ms Hanson risked breaking discrimination laws if she refused to sell the 60-hectare property to a Muslim.

"The Act states a person must not discriminate against another person by failing to sell them land or by placing terms on which it is offered for sale," she said.


The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc, Ikebal Patel, said that if Ms Hanson felt she could discriminate even as she left Australia, it was ''a good thing that she's gone to England''.

''If she feels even in her final shot in selling her house she can still discriminate against the greater population of the world, then that's one person we don't need to live in this country,'' Mr Patel said.

''And it's a good thing that she's gone to England then.''

Mr Patel also questioned whether people from the communities Ms Hanson singled out would want to buy her house.

''People might think there will be people from the Asian or Muslim communities that might be clamouring to buy this house but that's far from the truth.

''Whether people from these communities would want to buy this house is another thing that we can question.''



CCN UPDATE: L J Hooker asked Hanson to withdraw her statements and took her property off their books when she failed to do so.

Yusuf in Concert


Click on image above to book


Around the clock recitation


At www.tvquran.com you can hear the Qur'an being recited round the clock and listen to the continuous recitation of the Qur'an by a Qari (reciter) of your choice.


AIIC proudly introduces ..... Mohamad Katoua


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuhu

I am Mohamad R. Katoua, a new teacher coming to the school. I come from Damascus, Syria. I am a native speaker of Arabic, and my field of specialty is languages and Islamic studies.

I will be responsible for Arabic language sessions and Islamic studies as well.

I pray to Allah that this term and the terms to come be of great benefit for our children and only from Him I seek help and guidance to achieve what I am assigned to, successfully.

God willing, there will be a noticeable improvement on the side of the students, though a little at the beginning, but great by time.

Taxation board to ensure laws don't conflict with Islam


The Board of Taxation will undertake a comprehensive review of Australia's tax laws to ensure that they do not conflict with Islamic finance services, hoping to ensure Australian businesses a stake in the lucrative Islamic finance market, according to Labor Senator Nick Sherry (pictured left)

Moody's Investor Services values the rapidly growing market at almost $1 trillion and says it could soon reach as much as $5 trillion.

"I have directed the Board of Taxation to undertake a comprehensive review of Australia's tax laws to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not inhibit the expansion of Islamic finance, banking and insurance products," Senator Sherry said.

Speaking in Qatar to the Qatar chamber of commerce and industry, Senator Sherry said that Australia's decision means it will be among the first OECD countries to conduct a review of this type.

"Islamic finance is a rapidly growing part of the global financial system and Australia is in an excellent position capitalise on that growth, but we have to ensure our tax system doesn't unnecessarily prevent that from happening," Senator Sherry said.

The senator said the review was not about special treatment or concessions for Islamic finance or its providers, but about ensuring the system does not unfairly disadvantage or preclude such instruments.

"This will have a dual advantage – of course, if Australia's tax system continues down the path of accommodating this type of finance it will serve Australia in terms of capital attraction, jobs and growth," he said.

Business Spectator


Throwing Rocks at the Moon: The Question of Halal Water

An opinion piece by Shafiq Morton of Cape Town


It’s getting serious. I mean really funny. Or do I mean serious? No, funny. No, serious. The pessimism of certain scholars that we’re inherently wrongdoers, and that we have to be protected from their fears, has now reached epidemic proportions in the Muslim world.

No longer can we, the silent majority, be allowed to think for ourselves. Or at least that’s the impression I get. For nowadays whenever a missionary ecclesiastic exhorts me, for instance, to avoid “strange women” I’m always tempted to ask: could it be a reflection of the
preacher’s own weaknesses?

It might be anecdotal, but I work at a radio station surrounded by women. Were I to literally apply the aphorism (and literal is what these preachers want) of “lowering my gaze” I would frequently crash into the walls and fall down the stairs.

To assume the worst of human nature and their Creator, as these Islamo-evangelists usually do, reflects a distrust that is disturbing.


How many times have we been told that God becomes what we think of Him, and that people become (in our suggestive minds) what we think of them too.

I have no problem with anyone assuming that I’m a good-for-nothing (I probably am). But for me to presuppose the same of someone else? I would have to regard that as arrogance on my part. For who am I to judge? And so, if anyone wants to call me “judgemental” on the issue of halal water, let’s just say: I’m protesting.

he story begins when I was travelling on the Cape Town-Johannesburg route the other day. Sitting in South African Airways economy with my knees around my ears trying to slurp gravy with a fork 30, 000 feet above Kimberly, I noticed that the toothpicks were no longer

You could imagine my surprise I’d written an article about these toothpicks (kosher on one end, halal on the other). No longer could I feel safe removing raisin residue from my teeth after consuming things such as Woolworth’s halal hot-cross buns, or the stringy chicken of my airline meal.

However, my curiosity was aroused when I ordered some sparkling water from the stewardess. After taking a few exploratory sips, something caught my eye. Not only was this water kosher, it was halal. I now took a healthy slug. I could drink this beverage with a
conscience as clear as the spring from which it had gushed.



CCN Room Rentals


Room To Let

We currently have a room available in our home at Calamvale. My family consists of my husband, myself, and our 10 year-old son. We would like to have a Muslim sister stay with us. This would best suit a student/single lady. The home is close to bus stops, major shopping centres, and various halal outlets. The rent is $150 per week (negotiable), and includes electricity and water. To arrange an inspection or to make further enquiries, please feel free to contact me on 0416-046-916


Happily swamped by dinki-di Asian Australians

David Penberthy in The Punch


You can’t blame Pauline Hanson for stipulating that her Brisbane home not be sold to a Muslim. Just imagine what they would get up to in there. All those lovely Heuga carpet squares covered with prayer mats, the fridge stripped of ham steaks and pineapple rings to make way for so-called “halal” tucker, the Hills Hoist replaced with a minaret, the Commodore with a WRX.


The concrete Aborigine, gone. And possibly even the installation of a complex network of underground caves from which Jihad – or “holy war” - can be launched on the people of Coleyville in the first step towards establishing an Islamic caliphate running from Caloundra to Surfers Paradise.

Hanson’s latest spray is consistent with her past efforts in that it is both unworkable and irrational.

Unworkable because it suggests that Muslims come with handy labels so that you can pick them out on auction day, or that the law could somehow be amended so the real estate agent could ask if there’s any fans of the prophet Muhammad in the crowd before taking the opening bid.

Irrational, because it so patently is. I mean, who spends time worrying about the prospect of not having to share a house with someone they don’t like?

Normally you’d just smirk and shake your head at Pauline’s latest pronouncement. Until this humdinger, her most recent foray into public life was to declare that she’s getting away from intense Islamic immigration by moving to – here’s the punchline – Britain. That of itself suggested the former leader of One Nation has drifted off into a nuttier new orbit, even by her standards.

But her latest outburst is worth a closer look, as it contains a statement which was not so much depressing but heartening about the character of Australian racism.

High Court battle looms for Islamic school


Hoxton Park resident visits the site of the Islamic school proposed for her suburb.

NSW: A GROUP of Hoxton Park residents will take their fight against an Islamic school to the highest court in Australia.

Hoxton Park Residents Action Group Inc will apply to challenge Liverpool Council in the High Court over its decision to approve a second campus for Malek Fahd Islamic School on Hoxton Park Rd.

The group’s submission, due to be filed in the High Court yesterday, argues that the council is constitutionally invalid because federal law does not recognise the authority of local governments.

Group president Marella Harris said the submission was based on a 1988 referendum to recognise local governments, which was defeated unanimously in all states and territories.

Ms Harris said the outcome could have implications for all local governments in Australia.

“It has vast implications, but why should an illegal act be approved just because it sets a precedent?” she said. “We have three schools within a 1km radius and the traffic is atrocious. Our streets cannot cope with the traffic at the moment, let alone a further 800 students on buses.”

Liverpool Council approved the development application from Malek Fahd Islamic School, which is based at Greenacre, last June.

Council general manager Phil Tolhurst said the council maintained its view that it has legal rights to issue the development consent.

The residents are also challenging the school in the Land and Environment Court.

Malek Fahd principal Dr Intaj Ali could not be reached for comment.

Cr Gary Lucas, who was one of four councillors who voted against the original development application, said he supported the residents’ concerns about increased congestion on the roads.

“I hope they know what they are doing because there’s a lot of money involved,” he said. “It’s a tragedy it had to come to this.”

The residents will return to the High Court on Monday to find out if they can proceed with their challenge against the council.


Liverpool Leader

New Trust set up for Gold Coast Mosque


The Islamic Society of Gold Coast Inc has initiated a new project to establish a Trust called The ISGC Community Trust.

The main aim and purpose of the Trust is to collect donations and to invest in property which would return an income to the Trust.

The income would then be utilised to run the affairs of the Gold Coast Mosque in the future.

According to Mr. Habib Jamal of the Society, donations to the Trust are regarded as "Sadqatul Jariah" and all donations will be capitalised.

He told CCN: "We look forward to the kind contributions and donations of the community to ensure the long term future of Islam in Gold Coast and the rest of Australia as well."


Donation pledge form.

Trust presentation

From the Desk of the Gold Coast Imam.....

Imam Imraan Husain 

I will be taking part in this week's "10 km Super Sport Run" Sunday 2 May, then in the 5 km CresWalk 2010 Fun Walk/Run on Sunday 16 May and the "10 km Run Gold Coast Marathon" on Sunday 3 July insha Allah.


I hope to see many of our Gold Coast community at this year's CresWalk2010 which has been one of the highlights of our community calendar over the past 7 years. Please register for the event and take your family along and I look forward to catching up with you at the Orleigh Park, insha Allah.


A young lady embraced Islam on Friday at our Masjid. 

I have embarked on an  'Awareness Islam' campaign that include:
• Tuesday 11th May – Multi Faith Academy in West End, Brisbane
• Wednesday 12th May - Yr 11 students from St Hilda School visiting our Masjid
• Friday 21st May - Gold Coast Nursing Students at our Masjid
• Monday 7th June - 100 yr 7 students from Trinity Lutheran College visit our Masjid
• Wednesday 5th May - My article in the 'Sun Newspaper' regarding the 'Niqab Ban in France'. (See this week's CCN for the full article)
There are classes for reverts on Saturdays between 11 am and 12.30 pm. Please encourage reverts to join our classes which will only run for the next 8 weeks.

I will be giving the lecture on "No Faith without Love" at Kuraby Masjid on Saturday 8 May after ‘Isha as part of the Kuraby Mosque series of Saturday lectures which started yesterday. See this week's CCN for details.

Our International Food Festival will take place on Sunday 13 June and starts at 10 am until late at the Gold Coast Islamic Centre. We have confirmation that the Gold Coast Mayor along with other important guest will be attending. Your presence and support is vital to the success of this initaitive insha Allah.

BMBS purchases hearse


The Brisbane Muslim Burial Service (BMBS) has obtained a hearse which will be used for Brisbane and Gold Coast services.


Amongst the many other services it provides, BMBS continues to send Janaza notices via SMS directly to your mobile phone. If you wish to subscribe to this free service e-mail your full name and mobile number to janaza786@hotmail.com.

If you wish to have a notice sent regarding a deceased person within Queensland, the service is free. However, any message for a person who passed away outside Queensland and overseas will incur a fee of $50.

Any other community notices will also incur a fee of $50.


The South African Soccer World Cup Corner



With the World Cup a few weeks away and many Australians making their way to South Africa, CCN will, over the next few weeks, bring readers, heading out to the Rainbow Nation, up to speed with the local politics, idiosyncrasies, personalities and culture.


This week Trevor Noah introduces you to "The Black Accent".





Travels With A Tangerine - Wanderlust


The very British Tim Mackintosh-Smith, an Oxford University classicist who has called the Middle East his home for 25 years, takes us on a unique 75,000 mile journey, through 40 countries, in the 700-year-old footsteps of medieval explorer Ibn Battutah.

This is the story of one of the greatest journeys of all time. In 1325, shortly after the end of the Crusades, a young Moroccan Muslim called Ibn Battutah set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca. It was to become an odyssey from one end of the known world to the other. In all, he travelled 75,000 miles - more than three times the distance Marco Polo covered.

In episode three, Tim explores the place of Islam today in Hindu-dominated India and Communist China, and tells the story of the glittering Islamic trade empire of the 14th century. Ibn Battutah was accompanied on this leg of his journey by African bodyguards, whose descendants still live in Gujarat. Tim witnesses their extraordinary ritual, which culminates in a fire-walking frenzy. He travels down the coast to Calicut, once the hub of worldwide trade linking Arabia to China.

After a brief diversion to Dubai to visit the ‘Ibn Battutah Shopping Mall’, Tim makes for the Maldives, where he explores IB’s claim that he had discovered the secret of formidable sexual prowess.

Taking to the Maritime Silk Route, Tim heads to the southern coast of China. He meets the members of a clan who trace their ancestry back to Arab traders, and sits in on an illegal Arabic lesson (the Chinese authorities are quick to equate learning Arabic with Islamic fundamentalism). In Guangzhou, Tim enjoys a Cantonese feast of snakes, frogs, beetles and eels.

Ibn Battutah’s journey from one end of the world to the other ended with an extraordinary meeting with a hermit mystic in a cave in the mountains outside Guangzhou. Will Tim find the cave, hidden in the forests of White Cloud Mountain?


`Community Newsletters and Updates


The Bosnian Bulletin for Bosnian Readers in Bosnian

By Haji Safet Avdich  


Latest Bulletin:

2 May 2010


Previous Bulletins:


25 April 2010

18 April 2010

28 March 2010

21 March 2010

14 March 2010

  7 March 2010


The Al-Ghazalli Newsletter of the Sydney-based Al-Ghazalli Centre can be viewed here.


Topics include:

• The Creed of Islam - An e-Learning Course
• Night of Remembrance - Brothers Only
• Purification & Prayer
• Cyclone Thomas - Fiji Appeal
• Seerah of the Prophet
• Mizaan Ecology - Cooks River Regeneration Project
• The Ansaar Project @ Elizabeth Bay
• Night of Remembrance – Sisters Only
• Mizaan Ecology - Newcastle
• The Ansaar Project @ Exodus

New on ISLAM TV this week










Thank you for your support of Islam TV. We have now implemented a new video format that will insha Allah play the streaming videos much smoother. Our apologies if any of the videos were unable to be viewed the last week due to the reformatting of the station. Please stay tuned as we commence to upload the highlights from the Mercy Mission Conference "Family Matters" and the Sydney UMA conference "Time For Change"


Mercy Mission Conference "Family Matters"
Sheikh Tawfique - The Shepherd's Path: Are you a Leader of Your House?
Sheik Shady Suleiman - Dealing With Disagreements
Sheikh Anwar Sahib - What to teach your kids & when to teach it
Sheikh Aslam Abu Ismaeel - The House Of Kadija
Kuraby Mosque
Sheikh Marwan Ateeq (Guest from Mecca)
Stay Tuned as we film and air weekly Guest Speakers every Saturday at the Karaby Mosque.



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Prince Charles and Brown congratulate Muslim Aid on its silver jubilee


UK: The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, congratulated Britain’s premier international charity Muslim Aid on its achievements.

Brown delivered a video message to the dinner which was held to celebrate 25 years of Muslim Aid’s work in over 70 countries.

The event, which was held at the Natural History Museum and attended by over 600 people, on March 24.


followed your progress with close interest and attention over the last quarter of a century and have admired the projects and programmes you have undertaken in more than 70 countries around the world, ranging from emergency and disaster relief to education, health and micro-finance projects. If I may say so, our country is incredibly fortunate to be able to count on organisations like Muslim Aid who bring not only help, but hope to those most in need.”

The Prime Minister in his video message said, “For a quarter of a century the valuable work Muslim Aid has been doing means that millions of people across the world are today safer and healthier. I wish Muslim Aid and its passionate and committed staff and supporters the very best for another 25 years of achievement.”

Muslim Aid was founded in 1985 by leading British Muslim organisations in respond to endemic humanitarian crises in Africa. Muslim Aid works to address the root causes of poverty and undertake sustainable projects to empower people to fulfil their true potential. All of their programmes are focused on empowering individuals and communities to become independent and self-reliant.


The Economist



Obama hosts Muslim entrepreneurs


US President Barack Obama (seen left at the summit) laid a key plank of his strategy to mend ties with the Islamic world by hosting a summit to boost economic development in Muslim nations.

In a step the White House hopes will help shift relations beyond decades of talk about terrorism and conflict, Obama brought entrepreneurs from 50 countries to Washington for two days to spur economic ties.

The president pledged to host the meeting in a landmark speech in Cairo last June, when he also called for a 'new beginning' to relations between the United States and the Muslim world.

Opening the meeting, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said boosting Muslim business would not only help the Islamic world, but would also help US security and trade.

'There are over a billion people living in Muslim-majority countries today, and they represent a vast reserve of under-utilised potential in the global economy,' Locke told delegates.

'It is very much in America's - and indeed, the entire world's - interest that you succeed.

'Strong and balanced international trade only works if countries have growing economies and a growing middle class that are fully engaged in the international marketplace.'

Speaking ahead of the meeting, a senior administration official said there were also hard-headed political goals to the summit.

'One of the principal goals of that vision was to broaden our relationship, which has been dominated by a few different issues, a small set of issues, for at least the last decade, and going back further than that.'

'We don't see this as a replacement for our work on things like Middle East peace or work on counter-terrorism, our work on Iran. We see this as part of establishing a more multifaceted set of relationships. It is yet another pillar.'

Around 250 entrepreneurs are attending the summit from countries across the Muslim world - where America's image has been tarnished by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal and the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Obama is expected to discuss ways of improving access to capital, funding for technology innovation and exchange programs, as the United States tries to better its image in the eyes of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims.


There are over a billion people living in Muslim-majority countries today, and they represent a vast reserve of under-utilised potential in the global economy



The delegates range from a 20-year-old entrepreneur to established figures like Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel prize for his work on small scale lending.

As part of Obama's plan, the United States is poised to award contracts through its multi-million-dollar Global Technology and Innovation Fund, designed to spur investments in the Muslim world.

The government-backed Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which is running the competition, has received a deluge of applications, which officials say is itself a sign of improving ties.

Each chunk of funding awarded by OPIC is expected to be worth between $US25 million ($A26.97 million) and $US150 million ($A161.81 million).

Polls show Obama has won plaudits across the globe since taking office in January 2009. But nearly a year on from his Cairo speech, Muslims remain deeply suspicious of the United States.

A recent BBC World Service poll of attitudes in 28 countries showed that Turks and Pakistanis still overwhelmingly believe the United States is a negative influence on the world.

The failure to broker a Middle East peace and still-bloody wars in Muslim countries loom large.

'This is a generational issue, this is something that is going to take time,' the administration official said.


Sky News



Polygamy the same as having a mistress, Muslim butcher Lies Hebbadj tells France


PRESIDENT Sarkozy's campaign against full Islamic veils took a turn yesterday when a Muslim butcher claimed that his wives were no different from the mistresses that Frenchmen traditionally enjoyed.

Lies Hebbadj (pictured left with his wife), 35, was defending himself after the Government made him a national example by citing his supposed polygamy as an illustration of un-French ways.


He came to attention when a police officer in Nantes fined his wife euros 22 for driving while dressed in a niqab.

Brice Hortefeux, the Interior Minister, demanded that Mr Hebbadj, who was born in Algeria, be stripped of his French nationality.


The butcher said: "If we are stripped of nationality for having mistresses there would be a lot of French people stripped of nationality."

Mr Hebbadj has become an unwitting symbol for both sides in the row over Mr Sarkozy's plans for a law, to be tabled in Parliament next month, that will bar women from covering their faces in public.

The Australian



Dutch court clears Muslim group over Holocaust cartoon

 AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch court has acquitted a Muslim group of inciting hatred with a cartoon that questions the Holocaust, in the latest case to provoke debate about freedom of speech in the Netherlands.

The Arab European League (AEL), which published the cartoon on its website, was cleared of insulting Jews because it was not aiming to dispute the Holocaust but to highlight perceived double standards in free speech.

The AEL cartoon shows two men, beneath an 'Auschwitz' sign and beside several bodies, saying the victims might not have been Jewish but the target was six million -- the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.

The AEL said the cartoon was part of a campaign it launched in 2006 to show "the double morals of the West during the Danish cartoon affair." The image came with a disclaimer on the website saying the AEL did not support the views of the cartoon.

"The context in which this cartoon was published takes away from its criminally offensive nature," the court said in a ruling published on its website Thursday.

The West Australian



A beacon of faiths

IN ALMOST any discussion of religion and Africa, stereotypes recur. Depending on where they have been, outsiders portray the continent either as an arena of looming conflict between rival faiths—or else as a happy-go-lucky world where different beliefs can easily co-exist, sometimes in the same person’s head.

Neither notion is completely true nor completely false, according to a survey of religion in sub-Saharan Africa by the Pew Research Centre, a polling outfit based in Washington, DC. After interviewing 25,000 people in 19 countries, the pollsters found that in certain ways Africa’s Christians and Muslims view one another with respect.


Most Muslims saw Christians as tolerant, honest, and decent to women; in most countries, a majority of Christians returned the compliment. But many Christians (among the countries surveyed, the median level was 43%) saw in Islam a potential for violence; fewer Muslims (the median was 20%) saw Christianity in a similar light.


In almost all countries where Muslims are at least 10% of the population they seem more concerned about extremism among their co-religionists than among Christians.


In a few mainly Christian countries, including South Africa, people were worried by Christian extremism.


The Economist



Muslims stopped from praying in mosque

Two Muslim tourists were arrested when they tried to pray inside Córdoba’s famous former mosque in Spain, breaking a ban imposed by the Roman Catholic Church. Half a dozen Austrian Muslims knelt to pray at the same time in the vast marble building, which was converted to a cathedral in the 13th century after Muslims were driven from Spain.

The two men who were detained were part of a group of 118 Austrian Muslims on an organised tour for young European Muslims. All bought tourist tickets for a tour of the cathedral on Wednesday.


The six who started to pray faced charges of disturbing public order when they appeared before a judge in Córdoba.


The Great Mosque of Córdoba was converted into a Christian church in 1236 after King Ferdinand III of Castile recaptured the city from the Muslims.


The building later became the modern-day Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption.  

Muslim News

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Stuffed Mushrooms



12 medium sized white button mushrooms
¼ cup breadcrumbs
2 eggs
2 tab shredded cheddar cheese
A dash of olive oil
½ tsp ground green chillies
½ tsp garlic flakes
½ tsp dried oregano
1tsp chopped greens (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

1. With a wet cloth wipe the mushrooms.
2. Snap off mushroom stems and chop these roughly.
3. Combine all ingredients together and spoon into the mushroom caps, pressing down well to fit the whole cap and then moulding extra filling into neat mounds.
4. Bake at 200c for approx 20mins or until cheese is nicely browned
5. Serve hot as an entrée


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WEEK 5 of our 6-week training program:

Please note that the following program is suitable for beginners. For the more competitive or serious athlete, intensity, duration and frequency of exercises need to be increased!





DAY 1:

Walk/run for a minimum of 60mins. (10 mins. at a moderate pace, 45 mins. at a more brisk pace and 5 mins. cool down / slow pace).
If you feel good while training, try extending your workout by another 15mins.

Healthy Tip: Always keep your body hydrated - carry a bottle of water with you daily!

DAY 2:
Combine strength and cardio training - Walk/run for a minimum of 60mins., taking a more challenging route than day 1!
Try some weight training for the rest of your workout, using heavier weights than you did last week.

DAY 3:
On your bike!  Head out for a 45min. cardio session on your bike.  A spin bike (stationary) is just as good.  Turn up your resistance from time to time for a more challenging workout.  If you do not have a bike, use your stairs for some step-ups and running drills.

DAY 4:

Spend some time in the pool for some toning and soothing of the muscles.  Otherwise, try a gentle exercise or yoga class (remember you can always borrow a DVD from the library to follow).

DAY 5:

Upper body: try a boxing session with your training partner or take on your boxing bag.
Lower body: If you've got stairs handy, run up and down a few times (keeping your heart rate up) for a further cardio blast! If you don't have access to any stairs, try some walking lunges or some squats.

Training Tip: Always try and push yourself a little harder than you did in your previous training session

DAY 6:
Try a 1-hour cycle/spin session.  The aim is to beat your time you set on day 3 (for the first 45mins), then challenge yourself for the remainder of your ride.

DAY 7:
Time for some well earned fun!  Head to the beach for some soft-sand running.  NOTE:   This is not a rest day!  Challenge your legs with a brisk walk or jog, while enjoying
the sound of crushing waves...  You can always cool off with a dip in the ocean after your workout!  NJOY!!


Next week is 'crunch-time'.  We put all the hard work we've done to the test for one last time before D-DAY!



PLEASE NOTE: The above training program assumes a healthy participant. Those with medical conditions or who are not already physically active, need to seek clearance from their GP before starting any form of exercise.







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All questions sent in are published here anonymously and without any references to the author of the question.


The CCN Chuckle


Mula Nasruddin and Jalalludin had not seen each other in many years.


Now they had a long talk trying to fill in the gap of those years by telling about their lives.


Finally Mula Nasruddin invited Jalalludin to visit him in his new apartment. "I got a wife and three kids and I'd love to have you visit us."

"Great. Where do you live?"

"Here's the address. And there's plenty of parking behind the apartment. Park and come around to the front door, kick it open with your foot, go to the elevator and press the button with your left elbow, then enter! When you reach the sixth floor, go down the hall until you see my name on the door. Then press the doorbell with your right elbow and I'll let you in."

"Good. But tell me...what is all this business of kicking the front door open, then pressing elevator buttons with my right, then my left elbow?"

"Surely, you're not coming empty-handed."

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